TobyMac - 21 Years

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TobyMac - 7 days ago
“21 Years” is a song I wrote about the recent passing of my firstborn son, Truett Foster McKeehan. I loved him with all my heart. Until something in life hits you this hard, you never know how you will handle it. I am thankful that I have been surrounded by love, starting with God’s and extending to community near and far that have walked with us and carried us every day. Writing this song felt like an honest confession of the questions, pain, anger, doubt, mercy and promise that describes the journey I’m probably only beginning. The rest is yet to come. One thing I know is that I am not alone. God didn’t promise us a life of no pain or even tragic death, but He did promise He would never leave us or forsake us. And I’m holding dearly to that promise for my son as well as myself.
Suz Graves
Suz Graves - 6 days ago
Praying for you
BZimm84 - 6 days ago
Sorry for your families loss. Know that we are there for you brother. "The Lord gives strength to his people, the Lord blesses his people with peace" Psalm 29:11.
Rickey H.
Rickey H. - 7 days ago
Toby, thank you. I'm 23 and I grew up in a abusive Christian household where I thought I had to be perfect to be loved by God because that's how my worldly dad is. Sadly, I walked away from God and church, living in sin to cope with my circumstances. However, God had to wake me up by showing the repercussions of my sin to get my attention which made me turn to Him. I've been perusing God like crazy this past year. Through the healing and hurting, I had doubts if God would truly accept me back as His son. However, God is being a Father to me than I ever thought possible. God is always waiting for the prodigal son to come to the end of himself and to return to Him. He will accept the prodigal with open arms.
Chris Boyd
Chris Boyd - 7 days ago
Continue to pray for you and your family
Tracey Chavez
Tracey Chavez - 7 days ago
God Bless You TobyMac and your family....I will continue praying...shalom peace, healing, easier breathing, a quiet simple joy that ONLY comes from God Himself!
Raquel Esparza
Raquel Esparza - 4 hours ago
Speechless... 💔
Ashley Barrett
Ashley Barrett - 4 hours ago
God has you and your family in the palm of His hand.
Ruth - 4 hours ago
this song breaks my heart
Roxana Alvarado
Roxana Alvarado - 4 hours ago
R.I.P Truett Foster
Kenzie Yates
Kenzie Yates - 4 hours ago
I love your songs
Angrypolarbear16 - 4 hours ago
I'm not crying I just finished chopping onions... such a sad yet beautiful song. I remember Truett's first song on Momentum. I can only imagine what Toby is feeling.
Peggy Patton
Peggy Patton - 4 hours ago
I cry every time I watch this which at least once a day.... May God give you and your family comfort, peace, and grace... God bless you and your family! Your such an inspiration to all of us out here the way you put God first it's a beautiful thing...
Roxana Alvarado
Roxana Alvarado - 4 hours ago
Sorry for your loss Toby but he is home now to die is to gain to die is to win
Susan Gomez
Susan Gomez - 4 hours ago
Sorry but he’s in heaven he is star shinning bright he’s looking down at u
Amanda Roberts
Amanda Roberts - 4 hours ago
So it’s been a long while but I remember hearing him on your first couple of albums. I’m so sorry for his passing.
sarah b
sarah b - 5 hours ago
God bless
Maya Ruggieri
Maya Ruggieri - 5 hours ago
Sad song!
Rose MWM
Rose MWM - 5 hours ago
Sandy Adair
Sandy Adair - 5 hours ago
This is a beautiful song heart touching and I loved the video thank you so much
James Molina
James Molina - 6 hours ago
I'm crying bro.
Cole LeMaster
Cole LeMaster - 6 hours ago
Olivia Conard
Olivia Conard - 6 hours ago
Sometimes we don't understand why God does things but God does everything for our good. Jeremiah 29:11 "'For I Know The Plans I Have For You' Declares the Lord, 'Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.
LBK's Finest 806
LBK's Finest 806 - 6 hours ago
Ashlyn Banister
Ashlyn Banister - 7 hours ago
that is sad
Virxl_gNx ?
