Joe Rogan Experience #1368 - Edward Snowden

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cowmok - 13 hours ago
listening to this on apple podcasts i was imagining joseph levitt the entire time.
Ribbie - 14 hours ago
Woooah!!! I can't believe I missed this interview!!! It is great to hear from Edward Snowden!!! A true hero of the truth!!!! Thanks Joe!!!
0129145 - 16 hours ago
Spilling government secrets does not make someone a hero. Changing the way things are done, giving the people back a value they had lost and got back, does make him a hero. Nothing was gained from Snowden except from Russia’s standpoint. He’s not changed anything or given us anything back. If he had been able to cause a grassroots movement to effect change, then yes...but collaborating with other governments, or just exposing secrets, then no. All he did was go deeper in detail than the average person knows about, but a lot of people suspect this is going on and are sadly fine was this. And all this came about because of a book he was trying to sell. Allowing people to be allowed to give away government information because of their belief whether something is constitutional or not is dangerous. He’s trying to sell a book people!
Prince of Boredom
Prince of Boredom - 20 hours ago
This dude surely loves the sound of his own voice
bistro autismo
bistro autismo - 23 hours ago
Edward "it's in my book" Snowden
Gregg Waldon
Gregg Waldon - Day ago
All the 10 thousand dislikes of this video are from the government
Andrew Owen
Andrew Owen - Day ago
At this point if the government didn't have access to the cameras on my phone I'd be amazed. Almost tempted to stick a pic of my ass over the lens.
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
I thought the Cia was overseas not in ng state
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
That's why one world government is coming down.
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
Good for u a nice guy
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
He mainly a puppet master meaning president
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
Watchmen on the wall stuff it's all true
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
Phone calls I knew long time basically I heard this stuff long time before this guy
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
Boy the only thing I do is walk to the woods wow and walk back home
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
I wouldnt want to be president nope I do not
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
Spy on ur self it's a good idea spy on ur naked self that's a good one lewis
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
But this Is basic to what there doing
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
I new this long time ago this stuff but Edward is good
David Johnston
David Johnston - Day ago
Yes i new this long time in low 1980s
Go edward 😇😇😇😇😇
Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall - Day ago
J K - Day ago
It's ironic that Joe has an American flag in the background
Alex Dodge
Alex Dodge - Day ago
The problem is, whether you believe he is right or wrong, is that you take an oath when you work for the government. And he betrayed that oath.
Name Redacted Message Retracted
The government betrayed it's oath to it's people and our constitution. With that belief system it's safe to say you would have been a member of the SS. Just following orders and keeping that oath. None of these man made oaths should outweigh our morals.
III _ III - Day ago
о чём там ? 🤔
Nebo8 - Day ago
As an European I don't understand why does Washington DC is not full of riot after that kind of thing
Name Redacted Message Retracted
Because most of our people are happy just being ignorant, or pretending to be ignorant. They don't want to know and once they know they don't want to rock the boat. Even if it puts their freedoms at risk. The same reason Trump is still in power. We should all be protesting and rioting daily until our corrupt government falls, but eh, we'll just tweet about it instead.
Jeremy Chase
Jeremy Chase - Day ago
"So at what point did you decide to leak this information?" "I broke my legs in the army."
Sean Lunt
Sean Lunt - Day ago
Did anyone check if putting it on airplane mode would keep the WiFi on..? Holy shit he’s right. Needs to come back on. Brilliant listen
jademarissa - Day ago
Personally, the most important thing I took from this is that Edward had a 24 inch waist.
StocktonNative 209
StocktonNative 209 - Day ago
This MF practiced this whole spiel for weeks while holed up in Russia on asylum.
Name Redacted Message Retracted
Years while stuck in Russia.
Hitesh Gavini
Hitesh Gavini - Day ago
upgrade to 4k or 8k @joe
Tim Rich
Tim Rich - Day ago
I don't really give a shit but I still want a copy of his book.... Do I make a check out to the government😂
beans - Day ago
Why does he speak like he's holding his breath at the same time, what the fuck? LMFAO
Puddles Rain
Puddles Rain - Day ago
Petition to make Edward Snowden make audible books to fall asleep to.
Raymond Blankenship
good God the whole beginning of this interview him rambling on about getting into the N.S.A and C.I.A jobs and never getting to the dam point of Joes question
Seamus McBoon
Seamus McBoon - Day ago
If you close your eyes, Snowden sounds like Kermit's older, more serious brother.
K - Day ago
Seamus McBoon Wow. Yes.
Tman - 2 days ago
Trump 2020. Snowden is a liberal coouk who should never have had a job in national intelligence.
Name Redacted Message Retracted
Glad he did, or we still wouldn't know that we were constantly being watched and picked off by our own government. If it wasn't for people like him throughout history we'd be under authoritarian rule, you wouldn't be allowed your guns, and wouldn't be able to afford to eat or breath.
Nate McDaniel
Nate McDaniel - 2 days ago
So you guys have to be big fans of Chelsea Manning as well... Whatever.
