Our First Mystery Guest | Dinner With The D'Amelios

Jack Beales
Jack Beales - 7 seconds ago
This was extremely painful to watch
Jack Beales
Jack Beales - Minute ago
I acc prefer James in this video than the damelios idk why but they just give me we are upper clsss and we know it vibes
Elle - Minute ago
So disrespectfull
Calie Berg
Calie Berg - 2 minutes ago
There are people starving and your meal is being prepared by a chef and yet your so ungrateful wtf kinda shiiiiit
Hudson Cave
Hudson Cave - 2 minutes ago
They do NOT deserve all this hate, because everyone, including myself would be grossed out with the snail! Charli was just asking a simple question maybe for later, but she still ate the dinner the chef/family friend made. Stop giving this poor family hate for being themselves!!
Mercedes Alvarez
Mercedes Alvarez - 2 minutes ago
James Charles props to you for keeping it together.. This whole fam is CHILDISH disusting!!
Jack Beales
Jack Beales - 3 minutes ago
Just why she’s this exist
Nicole Cruz
Nicole Cruz - 7 minutes ago
i don’t think her throwing up was that big of a deal ..? she tried it.. she did not like it. I dont like olives, if it was my first time trying an olive ur gonna see me throw up. I think people are being over dramatic about the whole ordeal. Also, the father said it was his favorite chef, he must’ve already known the family.
btw no I don’t follow these girls I just heard the drama and wanted to see what the big deal is &&&& it’s overkill 🙄
Calie Berg
Calie Berg - 9 minutes ago
Yall dont deserve the shit you got fr
Calie Berg
Calie Berg - 10 minutes ago
If there was a picture of what privileged and ungrateful was itd be charlie and dixie
Doon the cat
Doon the cat - 11 minutes ago
I meant live
Doon the cat
Doon the cat - 11 minutes ago
I line in Colorado my sister wachis james Charles
Ivoscyddy hekyfurudTodorov
Ivoscyddy hekyfurudTodorov - 12 minutes ago
Ai love you charli damelio😘😘🥰
Lexie Todd
Lexie Todd - 12 minutes ago
A Reminiscer
A Reminiscer - 13 minutes ago
um the way james was the only one behaved well
Warm Apollo
Warm Apollo - 17 minutes ago
Can’t believe everyone is offended by this like almost everything like she doesn’t like snails ok and if you like them people like different things and it would be awesome to hit 100 mil followers and there are clout chasers like Trisha talking about this like she’s an adult calling them so disrespectful for spitting out a snail so act like and adult Trisha
Nicol dahiana Garrido rojas
Nicol dahiana Garrido rojas - 18 minutes ago
Comentario español 🤭😏
Lotte McNeary
Lotte McNeary - 20 minutes ago
yeet dino nuggets
kingkiller unknown
kingkiller unknown - 20 minutes ago
I just dont understand how this was disrespectful, they enjoying a meal at the family table and having fun, there was no disrespect. She shouldn't have apologized for shit people thought was rude, get the fuck over yourselves
Flruplenruple - 21 minute ago
Ok ppl I will not go on anyone’s side but the ppl who hate on them just want to stir up drama and do it for the views and for the family of the Demilio’s like this is to the parents teach ur kids that they have a shit ton of responsibility because they have a lot of influence and also a lot of followers and some of those people follow in them and also the kids if want to vomit bc u didn’t like the food well do it off camera and also think about what content you’re uploading because again you can impact a lot of people and yes I know The people that make The videos about you or putting you in an impossible position but also why are you looking at your fans as only numbers bc without them ur nobody.
This my opinion u can judge it but I will not be bothered to pay any sort of attention on u.
Jonhattan - 23 minutes ago
6:35 is where the snail scene starts 🐌 14:56 is where she complains about not being at 💯 mill
Lotte McNeary
Lotte McNeary - 23 minutes ago
Ninja Player
Ninja Player - 25 minutes ago
Lol the WAYYY dixie throws up 😂
Celeste McDermott
Celeste McDermott - 26 minutes ago
James needs a chiropractor after carrying this whole dinner on his back
TIMS - 26 minutes ago
Charli: Do we have any Dino nuggets?
Cédric De Baere
Cédric De Baere - 27 minutes ago
Dixie be normal i ate a lot of escargos in my life and i didnt need to throw up
Olivia Campbell
Olivia Campbell - 28 minutes ago
Charli ummmmmmmmm are we just numbers to you? Thank you if we weren’t here you would not be sitting at that table today and Dixie your not a child you are 19 grow up I understand if u have a weak stomach but dramatic much and those sounds after NOT Ok

James: was that 95 million not enough for you?