Virxl_gNx ? - 7 hours ago
You will see him on the other side Toby... Pray for you man...
deniselovesavon - 7 hours ago
So sorry for your loss... God is using you during this difficult time! What a beautiful song to commemorate your son!
George Wright
George Wright - 7 hours ago
Truly sorry TobyMac for the loss of your son Truett Foster. No-one will ever know or feel your exact pain and loss through this tragedy. Thank you for writing this beautiful tribute.
A dear friend shared your song with me last Friday and I have held this song so very close since hearing it. We lost my dear loving little brother Bear (40 with Twin 12 yr old girls) on Christmas Night unexpectedly. Your words are so powerful and true and at the same time comforting and reassuring that HE has a plan for all of our life and life after.....and yes, Bear is Happy where he is now and we keep him here with us Happy in our Hearts. Again, sorry for your loss.
Beulah Kure
Beulah Kure - 7 hours ago
I am in tears
Jenice Bell
Jenice Bell - 7 hours ago
My son has not passed but I have lost him to the world. He was raised on Toby Mac. I remember when he was about 7 years old, him asking me to play "the black CD" (Momentum). "Turn it up mom". Looking back into the back seat and he has his eyes closed nodding his head to the beat. I cant imagine the pain that your dealing with right now Mr. Mac, and ohhh the strength it took to complete this song and video. Knowing our God, and knowing the roots my son being raised on Toby Mac me comfort. I know I will have my son back one day. My deepest regards to you and your family. I pray for peace, understanding, and strength for you and your family. Bless you.
Epila Lawrence
Epila Lawrence - 8 hours ago
My prayers are with you and your family...May God lead you this trail
pamela williams
pamela williams - 8 hours ago
so sorry for your loss, for all of our losses, especially our kids
Celzxa - 9 hours ago
3:11 had me crying so hard 🥺😞😭😭
Emilia Eltawey
Emilia Eltawey - 9 hours ago
I’ve never personally had a child, but my parents lost my sister and their first born daughter to cancer when she was just 15. The day my second oldest sister turned 16, I can remember both of my parents crying through their thanks to God. Watching this, the lyrics hit you like a truck, no matter who you are.
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith - 9 hours ago
You can feel his pain through this song. My heart hurts for him. My heart hurts for every grieving parent. This song reaches to anyone grieving a death, and not just as a parent. 😥
Tami Bojo
Tami Bojo - 9 hours ago
Lina Crespo
Lina Crespo - 9 hours ago
Well that just made me cry 😢!!! What a beautiful song. Kids are a blessing and a temporary gift from the Father. Eventually they grow up and choose for themselves the life they will lead. I am sure he was a beautiful soul trying to navigate his way through this world. It can definitely pull on you heavy especially while you are young and trying to figure it out. Some of us survive our mistakes and some do not but Yehovah is merciful and full of grace. I pray for your peace and strength for your family TobyMac. May he Rest In Peace until we are resurrected and the Father creates him a new body one that will not see corruption.
Marcus Barnhart
Marcus Barnhart - 9 hours ago
My condolences to you, Toby. I don’t know you personally. I’m not your biggest fan. I’m just a guy out here listening to a great song. I love how you can take that energy and put it into something good. Love and support to you and your family. You deserve it
Segun Adeyemi
Segun Adeyemi - 10 hours ago
So emotional, praying for you Toby
Cristiano Almeida
Cristiano Almeida - 10 hours ago
So sad... But still the love between God and his sons is so beautiful that even the hardest pain is translated into something beautiful. The pain, the hope, the love, we share it all.
laurie lack
laurie lack - 10 hours ago
Shared with my graduate class last evening, no better Christian lesson than this faith statement. Godspeed Toby Mac!
Brass Belle
Brass Belle - 10 hours ago
Lost my little brother to a battle with depression on August 9 2019.
He will never get to turn 22.
Thankyou for putting this out there, I know they’re both happy where they are ❤️
James Anderson
James Anderson - 10 hours ago
What a powerful song. I'm not a super emotional sort, but this one left me weeping and I'm not ashamed to admit it. From one dad to another, what a beautiful, powerful, emotional tribute.
