TobyMac - 21 Years

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TobyMac - 7 months ago
“21 Years” is a song I wrote about the recent passing of my firstborn son, Truett Foster McKeehan. I loved him with all my heart. Until something in life hits you this hard, you never know how you will handle it. I am thankful that I have been surrounded by love, starting with God’s and extending to community near and far that have walked with us and carried us every day. Writing this song felt like an honest confession of the questions, pain, anger, doubt, mercy and promise that describes the journey I’m probably only beginning. The rest is yet to come. One thing I know is that I am not alone. God didn’t promise us a life of no pain or even tragic death, but He did promise He would never leave us or forsake us. And I’m holding dearly to that promise for my son as well as myself.
Brian Nguyen
Brian Nguyen - Day ago
Hey toby I lost my brother on July 6th ..... ive been so lost ..... crazy how life works ... i feel like I've been just wondering aimlessly but its lead me to find this song ...... im so sorry you had to experience this .... but this song makes me feel not alone ..... thank you for writing this ....
Patricia Fuentez
Patricia Fuentez - 3 days ago
Amen Toby! Continual prayers for you and your family.
Travis 31B
Travis 31B - 21 day ago
Love you Man. God bless you. I pray for continued peace in your life.
Music Meditation Miracles
To all who lost a child- Without question, one of the most horrific pain know to man. You cant put words to it bcuz you didnt know pain & grief this excruciating even existed. However, let me share with you something I know is true. I had a life after death experience years ago. Not only is there pain in this life you never imagined, there is joy and peace that far surpasses the grief you feel now on the flip side of this life. The very best day you ever had in your life, couldnt even almost compare to the joy your child is experiencing now! I went from hellish grief, misery, hopelessness and deep depression for years and years I couldnt shake, after I lost my precious daughter. They say I was legally dead for 6 minutes and when they brought me back, I cried because I wanted to go back to that amazing place so badly. Any pain and hurt we feel with such a great loss, I assure you is one sided! My grief for my daughter ended that day! As much as I miss her, I am certain I will be reunited with her again! Look at this as temporary, more like there on a vacation but never wish them back here! Living in this world, couldnt even hold a match to where your children are now! There is not a shred of doubt in my mind, you will be reunited with them again and in an after world that knows no pain! I love you all and pray you see their death for what it really is- a magical journey to heaven!
kaboom 107
kaboom 107 - 2 months ago
I love your songs,but god does every thing for a reason.
Mark Mcfarlane
Mark Mcfarlane - 4 hours ago
Your jamaican fans are praying for you tobymac. Never met truDog but i have listened to him in your music since Momentum
Michael Carr
Michael Carr - 18 hours ago
I quit smoking March 15th 2007
Bianca Miles
Bianca Miles - 20 hours ago
My sister just lost her beautiful 21 year old son, Ethan. I lost a beloved nephew 💔 I can't imagine how broken her heart is because mine is barely beating. God will bring us thru this in time. God bless all of you who are hurting. ❤
Rex - 2 days ago
Jeremy Flores
Jeremy Flores - 2 days ago
Gianna Gonzales
Gianna Gonzales - 3 days ago
My brother died the 20th of October 2019 and this song is so relatable and and I went to TobyMac’s concert and I cried to this song
Patricia Fuentez
Patricia Fuentez - 3 days ago
My heart breaks for Toby Mac and his family. This is such a beautifully put song. I pray those who experience this find comfort in his words. Always in our hearts.
Ransom's World
Ransom's World - 4 days ago
Ransom's World
Ransom's World - 4 days ago
Ransom's World
Ransom's World - 4 days ago
Ransom's World
Ransom's World - 4 days ago
Ransom's World
Ransom's World - 4 days ago
Ransom's World
Ransom's World - 4 days ago
UNKNOWN_ GAMING - 4 days ago
Favorite song
David Wellman
David Wellman - 4 days ago
Thanks for writing this. Well all felt a sense of loss when we heard. Never take a moment for granted.
