Eagles vs. Bears Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

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Adrian lewis
Adrian lewis - 2 days ago
Here after nick signed with jags
Atomic '
Atomic ' - 2 days ago
Why the hell are there so many
Like to undo comments
Stop trying to suck other people off for likes and actully talk about the video
squirt saso
squirt saso - 5 days ago
Just realized that Maddox got OWNED this whole game.
Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Alvarez - 9 days ago
The moral of the story is, the eagles didn't make it to the super bowl.... 😁 Just ask Jeffery, lol How could he hate his former team when he's a Superbowl champion and still act like a victim towards the Bears?
Zion Sturghill
Zion Sturghill - 11 days ago
I have no idea what’s more skillful. Making a 63 yard kick. Or getting a double doink.
LDN - 13 days ago
Double DOINK
Joel Brown
Joel Brown - 17 days ago
To the Bears fans and you thought this game was going to be easy you were a 12-4 wild card team was to cocky good regular season beating mediocre teams hooray
Joel Brown
Joel Brown - 10 days ago
+That One Guy Philly did it with offensive players Nagy did it with two defensive players one was a one yard run the other a 5 yard catch but you don't understand what I'm implying
That One Guy
That One Guy - 12 days ago
Joel Brown I already have proved u wrong. And also the thing u said about trick plays is stupid. Then I guess I can walk around saying that the eagles wouldn’t have won super bowl 52 without the Philly Special.
Joel Brown
Joel Brown - 12 days ago
+That One Guy you can try to prove me wrong all you want at the end of the day I saw the Bears coach do trick plays that won two games with defensive players when the offense couldn't produce it also shows the way they are bringing players over now basically he changing the offense for next year
That One Guy
That One Guy - 12 days ago
Joel Brown still beat the rams, and how exactly did the d get exposed against the rams? They didn’t let the rams move anywhere all night.
Joel Brown
Joel Brown - 12 days ago
+That One Guy you know what I mean ok they beat the Rams but the Rams went to the Superbowl Bears lost the wild card game so they're considered better Bears defense got exposed or it was the matchup
T Clark
T Clark - 19 days ago
First Blair Walsh now this 😳
EDP’s #1 Fan
EDP’s #1 Fan - 19 days ago
Crazo Memes
Crazo Memes - 21 day ago
Are u Choking .......... Are u Choking 🤔
YeahBuddy 101
YeahBuddy 101 - 22 days ago
Nick Foles took down the number one defense two years in a row in the Playoffs.
Azashakl the Robloxian
Azashakl the Robloxian - 23 days ago
I am depressed, what will we do now that Parkey is cut? Now We won’t get 4 uprights hit in one game.
Jashawn Jean
Jashawn Jean - 23 days ago
Nick foles is the key
Zachmachine 20
Zachmachine 20 - 23 days ago
Best birthday gift ever
Aidan got that for christmas Pagan
When did the bears get Blair Welsh
Redwingsfan - 25 days ago
Eagles last playoff win for 52-years? Nah, but definitely no more championships for that long. The curse is officially back after releasing Saint Nick!! - The football gods
Redwingsfan - 10 days ago
Semion Johnson Lol.. good luck with that..
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson - 11 days ago
nah the eagles will win the super bowl next year with Wentz
Witching_is_a_nightmare - 26 days ago
78% of ppl doing read more
16% ppl saying finding triggered fan
6% of triggered fans
Team-USA - 27 days ago
Bears let their ego got the best of them. Rather than being smart about it and let the Vikings win, they had to beat them, allowing the Eagles in the playoffs. No brain, no gain.
Cuhrese - Month ago
Bye bye parkey
Kev - Month ago
We all came for the missed kick
Windy City Fan
Windy City Fan - Month ago
6:07 look how it says eagles have the ball look right next to Allen Robinson it says eagles ball 2nd & 11
K O R i G A N
K O R i G A N - Month ago
Come back to watch this after that super bowl hangover ...
Even do 🦅's won 🐻's are still millon times better than them
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson - Month ago
nah they weren't the eagles were better than the bears they went on the road and beat them, the eagles 9-7 record was misleading because they dealt with a significant amount of injuries since the beginning of the season and didn't start getting healthy until the end of the season that's when they won 5 of their last 6 games to make it to the playoffs.
Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer - Month ago
Bears embarrassed themselves in the NFC north
Stockton 209
Stockton 209 - Month ago
People saying parkey scored most our points fail to point out that he was 3/4 and had gimme fieldgoals 4 times😂 that means mitch put us in great scoring position consistently. Yah we shoulda scored tds but its playoffs and games are gana be close. Not only that he was clutch as all hell. Stay hating though
greekfire995 - Month ago
"The Dead Sea Scrolls are easier to dissect than the rulebook."
-Al Michaels
After this shitshow of a season, truer words have never been spoken.
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys - Month ago
Poor Cody Parker
Knuckles the Tiny Chuckles
Wow, what a bitter way to end such a amazing season, MAJOR MAJOR props for what you guys did this year, seriously.
- a Pittsburgh Steelers fan
Shane B.
Shane B. - Month ago
Al Michaels reaction was hilarious lol
ItzB1ades - Month ago
Why are so many people asking for likes in these comments?
Jesus Vargas
Jesus Vargas - Month ago
I still can’t believe they didn’t play sweet victory
gor9027 - Month ago
The SB would have been so much better if Parkey had just made that FG. Bears embarrassed the Rams earlier that year and would have likely beat them again the following week. You can’t honestly tell me the Saints or Bears would have been worse than the Rams this past Sunday.
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson - Month ago
the eagles as well I believe the rams were the 4th best team in the NFC they got lucky playing the cowboys in the divisional round and they should have lost to the saints. the eagles, saints, and bears would have put up a better fight in the super bowl.
Poipole49 - Month ago
You are welcome.
Savion Sales
Savion Sales - Month ago
Even this game had a low scoring affair but at least some good offense! Super 53 had nothing!
daniel korzeniecki
daniel korzeniecki - Month ago
Potrzeba Janikowskiego
daniel korzeniecki
daniel korzeniecki - Month ago
JPR - Month ago
Let’s Bow Down...... to lord and savior......

