Marshmello & Halsey - Be Kind (Official Music Video)

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Marshmello - 5 days ago
What’s your favorite moment from the video?
Orlando Fernandes
Orlando Fernandes - 2 days ago
Parabéns pelo canal so seu fã 👍🇧🇷🎧🎧
Maria Vicentina
Maria Vicentina - 3 days ago
Sou muito sua fan
ITZ NANI - 4 days ago
All :)
Isabella Marx
Isabella Marx - 4 days ago
I like the moment while she is dancing with the Marshmello flower🌸🌺🌼
hanou na
hanou na - 5 days ago
Miro Bentillo
Miro Bentillo - 9 hours ago
What kind of flower is that the one that she's holding
طيبة أثير حميد
She dance so gracefully what a gorgeous body she has I'm a girl and I feel like butterflies in my stomach when I saw her in this😍☺
Animushnik PUBG Mobile
Animushnik PUBG Mobile - 9 hours ago
Danielle Cheung
Danielle Cheung - 9 hours ago
pink hair was the move
Endri Chayadi
Endri Chayadi - 9 hours ago
I want see Justin Bieber reaction watch this mv
Henry Zhang
Henry Zhang - 9 hours ago
i love the motion tracked camera in the virtual 3D scene, and how the focus is just right as well. even the shadows are on point!
hayati azizah
hayati azizah - 9 hours ago
Sakura flower 🌸💞💞💞💞
Yon Nathan
Yon Nathan - 9 hours ago
Saadoun Roni2010
Saadoun Roni2010 - 9 hours ago
Guess im 22.752.
TK Murtem
TK Murtem - 9 hours ago
Real anime 😱😱😱😱😱❤
kim baby
kim baby - 9 hours ago
Be kind
Елена Балуева
lorrendra B Crantz
lorrendra B Crantz - 9 hours ago
Me at 3 am
오리궁디 - 9 hours ago
형 못알아 듣겠지만
형 진짜 대단해
JeimonOfPavo xD
JeimonOfPavo xD - 9 hours ago
She's so beautiful 😍😍
here's her hangover
here's her hangover - 9 hours ago
Is that a wig
DP CREATION - 9 hours ago
A beautiful graphic
Domenico Loizzo
Domenico Loizzo - 9 hours ago
I like Halsey's beautiful voice and her dance in all her movements, her sensual physique, the whole set design, the whole melody of the song. In a nutshell it's a wonderful video. My compliments! Love you 💟
Elarie Klee
Elarie Klee - 9 hours ago
My new favorite song :)
Ishan Bandara
Ishan Bandara - 9 hours ago
k-pop Ryile 아세요
k-pop Ryile 아세요 - 9 hours ago
Marshmello 🌈🍓🌈 you are the best dj in the world
Maninee Ramrakhiani
Maninee Ramrakhiani - 9 hours ago
This is literally like anime........ I love it
choco7915 - 9 hours ago
She looks like an anime character, so pretty!
Sheron S
Sheron S - 9 hours ago
i clicked on HalseyXMarshmello collab, I go SIA free with it :////
Ryloz / ZapClaw
Ryloz / ZapClaw - 9 hours ago
this is NOT what i expected from marshmello! his videos are so nice and motivating, no offence but, dafuq is this?!?!
Krisp 868
Krisp 868 - 9 hours ago
Halsey having pink hair looks so good.
J Parrish
J Parrish - 9 hours ago
The dancing is this has the same vibes as Maddie Ziegler has done in Sia videos. Especially 'Chandelier'.
Donttrynoob - 9 hours ago
ckexpresso - 9 hours ago
I’ve been waiting for this collab for years and finally my wish came true!
Sultanie - 9 hours ago
Me dancing at night when no one see me imagining that I’m super dancer
쿠라마 - 9 hours ago
Marshmallow, I am a fan of you who lives in Korea. Your song is really good and awesome. Please make such a good song in the future.
