Jason Grimes
Jason Grimes - 4 months ago
Is ruby still a give away car?
Ken Carter
Ken Carter - 8 months ago
Coop drinkin' a BANG!
William Hawelu
William Hawelu - 10 months ago
400 dollar head gaskets crazy
Josh St. Louis
Josh St. Louis - 11 months ago
So easy to work on, he says, using a full car lift. Well yeah. Better than using a single jack and crawling around under cinder blocks any day.
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nice, awesome
keep sharing great video =D
I think I am saving this
MM93 - Year ago
Great clip guys... Ruby sounds great, what a beast!
Lil Los50
Lil Los50 - Year ago
Wat is an irs car
Quinton Daniels
Quinton Daniels - Year ago
Helll ya America
Shawn Sanders
Shawn Sanders - Year ago
I can't believe you didn't measure for push rod length. Those heads have a thicker deck so of course they will need longer push rods. I had a set of those heads put on a LS3/L99. I told the tuner he would need to measure for push rod length because of the aftermarket castings. He didn't believe me and of course the car needed different length push rods and the car build time got pushed a couple of days until they arrived. Just because it didn't make noise doesn't mean it didn't need them. I see you guys are already racing but I would have measured.
Shawn Sanders
Shawn Sanders - Year ago
I had some PRC 6 bolt aftermarket casting heads on a 2010 Camaro SS in anticipation of boost. Unfortunately I sold the car before I got the chance to boost it. Really nice heads though. Valve angle makes for better PTV clearance as well.
Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan - Year ago
I love that you guys have the most fuel-efficient environmental friendly Corvettes in the world! LOL Send em boys!!!!!!
Atanas Tripzter
Atanas Tripzter - Year ago
3:27 "Gentlemen. You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!"
Scott - Year ago
I had a giraffe put a hot tune in her.... 😂
dlxmax - Year ago
Dear Cleetus,
I hope you fix your engine bogging problems. You mention bog so much, it must suck to constantly have that problem.
chris walsh
chris walsh - Year ago
WOLF - Year ago
6:08 "that thing is shot"! Made me laugh so hard!
AirGunning Colorado
AirGunning Colorado - Year ago
Race week website says sold out. Is that for people participating or for tickets to event? I'm going to show up at bandimere and try to race a drone against ruby lol. 😉🤡🐸🇺🇸 5in quad should have half a chance to the 1/8 it gets to about 80mph in a heartbeat
TheLostSpartan - Year ago
If I hear another "bog deep" quote every 30 seconds in the next video I may just set fire to my phone.
Matthew Doherty
Matthew Doherty - Year ago
"junk yard build"
ramsey144 - Year ago
11:15 😂😂
Mike Schabilion
Mike Schabilion - Year ago
Dont feel like looking up specs but that better be a bald eagle cam! I heard those cams come with a large dose of murica!
Mick Patterson
Mick Patterson - Year ago
Same throttle cable though 🤷‍♂️😉
Casey C5 Z06
Casey C5 Z06 - Year ago
14:47 literally sounds like bald eagles lol
Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil
He installed them dry engines fucked before it's even complete smh
tonym0710 - Year ago
Hey Cletus, @7:30 the word you were looking for is "attest" rather than "attend". Do it for Dale!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Year ago
Shake weight axles
Josh Ketchum
Josh Ketchum - Year ago
Ruby is like a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car come to life. The intake manifold is bigger than most blowers. She is just a beast! You guys have really brought her a long ways, nice work as usual fellas!
AL CAPPS - Year ago
New cam, new heads, old push rods that we aren't sure if they are too long or too short? I don't buy that.
Rich Metcalf
Rich Metcalf - Year ago
Cooper squeezes the tube😇
DSMs & Diesels
DSMs & Diesels - Year ago
how do i get tickets for the pueblo co event i live right down the road from the track but i cant find tickets?!plz help lmk i really wana see you guys in real life i watch your channel for years
Scott Lawson
Scott Lawson - Year ago
Thanks for the fuel saving tip of diluting it with water. I guess they missed teaching that in shop class :-)
Charming nowhere to hide
It's gonna be epic an I can't wait to see the videos on makin the trip an races brother.... Do It For Dale! 🤜🤛😎
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith - Year ago
Hey Cletus or anyone reading this, does anyone know if that gforce performance engineeing company at 8:22 makes drag racing axels for the C3 Corvette? as their abit of a weak spot in the rear suspension of that car, and to do anything about it seems to cost as much as the car itself with the ridetech and the detroit speed kits for it.
Blackcat 6.2
Blackcat 6.2 - Year ago
Man I wish and dream of having an built engine to drive I live in fear of boosting my 97 cobra with 60kmiles or my 2015 392 challenger cuz both engines are worst platforms for boost and here I watch yall slap some stuff on the engine and turn it on yall got some serious skills cleetuf keep it up I only hope to one day build some engines and be able to tune them with the self knowing knowledge or auto mechanic and engines! My class starts in 4 months!
curtis133 - Year ago
turbo givves zero fu### about a lil altitude, 30lbs of boost at sealevel or up a mountain is the same far as the engine is concerned!
Vincent Corralez
Vincent Corralez - Year ago
James just shut up and let cleeter n coop do the damn thing.
