Puppy Reacts to Electric Toothbrush - Dog Vs Toothbrush

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Tucker Budzyn
Tucker Budzyn - Year ago
Before anyone calls me abusive, please google what abuse really looks like. Tucker is always curious when I use my toothbrush and clearly wanted to play. If he was scared or uncomfortable in anyway he would have walked away and stayed away. I know my pupper, and I know when he is not comfortable. Thanks for supporting us! 🤗
Naysha Jain
Naysha Jain - 8 days ago
tat she sooo damn clearly NOT abusive!!i totally love tucker and u and also i know tat u will never hurt tucker purposely ....i love tucker like u linda!! pls make a more episodesssssss ....feels like m waiting for a year!!
Iris Lewis
Iris Lewis - 9 days ago
Tucker Budzyn 👌
xXice DemonxX
xXice DemonxX - 19 days ago
Your not abusive.your just trolling tucker
AFC Ajax
AFC Ajax - Month ago
Tucker Budzyn i always suport you
Alexa’s Life
Alexa’s Life - 2 months ago
I love it how how he always says hekk you Linda
Star Child
Star Child - 9 days ago
He is such a character
Gulnaz Adenwala
Gulnaz Adenwala - 16 days ago
Gxcha pixii
Gxcha pixii - 17 days ago
Tucker: i am black blet in kungpaw
CHRISY CHEN - 21 day ago
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Tucker: kaboom?
Kimlay Taing
Kimlay Taing - 22 days ago
Please do more my dogs react to Videos please
Ashwin Sude
Ashwin Sude - 22 days ago
Hekk you Linda😂
IVY GAO - 24 days ago
Baby:hello mommy
Now:hekk u Linda
Mahmoud Jawhary
Mahmoud Jawhary - 29 days ago
Baby tucker:henlo mommy
Big Tucker: hekk u linda
Robert Jacoby
Robert Jacoby - Month ago
What kinda goofy people don't like Tucker , He is Amazing and so is his mum !!!
Roshni C
Roshni C - Month ago
Tucker is so so cute
Brandi Russell
Brandi Russell - Month ago
Dogs are curious by nature. I don't think anyone thinks Tucker is abused in any way.
AFC Ajax
AFC Ajax - Month ago
Tucker: i likes tootbrush
His Brain: well yes but acualy no
Jake Cummings
Jake Cummings - Month ago
At 1:19 I never laughed as hard in my life
Diksha Tanwar
Diksha Tanwar - Month ago
he is so cute is he available? I want him to live with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Tirso Pabonita
Tirso Pabonita - Month ago
1:10 me during my math exam.
Elijah Haque
Elijah Haque - Month ago
Good video but to short plz make all videos longer
Edison Lim
Edison Lim - 2 months ago
Tucker : hekk you linda
Me : cute
Alexa’s Life
Alexa’s Life - 2 months ago
Zãchary_ Zåne
Zãchary_ Zåne - 2 months ago
Awww tucker is so cute😍❤
channdni vishwakarma
channdni vishwakarma - 2 months ago
Tucker is such a darling to have around us stress buster n so much expressive wat ever he feels his expressions are so damm true like we can imagine how it feels to see a new thing out of curiosities u are loving couple with a loving buddy god bless u all loads of love to handsome tucker 😘😘
Butter Fluff
Butter Fluff - 2 months ago
Butter Fluff
Butter Fluff - 2 months ago
Butter Fluff
Butter Fluff - 2 months ago
2:10 ammma some
iiiOmqItsDapro - 2 months ago
Tiffany Anderson
Tiffany Anderson - 2 months ago
Wash your toothbrush?
Get a newwww oneeee.
P.S. Anyone who thinks this is abusive has absolutely no idea how to interpret dog's body language for one and for two, they must not have seen all the other vids. This dog has more worldy possesions and love than I do lmao
Stacey Marie
Stacey Marie - 2 months ago
Whenever I want to smile I binge on Tucker videos.❤😉💩
pushpanjali rout
pushpanjali rout - 3 months ago
toof bruzz😂😂🤣🤣
Brankinho Meu amigo vira-lata
I hate this ,mom!🤣🤣
Lisbeth Linton
Lisbeth Linton - 3 months ago
0:46 that tail looks so fluffy and soft! 😍♥️
D RADHIKA - 3 months ago
I love you Tucker
Mikemike H
Mikemike H - 3 months ago
A few hours later the batteries where missing!!!!
Konstance Allain
Konstance Allain - 3 months ago
so cute and funny like this comment if you agree
Radhika Sharma
Radhika Sharma - 3 months ago
Sorry I am Hella bad at that. But what is Kaboom?
Alexis Monica
Alexis Monica - 6 days ago
like it’s gonna explode
Earthling 2018
Earthling 2018 - 3 months ago
I poops on your broosh! Classic Tucker!
Tal Wilson
Tal Wilson - 3 months ago
Tucker: I had my eye on u
Linda: what?
Justin M.
