Retired Police Officer Guesses Who's Drunk Out Of A Lineup

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SuperZac06 - 21 hour ago
Hazza Styles
Hazza Styles - Day ago
I’m not a cop and I knew it was her lol
Aniya Scisson
Aniya Scisson - Day ago
They all looked drunk to me. No cap
Rvert - 2 days ago
Good thing he’s retired
Matthew Yuan
Matthew Yuan - 2 days ago
Can we take a moment to realize that the girl looks like she has a dick?
MR. KLOWN - 3 days ago
The cortex tho
maura mccarty
maura mccarty - 4 days ago
the one dude reminded me of spooky off on my block at first glance
Ryleigh O’Malley
Ryleigh O’Malley - 4 days ago
But the fact that he scar had a cigarette behind his ear tho
Obvious Gaming
Obvious Gaming - 4 days ago
Anyone see the big Camel Toe?!
Whitesmith - 5 days ago
i swear scar is drunk, he went up to the wall then touched it weirdly
adriana jobis
adriana jobis - 5 days ago
scar was on On My Block. what a king
la familia Garcia
la familia Garcia - 5 days ago
The cholo was in on my block season 4
The test with the leg in air and the test with the leg stepping are irrelevant. If a person with handicap (Charcot-Marie-Tooth for example) was there he/she would fail em.
lauren johnson
lauren johnson - 6 days ago
A tear drop means he's killed someone. So clearlyyyy what was the whole point of the interrogation.
joseluis arevalo
joseluis arevalo - 6 days ago
Anyone would think me and the bros are drunk 24/7
jeroen - 6 days ago
i love this officer
ALEXANDER - 6 days ago
Wow, this cop is 12 years old and a cop and looks like an adult
lquidgrl - 6 days ago
Can smell alcohol easily. If one person drank vodka, then everyone ate a halls, then it would be fair.
I totally thought it was guy with light blue shirt.
Plot twist: The officer was drunk
KnowethJC - 6 days ago
I picked it out so well
epic gamer 69
epic gamer 69 - 6 days ago
is being high af count as drunk?
BoogieB0mb - 6 days ago
Scar was in a short film called “Hermanos”
Wesley Riggs
Wesley Riggs - 7 days ago
Scar looks like spooky from on my block
Astxe - 7 days ago
2:10 who puts a cigarette behind their ear
Kai Kai - Chan
Kai Kai - Chan - 7 days ago
imagine being paid to drunk
AZURE - 7 days ago
I'd be the one who was accused of being drunk because I'd be nervous as hell even if I'm not drunk.
Hannah Marion-Doyle
Hannah Marion-Doyle - 7 days ago
Scar looks like that one guy from Om My Block
ThatSly B
ThatSly B - 7 days ago
This cop was charged with domestic violence in 2017... probably why he was fired
ANKIS 165 - 7 days ago
Aye the dude with the tatos is the mayans boss, from sons of anarchy
Jessie Lastern
Jessie Lastern - 8 days ago
The kinda cop who still wears his uniform when retired
Kenzie Brooke
Kenzie Brooke - 4 days ago
They let you keep the suit and even the gun belt. I know that because my moms a retired cop too.
Tyler Ledford
Tyler Ledford - 8 days ago
Nothing suspicious just some cortezez on Baghdad blue shirt bag pants tear drop cigarette
Alexander Crack-ilton
Alexander Crack-ilton - 8 days ago
Why does Scar have a cigarette behind his ear?
Shadow on iOS.
Shadow on iOS. - 8 days ago
Yo scar killed somebody he got a tear drop
Princess Jayy
Princess Jayy - 8 days ago
Is it just me or does Scar look like Spooky from OMB a little😂
Ashton Chandler
Ashton Chandler - 9 days ago
Scar is a real santo- I’m sorry-
Fun time With carson
Fun time With carson - 9 days ago
He honest every body was this and clicked on it
Shadowology - 9 days ago
**hopper** has join the chat
Teh Epic Duck
Teh Epic Duck - 10 days ago
Jim in the thumbnail looks drunk
Hollie Retro
Hollie Retro - 10 days ago
s c a r y
That OneGuy
That OneGuy - 10 days ago
This cop is so cool id smoke a joint with him
Dead SnakeXI
Dead SnakeXI - 10 days ago
Is scar Mexican or Chinese
FashionKittie10 RobloxGaming
Who remembers him frpm Faze Rug?
