Lil Mosey Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex - 14 days ago
How many pairs of white air force 1s do you keep in rotation?
Brady Stidham
Brady Stidham - 10 hours ago
Probly 69
EWALSH3 - Day ago
Dal Khadka
Dal Khadka - Day ago
S B C - 2 days ago
Complex I keep 4 or 5
SKY_1TOPGAMER - 2 days ago
JA BIG CHALLENGES - 3 hours ago Plz follow it will mean a lot for me🙂
that's the tea
that's the tea - 6 hours ago
Bond James Bond
Bond James Bond - 7 hours ago
What's up with the, " I feel like I"
Hassan Yousef.1679
Hassan Yousef.1679 - 9 hours ago
Ain’t nobody talking about his hickey
DarkSociety - 9 hours ago
I love how he has dollars and pound notes like bruh
Daffey- Duck727
Daffey- Duck727 - 10 hours ago
Bru still don’t know hw got fakes
Martha Diaz
Martha Diaz - 10 hours ago
4th grade and released on 2013 lier
Martha Diaz
Martha Diaz - 10 hours ago
That kiss tattoo
Brodie Norman
Brodie Norman - 14 hours ago
joe blacker than him 😂
luis daniel
luis daniel - 14 hours ago
69 next
NBA_ 2K_ trickShotter2020
NBA_ 2K_ trickShotter2020 - 18 hours ago
Zach Lester
Zach Lester - 18 hours ago
Every thing was kinda cheap
chijindu okpali
chijindu okpali - 19 hours ago
Lil mosey going broke “?”
Lana Banoms
Lana Banoms - Day ago
The price of the travis scott air force's made my damn heart jump
CaptianInfidel - Day ago
Once again stadium goods with the RAPE prices
CaptianInfidel - Day ago
Its funny he says bape is like his favorite brand when hes been caught wearing A LOT of fake bape and called out by known bape resellers
CaptianInfidel - Day ago
I went to high school with this kid, he was 2 grades below me, his older brother was a year above me, half this shit hes saying is just lies
Ohio Ryan
Ohio Ryan - Day ago
He’s 🗑
Zenith - Day ago
People: Lil Mosey is the whitest black man ever
Micheal Jackson, Drakes Son, Lil Skies, and Logic: *hold our beers*
Doodoohead - Day ago
He was so nervous
Tiisetso Thaele
Tiisetso Thaele - Day ago
Who the hell did the editing
Versace PythonNV
Versace PythonNV - Day ago
Kari would flip if he seen how I spend my days now
Jnigo寒意 - Day ago
The cashier is so cringey bruhhh
x i l l e R
x i l l e R - Day ago
Bring NAV nextt
Alexavier Araiza
Alexavier Araiza - 2 days ago
Lil Mosey is the Definition of A White Bot Acting Black .
HyperBeast - 2 days ago
Kinda annoying when joe says “little mosey” instead a lil mosey
Nathan Beltranena
Nathan Beltranena - 2 days ago
I wish yall did x befor 😞
yespacito - 2 days ago
Bruh woke up like he the man
Angel Diazzz
Angel Diazzz - 2 days ago
Overpriced store
Elyas Ludin
Elyas Ludin - 2 days ago
do travis scott next plzzzzzzzz
LooNeY - 2 days ago
Those roadsta's are fake though....
Tyler Cohen
Tyler Cohen - 2 days ago
One thing i never see are o.g ice creams like boardflips. Idk if it was just me but the color ways were wild and just the whole pharell fashion sense with bapes too back in the day idk why no one ever brings them up
p a t r i c k
p a t r i c k - 2 days ago
yea us tour my ass
Kijon Matthews
Kijon Matthews - 2 days ago
He was slidin to my city but caz ah this dumb ass rona
Derpy Smile
Derpy Smile - 2 days ago
Lil mosser
dcb tutorial and gaming
mosey had some uk money ayyy lit
Malual Malual
Malual Malual - 2 days ago
Hey i have a burbaby scarf
Jordan Leiva
Jordan Leiva - 2 days ago
Can you have PartyNextDoor for your next episode ?
weekendfever20 - 2 days ago
My bro be buying shies that cost as much as brand new phones
Jeff - 3 days ago
Lil Mosey flashing his entire net worth😂😂
Gillermo Solorio
Gillermo Solorio - 3 days ago
0:10 that’s some dr.stone shit
Black Katt
Black Katt - 3 days ago
why this boy can say the n word ?