Marcelo Serazzi
Marcelo Serazzi - 2 days ago
it'll be cool to share a beer or a wiskey bottle and flex to this guy in a conversation about all the conspiracy shit you've read and this dude debunking or nodding to other
Barbara O
Barbara O - 2 days ago
Joe isn't required to take any side so I don't understand all this fluff about it. His job is to provide a platform for his guest to speak, advertise, promote or argue whatever their views are. If Joe decides to agree or disagree with those views he is open to do that, and this can and will change with each guest he converses with. Which makes his podcast authentic.
dirtyshirtinfo - 2 days ago
I found the whole video spellbinding. I bought the book half way through the vid. Excellent work from all angles.
cherry_mx_1989 - 2 days ago
The one true american hero!
Prachetas Nayse
Prachetas Nayse - 2 days ago
Hello NSA. I am watching you too.
Jared Ratliff
Jared Ratliff - 2 days ago
1:56:09 ... 1:56:33
David En Moeder
David En Moeder - 2 days ago
Just remember this when voting time comes around again :~) PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER
rickturbiani - 2 days ago
this guy is boring as fuck
Soggy Saggers
Soggy Saggers - Day ago
rick, my friend. how are you?
Morgan's World
Morgan's World - 2 days ago
I think the government will be obsolete if they don't start working with the public
Morgan's World
Morgan's World - 2 days ago
Thanks for the podcast love the secondary perspective
bagariddum - 2 days ago
Mr Snowden has enough material here to fill an entire book ! Maybe one day he'll get around to writing one. i'll certainly be interested to hear about that, should it happen at some point in the future. ;-)
Edward: "Do you think i may have mentioned the book a little too frequently ?
Me: "What book? "
K - 2 days ago
Snowden gets so quiet during pauses in his speech that I think the video has stopped. Every time.
K - Day ago
Jeremy Chase oh okay, that explains it then. Thanks
Jeremy Chase
Jeremy Chase - Day ago
K There actually is a delay on his end at certain points as well.
Jeremy Chase
Jeremy Chase - Day ago
K It's the mic he's using. It has a background noise blocker. So when he isn't speaking it goes completely silent. I imagine he takes ridiculous security precautions to keep his location secret. Grey background, background noise blocker, desktop computer, etc.,
stillpaints - 2 days ago
If there were self-driving cars in the '60s, the FBI would have driven MLK off a bridge.
are are
are are - 2 days ago
They do not watch everyone oviosly. People who go on social medias and certain forms of communications n talk negatively come up to the spot light thru phrase or key word detection systems. If you start being investigated they check on what type of stuff u talk about to determine the level of investigation needed to categorize n label an individual which determines if one can b a possible threat. For all we know ed could still b working for some type of agency for a certain agenda like classification of people
Drew Volmer
Drew Volmer - 2 days ago
Am I the only one who feels guilty for believing that this guy, somehow, and for reasons belonging only to pure ignorance, actually betrayed the well-being of this country? Full disclaimer: I'm unapologetically conservative in many natures, not so much in the sense of partisanship, but rather that of a reluctance to abandon traditional values and constitutional intentions. That said, I feel particularly betrayed in the fact that I was propagated to view this man as anything other than a patriot whose intelligence, insight, and deep-seeded loyalty/integrity was anything short of astounding, if not 100% necessary for the slim chance of survival for this nation. I know I get wordy, but what I'm trying to say is FUCK. This shit pisses me off, and I just wish the millions of us who want to change the problems addressed in this video could vote along the same lines in order to change it. Of course, that would be far too dangerous, so the parties have to highlight the issues which polarize us so that we're forced to vote based more on emotional ties. I hate that we know exactly what they're doing but are given no alleyway to collectively rise above it. I just wish we hadn't let it get this far
Thicc Xpert
Thicc Xpert - 2 days ago
I googled one thing about this guy because of my Fed. Government class. Open youtube, this video comes up. Will watch. Well played youtube
Max Shender
Max Shender - 2 days ago
Joe Rogan interview skinny Seth Rogan
Uncle Henatch
Uncle Henatch - 3 days ago
Edward "I got mono. Then I dropped out of high school." Snowden
blood_eagle - 3 days ago
Does Joe ever speak in this episode?
Money n' Designer
Money n' Designer - 3 days ago
Amesome Lesson
Love & Terror Tattoo
Love & Terror Tattoo - 3 days ago
Soggy Saggers
Soggy Saggers - Day ago
did you listen?
Jimbei Law
Jimbei Law - 3 days ago
I wanne know what snowden thinks about the jeffrey eppstein story
- Vee -
- Vee - - 3 days ago
A lot of people calling eachother idiots in the comments.. who are the real idiots? You aren't even 100% certain who you can and cannot trust and even if you do know what will you do exactly? A lot of mind games going on..
Phillip Krum
Phillip Krum - 3 days ago
Joe Rogan is a beast. It is awesome to get educated on such a wide range of topics. Up is down.
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