Green Day - Father Of All… (Official Music Video)

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Green Day
Green Day - 4 months ago
Listen up motherf🦄🦄🦄ers Father Of All... is out now! Play it loud and play it on repeat 🤘
Michelle Mcknight
Michelle Mcknight - 13 hours ago
@Dave Mustaine opinions are like assholes, everybodys got one. Bahaha Kidding 😉
Dave Mustaine
Dave Mustaine - Day ago
It sucks very bad
Fnaf nightgaurd7251
Fnaf nightgaurd7251 - 9 days ago
But why would would sing in a higher pitch
Fnaf nightgaurd7251
Fnaf nightgaurd7251 - 9 days ago
Will do so I can make my neighbors mad
Michelle Mcknight
Michelle Mcknight - 9 days ago
@Tempo Channel 15 They coulda made it longer.. More trax.. Bahaha Cheers
Potato - 2 hours ago
Okay, I love green day but, this is too much change
Creativian - 5 hours ago
Antonio Longoni
Antonio Longoni - 22 hours ago
Caro García
Caro García - Day ago
I like this song, the only thing I don't like is that Billie's voice is a bit modified
macintosh99 - Day ago
I don’t care how bad the album is, this song is actually pretty great. Especially the chorus.
Annette Neri
Annette Neri - Day ago
The instrumental part sounds like Fire by Jimi Hendrix and the vocals sound like MGMT bullshit
Robin Weber
Robin Weber - Day ago
The verses have a Muse feel, I kinda like that, but it's not really Green Day for me
Kevin Whitehead
Kevin Whitehead - Day ago
What we need now from Greenday is another post apocalyptic epic- calling Christian and Gloria!!
Treye Billups
Treye Billups - 2 days ago
Please stop dude
Matthew Wrightson
Matthew Wrightson - 2 days ago
How did they go from good rock and love song stuff to commercial autotune music....
SugarWall87 - 2 days ago
Anyone noticed that Tre Cool looks pale
blue day *
blue day * - 2 days ago
Billie joe is ROCKIN ahhh come on whats so funny
Nicolas Rodriguez
Nicolas Rodriguez - 2 days ago
The bear is rembeber at the bear of Madgascar 3
Giosuè Russo
Giosuè Russo - 2 days ago
Ideas from Elvis' 68 Comeback Special!!!
Omkar Shah
Omkar Shah - 2 days ago
Stevie T is right.
HuesösDishuesös - 3 days ago
Green Day was better in the nineties
Antonio Mendoza
Antonio Mendoza - 3 days ago
Skip the ads 2:32
Antonio Mendoza
Antonio Mendoza - 3 days ago
2:32 this is the end of the ads
Antonio Mendoza
Antonio Mendoza - 3 days ago
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J PW - 3 days ago
Ivan Storey
Ivan Storey - 3 days ago
This is trash
Ηλιανα Ζαρκαδη
00:50 this guy from Bullet in a bible
Marthin Franklin
Marthin Franklin - 3 days ago
welcome back, Muse, we miss you. .

wait. .
did I Say Muse? ?

ah. .
forget it.
realGeorgeWashington - 4 days ago
2:02 unicorn
Matsu4U - 4 days ago
Sounds like bruno mars trying to make rock XD
alawwu20 - 4 days ago
Greg Black
Greg Black - 4 days ago
Reminds me of The White Stripes. I like how Green Day keeps reinventing their style. Good long running band. Rock on guys.
Carolina Rey
Carolina Rey - 5 days ago
LOL😅 cool video
BadBrainfromHell - 5 days ago
green day fathers of all crap🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
BadBrainfromHell - 3 days ago
The taste is like the butt, divided😁
thejays - 3 days ago
i kinda like this song
The Amazing Kazoo Orchestra
Was Billie hit in the nuts or something?
XxelectricxX - 5 days ago
This is music and the rest bulshits
Jean-marc Bottaro
Jean-marc Bottaro - 5 days ago
The drumming is just too damn good. gotta dance gotta dance GOTTA DANCE FUCKKK
the others
the others - 6 days ago
Elliott Fiorato
Elliott Fiorato - 6 days ago

