This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendous

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Allosaurus 67
Allosaurus 67 - 2 hours ago
I'm going to watch this to see just how bad it is. Quick edit here: The entire movie can be found on YouTube and I stopped watching after the first 5 minutes because it is that bad.
Her Face
Her Face - 3 hours ago
Only people that can make me sit through sponsorship
- Danny
- Macdoesit
Emma Risby
Emma Risby - 7 hours ago
"Fingery hands" 😂
Maui Randall
Maui Randall - 9 hours ago
Is the kid dead?
Maui Randall
Maui Randall - 9 hours ago
The legend of the Titanic was that it was Unsinkable
Kaylee Evariag12
Kaylee Evariag12 - 10 hours ago
That small soldier looks pretty menacing behind him. XD
Chat Noir
Chat Noir - 12 hours ago
I watched this movie before. I though it was a cartoon crossover movie
Diana Rosales
Diana Rosales - 12 hours ago
The outro hits different in quarantine
Danielle G
Danielle G - 12 hours ago
So it’s also a rip-off of An American Tail?
Jennifer Parke
Jennifer Parke - 13 hours ago
No questions, just spam click
You’re welcome
Kai Beighley-Laramee
Kai Beighley-Laramee - 13 hours ago
im laughing so hard while trying to not let the little kids with me know im doing something exciting
Ashtonstillplayes - 13 hours ago
Don't ask why i am saying this if you are on pc comment if you are on tablet/phone like
Ashtonstillplayes - 13 hours ago
• Dandeeliøn •
• Dandeeliøn • - 15 hours ago
I’ve been hesitating finishing this video for nine months now just because this video is sponsored by raid
Olivia Kirkendall
Olivia Kirkendall - 18 hours ago
There's a Sherlock Holmes knock-off in the knock-off of Titanic. I just. I can't even...
abdul no
abdul no - 19 hours ago
Lol your right that part was rlly wierd they even putted spotify in it it isnt even fully animated some real people came
amy joy
amy joy - 20 hours ago
*"Hurry up, you lay-abouts!"* (the shouting woman on the dock...this is what she said.)
walmart Sasuke
walmart Sasuke - Day ago
I watched this as a kid and thought it was the actual Titanic movie-
M J - Day ago
Hahaha I loved that movie when I was little.
Kat - Day ago
How is the very start a flashback yet it never happened yet?
Tanika Gabrielle
Tanika Gabrielle - Day ago
Ok but the dialogue sounds like it was recorded in a tin shed and the foley was recorded in a amphitheater
Mary C
Mary C - Day ago
Ah Sh#*, here we go again.
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy - Day ago
I can't wait for 2081 when someone inevitably makes "9/11: The Legend Goes On" with these exact same characters
Cuphead - Day ago
ItS nOt tHE tItAnIc iTS tHe oLiMPic duhhhhh
Ananya Mujoo
Ananya Mujoo - Day ago
14:27 "She's like 'I've got to. Buh-Bye"
I've gOT TO GO
Someone Bannie
Someone Bannie - Day ago
7:05 well I mean, how else are Mexican mice supposed to act?
Chase Sullivan
Chase Sullivan - Day ago
Chase Sullivan
Chase Sullivan - Day ago
Danny is the best YouTuber ever I’m a veteran
karina the Gucci queen
I prefer the real Titanic
kay r
kay r - Day ago
BYE why did i try to hit the X for the add JDNAN
Carly Hillen
Carly Hillen - Day ago