Tamara Coors
Tamara Coors - 4 days ago
Klasse Sound Amen
OSCAR POLANIA - 5 days ago
Amigo Toby, no se imagina de donde le escribo, lo sigo desde DC TALK, es algo duro y no puedo imaginar tu dolor. Esa canción me ha llegado al alma. Fuerza eres un JOB moderno. Que canción. Esas preguntas también me las hago a diario con mi familia que fallece.
Ismerai Rebollar Bustos
love itttttttttttttt
Stephanie S
Stephanie S - 5 days ago
Why would someone dislike this? Ya i get it its their opinion but do do they know how someone like Toby is feeling rn!? Its unbelievable!
Roberto Cruz
Roberto Cruz - 6 days ago
I hope to never feel this pain I have a one year old and his laugh his smile his everything is what keeps me going daily him and the love of God
Mike Ricci
Mike Ricci - 6 days ago
Ur the best there is ever at this
Mike Ricci
Mike Ricci - 6 days ago
Toby you are a legend to us bro
Bill Hubble
Bill Hubble - 7 days ago
This song really hits me hard. We lost our son 6/14 after several years battling depression. He was 21. Would have been 22 on 8/6. The rememberances from friends, family, and strangers have been very humbling to know just how big his heart is. It was easy for him to be there for those that were hurting, since he knew what they were feeling. Nothing hurts worse than the parents left on earth without their child. But my faith is stronger than ever as it really shows what a blessing from God we had to be chosen as his parents...
Elizabeth Reinhardt
Elizabeth Reinhardt - 7 days ago
Fist fighters club
Fist fighters club - 7 days ago
I am very late to this song but I have to say I was getting teary eyes to this song I hope you will continue to heal and make more music I will pray for you and your family.
Michaela Pacelli
Michaela Pacelli - 7 days ago
Did anyone else cry when they first heard this song?😭😭
Jmdcupcake YT
Jmdcupcake YT - 6 days ago
I cry literally every single time-
Hayden Aaron
Hayden Aaron - 8 days ago
god bless you toby
Edward Schultz
Edward Schultz - 8 days ago
I'm tired of the Devil stealing from me. I am in a wheelchair, and I can't get FirstService Residential Illininois Property Management to open a door that is not automatic. I can not get to my apartment without the doorman opening this door. The company wants me to move out. I'm taking back my territory ( or my legal right to have this accomodation met). I'm going to keep battling for the disabled in the City of Chicago. Thank you for giving me back my strength to not accept this company's effort to "@ show me I don't matter".
Fnaf-W0lf - 10 days ago
I Feel Terrible.. I Cant Stop Thinking About How My Grandma Died Last Year In August. It Still Hurts Me When I Hear This Song, I Miss Her So Much, She Was The Best. Next Thing I Know I'll Be Forgetting Her 14 Years Later, And Me Now Being Suicidal Doesnt Help.. I'll Probably Join Her If I Commit Suicide At This Age... I Just Wanna See Her Again That I Feel That Suicide Is The Only Way For Me To Be Happy With Her Again.. I Know She's Watching Over Me Right Now Probably Telling Me Not To Do It, But It Just Hurts To Know That Shes Not With Me Anymore.. She Was Like My Mom When My Mother Couldnt Take Care Of Me My Sister And My Brother Because Of Work. Me And My Grandma Always Sat On The Couch With Mcdonalds, Me On Her Lap Talking About How Fun School Was, Just Knowing I Can No Longer Do So Makes Me Break Down And Cry Snuggling My Cats... I Miss How We Used To Play Go Fish, Uno, It Just Hurts.. I Hope Everyone Has A Better Day Then Me. God Bless You All!