the unicorns are cool, right?
Jareth Garza
Jareth Garza - 7 days ago
- Every 90`a child
Jake Foster
Jake Foster - 7 days ago
Should have been Foxboro Hot Tubs.
Luis Manuel Felipe Calisto
Es impresionante que una banda de rock se mantenga en estos años con tal calidad y emoción en su música.
Emanuel Verdugo-Anguiano
sounds like a galaxy phone ad
julianthehero64 - 8 days ago
If the PlayStation 5 reveal in a few days doesn't have this song used to advertise something within it, then I don't want it.
Nick Monkton
Nick Monkton - 8 days ago
This sounds like Search and Destroy almost
M4RI0 - 8 days ago
anyone:raiding the area51
billie joe:
MD KBM OSMAN - 8 days ago
Wow.....the thumbnail is cute
ツMank - 8 days ago
This sound like a fake song you would hear in GTA V on a radio station.
Sakurai Damyan
Sakurai Damyan - 19 hours ago
Rendy Ricardo L Garcia
Rendy Ricardo L Garcia - 8 days ago
Ok guys .. I know that part of your job it was to bring multitudes of people together but I don't think that you should be allowing this kind of behavior in this complicated times of covid-19 it is not a good example
JacksAGod - 8 days ago
i dont like what green day has become. i was listening to 21 guns and basket case then it turns to this car commercial bs. i am not a happy chap rn!
anygameguy14 - 8 days ago
This has to be the craziest music video ever
Juzon - 9 days ago
Imagine if Ricardo was there.
Noah-WrestlingNews - 9 days ago
buzzkill 616
buzzkill 616 - 9 days ago
I guess punk died huh
Marcin Cnotovsky Cnota
Marcin Cnotovsky Cnota - 9 days ago
Goddamn sellouts....
Greg B
Greg B - 10 days ago
Jesus, they really found their "pop sensibilities" with this album...
Rocker The Guitar
Rocker The Guitar - 7 days ago
This is definetly not pop... it's more like garage/indie rock
linkmitch the music guy
linkmitch the music guy - 10 days ago
green day should have used trap beats, maybe father of all wouldn't sound like antiquated advertisement garage rock.
Philip Tucker
Philip Tucker - 10 days ago
You guys remember when Green Day was still punk?
Chikley The pro
Chikley The pro - 10 days ago
It feels like I have aged ten years
James - 10 days ago
Sounds like a terrible song from the Arctic Monkeys
ClinicallyNsane - 11 days ago
Other people: this song is good imo
Entitled fans: fuck you, your opinion is wrong
Guitar Dudeo
Guitar Dudeo - 11 days ago
Billie wtf is this generic ass shit your green day for gods sake this sounds like the damn white stripes
Xavier East
Xavier East - 11 days ago
I don’t know which one is worse, Logic’s CoaDM or this pile of manure...
Relevent Gaming
Relevent Gaming - 11 days ago
Pop punk rock?
Just do motherfucking punk rock!!
Kale Yeah
Kale Yeah - 11 days ago
🤟Fingers up cuz there’s no one to trust🤟
A. Person
A. Person - 11 days ago
This song sounds like the lovechild of Green Day and P!atD, it rocks!!
Gabriel Addison
Gabriel Addison - 11 days ago
I feel like if they didn’t change his normal voice and sang the usual way more people would of actually liked it, like I love the guitar,bass,and drums but the vocals make it hard to like it 😭
Sig - 4 days ago
yeah I thought this was a collaboration between Green Day and the lead singer of Portugal, The Man first time I heard this
Bl82 - 12 days ago
Billie with autotune is not good.
DirtyNachos - 23 hours ago
I thought I was the only one that didn't like the autotune. It's an nice song, but autotune isn't green day.
omystarz - Day ago
Bl82 I agree. His real voice is so much nicer!
SwiftViper - 12 days ago
Geez noone gets it ? They're not trying to change their sound they want to tell their story, how green day came to be what we know it to be today
Wyatt Park-Garton
Wyatt Park-Garton - 12 days ago
How do you change your voice green day
Mr. Kozzi
Mr. Kozzi - 12 days ago
Voice over by whom?
Mr. Kozzi
Mr. Kozzi - 12 days ago
Dubbed by whom?
Elisandro Arballo
Elisandro Arballo - 12 days ago
Amigo, Yo te banco, que la chupen los heaters, la rompe toda el temaaaaa!!! (Y) Saludos desde Argentina, A seguir Rockeando!!!
Och0 - 12 days ago
"Let's make punk great again".....
João Godinho
João Godinho - 12 days ago
please play punk where are the green day that i love????? American idiot is the best #american idiot# wake me up and dookie too please billy joe lets do a revolution on the world with punk!!!!!!
lauren garlick
lauren garlick - 12 days ago
this song is very different but i still enjoyed it :) think i will always love green day no matter what they sing x
Suman Goku
Suman Goku - 13 days ago
Dance 💃 honey and what’s so funny 😂 2020 🖐
Midnight - 13 days ago
0:15 Cake.
wnerk o
wnerk o - 13 days ago
sounds like they listened to jack white and rewrote Portugal the mans IM A REBEL JUST FOR KICKS.this is generic. but typical greenday...generic
BubuTerror 9000
BubuTerror 9000 - 13 days ago
I swear i do my very best not to think of Fire by Jimi Hendrix
м к
м к - 14 days ago
I woke up to a message of love
Choking up on the smoke from above
I'm obsessed with the poison and us
What a mess? Because there's no one to trust
Huh uh, come on, honey
Huh uh, count your money
Huh uh, what's so funny?
There's a riot living inside of us
I got paranoia, baby
And it's so hysterical
Crackin' up under the pressure
Looking for a miracle
Huh uh, come on, honey
Lyin' in a bed of blood and money
Huh uh, what's so funny?
We are rivals in the riot inside us
Uh huh, yeah
I'm impressed with the presence of none
I'm possessed from the heat of the sun
Hurry up 'cause I'm making a fuss
Fingers up 'cause there's no one to trust
Huh uh, come on, honey
Huh uh, count your money
Huh uh, what's so funny?
There's a riot living inside of us
I got paranoia, baby
And it's so hysterical
Crackin' up under the pressure
Looking for a miracle
Huh uh, come on, honey
Lyin' in a bed of blood and money
Huh uh, what's so funny?
We are rivals in the riot inside us
Huh uh, come on, honey
Lying in a bed of blood and money
Huh uh, what's so funny?
We are rivals in the riot inside us
Huh uh, come on, honey
Lying in a bed of blood and money
Huh uh, what's so funny?
We are rivals in the riot inside us
Uh huh, yeah
Natalka Kliska
Natalka Kliska - 14 days ago
billie you are best singer ever
KING DARTHROG - 14 days ago
pretty fuckin soulless.
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This video was released on my birthday last year, wow.
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