Jack Douglas

P puh6tfrz
P puh6tfrz - 6 days ago
It's astonishing that this obnoxious man was able to make a career out of twitching in a completely unconvincing and unfunny way.
Whenever he dropped this ridiculous gimmick and just acted, he was actually quite good.
Phaedra Collins
Phaedra Collins - 10 days ago
Totally crazy.......great stuff!
zachariah Kane
zachariah Kane - Month ago
[02:10] Just legend
Surebrec - 5 months ago
he only had one gag, but fucking hell it was a funny one.
stephenm6100 - 6 months ago
one funny guy. rip jack😆
Craig Park
Craig Park - 6 months ago
Ger off
Craig Park
Craig Park - 6 months ago
Jrrr phway
shanemanchester - 7 months ago
One of the greats!!!!!!!
Craig Park
Craig Park - 9 months ago
Blimey not much she won't 😂
Mahatma Cote
Mahatma Cote - 9 months ago
As physical humour goes, this is bollocks
Scooby1 - 11 months ago
Best bits for me were when he was on the phone saying " you wont know who this is chu I huuy " and Sid James goes " not much she wont " and when he is helping the old lady up the steps and they both go back down again when he has an attack .
Craig Park
Craig Park - 6 months ago
That bit on the phone cracks me up
bootsamou - Year ago
His best joke was in Carry on Columbus. Eat me whole.
Mike Price
Mike Price - Year ago
He kills me every time I see him gerrr off lol
YouTuber Mash-Dubs
YouTuber Mash-Dubs - Year ago
Jack Douglass = *JACKSFILMS*
JustSome RandomHuman
OMG!Who did this 🤣🤣🤣
Frank Spencer
Frank Spencer - Year ago
Robert Hopkins
Robert Hopkins - Year ago
Did Jack Douglas actually suffer with this twitching in real life or was it something he had only incorporated into his acting?
tasiawful1 - 4 months ago
Craig Park I heard it was the beginnings of Huntingdon disease
Craig Park
Craig Park - 9 months ago
Just an act
Tucker Dennis
Tucker Dennis - 2 years ago
I didn't know John was that old
Benjamin Long
Benjamin Long - 2 years ago
Me me not big boy
Lord Toffington
Lord Toffington - 2 years ago
This guy's funny as f**k!!
lakmeister - 2 years ago
In bed with the flu...this has cheered me no end...love the pint scene,and when he has a coffee,brilliant Jack!
Craig Park
Craig Park - 8 months ago
Also in that scene he leans on the bar for a chat and crushes the bread rolls 😂
Scooby1 - 11 months ago
Love the pint scene where the landlord already has another pint ready as he knows what is going to happen !
stephenm6100 - 2 years ago
class... rip jack
ZD433 - 2 years ago
An act like that wouldn’t survive 5 seconds today. The PC brigade would decry it as mocking those afflicted with Tourette’s and nervous tics .
P puh6tfrz
P puh6tfrz - 6 days ago
That's not my objection to it. My objection is that it just isn't funny.
justinjha - 2 years ago
the switchboard twitching cracks me up
Craig Park
Craig Park - 8 months ago
Hilarious ain't it. Love it when sid says blimey not much she won't 😂
Elizabeth Dockerill
Elizabeth Dockerill - 2 years ago
brilliant, so funny havent laughed so much in ages. nothing like this anymore.
no comedy anymore thanks to the pc brigade.
Matt Eagles
Matt Eagles - 2 years ago
I have dyskinesia as a side effect of my Parkinson's - this made me lol !! Thank you so much !
Daniel Betton
Daniel Betton - 2 years ago
What carry on is the one in the hotel?
Keith Shayler
Keith Shayler - 2 years ago
carry on girls
salvadormarley - 2 years ago
Gerrr off.
Tadej Skobe
Tadej Skobe - 2 years ago
well this is not yiay is it
JustSome RandomHuman
Tadej Skobe Ikr
gordon jock
gordon jock - 3 years ago
Tourrets syndrome
gordon jock
gordon jock - 3 years ago
John Newton
John Newton - 3 years ago
I think pep guardiola has been watching this clip
Danny Coverley
Danny Coverley - 3 years ago
Brilliant an absolute legend
KingMartits - 3 years ago
So funny. What a unique character. So glad you did this compilation video. Hilarious.
techstyle123 - 3 years ago
What a guy makes me laugh every time I see this....he has that natural funny Zen just like Tommy cooper
Monty Zumazoom
Monty Zumazoom - 2 months ago
He was brilliant
Jagmohan jain
Jagmohan jain - 2 months ago
techstyle12teach style3
Raymond Gibb
Raymond Gibb - 3 years ago
What a cunt!
Lemonadka_ _
Lemonadka_ _ - 3 years ago
Raymond Gibb What did he do to you salt boy
Johnny S4J
Johnny S4J - 4 years ago
Jack Douglas was brilliant!!!
Vanessa Elizabeth
Vanessa Elizabeth - 4 years ago
Not exactly the Jack Douglass in the film thing that I imagined...
Unholy - 3 years ago
Vanessa Elizabeth
Vanessa Elizabeth - 4 years ago
Have you ever heard about Jacksfilms?? It's an amazing youtuber you should check it out! :D
maccafan10 - 4 years ago
@PeggiFire Heart He was famous for being Alf Ipititimus. What exatly did you expect? Sheeesh!!
Bertie Blue
Bertie Blue - 5 years ago
Hard to believe he made a living out of saying "hu hu phway" and twitching. Not everything in the past was good.
gordon jock
gordon jock - 3 years ago
Tourettes syndrome
Shannmeister - 5 years ago
@Bertie Blue​ Tankoo!
Bertie Blue
Bertie Blue - 5 years ago
@Shannmeister Well done mate.
Shannmeister - 5 years ago
@Bertie Blue​ No need for a nurse. I am out of psychiatric hospital and take my medications as instructed. If you don't believe me I will tell you I am on Sertraline, Pregabalin and Trazodone. We need more people like the late Mr Douglas in the world not less. Phaway! Get off! Hu!
Bertie Blue
Bertie Blue - 5 years ago
@Shannmeister Alright dear, nurse is getting your tablets now
Mike Blade
Mike Blade - 5 years ago
Classic, what a character
anthony duvall
anthony duvall - 5 years ago
Brilliant ..
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