Vaunita Babb
Vaunita Babb - 10 days ago
God bless's the adventure of a life time
Michael watson
Michael watson - 10 days ago
Jesus is coming soon and I am scared for my friends who are Atheists cause the never met God cause they were raised without them I ask everyone here to pray for all of those who have no faith cause I know I don't want them to get left behind in hell and I don't want anyone to go not knowing who God is
Bri Charles
Bri Charles - 10 days ago
robsen sisay
robsen sisay - 10 days ago
I also lost my older brother also I was about to lose my mother. toby there is a purpose that ever body dies but i'm sorry for you toby. i'm toched thanks but i'm only 13 .GOD only knows just praise him there is a purpose! there is a joy inside each of us push it out,THANKS FOR THE SONG
Sidinéia Benvinda Palma Tureti
you are not alone... God has you in your heart full of love and strength, throw yoursef into that love.
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gtdmydj,utyf gjhvbvujguj - 12 days ago
i like the lyrics "Is it just arcoss the jorden or a city in the stars" It made me think of my grandpa when he died but I know he is with God I love u grandpa
Straight up fire
Straight up fire - 12 days ago
When I’m sad I lessen to you so thank you for everything
Blain Taylor
Blain Taylor - 12 days ago
My grandpa past a month ago you don’t have to say good bye though when you pass you will be with your son and god in heaven my life shattered but god got me through it you have him in you heart as long as you do he’s still with you god will get you past Rough you Times by the way this song is great
Eliphra - 13 days ago
I'm sorry Toby for what hapend to your loved one I'm sure he always haves you in your heart with Jesus
Christine Abrams
Christine Abrams - 13 days ago
My beautiful son Keith died on January 31, 2020 at 35 years of age. This song brought me comfort. Forever Keith's mom
oh no
oh no - 13 days ago
I lost it at "Venmo you another loan." I have two sons, one 25, the other almost 13. I can only imagine a pain like this but I imagine it's those little things you miss, you'd love to do again. Prayers, and thank you for being able and willing to share something that's so raw and inspiring. God gets us through.
Meister - 13 days ago
So sorry for your loss Toby! You have always seemed to express the words that many of us cannot poetically put together! Thank you for singing our hearts song!
Dania Paz
Dania Paz - 13 days ago
My Grampa died and I couldn't hear his last words and they burried him on my birthday this is a song that is everything that I had gone threw (God has you in heaven but I have you in my heart)
Miguel Delamata
Miguel Delamata - 13 days ago
Worst day of my life, getting that phone call, been years ago and yet, the feelings, the emotions, still too strong, I cry daily and think I need help, no one should ever have to deal with this alone...
Karen Spence
Karen Spence - 13 days ago
Praise God! My prayers are with you.
Miguel Delamata
Miguel Delamata - 13 days ago
My stepson, Aaron, took his life, no idea why, his mom and I divorced long before but I was the first to be contacted, to this day I wonder why, but, like to think he wanted me to keep being the geek and nerd he adored about me...
Heather Tomberlin
Heather Tomberlin - 14 days ago
You're not alone, Toby.
Brook Aregay
Brook Aregay - 14 days ago
Sorry Toby. Be sure that he is wrapped by his father's hand.
He is more safe there.
ThatFat Cat
ThatFat Cat - 15 days ago
Thank you for this song, TobyMac. It made me feel better about the death of my cousin back in 2017. She had an unbreakable connection with God. She's in a better place now. Thank you.
ThatFat Cat
ThatFat Cat - 15 days ago
Whoever disliked this must have payed attention to the tune, not the lyrics, because this is a beautiful song.
Kinsley Ward
Kinsley Ward - 15 days ago
im crying because it reminds me about when my great grandma died now every time i walk in the room that she died in i start crying
Scott Loidhamer
Scott Loidhamer - 15 days ago
I almost cried hearing this
Scott Loidhamer
Scott Loidhamer - 15 days ago
I almost cried hearing
- The In Between -
- The In Between - - 15 days ago
After this video I decided to make a promise that I would pray by myself to pray that my family lived a long good life and I have kept my promise
Brandon Briggs
Brandon Briggs - 15 days ago
I love TobyMac
Isaiah Wolfenstein
Isaiah Wolfenstein - 15 days ago
I love this song. We are praying for you and your family.