Cody Parkey
TigerDust26 - Month ago
look at the bear at the end... lol
TakeBikiniBottomAnd PushItSomewhereElse
Roses are red
People watch Rick and Morty
The part you came for
Starts at 13:40
Aculeatus - Month ago
Girls vs. Bears
YourBoiJal - Month ago
They had one job

God damn it bears
Francisco Leventhal
Francisco Leventhal - Month ago
absolutely sickening
TaMaya Glenn
TaMaya Glenn - Month ago
Moncler Waves
Moncler Waves - 2 months ago
I dont know if i should say dilly dilly or doink doink im so confused
Mondojuice13 - 2 months ago
The Mascot @13:46 🐻😂😂😂
Alfonso Miyares Diaz
Alfonso Miyares Diaz - 2 months ago
I feel sorry for the kicker. Anyway good play for the bears.
123theonlygirl thatlikeseagles
XD the bears missed the field goal take the l Chicago philly eagles for life
T Clark
T Clark - 2 months ago
Well that was a complete em-bear-assment
Insanegamerz - 2 months ago
Erganze Lufen
Erganze Lufen - 2 months ago
This was an absolute nerve wracker!
Nastachia Walker
Nastachia Walker - 2 months ago
Put Robbie Gould back in 2018 on the Bears
Nastachia Walker
Nastachia Walker - 2 months ago
Same day as when you lose your 43 last I ever even for you to 6
Frank Contreras
Frank Contreras - 2 months ago
Your the devil Dane waltzer
Frank Contreras
Frank Contreras - 2 months ago
Dane Walter it is all Parky fault he missed 11times this season
Frank Contreras
Frank Contreras - 2 months ago
Bears are the best and by the way my moms free trubisky
That One Guy
That One Guy - Month ago
Frank Contreras wtf
Frank Contreras
Frank Contreras - 2 months ago
Booo eagles
angel editz
angel editz - 2 months ago
13:40 is what you came for?
Pablo Picasho
Pablo Picasho - 2 months ago
Started a GoFundMe to bring back Robbie Gould.
Towqio - 2 months ago
One job a high kicker could’ve made that
New England
New England - 2 months ago
*Comment removed by Codey Parkey*
Serious Joker8
Serious Joker8 - 2 months ago
New England W
Fredrick Cummings
Fredrick Cummings - 2 months ago
If it ain't good get rid of it there is no exception we play the game to Win
Joseph Ellison
Joseph Ellison - 2 months ago
I’m a pats fan but it wish I could have see Zach Ertz vs Zach Miller. Battle of both teams top TE’s In the Playoffs. So sad
Paul Edmondson
Paul Edmondson - 2 months ago
Couldn't watch the highlights till 1/14 because of the letdown/Mike Ditka heart attack but hey, Tru was the man. 56 sec left and he almost led a comeback!! Don't let NE, STL or NO win the superbowl. Go Chiefs!!!
steve hammond
steve hammond - 2 months ago
Hurts to lose to a CRAP team like the Eagles but no kicker plus no brains means the Bears just aren't good enough yet. Until they fix these two weaknesses, they will continue to lose to inferior teams.
digipimp75 - 2 months ago
You mean the reigning super bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles? Yeah, real crap team lol
Foxt - 2 months ago
When the field goal missed I went saddddd
cluvi - 2 months ago
Cry eagles cry!!! 😂😂🤣
cluvi - Month ago
Ha, I'm not even a saints fan. I just wanted philly to lose.
SKOL VIKINGS!!!! - Month ago
Semion Johnson oh yeah? Why y'all fighting and punching fans? Climbing on traffic lights, being drunk and calling other fans names? There is a video where a Vikings fan filmed her way into Lincoln Financial Field. In fact you said the Vikings were a ”trash fan base” so you are apart of that corrupt fan base as well, which makes you a bad person...
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson - Month ago
"SKOL VIKINGS" the eagles fan base is far better than the Vikings trash ass fanbase
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson - Month ago
"cluvi" cry saints cry at least we got the job done as the number 1 seed and won the super bowl unlike you choke artists
SKOL VIKINGS!!!! - 2 months ago
cluvi yeeeeeeeeee worst fan base
scott677 - 2 months ago
We gotcho back bears
- A Saints Fan ⚜️💯
Witching_is_a_nightmare - 26 days ago
Ok I liked the vid
Witching_is_a_nightmare - 27 days ago
Scott sorry 🙁 forgive me?😀
scott677 - 27 days ago
myersfan610 GG
scott677 - 27 days ago
Witching_is_a_nightmare You May actually be my worst nightmare
scott677 - 27 days ago
Witching_is_a_nightmare Ok so you live in la? Your claim is that you like the rams and chargers which if you live there is understandable. You mean to tell me you’re living in LA, like the rams, hate the chargers, and like the Steelers? Sorry about how I called you a bandwagon.
randomperson - 2 months ago
go giants🎉
ruby fireleader
ruby fireleader - 2 months ago
Dont mind me, just a very triggered and not surprised bears fan.
Team-USA - 2 months ago
I still do not understand why the Bears beat the Vikings the prior week.
watchlive-sports - 2 months ago
Moussa Drahmani
Moussa Drahmani - 2 months ago
Moussa Drahmani
Moussa Drahmani - 2 months ago
Serch G
Serch G - 2 months ago
Verga estuvo. Muy chungon
SAMUEL DEYLE - 2 months ago
Welcome to the missed game winning field goal in the wild card bears! Your leader, well your rival Vikings!
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
13:43 is what you're here for
Marcos SkyWatcher
Marcos SkyWatcher - 2 months ago
You tried bears