Justin M. - 4 months ago
Is it the vibration that the toothbrush makes that he doesn’t like? Or is it the sound that the electric toothbrush makes? (Apparently the dogs have 20 times more hearing than humans? 🤔🤔)
I love puppies
I love puppies - 4 months ago
I love dogs so much
Diana Stewart
Diana Stewart - 4 months ago
Tucker, you're smarter than everyone, including Linda. You're kind, too. You could absolutely kick Boomble's butt, but NOOOOO you're worried he'll explode. Kiss, Kiss, Tucker!!!
Mikayla Shane
Mikayla Shane - 4 months ago
i has no fwends. So, i go to your channel (like i totally did not get pranked by my dog) and these vids cheer me up!
Social Outcast
Social Outcast - 4 months ago
You sure that's a tooth brush?
Karen Howard
Karen Howard - 5 months ago
Cannot imagine anyone thinking you are abusive
Skylynxify Reborn
Skylynxify Reborn - 2 months ago
You would be surprised by how many "animal lovers " dont actually have any basic animal knowledge
Erika Gaither
Erika Gaither - 5 months ago
Go get it TUCKER you can get that toothbrush
Gigglez0392 - 5 months ago
Hahaha I never get tired of watching all of your videos Tucker! They are amazing! 💞
Capricorn fit
Capricorn fit - 5 months ago
I love that dog
audrxyy - 6 months ago
When reality is in your way
ThatRandom Channel
ThatRandom Channel - 6 months ago
Tucker’s just so cute!
kholoud fawzy
kholoud fawzy - 6 months ago
Love you tuck sweety😍❤
Beth Keyes
Beth Keyes - 6 months ago
Did Tucker die??? Where can I contact the owner or get a response? Im new to the u tube subscription thing.
Alexis Monica
Alexis Monica - 6 days ago
tucker didn’t die... why would you think this??
ASMR Abby and satisfying Kaylie Abby and kaylie
Alessandra Zoldan
Alessandra Zoldan - 6 months ago
Tucker is the cutest dog ever😍. I love him more every day👍. Hope Linda will post many more vids of her and this really lovely Tucker🤗. Absolutely amazing.🙋‍♀️😚
Frank Wu
Frank Wu - 6 months ago
Hi, I have a adog toy that produced by my company last month. Are you interested to review it? If so, pls let me know.
Cupcake 2300
Cupcake 2300 - 6 months ago
Has my eye on you
Cupcake 2300
Cupcake 2300 - 6 months ago
Dooz you a butt kick
Cupcake 2300
Cupcake 2300 - 6 months ago
Tucker: in kung paw
Cupcake 2300
Cupcake 2300 - 6 months ago
Tucker: I has black belt
Cupcake 2300
Cupcake 2300 - 6 months ago
I’m warning ya
Cupcake 2300
Cupcake 2300 - 6 months ago
Tucker: back away
Cupcake 2300
Cupcake 2300 - 6 months ago
Tucker: kaboom
Cupcake 2300
Cupcake 2300 - 6 months ago
Tucker: doin me a stress
Cupcake 2300
Cupcake 2300 - 6 months ago
Tucker: back away, I’m warning ya, I has black belt in Kung paw, has my eye on you, doose you a butt kick.
Daniela Obertis
Daniela Obertis - 7 months ago
I love youuu, Linda you and your Tucker are adorable ❤️❤️❤️
Abby Jaded
Abby Jaded - 7 months ago
I has black belt.... In kung paw 🤣🤣
Helen Keene
Helen Keene - 7 months ago
I have a new electric tooth brush because my new puppy ate my other one
Lady Blackmonarch
Lady Blackmonarch - 7 months ago
Time to brush Tucker's teeth
Jason Mascarenhas
Jason Mascarenhas - 7 months ago
Sounds of high frequencies are harmful for your dog. You're causing him a lot of pain with that toothbrush.
basavaraj jantali
basavaraj jantali - 8 months ago
Poop Paste😁😎🤩
James Hay
James Hay - 8 months ago
Someone tell me whats wrong with my life.Why am i watching a video of a golden lab reacting to a toothbrush lol
Aunty papsak funnies afrikaans Vw
Make a vid Tucker the chimken king make chimken all day long for the king🐓😅
Aunty papsak funnies afrikaans Vw
I have chimken hot dog in a few days pawsome😅
Aunty papsak funnies afrikaans Vw
Kaboom bee pls explode
Aunty papsak funnies afrikaans Vw
Rudolph Olivier
Rudolph Olivier - 8 months ago
Ke'ush The Stunt Dog
Tucker Budzyn
Like if u want to see whole battle ;)
Saka Nja
Saka Nja - 8 months ago
Was bist du für eine wotze, fällt dir nicht s besseres ein
Katie Lamb
Katie Lamb - 8 months ago
I wubs dis!
Klaus Barrett
Klaus Barrett - 8 months ago
*powerpup activated*
Katie Campbell
Katie Campbell - 8 months ago
Tucker is so cute. Really cheered me up now thank you xx
Squirtz Vu
Squirtz Vu - 8 months ago
Tucker pawtecc
He pawtacc
But most impawtantly
He hates 💩💨broosh
So he stab 😈
Rachel Lalite
Rachel Lalite - 8 months ago
Why is he so adorable 😍
Ricardo Sacco
Ricardo Sacco - 8 months ago
Next videos