Linda Gonzalez
Linda Gonzalez - 15 days ago
I know how you feel TobyMac I lost my son going to 4 years this coming September 17 it was hard for me I had told God that I did not want to live anymore I was very hurt it was very painful it was hard for me to forgive the person who killed my son it was a murder it was very hard for me but only God pick me up when I was very low I thank the Lord that he was there for me so I know what you are going through I feel your pain God bless you I love you in Christ
Darkiller911 - 16 days ago
I have been a fan when you made a song with nf
Sierra Clawson
Sierra Clawson - 17 days ago
My friend passed away on this day that this song was released. (January 10th 2020) ☹️😭☹️
Bailee Smith
Bailee Smith - 17 days ago
My mom was listening to this song and she said "I think this is for his son." I didn't really know how to reply so I just said, "you think?" and she quoted "God has you in heaven but I have you in my heart." I just burst into tears. Lately I've felt like death is surrounding me, I recently lost a class mate of mine. She was only 15. I constantly see reports of death everywhere and I just don't know how much longer I can stand it before I break. So many losses through out these last few years. So many people dying young. It hurts.
Randy V
Randy V - 16 days ago
@R. MacDonald thank you
R. MacDonald
R. MacDonald - 16 days ago
Randy V praying for you, from one Randi to another Randy❤️
Randy V
Randy V - 16 days ago
It really does suck keep your head up and stay positive. I lost my 17 year old son last year in October he turned 18 july 19. I listen to this song a lot thinking about my son.
Kendra Fleming
Kendra Fleming - 18 days ago
Sorry for your lost truly I am and I am glad he believed in god
Solomon S
Solomon S - 18 days ago
a l
a l - 18 days ago
We support u bruh
Kayla Dearing
Kayla Dearing - 18 days ago
I can’t help the tears anytime we see Toby now. As parents and for us, a son fresh out of the Marines that doesn’t know the Lord. My heart aches for Tobys family, we are grateful his son is with Jesus ❤️ praying all our children know the Lord so deeply in their hearts. 🙏🏼 hugs, cupcakes and prayers 🙏🏼🧁
shelby simmons
shelby simmons - 18 days ago
I lost my father when I was 6 years old by the way I am 15 years old now but I still miss him, my aunt didn't let me tell him good bye, and also I am adopted
Fran Beaudry-Lea
Fran Beaudry-Lea - 18 days ago
Thank you so much for this song. I lost my husband too young as well and these are very similar to my feelings too. Love your work, man.
Elijah Antonio Gale Jr
Elijah Antonio Gale Jr - 19 days ago
I lost my 11 old brother
Camila Garcia
Camila Garcia - 19 days ago
Sorry for your loss I'm praying for you toby
Cynthia Hinde
Cynthia Hinde - 20 days ago
This song relates to me now more then ever rite now. I last my uncale to suasied this erlyer month.
Yilber Osorio
Yilber Osorio - 20 days ago
Tobymacs son was doing drugs
Jonathan Carrie Dulin
Jonathan Carrie Dulin - 21 day ago
Jacob Myers
Jacob Myers - 21 day ago
Lost a best friend last month and this songs hits me so hard because we use to race 4-wheelers when we was younger . RIP Garret Waston #199 strong
Dave Duncan
Dave Duncan - 22 days ago
I cant imagine losing a child.
Kya Brown
Kya Brown - 22 days ago
U are a present day Job. Continue to stay faithful and God will keep u.🙏🏾
Gigi Rose
Gigi Rose - 22 days ago
This song is so sweet. I have been listening to this song 24/7
Samuel David Blanco Beltrán
toby mac from colombia we give you consolation even though it will take 6 months
LunchBoxGaming - 23 days ago
this song made me so sad i dont know if i should like it or not
The Cousin Crew
The Cousin Crew - 23 days ago
So sorry to hear that Toby 😭
MLG Chaise
MLG Chaise - 23 days ago
This song is by far my favorite song ever. It really speaks to the love between you and your son.
