Dealing with Post-Masturbation Guilt - Big Jay Oakerson

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The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder
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Sany blue
Sany blue - 10 hours ago
It’s like... he totally forgot about that gay men exist- And that’s actually pretty creepy to sexualise your own friend but hey-
Jacob blue
Jacob blue - 13 days ago
He sounds like the voice of the raccoon in some dreamworks movie about stealing food and tricking other animals to help.
Rico ._506
Rico ._506 - 15 days ago
He really got in the way of my homies slide in that night
Tim Baker
Tim Baker - 15 days ago
I’m a liberal dude💀 fits perfectly
s - 15 days ago
K now the white paint in the background looks like jizz and I can't unsee it
Modz _Tropical
Modz _Tropical - 24 days ago
Post Nut clarity be The Most Godliness I feel.I feel Like Michael the angel When he smited the Devil
william marques
william marques - 25 days ago
I would like to say this is not true, but damn, the male specimen is a scavenger animal by nature.
Ray - Month ago
No way, BUD.
Baba Boi
Baba Boi - Month ago
2:33 this is why wash hand
Baby gravy
Tony Day
Tony Day - Month ago
You gotta watch Big Jay "post masterbation guilt" I fucking cried I was laughing so hard, big jay is one of the best in the game
Nico Moose
Nico Moose - Month ago
If Kevin Owens was a comedian
Jesee Powers
Jesee Powers - Month ago
Do I know me or do I know me?.....lmao!!!
Uncut The Urbanite
Uncut The Urbanite - Month ago
Family guy before the family face ass...
Brian H
Brian H - Month ago
Shashank Gairola
Shashank Gairola - Month ago
Is someone getting JOEY vibes?
Logan Williams
Logan Williams - 2 months ago
Laxit Kothari
Laxit Kothari - 2 months ago
The man was just flipping out his fantasies 😅
sarasotauptoseattle - 2 months ago
Well done sir!
Kobus Beytell
Kobus Beytell - 2 months ago
Lol this is one of the best stand ups i ever seeen and its soooo true
w wyborn
w wyborn - 2 months ago
he mentioned patrice was his mentor and it really shows man , pimp spirit living through this white body
Life Tho
Life Tho - 2 months ago
Life Tho
Life Tho - 2 months ago
Vipul Arora
Vipul Arora - 2 months ago
Ted talk 101
Marionette Duplicate
Marionette Duplicate - 2 months ago
bro this guy simped the stage out XD
Adam Clark
Adam Clark - 2 months ago
The vivid imagery he used in this bit put thoughts in my head I never once wanted, and never will want 😂
Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs - 2 months ago
All us men what is a woman that can keep our stomachs full and balls empty !
Elijah wali
Elijah wali - 3 months ago
Is it me or when u jerk off u no longer want to be in a relationship 😂
Grimm Ashley
Grimm Ashley - 3 months ago
How was Big Jay able to immediately tell that those two were friends?
Brendan Primus
Brendan Primus - 3 months ago
I dunno man, that shrug at 1:21 makes me think he's got a shot
James Thompson
James Thompson - 3 months ago
That was funny af bro
Kai Englisch
Kai Englisch - 3 months ago
This dude looks like Bradley Cooper gained 100 lbs to play the edgy dude in a 90's movie lol
CHAOS king
CHAOS king - 3 months ago
The world's first sit down comedian
Max Moseley
Max Moseley - 3 months ago
My roommate’s name was Dave
The Emerald Dragon/TED
The Emerald Dragon/TED - 3 months ago
You're a SIMP
Martin Follend
Martin Follend - 3 months ago
Why did i think the title was "post-malone"
Attiba Oneil
Attiba Oneil - 3 months ago
I wonder how Dave felt when he saw this 🤣
Dirk - 3 months ago
This guy sucks.
Dat Awesome YouTuber
Dat Awesome YouTuber - 3 months ago
I never knew Kevin Owens was doing comedy
manny quintero
manny quintero - 3 months ago
Dave Chappelle level jokes, good stuff.
Noah Sammond
Noah Sammond - 3 months ago
Ropes of friendship
xxx !
xxx ! - 3 months ago
jesus christ what the hell did i click on this went south waayyyy fast
Rillo 806
Rillo 806 - 3 months ago
This dudes humor is awesome!!!!!! Hes so matter of fact n cut n dry. 😂😂😂
mEtAlMaNiAc787 - 3 months ago
How does this not have over a million views the most hilarious stuff I’ve ever heard. It’s that Seth Rogan type humor.
excuZza - 3 months ago
Logical comedy is great. Dave is probably no longer his friend.
One For All
One For All - 3 months ago
At some point I started to wonder if this was actually just a play script for some gay porno scene
UnexpectedWonder - 3 months ago
I'm not sure how to take this routine. It was less Comedy to me than Projection.