Me: peeing my self with laughter
I just need to say James really went in there like yassss queen :3

Anyways guys it was probably a miss understanding leave the sixteen year old alone she was really sad and was receiving DEATH threats THAT IS NOT OK PEOPLE STOP LEAVE HER ALONE!!! Although she was rude she is a person and you can’t treat her like that she has been CRYING because of this misunderstanding James was joking like anyways why am I saying this she is not gonna see this but just to raise awareness
hart gardner
hart gardner - 29 minutes ago
the sisters were sassy like if you agree
Smiley Riley
Smiley Riley - 29 minutes ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Charlie: dO wE HaVe AnY dInO nUgGeTs
Gazelle Harb
Gazelle Harb - 31 minute ago
Okay but you guys need to understand that this all happened in like less than a year, okay it is not like they have grown up on social media so yeah this was not the best behavior but others already know what they can our can’t do so I feel like you can’t bash them for like a 16 minutes video and when your on social media your judged for EVERY thing that you do so like if you want them to not like script it then don’t make a whole big deal about it because if not they can’t act how they want
Racially Diverse Cat
Racially Diverse Cat - 32 minutes ago
Although they are not much older than me, they still should have been respectful. If you don't have anything nice to say, just don't talk at all!
Alejandro Moreno
Alejandro Moreno - 33 minutes ago
Besitos de ribete impresión es que no hay libre para ir a John yo soy Batman sujeto es limonenses es que no sé es que es del pelear inclusive por ti y que tú descargas y ya yo creo con el chorizo y chorrillo con con gas que eres
Stephanie RIvera
Stephanie RIvera - 33 minutes ago
Stop sending hate just because they did that and act like kids doesn’t mean to send hate she just didn’t like it
Alejandro Moreno
Alejandro Moreno - 33 minutes ago
Ah o sea que pasas hijos que no recibenTe voy a ver cómo hablarte mandar una copia de un puta tenemos no tenemos aquel amor verdad que
Isabella Nolasco
Isabella Nolasco - 34 minutes ago
Guys y’all stop hating on them Charlie’s a kid y’all are leaving her death threats I would be soo scard guys be nice to them
Alejandro Moreno
Alejandro Moreno - 34 minutes ago
Quería ir a comer con cumplir con su hermana su hermana azul y ya no quiere ir a Paquita del barrio de comer
l si
l si - 34 minutes ago
I only watched for james
tomica je bolji od iguanne
tomica je bolji od iguanne - 35 minutes ago
Respect for the james he is the only one smart there
Alejandro Moreno
Alejandro Moreno - 35 minutes ago
No sé que te amo y que te maten Cecilia 2:30 llamando porque tú eres un buen resto de la vida y por el grupo es que no sigue jugar fútbol ya nomás porque porque
Alejandro Moreno
Alejandro Moreno - 36 minutes ago
Chorizo es que me alegro mucho dinero tenemos ganas y que no sé cómo sale porque se revísame una influencia muy manera vida y
Maksim Petkovic
Maksim Petkovic - 37 minutes ago
This is how many people's respect for James Charles went 📈📈📈
Ivana Filipovic
Ivana Filipovic - 41 minute ago
Ima li nas Balkanaca
caleb jordan
caleb jordan - 41 minute ago
This chef is so under appreciated, I feel so bad...
Mariana Garc�a Navarro
Mariana Garc�a Navarro - 41 minute ago
Why do they act like that? They should respect the chef's food and in your live you said that he is like family and so on, but that is still no excuse to treat him like this, also the children who follow you are giving them a bad example, but you are a girl, very immature........
Do it
Do it - 42 minutes ago
Stick to tiktok! Ridiculous behaviors! Please stop @ episode 1
nour the arab
nour the arab - 45 minutes ago
Do y'all know what's going on in Yemen atm 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ ughhhh be grateful
Ximena Vera
Ximena Vera - 45 minutes ago
who’s here after charli hit 100M?
