SHORT RIB Pho! & BEST Burger in Seattle???

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gvyong - 5 days ago
Mikey, that was Kedai Makan where you had the fab noodles. It is perhaps the best outpost of Malaysian food in Seattle.
Christa Swint
Christa Swint - 7 days ago
The Georgia Peach Coke is my fave!
Hillary Hopkins
Hillary Hopkins - 8 days ago
So stoked that you moved to the northwest!!!!! I'm very much looking forward to your food reviews around the area.
Juju Bear
Juju Bear - 16 days ago
Hi Mikey A place in Seattle called the pike place market, there’s a chowder place, the line can be long but, it’s worth the place is called pipe place chowder it makes different Kinds of chowders
rainy day
rainy day - 21 day ago
Fitness pages say "you can't out run a bad diet."
Apparently Mikey can because he does.
Mirra Leigh
Mirra Leigh - 21 day ago
Mike, try Thai Tom. In the U District. Tiny place with like 8 seats so you have to wait in line😊
Elizabeth Preston
Elizabeth Preston - Month ago
Why did you move? Are your parents still in Flushing?
Jason Yasumoto
Jason Yasumoto - Month ago
Wow what huge ribs in that Pho' Noodle soup. Thanks for this video.
Slagg CS
Slagg CS - Month ago
I've never been told I won't be able to finish that amount of food. It must suck being tiny
Kevan Banngertir
Kevan Banngertir - Month ago
Since you are in Seattle you have to take a trip to Portland Oregon!!!! Visit DU KU Bees and Luc Lac !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle Avery
Kyle Avery - Month ago
Just wait the rain is coming buddy. Lived in seattle area my whole life we have great summers and wettttttt winters
Amit Budhraja
Amit Budhraja - Month ago
I can't eat my daily meals if I am not cooking them from scratch. Even if takes 2 days for a special recipe. Readymade food just isn't that satisfying. There's so much fun, relaxation and destressin' in the kitchen after a long day at work. Outside food only once or twice in a week.
Atlas Grim
Atlas Grim - Month ago
Not a lot of good chinese restaurants here =/
Atlas Grim
Atlas Grim - Month ago
Bro you moved here?! Let’s go out to eat! I just moved here too!
David T
David T - Month ago
7:53 Wong fe hung?
Crystaltotten - Month ago
Have you explored pikes place yeah I know it's touristy but the food stalls inside are amazing
AFaceForRadio - Month ago
I never go anywhere else for burgers in Seattle when I visit. Yeah, there's other good places, maybe better. But Dick's has my fondest memories for after clubbing chow.
John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt
LOL @ cloudy day in Seattle!
Caroline Carlson
Caroline Carlson - Month ago
I can't believe you went to Dick's 😂🍔You are really a Seattleite now
Jim Long
Jim Long - Month ago
That Hunan restaurant pales in comparison to some I’ve been to.
McStrokeAvision - Month ago
I can only speak for me I love the Pho up here but that’s about it. Food in Seattle is pretty mediocre imo but I’m originally from Chicago. I’ll try these places this weekend.
Geek Gumption Food Related
hey Mikey - Since you will be in the Seattle area, I would also recommend driving up north to Bellingham, WA for some food places to try. It's not far from Vancouver, Canada either.
Hung Dang
Hung Dang - 2 months ago
Funny how the pho place was named “Pho Bac” (pho from the north) but it isn’t anywhere close to northern Pho in Vietnam XD
J'adoreMsKatie - 2 months ago
I thought the plushie was on sale the whole time. I couldn't find it anywhere n was so sad. I'm glad it's coming out soon :D. It's so cute!!!
ShaansLife tm
ShaansLife tm - 2 months ago
Do you eat after your workouts or go straight to bed
craig krajewski
craig krajewski - 2 months ago
Welcome to Washington state hope you like iit
Long Dang
Long Dang - 2 months ago
The Pho was good.
Mid Level
Mid Level - 2 months ago
Try these places in Bellevue:
1. Little Garden. Usually 45 mins wait during busy hours. Try...麻辣鸡,凉皮,大盘鸡,大白菜炒鸡蛋
2. Looking for Chai
3. Foodsion
Wallingford: Ramen man. Best ramen in town
p3ngpong - 2 months ago
Great video as always and its nice to see your workout routine once in a while! This shows that you're still kind of human instead of this food eating machine lol
Jeremy Rivas
Jeremy Rivas - 2 months ago
I love how coming from NY he feels like Seattle is so cheap but for us who live here we feel like Seattle is crazy expensive lol
AirAssault7 - 2 months ago
Isn't that a mortar and pestle?
mschristinabee - 2 months ago
You should try Nue on 14th Ave in Seattle! Their happy hour menu has delicious tonkatsu sandwiches and amazing jumbo wings =)
Roxanne T
Roxanne T - 2 months ago
Mike! You should come visit Alberta Canada since you aren’t too far away!! Come see the mountains! 😊
johnnymke - 2 months ago
I have a friend who owns a seafood bar in Seattle. It’s called Crawfish King (725 S Lane St, Seattle, Washington 98104). Check them out :).
