i teamed up with the #3 ranked cage player & everyone was too afraid to play us...

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No Signal Gaming
No Signal Gaming - 9 months ago
LMMAAAAAOOO, there’s ranked cage players?? 💀💀
Frozone - 2 months ago
Eye Iso Comp Imagine taking 2k serious
Eye Iso Comp
Eye Iso Comp - 9 months ago
Imagine being a "Comp Cage Player" 😂😂
Pure Jokes
Pure Jokes - 9 months ago
gotta be a no life.
Nathan Cespedes
Nathan Cespedes - 9 months ago
skillz78 not true better win percentage in park and cage
skillz78 - 9 months ago
Nathan Cespedes u got that from taking wins from badge glitchers 🤣
Dan Martinez
Dan Martinez - 2 months ago
This seems as if it is a slam ball mode.
Nonaverted - 2 months ago
2k Xbox > 2k Ps4 because no one delays you and shit. Plus the servers are way better. The only reason Xbox is better is that💀
x Viqno
x Viqno - 3 months ago
I sweat on cages I’m 1000 and 100
6ix9ine - 3 months ago
If he’s the 3rd ranked cage player, I’m like 10th. Last time I checked I was like 450 and 75, I ain’t playin 2k no more til 2k20
Adam Vlahovich
Adam Vlahovich - 3 months ago
Make the slowest shot to go in cages and make them jump early asf
Jinsaaki - 3 months ago
Pat Mcgowan
Pat Mcgowan - 3 months ago
Bro I swearrr I go into cages to mess around and chill and people go try hard af
x Viqno
x Viqno - 3 months ago
Pat Mcgowan yep u might played me I’m 1000 and 100
rc js
rc js - 4 months ago
Bruno Mars?? Hahahaha
Cayden Hix
Cayden Hix - 4 months ago
bruh cages is so fun😂
TrulyKevin_Marc yessir
TrulyKevin_Marc yessir - 4 months ago
he got pulled up on by Steven Adams lol
VVeryRareAudie - 4 months ago
my homie on this video!! VA-BLACKFLAG
hp.n1xxy - 4 months ago
Lol these cages players in the US are trash. Pull up on Oceania servers (Australia, New Zealand) I'm elite 3 and compared to me and mates with these guys in the US they are trash no lie.
XGodModeX 1
XGodModeX 1 - 6 months ago
Bruh those sound effects had me dead😂
FNG Fox904
FNG Fox904 - 6 months ago
Clickbait I’m ded
Marino Sánchez
Marino Sánchez - 6 months ago
psn: TinTin-009 (5'7 pure play and best cages player ever, trust me)
Boss Drae
Boss Drae - 6 months ago
DerailVevo - 6 months ago
i remember when you was in college and was soooooo skinny. no disrespect ive just been a subscriber for a long time
Rodney Nazario
Rodney Nazario - 7 months ago
this nigga agent got FAT FAT
Bandit2k - 7 months ago
Niggas really in the cages
f4ke_cultur3 - 7 months ago
Goin to the cages and only shootin 3’s is like goin to Starbucks and only ordering food no coffee💀
GOAT Christian YT
GOAT Christian YT - 7 months ago
Agent I am not trying to hate but on your videos you need a capital I
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia - 7 months ago
Moma jumper???
MR RIGHT - 7 months ago
Ayeee you stole that whole takeover song thing from king shawnn. Cmon now
Troopah - 7 months ago
You been eating good
Gangster Lebron
Gangster Lebron - 7 months ago
People who shoot threes on cage are an absolute joke and need a serious reality check
Chronic Mike
Chronic Mike - 8 months ago
I’m a elite 3 ....
Cj Gregg
Cj Gregg - 8 months ago
Bro u fat fat like damn u got big my nigga
Wombat Nation
Wombat Nation - 8 months ago
Ehe he said Suwoop I lost it😂
Keshoun Torrance
Keshoun Torrance - 8 months ago
Oh yeah yeah
Mcchickens Are the best
Mcchickens Are the best - 8 months ago
What made me die this video was that cages is for dunking and all they did was shoot threes
Andythe Goat57
Andythe Goat57 - 8 months ago
I for real saw that Steven Adams in my park the other day
Louis Gould
Louis Gould - 8 months ago
Is there even a point in that hat it’s basically falling off your head
I’m not joke Rakim
I’m not joke Rakim - 8 months ago
I never played these games only real life basketball but it’s entertaining ASF
TTGxChuccy - 8 months ago
I’m the best slasher in 2k
Mikes Air
Mikes Air - 8 months ago
Play with me I’m elite2
Pavel Sushko
Pavel Sushko - 8 months ago
_ imsweatykid
_ imsweatykid - 8 months ago
Only time I hit the cages is for that daily bonus😂
AKA_JED - 8 months ago
Agent what is that record though agent u need to fix that
Mason Racing
Mason Racing - 9 months ago
A guy on my friends list is 3500 and 120 on cages he’s a pure stretch who only plays 2s in cages 🤮
Hamza El Housseiny
Hamza El Housseiny - 9 months ago
I love cages it’s the only thing in 2k I have fun with. I even laugh when another player shoves me or I somehow green a half court shot and I’m a slash shotcreatir but the other team blocks it it’s fun not running in 2s Against a pure post and stretches zigzag cheese
Super Xsub
Super Xsub - 9 months ago
I died when they block the ball and it makes that smack noise💀💀
Dannie1252 - 9 months ago
Imagine having to clickbait *980-25* instead of 380-25 and you get on others for trying to get more views
Brad Bond
Brad Bond - 9 months ago
Ur getting so obese
Awesome Allstar27
Awesome Allstar27 - 9 months ago
He has a 93% win percent
Kelly Makepeace
Kelly Makepeace - 9 months ago
ChaMomma: Can you change the shirt colour, that's all im asking you bro.
Agent: What's wrong with red, what's wrong with red bro.
ChaMomma: There's nothing wron- Suwoop.
Im literally dying.
WalkingBucket YT
WalkingBucket YT - 9 months ago
I’m 291-33
Icyy Rexx
Icyy Rexx - 9 months ago
I love the block sound 😂
JumpMan - 9 months ago
Don’t press read more

How dare you.
Erica Vick
Erica Vick - 9 months ago
I am the number one cages player
Kolma - 9 months ago
I played three elite 3’s on cages in one game lol
vTrash _
vTrash _ - 9 months ago
You shoot in cages...
vTrash _
vTrash _ - 9 months ago
Can you play with dbrown
JRamireZ - 9 months ago
People still play 2k?
Zamir Norman
Zamir Norman - 9 months ago
Anyone else notice the guy in green warp up after falling. When the wasted thing was put in😂
Lord10thKazeKage - 9 months ago
Agent how, you gone play the music for when you have a gamebreaker, but not the music for when you use the gamebreaker.... wow imagine?
FRÊÊŽY Fłâßh - 9 months ago
In cages that block edit is perfect
Swift Aspect
Swift Aspect - 9 months ago
Fridge protector
TLxVaDay Tv
TLxVaDay Tv - 9 months ago
Y he sound like bluefsce
ThatGuyJMAN - 9 months ago
Get a hair cut
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