Derek Smith
Derek Smith - Year ago
Ready to bog
Wade227 - Year ago
Just wanna give a shout out to Cooper. Ordered my Pistons Rods And Dad Bods shirt for my best friend (that is a father of 2). And it came in today, JUST before Fathers Day!! THANK YOU SO MUCH COOPER!!!!
Est.99 - Year ago
Is neighbor ever going to get a hood or are you sticking with exposed bald eagles?
Frank West
Frank West - Year ago
James is my dad
BUILT 4X4 MUD - Year ago
Cooper made a blooper
Deep hug
Deep hug - Year ago
I think hydro dipping that upper Holley intake manifold would be sick. Maybe something that would make it look like a jewel cut ruby instead of greasy hand prints?
Zak Haney
Zak Haney - Year ago
did no one really catch the giraffe threw a hot tune on her? lol
Eric Duggins
Eric Duggins - Year ago
What do those stickers signify on Ruby's windshield?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - Year ago
Those where put by the auction house, where they bought Ruby from.
Justin Groff
Justin Groff - Year ago
Will you have more dad bod shirts soon??
Luxurytax - Year ago
Shake weight axles
Benny Blanco 197
Benny Blanco 197 - Year ago
How many times has this junk vette been swapped and rebuilt and broken lol sheesh
jcoulter24valve - Year ago
Cooper sounds like Owen Wilson all the time saying “Wow” 😂😂
Jason Nassar
Jason Nassar - Year ago
Need. More. Content. #CleeterWithdrawel
kablah777 - Year ago
Did you do the cam swap? Or was it all just done off camera?
Tyler Rougeau
Tyler Rougeau - Year ago
Check your Instagram messages!
Johnmicheals Burnett
It's gonna be epic an I can't wait to see the videos on makin the trip an races brother.... Do It For Dale! 🤜🤛😎
Old men rule racing
Old men rule racing - Year ago
Rubi 's aero is a little better, you may go a lot faster than Leroy
BEPerformance - Year ago
why are the decks finished on the heads, you want that machined bit to 'bite' into the gaskets, helps keep them in place under load.
dementiaaad - Year ago
11:15 You're welcome :)
Chris Little
Chris Little - Year ago
Have you tried the liberty edition Mt Dew?
willierepair One
willierepair One - Year ago
there's a mountain dew moment for you.... The motor runs what do you know....
Mike Stevenson
Mike Stevenson - Year ago
What's up buggs & polecat?!!!!!
Gastank710 - Year ago
this "auction" vette is getting rowdy boys
Drucila Montoya
Drucila Montoya - Year ago
I feel like ruby needs another turbo
TurboDieselDan - Year ago
I think hydro dipping that upper Holley intake manifold would be sick. Maybe something that would make it look like a jewel cut ruby instead of greasy hand prints?
Nicholas tomlinson
Nicholas tomlinson - Year ago
This sounds crazy just thinking it but, for rocky mountain race week could you run a nitrous kit on ruby but instead of nitrous use an oxygen tank so ruby can breathe?
Jerry Kitchen
Jerry Kitchen - Year ago
No cam break in?
Asylumental - Year ago
Hey cleetus, next time James is explaining the technicalities of something...just be quiet and let him talk.
Some of us like to hear that stuff, and you say you dont know how it works...maybe stop and listen to the man that does...
No offense, but I'm just saying...let the man speak.
JMG_2 _SLOW - Year ago
Just by looking at Cletus it can tell Florida weather ain’t no joke
Asylumental - Year ago
Coopers anticipation is hilarious:
"Alright, Hit it! Come onnnnnnn, do it!"
The thing definitely sounds deeper, its sounds so damn good now.
fm2h3 - Year ago
Ruby is a complete badass.
Skylar Dirla
Skylar Dirla - Year ago
What are yalls stopping points on your travels
Rock girl
Rock girl - Year ago
Will you sale those old heads
Axle Grind
Axle Grind - Year ago
"ethanol likes water"
ethanol _is_ part water...go figure!
Jova Jynx
Jova Jynx - Year ago
I have a Chevy 350 5.7 vortec. I want to convert it to an ls intake. Do I need to put ls heads too?
Axle Grind
Axle Grind - Year ago
you're gonna rev a hydraulic lifter motor to 7,000 rpm? i'm getting some popcorn!
john bernier
john bernier - Year ago
you guys are doing a great job keeping all those cars running I am sure it takes a lot of time and money good work
toms5oh - Year ago
I still hate the tractor flap
brien steve
brien steve - Year ago
Next week will be Ruby goes to get more safety roll bars
Billy McCord
Billy McCord - Year ago
Some times I see a black C4 vet in the shop, is that one of you guys ? Can you tell us about it ? I've wanted to do a LS in a C4 for a long time .
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - Year ago
That's Jeremy's car. Look up "The Legend" on his channel: "Fasterproms"
DOPEVX - Year ago
Hell yeah brother!
Ramon Abundiz
Ramon Abundiz - Year ago
31 on trending? Beast!
SuperSport James
SuperSport James - Year ago
What happened to the mtndew hats I gave y’all from Vegas? Btw we all want to see the footage from both burnout comps! I went crazy in my tbss
voithy - Year ago
Dude why does your ear look so fake at 11:43 it looks plastic
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