Angela Andrew
Angela Andrew - 2 months ago
Lynwood has the best Korean food. The stall one in K mart I’ve visited back in 2014 man that’s great.
David hong
David hong - 2 months ago
I’ve been there
Gabrielle Howee
Gabrielle Howee - 2 months ago
after a hard day at work,...well,..someone sold his birth rightt for a meal...understand the crime that will never be satisfied,..the one had to get a meal that way....this is the end of mental.....well's ink....
anthony lung
anthony lung - 2 months ago
how would you compare Sup Noodle Bar in Cerritos, CA vs Pho Bac that you had in this video Mikey?
Apple Bomb
Apple Bomb - 3 months ago
what did you do with your country house in NY?
Sy Y
Sy Y - 3 months ago
I think Portland’s has more hip restaurants. Short 3 hour drive. Go Hawks!
Sy Y
Sy Y - 3 months ago
Thank you highlighting Seattle restaurants. I need more places to eat. Looks like you have a big fan base here. Go HAWKS!
FLAVXer - 3 months ago
Lol...I commented too soon. I really like raspberry,.....sooo. but I do like the peach a lot as well!
FLAVXer - 3 months ago
The raspberry coke is really good as well.
cherry soda
cherry soda - 3 months ago
Welcome to Washington state. I can't wait to see all the places you visit & see if we've been there too. So exciting!!!!!
Andrew Le
Andrew Le - 3 months ago
You look like a young Jackie Chan. Also, when talking about restaurants can you tell us their location (eg, city and street) too?
Crystal Elkins
Crystal Elkins - 3 months ago
1. Damn, I always wondered how you weren’t 400 lbs with all that you eat. But simple math, calories in vs calories out.
2. The guys behind you at Dick’s made me laugh
rsacode - 3 months ago
Thats not a cambodian place - its a malaysian place
peko - 3 months ago
I should start doing how Mike does it when dining for the first time in any restaurant and not sure what to eat. That is survey other diners' tables and check out what they've ordered.
Met3lAngel - 3 months ago
You made a good choice picking the peach flavored coke. The raspberry is kinda gross.
Ricky Ng
Ricky Ng - 3 months ago
I always like the eggplant clay pots, preferably spicy which goes great with rice. Most places are but there are a few places that make it sweet which I'm not a fan of.
Rhonda Conner
Rhonda Conner - 3 months ago
The plushy though!!! I love it!!
Peter Greyy
Peter Greyy - 3 months ago
Dick's is NOT Seattle's answer to In-n-Out (it's more a local alternative to McDonald's than anything.) Many locals swear by it...but it's nothing special.
There are TONS of better burgers in Seattle. Red Mill, Lil Woody's, Giddy Up, Uneeda, Lunchbox Laboratory, Palace Kitchen...are some of my favorites.
I've also heard great things about Quinn's, 8oz Burger, Bateau, Sam's Tavern and Katsu Burger.
The one thing that Dick's has over other places is that they tend to stay open later...(but mostly, I think it's "local chain pride" and nostalgia that makes people recommend Dick's.)
Lavar Master Ball
Lavar Master Ball - 2 months ago
Dicks is def more comparable to InNOut then the others. Red mill 8oz and Katsu in a league of their own.
Joy Ram
Joy Ram - 3 months ago
Glad to know I’m not the only one who love the rain in Washington State. :)
trina Martini
trina Martini - 3 months ago
Welcome to Seattle!!!!!! I love your channel and I hope I run into you at a restaurant🤗🤗. You’re AMAZING!
A55tech - 3 months ago
bro put links to the restaurants in description
StEmS509 - 3 months ago
Thanks Mikey!! I loved seeing this side of you...also welcome to Washington HAPPY your here!
Dustin Atkinson
Dustin Atkinson - 3 months ago
All these restaurants are great but nothing beats a home made meal
Eric Swells
Eric Swells - 3 months ago should ALWAYS do cardio after weights. Always! This isn't an option.
ERICA T Nur ejone
ERICA T Nur ejone - 3 months ago
I love how you edit! You go boy
rchangboi - 3 months ago
Welcome to WA! Our summers have been fairly good. Wait untill fall then the rains come nonstop!
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