Donny Ringeisen
Donny Ringeisen - 11 hours ago
Sunshine Stanley
Sunshine Stanley - 11 hours ago
I’m so sorry Toby.
Paul Moffitt
Paul Moffitt - 11 hours ago
Heartbreaking. Song brought tears to my eyes. Praying for you and your family.
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark - 11 hours ago
Toby Mac and his music literally changed my life growing up. Sad so for their loss. Nothing but Love to him and his family.
jman - 12 hours ago
Might be the most likes over dislikes I’ve ever seen.
carole thomas
carole thomas - 13 hours ago
Dear bro Toby, it's not a easy road your travelling, right now. May the Lord comfort and strengthen, you and your family. With prayers
NewG3nGaming - 13 hours ago
God Bless you Toby.People need to believe in Him.Trust in Him.Born again in Him.And repent. Jesus is Loving.Jesus is Truth.
mike monroe
mike monroe - 13 hours ago
798 mental people, man's grieving some people are disrespectful, God bless you toby mac!!!
surclingjrdn - 15 hours ago
God has him in heaven, AND I have him in my heart
Gage Amaya
Gage Amaya - 16 hours ago
tobymac, I know you know. God, has your son. He only takes the young when we're ready to go to heaven.
Mitchie Prays
Mitchie Prays - 17 hours ago
"Did he see you from a long way off, running to him with a father's heart, did you wrap him up inside your arms and let him know that he's home?"
Those lyrics make me imagine a scenario in my head where his son is walking through a tunnel of light and he can see the silver city from a far glistening and so beautiful, then a being of bright white light approaches him and reveals himself to be Jesus and hugs him, his son has a tear streaming down his face, but a tear of joy because he knew he made it home. Jesus wraps his arm around his shoulder and they walk off into the light toward the green meadows.
Ireti O
Ireti O - 17 hours ago
Unexplainable!!! Beautiful song.
We are praying for you and your family.
God Bless You Always
John chinglenthoiba
John chinglenthoiba - 17 hours ago
I lost my best friend on Dec 27-2019, feast of st. john. I thought nothing bad can happen on my feast. But He took my best of the best friend on that day. I keep asking God ... why why why??? I'm in the stage of PhD thesis submission and I was so busy to call him up and say Hi!!! we never had a proper goodbye. I love him so much... I asked him to visit my dream at least !!! he did :) he came to my room and sat beside my bed and he promised me that I will come back as my son and he wants to be a researcher in biochemistry... then he faded away !!!
Lord, I love you and I trust in you. St John pray for us.
Jordan Leslie
Jordan Leslie - 18 hours ago
sorry all love
Cecille Van Staden
Cecille Van Staden - 19 hours ago
Thank you for sharing your pain and joy with us. It is not easy raising children we always want what is best for them and hope that they make choices that are safe and healthy. May you be blessed through this time when you and your family try to find a new way to be when a part of you is no longer around.
Lemnuyuy Blameless
Lemnuyuy Blameless - 19 hours ago
I am so so sorry for your loss. God bless your beautiful for staying strong in the Lord. Much love to you and family from Cameroon Africa
John S
John S - 19 hours ago
"Why would you give and take away"... God doesn't take away... He gives despite what we perceive as taken...
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 20 hours ago
Hello, Humans.
Sinestro : [sparring with Hal Jordan]  I do believe I smell fear. I am a Green Lantern; I fear nothing.
(Green Lantern 2011)
sgtgwj - 20 hours ago
Thank you. You sang my song except mine would be titled 18 years. It’s been almost 6 years since I lost my boy. Still hurts everyday.
Kale Cox
Kale Cox - 20 hours ago
How do you dislike this? Truly???
Linda C
Linda C - 20 hours ago
Patrick Fahlen
Patrick Fahlen - 20 hours ago
That was so heartbreaking. As a father, I can't even imagine. Love you TobyMac. Thanks for the vulnerability.
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