Gordon Ramsay Gets A HUGE Surprise For His 50th Birthday

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bush Wookiee
bush Wookiee - 2 hours ago
hahahahah, shes going to be a star, like her dad.
Fred Dingbar
Fred Dingbar - 4 hours ago
Where did he create his 'family'? Did he use a marketing and PR company?
Fred Dingbar
Fred Dingbar - 4 hours ago
Christ, is that his daughter? She's never gone without for anything has she.... what is she 16 going on 6?
TREV Boarding
TREV Boarding - 14 hours ago
"because you're you."
John Smith
John Smith - 21 hour ago
gordon you're 52
Lolz Trollz
Lolz Trollz - Day ago
My bday is on Nov 29
Same month of you!! Gordon
Happy Belated Bday
Emleila Emleila
Emleila Emleila - Day ago
wow. i cant believe she can cook like that. then again, her father is ramsey .
Your Self
Your Self - Day ago
Matilda’s voice sounds kinda retarded
CyKy Maraño
CyKy Maraño - Day ago
Chef ram how are you doing? Mj here from cebu Philippines hope u still remember me ?
Digestedpluto90 -
Digestedpluto90 - - Day ago
Thought it said 500th
Katie-jo Williams
Katie-jo Williams - Day ago
No offence but that’s no where near enough food to fill my stomach if still be hungry lmao 😂
NikolaiPLAYZ - Day ago
I love to see my favorite chef having a great time during his 50th birthday! Happy Late Birthday Ramsay!
Blue Hamster of Redemption
I love Matilda's voice as the perfect counterpoint to Gordon's rants. I'd be willing to wager she's a pretty tough, strong young woman. Let us not forget that she is still a child and her voice will continue to mature.
Quaff ;-;
Quaff ;-; - 2 days ago
*theres a mcdonald ad on this video* ;-;
Somebody’s Animation
Somebody’s Animation - 2 days ago
Oof that Squeaky voice.........
Colourful Ally
Colourful Ally - 2 days ago
Matilda’s voice when Super enthusiastic is like jojo siwa on crack almost
But a little more tamed
And her food is good although
SQUID NEY - 2 days ago
Dora the explorer who?
Steeler Mom
Steeler Mom - 2 days ago
Do they make tilly Ramsay voiceover an option as a torture option or prison death row option
Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift - 3 days ago
What a retarded control freak Gordon is.
Mercury - 3 days ago
Matilda is literally yelling
Maziyar Eslami
Maziyar Eslami - 3 days ago
matildas show voice is what satan sounds like
Ron Burgendy
Ron Burgendy - 3 days ago
Is she taking the piss out her self?
Abdelkader Salime
Abdelkader Salime - 3 days ago
Omg my dad is one year younger now it was his bday in November and he was a chef as well
Eeeveegamer XD
Eeeveegamer XD - 3 days ago
happy birthday
Dan - 3 days ago
jiexiang shen
jiexiang shen - 3 days ago
happy birthday gordon!From China Fans
eXeZable - 3 days ago
Oke,now who is gonna pay for medical bills,my ears are bleeding,after you hear her voice,Gordon voice is like Angel music
Vinyl Blair
Vinyl Blair - 3 days ago
Other than the child’s truly irritating voice it’s actually quite a sweet video .
As Gordon no doubt said
“Thank Fuck My Fucking Kids Can Fucking Cook”
Rachel Marks
Rachel Marks - 3 days ago
Why was peppa pig narrating this?
poolworld1 - 3 days ago
everyone is so false in this, they surely can't pretend to like each other all the time and keep this act up.
Aiden Reveredo
Aiden Reveredo - 3 days ago
He can’t be 50
Raj Sarkar
Raj Sarkar - 3 days ago
Ok I get it . No frozen food for Gordon Ramsay as its his birthday. Good job 🍗🍗
KarltoonTV - 3 days ago
Oh man. People need to leave Matilda alone. She's just a kid.
ZK___420___ZK - 3 days ago
I was hoping he was going to throw the food at her and call her a "fucking useless wanker".
Kermit The Frog Here
Kermit The Frog Here - 3 days ago
Imagine Gordon started screaming at Matilda that the good was disgusting lol
JD - 4 days ago
No chance she cooked that
cool beans
cool beans - 4 days ago
Jojo??? Is that you??
FAN Vanossgaming
FAN Vanossgaming - 4 days ago
Making more good food for the world ramsey and live to 100 years old (Happy birth day)
Eva Marie
Eva Marie - 4 days ago
Pama Levi
Pama Levi - 4 days ago
why ramsay drive a sportcar or luxury cars and van !!! XD
why fine dining, it must be feast like peking duck, beef course, pasta course, mashed potato, some wine, and fucking ice cream and cake !!! XD
Siward Beorn
Siward Beorn - 4 days ago
Yer Da
Yer Da - 4 days ago
Why do they pretend like they cooked it????? Clearly it's cooked by pros
wizza_king@fairfield - 4 days ago
I was waiting for a celebrity chef to pop out of the kitchen. If she actually cooked that and dad wasn't expecting then fuckin kudos mate.... Fuckin kuuuuuu do'''''''''s
IAmBaileyHahn - 4 days ago
Great video bug feel like I’m watching Dora the Explorer listening to her yell😂
jim - 4 days ago
He should have been given a championship belt for punching above his weight. Also his daughter should come with a mute button.
enel777 - 4 days ago
super wowie !
Ivy Tubal
Ivy Tubal - 4 days ago
Happy happy birthday Sir Idol Gordon Ramsay
JesusFriedChrist - 4 days ago
Did anyone else notice how the title is exactly like a Pron title?