You tried
MalRulesAll - 2 months ago
Great game
Chonker Gaming
Chonker Gaming - 2 months ago
The eagles really shouldn’t have gotten this far. The Saints basically have a 2nd bye week now.
That One Guy
That One Guy - 2 months ago
Lich King r u a bears fan? I’m an eagles and I do have to admit this was the biggest win involving luck ever. That was a catch by Miller at the end of the first half and we got lucky that Parkey hit the upright. We should be out but a win is a win
ze Wolfe
ze Wolfe - 2 months ago
Oye... Bear up?
1perfectstrangerr - 2 months ago
Da Bears done by DA discount Double Doink...!~ Gee, what a "shame"...!!! GO PACK GO....!!!!
Nestor Ramos
Nestor Ramos - 2 months ago
Too much eanglish. the name of quoter back eagles?
Nestor Ramos
Nestor Ramos - 2 months ago
I am not in football and tomorrow .. Who is the quoter back of Phill?
wicked - 2 months ago
Backup QB for them is Nick foles they play him in the plays and play Carson wentz during the regular season
Nestor Ramos
Nestor Ramos - 2 months ago
Just saythe name..
Nestor Ramos
Nestor Ramos - 2 months ago
I am a soccer fun.. one question .. here What is the name of the quoteter back of Philadelfia Eagles?
Kluzster ツ
Kluzster ツ - 2 months ago
double doink
MICHAEL.DAVIDSON 103531 - 2 months ago
that last kick had my heart racing. letsss goo eagles
Resident Evil Gamer
Resident Evil Gamer - 2 months ago
Coaches face was priceless
Jay MGTOW - 2 months ago
You got 59 seconds left why you spiking the ball
Miguel Chipres
Miguel Chipres - 2 months ago
So you get paid millions of dollars and you don't know how to kick a ball. 🤦‍♂️
TryThisPlay - 2 months ago
check out this weekends predictions here:
Drowko - 2 months ago
Sorry.. that is a catch and fumble or catch and down... if you walk two or three steps with someone on you and the ball finally pops out as you are going down, that is a completed catch.
Eden Crow
Eden Crow - 2 months ago
Im am a new fan of football
And I still dont understand the rule with the fourth try.
In which cases take the players the fourth try?
Thank you in advance.
hernje - 2 months ago
Bears lost 5 games this year by a combined 15 points. Not too shabby.
That One Guy
That One Guy - 2 months ago
hernje that’s an average of losing games by a field goal. They were never out of games really and will be a threat for years to come. I expect them to get a Super Bowl before super bowl 57 happens. They will dominate the lions and packers for years to come and proved that they can beat good teams like the rams at home. There is always next year and 🐻⬇️
Bama Cowboy
Bama Cowboy - 2 months ago
I had a bears joke

But I lost it at the last second
DJ Kevgeez
DJ Kevgeez - 2 months ago
Parkey scored 9 of the Bears 15 points.
Get off his back.
Bobby Anthony
Bobby Anthony - 2 months ago
worst kick ever! why would he even miss that kick guys? not a bears or eagles fan just asking please tell me
Sylvester - 2 months ago
Cody Parkey, do you know what happens when you miss a field goal to win the game? Huh? Do you? YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!! 📝
Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell - 2 months ago
Playoffs is where we separate the men from the boys.
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