Puppy Reacts to Electric Toothbrush - Dog Vs Toothbrush

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Tucker Budzyn
Tucker Budzyn - 8 months ago
Before anyone calls me abusive, please google what abuse really looks like. Tucker is always curious when I use my toothbrush and clearly wanted to play. If he was scared or uncomfortable in anyway he would have walked away and stayed away. I know my pupper, and I know when he is not comfortable. Thanks for supporting us! 🤗
Greatest Evar
Greatest Evar - 17 hours ago
Ridiculous that people spread nonsense like that.
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson - 26 days ago
@심미적 인iiAxsthqtic some people are just so idiotic as to what is abuse and what is not
Julie Denton
Julie Denton - Month ago
I really want to meet you soon! ❤❤❤🦄🦄🦄❤❤❤❤❤🦄🦄🦄🦄🐶🐶
CBF1 - Month ago
You're quite right on that.
wiliwol81 - Month ago
Jaja Tucker is soo cute i love this chanel is my favorite chanel bye
Helen Keene
Helen Keene - 5 days ago
I have a new electric tooth brush because my new puppy ate my other one
Darken NoShinka
Darken NoShinka - 7 days ago
Time to brush Tucker's teeth
Jason Mascarenhas
Jason Mascarenhas - 8 days ago
Sounds of high frequencies are harmful for your dog. You're causing him a lot of pain with that toothbrush.
basavaraj jantali
basavaraj jantali - 13 days ago
Poop Paste😁😎🤩
James Hay
James Hay - 15 days ago
Someone tell me whats wrong with my life.Why am i watching a video of a golden lab reacting to a toothbrush lol
MommyE vW
MommyE vW - 19 days ago
Make a vid Tucker the chimken king make chimken all day long for the king🐓😅
MommyE vW
MommyE vW - 19 days ago
I have chimken hot dog in a few days pawsome😅
MommyE vW
MommyE vW - 19 days ago
Kaboom bee pls explode
MommyE vW
MommyE vW - 19 days ago
Rudolph Olivier
Rudolph Olivier - 21 day ago
Ke'ush The Stunt Dog
Tucker Budzyn
Like if u want to see whole battle ;)
Saka Nja
Saka Nja - 21 day ago
Was bist du für eine wotze, fällt dir nicht s besseres ein
Katie Lamb
Katie Lamb - 23 days ago
I wubs dis!
Klaus Barrett
Klaus Barrett - 24 days ago
*powerpup activated*
Katie Campbell
Katie Campbell - Month ago
Tucker is so cute. Really cheered me up now thank you xx
ĸarlee vυ_
ĸarlee vυ_ - Month ago
Tucker pawtecc
He pawtacc
But most impawtantly
He hates 💩💨broosh
So he stab 😈
Rachel Lalite
Rachel Lalite - Month ago
Why is he so adorable 😍
Ricardo Sacco
Ricardo Sacco - Month ago
Julie Denton
Julie Denton - Month ago
I love you soooo muchh
Saskia - Month ago
This is my dog. EVERY TIME!!!!
Saikiran P.R
Saikiran P.R - Month ago
He's gonna ESPLODE! Loved it
Purrfect Makeup With Pameowla
Litteraly the cutest boy ever!! I love the way you narrate him too, makes it even cuter. I’m forever calling bumblebees BOOMBLE BEES now 😍
Steve Landman
Steve Landman - Month ago
Linda, you and Tucker are fantastic. I have Golden's and Tucker is unreal, what a personality.. he reminds me of my golden Bentley. If I was a puppy I would love to have you for a mom. Your videos make me smile please keep up the good work
WJBryanFamily - Month ago
Tucker is too cute! ❤️
Not A Chili-Head
Not A Chili-Head - Month ago
I'm convinced that there is a secret society of cats and their sole purpose in life is to dislike these videos. I refuse to believe that they're HOOMANS out there with this kinda of evil capabilities.