BR-AQUA COD MOBILE - 10 days ago
Anna Maria
Anna Maria - 10 days ago
The cop looks like Hopper dudeeeeeeee
James Juan
James Juan - 10 days ago
Are we not going to talk about how scar came in and put is hands on the wall like he was getting arrested
kill shot
kill shot - 10 days ago
Someone best arrest scar
Aidan Bowman
Aidan Bowman - 10 days ago
Wana know who is drunk not me cause I’m under 21
James Robert
James Robert - 10 days ago
Blake's drunk
Pyt Hailee
Pyt Hailee - 11 days ago
So we’re gonna ignore the fact that the guy with tattoos on his head looks and is dressed like a santo from on my block😭💀.
Cassie - 11 days ago
Was that a cigar on scar’s ear?
No.Im.Patrick - 11 days ago
I was hoping that all of them would step forward and say that they were all drunk
Dylan Vlogz
Dylan Vlogz - 11 days ago
Wait that’s Chivo from on my block
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin - 11 days ago
he sat 2 feet away, he should be able to smell alcohol, awful video should have done it over cctv or through glass
Eddy Gamer
Eddy Gamer - 12 days ago
When search up a vato that guy come on up
Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson - 12 days ago
That girl has the biggest camel toe
Ethan's Clips
Ethan's Clips - 12 days ago
I thought that guy was chiko from on my block
SuperGamePlays - 12 days ago
she just wanna show off her cameltoe on screen lol
davisx2002 - 13 days ago
The Vato puts his hands on the wall...
Austin rewr
Austin rewr - 13 days ago
#4 putting his hands on the wall right at the beginning has me dying
Anton Zgurskiy
Anton Zgurskiy - 13 days ago
He just smelled
Jose Ibarra
Jose Ibarra - 13 days ago
Did anyone notice that scare had a cigarette 🚬 in his ear
Felix Kjellberg
Felix Kjellberg - 13 days ago
scar must have been high
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid - 14 days ago
she camel toed the hell out of those pants
Staticrr - 14 days ago
Scar looks like a santos from on my block
rusty shaklford
rusty shaklford - 14 days ago
That girl looked fucked up in the thumbnail.
91ashleylover - 15 days ago
Wonder how it would be with someone who has nystagmus their entire life.
Kaspar Witlake
Kaspar Witlake - 15 days ago
Police officer guesses who has the deepest cameltoe
Ashton Mendonca
Ashton Mendonca - 16 days ago
Wtf is wrong with "the persons" fashion sense. Damn bro.
Alexandra Alvarez
Alexandra Alvarez - 16 days ago
Wtf! I was sure it was the guy with the blue shirt hahahaha
gigi vlogs and more
gigi vlogs and more - 16 days ago
Scar reminds me of spooky from on my block
Brian Buckley
Brian Buckley - 16 days ago
The cop is drunk
Cam Nely
Cam Nely - 16 days ago
I thought it was scar...
Diana Borges
Diana Borges - 16 days ago
omfg you could tell the girl isnt wearing underwear bruhh
Kayla F
Kayla F - 17 days ago
I think someone got a camel toe
2ei - 17 days ago
So is it just me or does #4 remind me of On my block
Mr. Ski mask
Mr. Ski mask - 17 days ago
Delete ur channel. I hate u.
Asuelu Tasi
Asuelu Tasi - 17 days ago
Literally spent the whole time looking at her mooseknuckle😂😂
ARMY 008
ARMY 008 - 17 days ago
*Plot twist*: the police officer is the one who is actually drunk
Manny and More!
Manny and More! - 17 days ago
Does anyone realize that one guy has a cigarette behind his ear
Fallen - 11 hours ago
Manny and More! Yup.
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