Alizea Atencio
Alizea Atencio - 46 minutes ago
Dixie doesn’t sit up straight it bothers me lol
iam gurnoor
iam gurnoor - 49 minutes ago
My birthday is on the 30th of October
Sarah - 49 minutes ago
2:35 charlie ???? wtf
Just Joanna
Just Joanna - 50 minutes ago
7:20 is when it starts
Gaming With Alex
Gaming With Alex - 51 minute ago
Nobody: Charli: do you have any Dino nuggets
Maya Contreras
Maya Contreras - 51 minute ago
Please do another dinner with the dmelios they are soooo interesting
viinttage - 51 minute ago
"Megan The Stallion" "Taylor Swift" yall ain't THAT famous bye🖐🏼
Monica Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez - 51 minute ago
I just Need to say that Dixe was really rude tho
Aleah C137
Aleah C137 - 52 minutes ago
Can’t believe I’m saying this but Trisha was right, it doesn’t matter if there close with there team, they have children and teens who look up to them and act like them and this was pretty unbecoming of them.
goatarazzi Tea spilled
goatarazzi Tea spilled - 52 minutes ago
James is the only one who wasnt rude
Key Epic
Key Epic - 52 minutes ago
“First home cooked meal since november” sis this ain’t a home cooked meal it’s a resteraunt at home
Adnane Amghar
Adnane Amghar - 31 minute ago
@Klara Beleznai ja i just sow it
Keitaba Kaba
Keitaba Kaba - 32 minutes ago
@Anthony Davis Fr
Klara Beleznai
Klara Beleznai - 37 minutes ago
Somebody already commented the exact same text haha
sketh3as //
sketh3as // - 41 minute ago
Wtf lmao
tomica je bolji od iguanne
tomica je bolji od iguanne - 45 minutes ago
@Anthony Davis why are they talented?????
Robloxian Empire
Robloxian Empire - 53 minutes ago
“Charli what is your favorite food?”
“Chicken nuggets”
“Mac n cheese...”
Trinida Sparacino
Trinida Sparacino - 53 minutes ago
So the mom is from Louisiana...they shoulda had crawfish lol
Kary& IvanaTV
Kary& IvanaTV - 53 minutes ago
Why do people think that a 16 year old can act so amateur, shes not a 5 year old, she can think as well as dixie
PlotMovie - 55 minutes ago
No hate but, I would love to be eating with James Charles with a home cooked meal by a FAMOUS chef...remember WE MADE YALL
Herr Wolf
Herr Wolf - 57 minutes ago
"Humanity would sink into eternal darkness, it would fall into a dull and primitive state, were the J[redacted] to win this war." -- some "evil" dude.
tiffany geraldin prieto garcia
Pueden tener muchas plata y todo pero hay que tener humildad ante todo que forma tan asquerosa de comportarse
Krista Maryk
Krista Maryk - Hour ago
I'm so glad I decided to sit down and watch this whole video. The singular clips going around the internet to "cancel" these girls are taken out of context. You can tell the family dynamic, the sarcastic humour, and all of that just by watching the full thing.
Yall need to take a chill pill.
MemeChimp - Hour ago
charli never said she was ungrateful, she just said it would be cool to reach 100 mil....... charli being cancelled is so stupid lol. cancel trisha paytas or zoe laverne lmfao
Lauryn Morillo
Lauryn Morillo - Hour ago
They didnt even help dixie the was puking
Alerd - Hour ago
Bro, dejen el hate, primero que nada no me considero fan ni nada, pero nunca voy a estar de acuerdo con que millones de personas den tanto odio por redes, TODOS hemos cometido errores, y lamentablemente no todos los videos traen explicacion de lo que pasa en cada momento, en fin, que enferma esta la gente que amenaza a Charli y le dice esas cosas horribles...
Vaishali - Hour ago
Is Charli bipolar of smthn? Cuz I see her smile and then look extremely irritated the very next second..! Is it just charli being herself? Lmao I'm new to this drama so its a genuine question 🤣🤣
Amanda Stone
Amanda Stone - Hour ago
Omg dixie is so dramatic
Jasmine Hernandez
Jasmine Hernandez - Hour ago
they get so much hate for this vid and lost 1 mill followers if i were them i would take this video down and her mom and dads face has embaressment writen all over it.
lol ok
lol ok - Hour ago
I'm not at all a D'Ameilio fan, but her getting cancelled for dino nuggets? Also, they are teenagers, if food is gross, they will over exaggerate.
Jennii_oo - Hour ago
Wow when the guest has to correct the children 🥴
Lauanne Sampaio
Lauanne Sampaio - Hour ago
Alguém traduz esse vídeo pro Br 🇧🇷😤
bia - Hour ago
lmao that's so embarassing, james carryied the entire video.