Jon Cannon
Jon Cannon - 23 days ago
God is good
Allen Terry
Allen Terry - 23 days ago
Bro toby please contact me at God showed me something this morning and I want to tell you love you brother
Jon Cannon
Jon Cannon - 24 days ago
I love you god
Kristen Moore
Kristen Moore - 24 days ago
I am so sorry. Praying our Father heals your heart and your faith remains strong. Weeping with you.
Caleb Nathan Rojas Bohn
Caleb Nathan Rojas Bohn - 24 days ago
God bless you and console you, Toby Mac!
David Kissner, Jr.
David Kissner, Jr. - 24 days ago
I can’t imagine losing my daughter...
Elisha Kok
Elisha Kok - 25 days ago
I know this song is for your son, but thankyou. I lost one of my closest friends to suicide in November, something you don't expect to start you high school freshman year, but I feel that even though the pain is still there, my healing has been taken off hold, where it was put during this time.
Ricardo B.
Ricardo B. - 25 days ago
This song really touches my heart, and my condolences to Toby and his family. But to Toby and everyone out there who has to deal with some type of pain, suffering, issues or darkness. Just know that the Big Guy (aka) Jesus is always by your side next you going through it with you and will never forsake you or leave you. A verse that always helps me is from psalm 91-1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. You might have experienced the time when all you want is to find a shade just to escape away from the sun’s powerful heat.
God’s shadow is like that. He provides not just protection, but also comfort to His people.
Chasity Kennedy
Chasity Kennedy - 25 days ago
I love god really much
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards - 25 days ago
I'm so sorry for your loss Toby
Margarita Rivera
Margarita Rivera - 25 days ago
But I’m fine I’m just a little girl
Margarita Rivera
Margarita Rivera - 25 days ago
I had to be in a coma 😔🙏🏻👏🏻☺️
Rodreen Heier
Rodreen Heier - 26 days ago
TobyMac u have Truett by u with god see him oh hay I’m 11 so if any of this is like something u don’t want to now its ok I just had to stop and tell you that we LOVE U I’ve been to ur consert in California by el cojon in 2019
liliana piffary
liliana piffary - 26 days ago
You may also read a short text called the Present which is available for free on the website called Global Truth Project.The book is about the truth of life and it shows the full picture of life for the first time so that you may stop being deceived by the world ans be able to follow the steps of Jesus.A life- changer!
Ur Boi Unknown
Ur Boi Unknown - 26 days ago
My oldest brother died 16 years ago so I never knew him but I'm glad to know I'll see him in heaven
ElderlyMinor - 27 days ago
I am 21. My father passed away a month ago. Needless to say, the pain is equal coming from a son.
Matthew Stamps
Matthew Stamps - 27 days ago
Laura Hodgman
Laura Hodgman - 27 days ago
hi im logan and im 12. Im using my moms account. I lost my dad at 6 months old in a car accedent. I wish i had a dad like you toby:(. But i still have a God caring for me like a dad.
Amanda Garner
Amanda Garner - 28 days ago
What a beautiful song. It has me in tears. Our Father gladly welcomes Truett into his arms. God bless you and your family Toby. You are an amazingly talented artist. Let the pain make you stronger in this to help others. 🙏 P.S. You were my very 1st concert at age 16 when you were DC talk. I’m now 43 and still your biggest fan! I love you brother. ❤️ Stay strong, for us. We need you 🙏.
Allyson Hitchcock
Allyson Hitchcock - 28 days ago
This hits me so hard. My baby boy 12/15/98-06/15/20. 21 years... just not long enough... mama loves you my Kolton John McNeal. I will never be the same. How does a mama go on??? TobyMac thank you for this song. I wish it wasn’t our reality. 😭💔
Ryan Mahoney
Ryan Mahoney - 28 days ago
Man I know what your going through a family member of mine died and gave me temporary depression
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