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Robby - Month ago
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Shi Tzu
Shi Tzu - 14 hours ago
Claudia Diaz
Claudia Diaz - Day ago
BenJi pikachu cute
Dustin Casteel
Dustin Casteel - Day ago
Cloudies I subbed
Viktoria Tilger24433
Go to TeamTrees
onnalee78 - 3 days ago
Crystal Cookie UwU m
Antonio Lumdang
Antonio Lumdang - Hour ago
Ho is the guy you prank that water in the glass
Andres-Jr Albano
Andres-Jr Albano - 10 hours ago
Anyone want some soup?
( '~')
Its free if you'd like.
gavin cotter
gavin cotter - 12 hours ago
bruh how fake is this lmao hes in the bath and Chris is on the container and he was talking so load on the razor prank XD
Megan Bennett
Megan Bennett - 13 hours ago
Who else thinks this is made up. (Like this comment if yes or subscribe if this vid If no
Stranger Mia 09
Stranger Mia 09 - 13 hours ago
I like all your friends I watch you 24/7 and my mom said I’m not allowed to watch you but I bring my phone to school and watch you
Issaq Willson
Issaq Willson - 13 hours ago
Da doggo+da water=bark bark bark!
Gina Sawh
Gina Sawh - 16 hours ago
I am your biggest fan.
10:06 are those koya slippers?!? Like if it is
suprise sisters
suprise sisters - Day ago
I don't think he has friends anymore ;_;
Dhruv Gangele
Dhruv Gangele - Day ago
Stop being mean robby
deon rardin
deon rardin - Day ago
deon rardin
deon rardin - Day ago
More pranks
deon rardin
deon rardin - Day ago
Maninder Kaler
Maninder Kaler - Day ago
Who is that red hairdo laying on the ground when Chris was crying
Crina Dumitru
Crina Dumitru - Day ago
I. Love. Your. Showes
sharon dockstader
sharon dockstader - Day ago
Roby:how did you do that?
Chris:I don't know, I was Thirsty's
Katie Veazey
Katie Veazey - Day ago
You suck
Dustin Casteel
Dustin Casteel - Day ago
Hey skylar wanna play a game “no” “PERFECT”
Dustin Casteel
Dustin Casteel - Day ago
Why Tstudio
Caroline Still
Caroline Still - Day ago
. At four I’ll be
Sick Flash
Sick Flash - Day ago
Hew was the person behind the wall covering the monster
Kayden Ball
Kayden Ball - Day ago
I love when youtubers do pranks it's so funny how they actually think it's like real 😂😂😂
Bilal Gilani
Bilal Gilani - Day ago
Hey robby i all ready subcried to your channel make sure you subscribed to my channel it's faisal and Hiba Gardening
Lyra Franchesca Timbol
Lyra Franchesca Timbol - 2 days ago
Why is Chris sleeping on top of the cabinet??
Why is Skyler sleeping In the bathroom???
Your friends are weird 😂😂 😂😂
lean tejano
lean tejano - 2 days ago
Lidz Bo Bidz
Lidz Bo Bidz - 2 days ago
Poor Chris ☹️
Kathryn Thomas
Kathryn Thomas - 2 days ago
I hate life hacks for some reason
ZL1_cadenz - 2 days ago
Why do they all have long hair?
pamela hubbard
pamela hubbard - 2 days ago
Why do you have pink Hair
Rich Salah
Rich Salah - 2 days ago
I tipped puppy dog what skyler made
Mariah Christina
Mariah Christina - 2 days ago
ALex allia
ALex allia - 3 days ago
it wasn't even 23
bruh I want you to have a art challenge
AnimeDrawing MangaLover
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! I died of laughter from his horrid SCREAM!
Dennison Myran
Dennison Myran - 3 days ago
My sister said your dog is ulgy
Sebastian Ortega
Sebastian Ortega - 3 days ago
You gay
Lilly’s adventures
Lilly’s adventures - 3 days ago
Robby: hey skyler wanna play a fun game?
Robby: Perfect!
Me: really Robby he said no..
Juan Lao
Juan Lao - 3 days ago
Why would I want you to turn to dye your hair red
Tytianna Wilson
Tytianna Wilson - 3 days ago
I like the boy on the w/the blue eyes I want to Mary him when I grow up
Gabe Martinez
Gabe Martinez - 3 days ago
Puase at
Gabe Martinez
Gabe Martinez - 3 days ago
Edit: 6:54
Sartaj Butt
Sartaj Butt - 3 days ago
That monster is in mine
Neremie Oyag
Neremie Oyag - 3 days ago
Robby have a very supportive friends. Hehehw i love it lol
Neremie Oyag
Neremie Oyag - 3 days ago
Robby have a very supportive friends. Hehehw i love it lol
Neremie Oyag
Neremie Oyag - 3 days ago
I love robby!!! Hello there im from philippines.. 😊
Neremie Oyag
Neremie Oyag - 3 days ago
I love robby!!! Hello there im from philippines.. 😊
Neremie Oyag
Neremie Oyag - 3 days ago
I love robby!!! Hello there im from philippines..
sundee vlogs
sundee vlogs - 4 days ago
Robby if you like pizza download the app pizza
Idk_ Gacha cookie
Idk_ Gacha cookie - 4 days ago
I fell asleep in my kitchen once it was awesome
Dontae Gitana
Dontae Gitana - 4 days ago
What they did in the video is the person had some already in their mouth and they spit it out in the straw and then the other person was drinking their spit water
Z avlis
Z avlis - 4 days ago
your pranks are trash
Yasirah Morris
Yasirah Morris - 4 days ago
Rob u need to do a Halloween trick on ur friends
Can Quach
Can Quach - 4 days ago
Oh sky boy
kimorathesav Johnson
kimorathesav Johnson - 4 days ago
Bro you faked the baby powder prank
FNAF. exe
FNAF. exe - 4 days ago
What if someone spat in the straw
emily smoke
emily smoke - 5 days ago
/////////a rainy day ///////// /
8:26 I love how johnnie is just curled up in the corner already, awaiting chris’s arrival
Cørrupted Ghøul
Cørrupted Ghøul - 5 days ago
A house full of cringey emo wannabes
2nite - 5 days ago
Skylar: I'm a little wet.
The bois: 😏
Jenkins Connor
Jenkins Connor - 5 days ago
House full of emo guys with the same hirstyle nice place
Zo_ Wolfie
Zo_ Wolfie - 5 days ago
Literally y’all look the same with that hairstyle
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