James Charles the one who stole H3 design and then didnt even send the plagiarized shit. What a bunch of trash
emma - Hour ago
at least i'm not a number
Carolina Martins
Carolina Martins - Hour ago
"classic Dixie 🙄"
OMG do you hate your child
Reko Kaneko
Reko Kaneko - Hour ago
I watched this cuz of all the drama rumors. I gotta say, I was very disappointed in the lack of the 'extreme' disrespect. The chef is actually friends of the family, and he was told to 'prank' the girls with the snails knowing that it wasn't something they would like. They were having a normal reaction with people they are comfortable with. Yes, I do think the throwing up wasn't necessary, but there are certain foods that will make certain people gag. I prefer to give someone the benefit of the doubt.
I don't believe they have reached the mindset of being professional all the time when on camera. They got famous very quickly, and haven't been able to refine how to present themselves at ALL times. Charli even said that she is kinda introverted when talking to others.
After watching the episode myself, I definitely disagree with the hate that is being thrown around. There have been far worse celebrity abuse of power in the past. People need to chill out
Maria Navarro
Maria Navarro - Hour ago
My family is from Spain and they should try the snails without being judgmental because they are actually delicious
ImLazy Potato
ImLazy Potato - Hour ago
Ehmmm How much I appreciate James and how he is carrying this whole video📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈Yes I love James very much now if you don't like him keep it to yourself fam😐
Alexa Santiago
Alexa Santiago - Hour ago
This is so rediculous. They did nothing wrong
O R - Hour ago
Wow covid is gone in America?? I didn’t know
Crista Martinez
Crista Martinez - Hour ago
Dixie is so disrespectful and has no grace
Coucou Couillousse
Coucou Couillousse - Hour ago
olelop - Hour ago
Hello, I am from Valencia near the city, in my town we have always eaten paella. The presence of snails is not always possible but they are a detail of excellence, almost perfection. What is not recommended is the use of lemon since it comes from past times when it was used as a disinfectant. It does not contribute anything gastronomically speaking and its flavor is too aggressive to the whole, of which it is not part.
Shawn Irene
Shawn Irene - Hour ago
This entire family is intolerable.
The mom is fine.. But dad is ridiculous and a horrible actor.. The girls are uncultured, ignorant, rude, and bad mannered.
Why is treating your parents like they're idiots, "cool"?
Just because you stole choreography from a black girl, and happened to get lucky on tiktok, DOES NOT mean you're entertaining enough to have a YouTube channel. Lmao.
Nayelly Armenta
Nayelly Armenta - Hour ago
Not everybody getting mad that Dixie threw up because she ate a SNAIL 😐🤚
Ariana's Moonlight
Ariana's Moonlight - Hour ago
Ikr, and it was planned to give snails in Dixie's food
Stefani gamer
Stefani gamer - Hour ago
N entendi nada mais ok ;-;
Sophia Aydt
Sophia Aydt - Hour ago
Wow this is the cringiest family in America. They should be ashamed of themselves. Also, Dixie 100% picked, inspected, and ate her BOOGER after puking over eating a snail. No respect for any of them except James. The ending was almost nauseating it was so horrible until James took over. These girls don’t deserve their fame at all
Elissa Beas
Elissa Beas - Hour ago
Quien viene a ver las caras que hacen charli y dixie y quien habla español?
honk honk
honk honk - Hour ago
why she act like that thooo
Music to your Ears
Music to your Ears - Hour ago
I’m soooo much pickier then that...
Melliemouse And Meggiemouse
But it's ok
Melliemouse And Meggiemouse
Viry Allen
Viry Allen - Hour ago
What about it?
Sophia 2.0
Sophia 2.0 - Hour ago
Adolescentes mimadas riquinhas sendo Adolescentes mimadas riquinhas.

Cuidado Charli e Dixie, a máscara está caindo 👁👄👁🙌🏼
Junaid Hill
Junaid Hill - Hour ago
James outtro tho 😭😭😍
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson - Hour ago
WHAT THE H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! That whole thing with the puke is dumb af. And Charlie saying to make it more funny - “Can I have some Dino nuggets?”
dasia’s vlogs
dasia’s vlogs - Hour ago
what’s the big deal the chef laughed about it soooo
Lisa M
Lisa M - Hour ago
I have no fucking idea who anyone is in this video, and after watching it, I'm ok with that
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