tanvi sharma
tanvi sharma - 9 hours ago
Some people just cant make bad songs
Ta Del
Ta Del - 9 hours ago
1:42 마시멜로 매우 귀엽다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
MARY McCABE - 9 hours ago
made on my birthday I guess I can call it my official birthday anthem fr I will put it on every year on my birthday luv you marshmallow
Madiha Mahzabeen
Madiha Mahzabeen - 9 hours ago
She is acting like Sia ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ
Kenyan Jewel tv
Kenyan Jewel tv - 9 hours ago
whats the ibiza moment
Adarsh Sulegai
Adarsh Sulegai - 9 hours ago
These robotic cameras are sooo popular rn
Denpool - 9 hours ago
Хромакей очень в глаза бросается(((
cvb kjh
cvb kjh - 9 hours ago
4k video
the dreamer
the dreamer - 9 hours ago
El Fù
El Fù - 9 hours ago
damn ... sakura really can sing
Savage Yoongi
Savage Yoongi - 10 hours ago
Your lie in april? What😭
Yagami Light
Yagami Light - 10 hours ago
When it started...LOL! for a moment I felt Sunflower[By Post Malone]
did you?
Josh Boyd
Josh Boyd - 10 hours ago
I feel like the scene at 2:36 is a reference to something. Like a scene from a show or movie. The way it is done, the camera movement.
Marina Gilbert
Marina Gilbert - 10 hours ago
Merci marshmello de me faire écouter votre chanson et aussi la musique et trop bien jolie j!aime votre musique et chanson j!adore
Farhan Firoz
Farhan Firoz - 10 hours ago
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Yagami Light
Yagami Light - 10 hours ago
Bruce Lee: Be Like the Flow of Water, my Friend...
Halsey: Hold my pink hair!!!
R Holiday
R Holiday - 10 hours ago
Hoe Yuen Ann
Hoe Yuen Ann - 10 hours ago
Turns out Halsey emerged the winner from the break up with G-Eazy. But still a fan of both of them
Mahmoud Malal Rawan
Mahmoud Malal Rawan - 10 hours ago
アイスcoffee - 10 hours ago
King EXPLOSION Murder - 10 hours ago
OMG i LOVE HER HAIRS OwO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel Kenneth
Rachel Kenneth - 10 hours ago
Her dancing in that garden
Halsey I love you
Vibha Srivastava
Vibha Srivastava - 10 hours ago
Idk why i felt like i just watched a 1 min video!
*I want more!*
Rian no minecraft
Rian no minecraft - 10 hours ago
Marshmellow you ídolo favorit!😢😢
Bryan Guegan
Bryan Guegan - 10 hours ago
Why she's japanese in this MV?
Bryan Guegan
Bryan Guegan - 10 hours ago
I miss so much the FRIENDS era tbh...
Hayabusa Lila
Hayabusa Lila - 10 hours ago
Just like anime
MINGI I - 10 hours ago
MV.สวย halsey สวย ดนตรี โคตรเพราะ
Ceejay Barangan
Ceejay Barangan - 10 hours ago
I love the song! It's so amazing, as well as Halseeey!
all I love
all I love - 10 hours ago
Halsey is me in my dream boy land
m 416
m 416 - 10 hours ago
2:40 親切にする=Be Kind
MartawNiemczech - 10 hours ago
WOW Incredible colorful video !!!
BTS -ARMY - 10 hours ago
I love Halsey. You are so beautiful :3
Nicholas Benn
Nicholas Benn - 10 hours ago
Thats my type of lady right there. Miss Halsey is just something special. She looks pretty horny.
cute psycho
cute psycho - 10 hours ago
*Halsey The American Sailor Moon*
Tritt Smith
Tritt Smith - 10 hours ago
Belle delphine is back XD
Wiktoria Plutowska
Wiktoria Plutowska - 10 hours ago
She is so pretty 💜💕
Leo Luckman
Leo Luckman - 10 hours ago
The song, the video, the dance... so cute! 💕
Ok Chhina
Ok Chhina - 10 hours ago
She looks perfect with that uniform
medmedhat 2
medmedhat 2 - 10 hours ago
women: stop Sexualizing us.
also women:
Samia Ansari
Samia Ansari - 10 hours ago
lol im dancing in my room like halsey having a wonderful time
ONE LEGENDS - 10 hours ago
Any Indians here like and comment
Hotarou orechi
Hotarou orechi - 10 hours ago
Waifu come true
BanaVeei_ - 10 hours ago
I got bts vibes

Edit: thanks for 15k likes!
Rika Tansil
Rika Tansil - 10 hours ago
Why the shirt written sagitarius she even not that star sign
3월의봄 - 10 hours ago
마시멜로 매우 귀엽다 😆
Hosna Ara
Hosna Ara - 10 hours ago
She is looking so pretty in pink wig.
William Gennaro
William Gennaro - 10 hours ago
Best song 2020
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