Peter White
Peter White - Month ago
I absolutely love this pup he is so awesome and funny.
shintawg - Month ago
Poop paste 😂😂😂😂😂😂
K Lina
K Lina - Month ago
Kung-Paw 😂
Robert Maddelena
Robert Maddelena - Month ago
infinity banana playz
infinity banana playz - Month ago
Its a Tofu-Brush !
Like if im right.
Jenni LeFave
Jenni LeFave - Month ago
Binge watching all your videos.
Been a rough few days and I always smile watching you and Tucker interact.
Some of “his” one liners are gold!
Love from 🇨🇦
Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar - Month ago
I have seen all the videos multiple times..
What should I do with my life now??
Leeza G
Leeza G - Month ago
I'm taking the line "doin me a stress" that sums up sooo much about my life! 😍😂😂❤
Bri •
Bri • - Month ago
*BREAKING NEWS* Linda’s toothbrush has been found missing if you have any tips please call this hotline 1-800goodboi
mypeeperhurts - Month ago
Hekk you linda
Erick Manuel Hernandez
This channel cures part of my depression thx u so much!
Pri-Pri Cookies
Pri-Pri Cookies - Month ago
Who ever disliked this they hate animals -.-
Janice Taylor
Janice Taylor - Month ago
I'd love to see Puppy receiving a head massage with one of those metal massage things.....
Nikki Midgett
Nikki Midgett - Month ago
So cute
Danielle Rickel
Danielle Rickel - Month ago
Tucker is so handsome big guy
Archana kundan
Archana kundan - 2 months ago
Love you Tucker ❤️
Krishna Gokulan
Krishna Gokulan - 2 months ago
such acute dog
SiriusMined - 2 months ago
My dog Blitzen has a thing for tooth brushes....USED tooth brushes.
Kathymac1542 Mac
Kathymac1542 Mac - 2 months ago
As a nurse i had one patient who died rather than take chemo during her pregnancy because she would have delivered too soon. I have known three women to have ectopics as well. These statements are simply untrue. I am no fan of abortion. It is evil especially in cases where its simply convenient.however everyone else s choices are not mine to make . i don't have the ego presume
Sitara Rajappan
Sitara Rajappan - 2 months ago
Awww I love dis doggy!
Powerful Doggo
Powerful Doggo - 2 months ago
My dog reacts to snap bracelet
Mine took it and played with it and it snapped around his snout lol.
I'm not being abusive, he wanted it and did it himself. I also helped him and tried to take it back, ended up getting it back too.
Lindus A.
Lindus A. - 2 months ago
His facial expressions are everything! :D
William Baker
William Baker - 2 months ago
Dan boombl it on now
Sonia McCall
Sonia McCall - 2 months ago
Tucker is so adorable have you ever tried to put him in acting .he is awesome
Golem - 2 months ago
i can tell he is having some fun tho come on lol who the hekk would call puppy fun “abuse”
hatsumi rou
hatsumi rou - 2 months ago
I love tucker he is sooo cute
seggaiii 27
seggaiii 27 - 2 months ago
I wish I can also tucker in my life such a cute dog 😍😍
thatdudescool - 2 months ago
Aww Tucker is a cute boi! 🥰😘
Kailah Gomez
Kailah Gomez - 2 months ago
1:28 play it at playback speed and put the playback speed at 0.25 lol
SLR 409
SLR 409 - 2 months ago
I love you guys and look forward to new videos! Has tucker ever seen a laser pen? My dog goes crazy wonder how tucker would respond
Black Warrior
Black Warrior - 2 months ago
Lasers could be dangerous for your pup's eyes. Take care.
Natalie Stöber
Natalie Stöber - 2 months ago
Oommmggg sooooo cuuuuutteeeeeeeeeeeee
tania awwwd
tania awwwd - 2 months ago
Golden retrievers are supposed to be friendly
Martha Blessed And Sanctified
I's not like boomble-bee🐝!!
Gacha Kinsey Playz
Gacha Kinsey Playz - 2 months ago
*I poops on your broosh*
*Tucker 2019*
B J - 2 months ago
Cutie Pie Tucker....i love his mind voice comment and reactions...love u Tucker...
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