Nekoroki - 4 months ago
This phenomenon is known as Post Knutt Clarity. It happens to all men. Every single one.
xSayPleasex - Month ago
What if full balls is the real clarity though, like our purpose is to propagate the species. And the downtime right after nutting is the fogginess before the body is ready to serve its purpose again? 🤔🤔
Dbs Student
Dbs Student - 4 months ago
That guy reminds me of a homeless person. A pig
Leonardo Ramos
Leonardo Ramos - 4 months ago
Everytime i see someone say that men and women can't be just friends, my only thought is "jesus christ, straight people are insane"
EazyEColi - 4 months ago
I didn't know Joey Fatone did stand-up. I actually saw the thumbnail and thought it was Joey Fatone.
Daniel Espinosa
Daniel Espinosa - 4 months ago
I thought I lost you for a second!
Buzz Buzz
Buzz Buzz - 4 months ago
post nut clarity
Ivan TheAwesome
Ivan TheAwesome - 4 months ago
Dave sounds like a good friend, real one bruh
Dakota Wilson Music
Dakota Wilson Music - 4 months ago
Came to my senses
Rohit Nandwani
Rohit Nandwani - 4 months ago
Joel Cullers
Joel Cullers - 4 months ago
Damn I lost it multiple times during this
Hriday Anand
Hriday Anand - 4 months ago
Dude. This guy looks like a wider Post Malone
Juzo 589
Juzo 589 - 4 months ago
Bet the girl thought her friend did this and it broke their friendship XD
Samantha Sharp
Samantha Sharp - 4 months ago
Those two in the crowd worked at a restaurant together and he was her manager, typical restaurant manager creeping.
רוברט ספוג
רוברט ספוג - 4 months ago
Hes one of the great ones. Big fan!
Colby - 4 months ago
Jason Olinger
Jason Olinger - 4 months ago
almost like a younger fatter Dice clay.
Margie Ann
Margie Ann - 4 months ago
Oh my God. 😂😂
Kathleen Hall
Kathleen Hall - 4 months ago
Starts really sexist, then gets worst.
WestCoast FiRe
WestCoast FiRe - 4 months ago
Go watch Carrot Top if you can't understand how comedy works.
Just a Mustache without a Guy
It’s standup comedy. Even the women in the crowd are laughing, take a fucking joke
Viktor Cordyceps
Viktor Cordyceps - 4 months ago
Ugh this is misogynistic asf
John Mellon
John Mellon - 5 months ago
I wish he did the Joe Rogan podcast. Would watch
Christopher Hill
Christopher Hill - 5 months ago
I’d like to believe Jay got them laid, but he’s already in the friend zone, from which you can never escape once in. You can tell by the way the guy didn’t really speak for himself he just kept looking at her.
On the way home they had a deep meaningful conversation about how they weren’t like the normal guy/girl friends. They are best friends!
He’s gonna be stuck being her whipping boy until either he wakes up, or she gets with some asshole.
Been there. Done it. Never again!
WestCoast FiRe
WestCoast FiRe - 4 months ago
You can escape the friend zone, it all depends on whether the girl has ever thought of you in a sexual way before. Believe it or not, some girls and men are attracted to someone they put in the friend zone but don't wanna lose them if they get into a relationship and break up. I was there years ago, ended up not being friends for a few years though but now I'm in a long term relationship going on 2 years with her.
Brice Anderson
Brice Anderson - 5 months ago
poor dave
Michael Pibo's Therapy
Michael Pibo's Therapy - 5 months ago
Big Jay keeps it real... Seriously funny! Preach bro, preeaaach!
Darth Ballz
Darth Ballz - 5 months ago
So true..the funny thing is women have no idea how true it is..full balls and empty balls are two very different people. And women will never understand the urge and the sheer amount of hormones.
Muslim Mystic
Muslim Mystic - 5 months ago
his guy teaching men to be simps calling them garbage and belittling them yet women never survived one day when protection and provision was up to the tribesmen before they were up to the government, and the girl isnt even good looking
Diggory C
Diggory C - 5 months ago
Speedbird - 5 months ago
I understand this is a joke, but the premise of the joke is that men and women cannot be friends. For a corporation that likes to be "woke" not sure why this guy is on. Two out of my three best friends are women.
Tracy Houser
Tracy Houser - 5 months ago
Pure gold.
AbsoluteZero - 5 months ago
that was hilarious
rick grimes
rick grimes - 5 months ago
Haha damn some times a comedian s really hits home lol
Adrienne Bernabei
Adrienne Bernabei - 5 months ago
Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans - 5 months ago
So funny , he riffs like rikky from tpb
Tony Day
Tony Day - 5 months ago
Big Jay is one of THE BEST COMICS out right now...period.
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