Tlontb, the Yes Ukrainian Army Ball
angelica looks perpetually like "not bad kid"
gamekiller YT
gamekiller YT - 2 days ago
Who else would rather Danny be in charge of everything, and be all the actors😂😂😂😂
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers - 2 days ago
Someone should edit together a supercut of different reaction/reviews of this movie, but with none of the footage of the movie. Just the reviewers recapping what happened while making jokes, in order.
Elizabeth T.
Elizabeth T. - 2 days ago
i feel so bad for the animators...
Feeble Minded McQuim
Feeble Minded McQuim - 2 days ago
when i use the closed captions what it translates to is quite hilarious, especially when he acts the scenes lol
Kid Game And React
Kid Game And React - 2 days ago
Titanic: sinks
RevineYT - 2 days ago
yes, we've all seen jontron
Saga Aurora
Saga Aurora - 2 days ago
I saw the title and immediately knew which movie you were talking about.
I’ve seen it and can confirm, it truly is horrendous.
SATAN - 2 days ago
She says hurry up you layabouts
Foxy Phera UwU
Foxy Phera UwU - 2 days ago
Serenity Loudin
Serenity Loudin - 2 days ago
It wasnt a flashback, it was foreshadowing.
Lucas Pierce
Lucas Pierce - 3 days ago
cant stop laughing ur the the best
The Bigger Pigeon
The Bigger Pigeon - 3 days ago
Rachel mac
Rachel mac - 3 days ago
Wait did she find her parents?!?
Cash Creations
Cash Creations - 3 days ago
6:00 caption this
Linnea Hain
Linnea Hain - 3 days ago
You’ve never seen Joshua in the promised land have you...
I am a cool DJ cat
I am a cool DJ cat - 3 days ago
The guy:”then we will be happy happy hap-“
Captain:”ThErE’s aN IcEbErG RiGhT iN OuR PaTh”
iamChillie - 3 days ago
is the mice with the restaurant... ratatoing?
Ani Harless
Ani Harless - 3 days ago
The animation would have looked better if they just had still pictures that just moved around the screen and bounced when they talked
chloe eristhee
chloe eristhee - 3 days ago
when the dog was introduced I said "oh, balto" and thought that was correct for a good minute
Eric Miguel
Eric Miguel - 3 days ago
The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks: The Legend Goes On
fox child
fox child - 4 days ago
Garin Knee
Garin Knee - 4 days ago
improvised accounting
improvised accounting - 4 days ago
improvised accounting
improvised accounting - 4 days ago
improvised accounting
improvised accounting - 4 days ago
is he going crazy
improvised accounting
improvised accounting - 4 days ago
Dagan Amaral
Dagan Amaral - 4 days ago
Danny is like i dont think anyone can end a scene right but i think its because its supposed to be a flash back so like they are remembering how someone was talking to someone else i think idk maybe the creators are dum tho again idk
Dagan Amaral
Dagan Amaral - 4 days ago
bro its like 1 am and i don't wanna wake anyone in my house from laughing so hard so i just cover my nose and laugh so hard my ears like go num or whatever they do when you cover your nose and laugh or like when you're on a airplane idk what its called but this is my 2nd time watching this and I'm still laughing so haard
Katie Murray
Katie Murray - 4 days ago
anyone else had to watch this in school
Jeff Mckinney
Jeff Mckinney - 4 days ago
Danny:why can't people end conversations correctly
Jaidan animations:👁👄👁
Henry Jankowski
Henry Jankowski - 4 days ago
raid shadow legends.
Akiu - 4 days ago
omg i totally forgot this movie! it used to play so many times on the german kids show channel. I HATED it
Marianna Babayan
Marianna Babayan - 4 days ago
Why is there always a creepy nutcracker in the background
Caitlin Is Caitlin
Caitlin Is Caitlin - 4 days ago
Noob Studios
Noob Studios - 4 days ago
I just researched shit on the Woman in a skirt.
Julia Pawluk
Julia Pawluk - 5 days ago
what the ship goes down!? i thought it went up!!!!!!
A R C H I E K U N - 5 days ago
i remember watching this when i was 7 this movie is horrible
God - 5 days ago
3:10 is where it starts
Quilivine - 5 days ago
For anyone still wondering what the evil stepmother said around 5:38, I’m pretty confident that she said “Hurry up, you layabouts!” which is apparently a word. So... fun stuff.
Paige McNally
Paige McNally - 5 days ago
oh he was sponsored by raid shadow legends? that's more atrocious than this movie
The Omniscient Dex
The Omniscient Dex - 5 days ago

The Omniscient Dex
The Omniscient Dex - 5 days ago
And to think it was called one of the worst animated movies of ALL TIME for nuthin?!
KwalpLillal - 5 days ago
Why did the stepmom's hair suddenly go from grey to brown and sounded like the sand man from the Hansel n Gretel in 180 cartoons
VaderVader - 5 days ago
Oh the movie has raid shadow legends now I see why it’s bad
Oh wait
M Gaming M Vlogs
M Gaming M Vlogs - 5 days ago
Guys my bones are getting squishy
Mai - 5 days ago
Did Angelica find her parents though
RossesUnknownFaces - 5 days ago
they even used the same color palette as the stepsisters from Cinderella they couldn't even think of a new palette
TheBetterIsBack - 6 days ago
Maciej Sienicki Gosciniak
When I was little I would’ve probably liked this movie anyways
Mayo Muse
Mayo Muse - 6 days ago
Holy shit this brought back a memory I forgot existed. I remember watching this on tv in Russia in like 2007.
Breah T
Breah T - 6 days ago
You have very nice eyes
Tactical Twinkies
Tactical Twinkies - 7 days ago
I got a trump ad during the weird awkward part, so Danny was right
Chill Enough_rat237
Chill Enough_rat237 - 7 days ago
13:58 if that nutcracker was your son he would run away
Uriel D dolores
Uriel D dolores - 7 days ago
I wish cod mobile was your sponsor
All by my shelf
All by my shelf - 7 days ago
The characters look like lofi episode the game animation
Joltzdude890 Cuzwhynot
Joltzdude890 Cuzwhynot - 7 days ago
theRealRavenclaw 2007
theRealRavenclaw 2007 - 7 days ago
why do their mouths not match up with what they are saying
that pisses me off when that happens in a movie
Gacha Kingston
Gacha Kingston - 7 days ago
Why are the lovebirds lips The color of their hair like are they putting lipstick on
davina - 7 days ago
the worst thing about this is, in the 2000s this animation was actually subpar/okay. so human beings REALLY spent BANK on this crap.
Ande Richter
Ande Richter - 7 days ago
5:40 "Hurry up. Don't lay about." ....... I'm white as wonder bread, that's why I know that that is what she's saying
he - 8 days ago
I'm watching this video while waiting for my friend to arrive at my house.... 1 hour to go
PolandBall Mapping
PolandBall Mapping - 8 days ago
Raid: Shadow Legends sucks
Joe Cooper
Joe Cooper - 8 days ago
William's lips are the same color as his hair.
Dillon studios
Dillon studios - 8 days ago
Im surprised he didn't say anything about when the mouse thanks the dog
noodle is GOD
noodle is GOD - 8 days ago
bruh this bout to be my new ringtone LMFAOOOOOO 5:59
Pumpkin3108 - 8 days ago
15:10 and she was never seen again...
ZADEN AVILA - 8 days ago
Another has fallen..
Gacha Potato UwU
Gacha Potato UwU - 8 days ago
Danny: *makes weird demonic noises when the guy loses his balance for absolute no reason*
BitBot - 8 days ago
3:43 a "flashback" even thought its something that hasnt happened yet, ok
Xsniper BOSS
Xsniper BOSS - 8 days ago
17:10 so there’s a guy chucking water at nothing but the wall as the boat fills with water. This movie is a masterpiece.
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