Dave lykam
Dave lykam - 3 days ago
Stupidest shit ever ,who fuckn cares
THN_ Clxamp
THN_ Clxamp - 3 days ago
Intro fire
WieruX - 3 days ago
Adnan Ali
Adnan Ali - 3 days ago
00:19 NANI
Tom Brans
Tom Brans - 3 days ago
Take next time iann dior with you
Max De Doncker
Max De Doncker - 3 days ago
Lil who?
Troythelilboy - Day ago
Max De Doncker sad
Angel Santiago
Angel Santiago - 3 days ago
Some say he’s the whitest black guy ever what if he’s the darkest white guy🤔
Josh Allen
Josh Allen - 3 days ago
Lil mosey is a dumb bitch
Leonardo Coronado
Leonardo Coronado - 4 days ago
CEO of not caring about quarantine
Patricia Durance
Patricia Durance - 4 days ago
lil mosey is canadian and im canadian
Богдан Брызгалов
Русские есть?
Tom Bishop
Tom Bishop - 4 days ago
Why did he have English money
Gabriel Juarez
Gabriel Juarez - 4 days ago
"I came to cash out, so let's do it" 😂💀
ItsTheHaze - 4 days ago
Y’all should start doing sneaker shopping quarantine edition on StockX to save these dudes some money. Michael B Jordan got robbed😬😬😭
Derrick Jerome Weaver Jr.
To be honest I didn't know Blueberry Faygo was by him.
Rodz ileM
Rodz ileM - 4 days ago
Hey Guys Follow Me
and i follow them 🤞🏼💕
cole - 4 days ago
why are the ugliest shoes so expensive
Sakura Vodk
Sakura Vodk - Day ago
cole cuz it’s the brand
e6 soundz
e6 soundz - 4 days ago
Anyone notice the kiss mark on his neck.
ya like jazz
ya like jazz - 4 days ago
dunno if anyone noticed but he bought the travis af1s and then wore them in blueberry faygo music video
shooterbro2008 - 4 days ago
Where can I cop that belt mosy got on I’ve seen Ohgeesy wit the same one too
Nita keeping it Raw
Nita keeping it Raw - 4 days ago
So What! !Who CARES#######😈
Charles Linford
Charles Linford - 4 days ago
Juice wrld is a god
joshbtw - 4 days ago
is complex in the uk my guy whipped out GBP but she said dollars ?
mariska stephenson
mariska stephenson - 4 days ago
7:05 are you scannin that correctly
monika laosi
monika laosi - 4 days ago
Even on the show the stadium goods workers are so miserable and bitchy that’s how they are in store as well
Zeelix - 4 days ago
where is the yeezy ?
monika laosi
monika laosi - 4 days ago
How joe darker than him 🤣🤔
S. Laiza
S. Laiza - 4 days ago
Cement 4’s for $500 ?!
Franco Cerella
Franco Cerella - 4 days ago
Did u scan it twice🤔, but comes in showing a stack of money.😂
Bay fam🌉
Lando Carlissian
Lando Carlissian - 4 days ago
Is this nigga the new 21 savage cus I saw he had some Pounds 💷 bruhhh
game nhx
game nhx - 4 days ago
Lil mosey you so amazing I like you .💗✨🇹🇭
NBT Electric Music
NBT Electric Music - 4 days ago
Mane why dis man buying sneakers in quarantine? I’m confused I also like my own comment cuz no one will and the most likes I’ve gotten on a comment is 2 :(
Cole 3hunna 1738
Cole 3hunna 1738 - 4 days ago
Atoenix - 4 days ago
Ain’t nobody gon talk about that kiss behind his ear lmao
Hugo Säfström
Hugo Säfström - 2 days ago
Dumbass it is a tatoo
Welqo - 2 days ago
Atoenix it’s a tattoo
Txipz Lxrd
Txipz Lxrd - 3 days ago
Atoenix Issa tattoo
M2 Wavy
M2 Wavy - 4 days ago
Tell my y complex darker then Mosly 🤣
Oscar Sundbom
Oscar Sundbom - 4 days ago
What language is this?
Greetings from America! 🇺🇸
Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams - 5 days ago
He looks 13
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