Oh, Gordon got a HUGE surprise alright.... 🍆
C L - 4 days ago
Like portions that size should be illegal
Crankybag 1
Crankybag 1 - 4 days ago
What Ur old I thought u were like in ur 40 or 30’s Wow Happy birthday!
ihateyou - 4 days ago
I thought he was 60 LMAO JSKSKS
Stephen  Andrews
Stephen Andrews - 4 days ago
Well Gordon I loved your Daughters voice. I hope that you ALL enjoyed your special day. Good luck from a 'South Londoner'!
Emily Baughan-Williams
Emily Baughan-Williams - 4 days ago
I hoped the suprise would be...THE LAMB SAUCE!!
Michel Johnson-Figueredo
Horrible voice
Kennaball - 4 days ago
I make a mean grilled cheese?😂
Sanju VK
Sanju VK - 4 days ago
That voiceover sounds like some kids TV advert! LOl
Dan Friend
Dan Friend - 4 days ago
Pfft no lamb sauce
Positive Chick
Positive Chick - 4 days ago
Happy birthday, chef Gordon!
aaliyahgamez ALOT
aaliyahgamez ALOT - 4 days ago
How comes this video is only just being posted he turned 50 2 years ago
Probablyegg - 4 days ago
Matilda's a kid guys, chill out.
Татьяна Казначеева
Who would actually dislike such a touching family moment?
Technologically Mad ♫♫
I bet they stopped for a Burger King on their way home xD
Rahit Chowdhury
Rahit Chowdhury - 5 days ago
Thank God he didn't roast his family for any problems in food( if there was any) 🤣🤣 pls no more of this voice . I will be honest it's the voice u heard in kid shows(which is annoying)
far side
far side - 5 days ago
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger - 5 days ago
clay payton
clay payton - 5 days ago
Happy birthday Gordon
V Benvegnu
V Benvegnu - 5 days ago
If I want to hear children yelling I just need to leave the house thanks. Great thing they did though. Dunno why it couldn't be private but hey, people love celebrities.
Nisa Amalia
Nisa Amalia - 5 days ago
AWW what a sweet surprise.. and what is it with you guys? Don't be so mean to Tilly :(
da_lollipop_kid_ - 5 days ago
No way in hell he just turned 50 he looks like he’s in his late 50s
LLDUDE12 - 5 days ago
starts video on 50 volume*
Clout Zone
Clout Zone - 5 days ago
The dishes are so small this is in realtime speed
FatCowzFTW - 5 days ago
Lol that voice over is VERY FUNNNNY
Paola Uranga
Paola Uranga - 5 days ago
I love Gordon Ramsay :0)
marc de faoite
marc de faoite - 5 days ago
Just how many times can a man turn 50? Here's GR talking to Jimmy Kimmel about his 50th birthday 2 years ago.
Dean - 5 days ago
I bought a bottle of lamb sauce for Gordan and shipped it in the mail
Bogus - 5 days ago
i want to hear her say "Crikey! that's a huge croc"
eric lidahuli
eric lidahuli - 5 days ago
Can gordon ever eat something before saying how it is and just enjoy the food😂😂
Youssef Tries  Gaming/ Fortnite & More
He gon die soon
ec j
ec j - 5 days ago
I wanted to rip my ears off every time she spoke
horror chica
horror chica - 5 days ago
tbf they should have surprised him with an idiot sandwich, should have smacked him right on the sides of his head with some soggy ass bread lmao
horror chica
horror chica - 5 days ago
yeah too much internet for me 😂😫 BUT YO I’M GLAD I WATCHED THIS
DJGAMING - 5 days ago
Love u watch u all the time but please tell ur daughter to be quiet shes hurting everyone who watches these kind of vids
Ela A
Ela A - 5 days ago
Some people are such miserable assholes!! its HIS YOUNG daughter, making the most amazing feast that most adults or anyone could pull off. OFCOURSE he will be excited and goofy!! let them be man!!! this was the cutest video, and the voice was exciting and it made my day. Thank you for this
Rocks ROBLOX Gameplay
Rocks ROBLOX Gameplay - 5 days ago
James Abbott
James Abbott - 5 days ago
You have a lovely family
Anas Abdi
Anas Abdi - 5 days ago
fake taxi
iwatchyoutube - 5 days ago
The pasta is FUCKING RAW
iwatchyoutube - 5 days ago
The overdramatic voices are so cringe
Neta Ginsburg
Neta Ginsburg - 5 days ago
Matilda's voice over made my ears bleed, she sounded really bad :(
Mr. Mustachio
Mr. Mustachio - 5 days ago
1:39 OOF
Manolo Tusca
Manolo Tusca - 5 days ago
Surprise surprise surprise vegan girls serving cat rib.
dannyyy -
dannyyy - - 5 days ago
Gordon for prime minister
Scruffy Buttons
Scruffy Buttons - 5 days ago
Jees i would have better satisfaction from eating Ghandis flip flop than listen to her
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu - 5 days ago
How do you get full from that shit
Jam 77
Jam 77 - 5 days ago
Cabbies don't use satnavs
Siert Oldekamp
Siert Oldekamp - 5 days ago
Tilly really needs to stop screeching like a child :D
GooseDoes Things
GooseDoes Things - 5 days ago
Subscribe to me if you breathe air
J G - 5 days ago
I dont get it ? Am i missing something? Whats wrong with his daughters voice? Sounds absolutly normal and fine to me
Akash Timsina
Akash Timsina - 5 days ago
Hey is she the voice of Dora?
Monica Williams
Monica Williams - 5 days ago
"Maybe that's what happens when you get old" LOL!!
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