Dealing with Post-Masturbation Guilt - Big Jay Oakerson

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derek melton
derek melton - 2 days ago
Dice clays son?
Jamaican Beauty
Jamaican Beauty - 2 days ago
Hey Dave 🙋🏾‍♀️
33,3 Anders
33,3 Anders - 3 days ago
Grimm TailXIII
Grimm TailXIII - 6 days ago
its making uncomfortable on how much this is me
thapoint09 - 8 days ago
This dude looks like the lead singer of Smashmouth
Cool7Songs - 8 days ago
Ramon Rivera
Ramon Rivera - 9 days ago
dave attels forgotten son
Darkshadow - 10 days ago
He looks like a homeless Sal Vulcano 😂
ACHILLI3S_EMPIRE_ 29 - 11 days ago
Someone's got a fetish about a guy named dave
LycanLink - 11 days ago
The video just started, and I immediately hate this "comedian." Buuuuut I'll keep watching to see if he redeems himself.
LycanLink - 11 days ago
He had some decent moments, but the part at the beginning where he was talking to those two in the audience really put me in a negative mood for the rest of the video.
TheWaynebarry - 11 days ago
David M
David M - 11 days ago
This is the thing though - she's young, she's hot, and she wants to have fun with dudes, and there's nothing wrong with that. But she needs them to be disposable, so that's why she only hooks up with jerks and himbos, who will leave her alone after she dumps them.
This guy hasn't even ever kissed her, but you know he's in love with her. If she gives it up for him, he'll become obsessed. When she dumps him, he'll be devastated, and he'll either become a stalker, or just be depressed and fucked up for years. She's at least smart enough to know this, so she'll never bang him, nor should she for both their sakes.
kapten awesome
kapten awesome - 12 days ago
I really would want an update on that friends couple.
James Dyer
James Dyer - 13 days ago
503 angry women out there
Hype Beast
Hype Beast - 14 days ago
This dude is hilarious
Itsmoneymane music
Itsmoneymane music - 16 days ago
Savage 😆😂🤣😭
Jay Gee
Jay Gee - 16 days ago
I'm going to precede this opinion by saying the video is super funny and I laughed hard, love Jay... But damnnnn, Jay is looking extra fat and and extra sweaty in this.
Braxton M
Braxton M - 16 days ago
He looks like the edgy version of Bigjigglypanda
Jonathan Lumsden
Jonathan Lumsden - 17 days ago
Actual tears
David Gendron
David Gendron - 17 days ago
This dude is a Incel
Bl4CKN0ISE - 18 days ago
Four rusted Horses.
DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #10mode
Just Failed no nut November
Nacho - 18 days ago
This dude speaks some harsh truth.
dai nguyen
dai nguyen - 19 days ago
Imagine a white Aries Spears and you would get this dude.
Unknownx - 19 days ago
Poli - 19 days ago
Post nut syndrome is fantastic. Your mind is clear and pure.
Matt Romero
Matt Romero - 19 days ago
Big Jay oakerson is the Man
Fresh Lee Made
Fresh Lee Made - 20 days ago
Couple of ropes of friendship
Bunny Rodriguez
Bunny Rodriguez - 20 days ago
I’m dying at the cause that’s the type of person I am😭😭😭😭 just weird
Wesley Morris
Wesley Morris - 21 day ago
Dammit...I love you Jay
Randall McGrath
Randall McGrath - 22 days ago
I mean I get that a lot of dudes would bang friends, but I'm friends with a lot of girls I would never bang and I've hung out with girls before I would not bang. This isn't 8th grade anymore. But dudes are sneaky these days.
Ces G
Ces G - 22 days ago
😂 This guy rocks!
Wis - 23 days ago
that girl was mad hot tho
Dalton Robert Pepple
Dalton Robert Pepple - 23 days ago
5:20-8:14 best part
Aaron Young
Aaron Young - 23 days ago
I met this girl and on the second date brought her back to my place. She ended up saying ,"What's wrong with that bro."
I ended it less than a week later. Should've ended it sooner... If a girl calls you bro on a date, whether you know her or not, end that thing right then and there. TRUST ME.
Maldini - 24 days ago
there is no friendship between men & women. period.
theonly1jayt - 25 days ago
You telling me this aint that nigga from NSYNC
Vinco Galzu Tzu
Vinco Galzu Tzu - 25 days ago
justa nime
justa nime - 25 days ago
Snap, kevin owens does stand up?!
Sothyvirerk Sin
Sothyvirerk Sin - 26 days ago
RIP Patrice O'Neal
Eldad Kuliev
Eldad Kuliev - 26 days ago
Post nut clearity
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams - 26 days ago
Im dying 🤣
Nathaniel Hudson
Nathaniel Hudson - 26 days ago
Beto Ramirez
Beto Ramirez - 26 days ago
Kevin Owens doing comedy now 😂😂😂
DB SCOOPHER - 26 days ago
His crowd work is seriously elite!!!!
egshane - 27 days ago
why does jay like fingerless gloves
T Vijay Kumar
T Vijay Kumar - 27 days ago
we're friends man!
boi boi
boi boi - 27 days ago
That was.... the least funny comedy set I've ever seen on Comedy Central
Lord_ of_Muffins
Lord_ of_Muffins - 27 days ago
Post nut clarity
Peach Boy
Peach Boy - 27 days ago
I always click so fast when I see a new Big Jay clip
Casper - 27 days ago
6:33 is enough to love him as a comedian
Clutch Carabelli
Clutch Carabelli - 27 days ago
We always take the bullshit on ourselves... The grossest part of this Constance scenario is women absolutely know it and they absolutely play it. They prostitute their male friendships for dividends with no payoff. If they got the goods they dress sexy to go to Discount Tire or to you have a contractor work on their house... Street hookers are infinitely more honest in their actions than most hot chicks.... and married hot chicks?!?! Don't even get me started.....
Protectobot - 27 days ago
LOL, I've had 2 female roommates over the years and we were just friends and there was no sexual tension :P Another girl became my g/f but that was different!
rippindrummer666 - 27 days ago
“You can never friend your way into a girls panties”
Patrice O’Neal
Nick Citron
Nick Citron - 11 days ago
Many have and will. It's not right but it has worked many a time before for the beta male
MOONIE - 17 days ago
he never said that, he said you shouldn't do it
THEGRAYFOXX00 - 27 days ago
how da fuaq did i get here from bill burr?
Pablo Sanchez
Pablo Sanchez - 27 days ago
I fucking lost it when he had to start plowing some ass...smh woke everyone in the house up laughing
VolumeSe7en - 27 days ago
Don’t get me wrong I love Big Jay and this video but why does Comedy Central reupload so many clips?
724 - 27 days ago
He looks like his eyes should be brown. Idk why but he just does.
33,3 Anders
33,3 Anders - 3 days ago
cuz he is WAY edgier than blue eyes
Joseph Meastas
Joseph Meastas - 27 days ago
Saw BJO in Austin tx and he KILLED! I’m pretty sure it was all freestyle too! Good stuff
Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Floyd Mayweather Sr. - 27 days ago
My god when he described him and Dave Smith together I lost it
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