Conan Announces His Trip To Greenland - CONAN on TBS

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kyungsoo’s maid
kyungsoo’s maid - Day ago
i mean suriously cmon
BAKUGOAT - 11 days ago
Let's trade the shitholes California and Los Angeles to greenland.
Andy Sofia
Andy Sofia - 14 days ago
Conan, could you please travel to Shanghai.
derpaderp - 14 days ago
i love Conan at least he doesn't unfairly criticize Trump because it's popular this was really funny whether you like Trump or not
Isson - 14 days ago
Go to Denmark
HazMatiC x
HazMatiC x - 14 days ago
I feel attacked im from florida😂😂
Goo Fy
Goo Fy - 15 days ago
Conan: “I’m a great negotiator”
12:05 timeslot: “am I a joke to you”
Krystian Olszański
Krystian Olszański - 15 days ago
If you would send Jay Leno he would get it. You can have anything you want in life. Unless Jay Leno wants to have it too
Ralf Weismann
Ralf Weismann - 16 days ago
Finally you're going to denmark!
clausm2203 - 20 days ago
haha as a dane i think this is very funny...:D conan has a great humor
jakob stol
jakob stol - 20 days ago
Stop virtue signaling to the masses! No one wanna look at your liberal propaganda!
Bastian thoning
Bastian thoning - 23 days ago
im from denmark and there is no way we gonna give up greenland ;D its our place :3 just like u would just give up united states
Lardo2004 ,
Lardo2004 , - 23 days ago
Well i wanna make trump buy Greenland because i live there and I want McDonald's
söder bröder
söder bröder - 23 days ago
Trump is a moron
venom saga30
venom saga30 - 23 days ago
What happen Conan you use to be cool now it's just sad your like the cool teacher who thinks he's funny but he's really not . Oh well it's not like conan reads the comment section on his you tube .
Ras Putin
Ras Putin - 24 days ago
US healthcare! Yeah Rights!
Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson - 24 days ago
Did he say "I'm ready to Sweden the deal"? 01:47
Jacques - 24 days ago
Can I go with you to Greenland Conan? Lol
BeelzeBub - 24 days ago
Greenland is either way for sale or already ours be default to many caravans! Oops sorry stuff out of luck!
grop66 - 24 days ago
NO WAY Trump 👎 we are NOT for sale 🇬🇱🇩🇰
Ambidextrous - 24 days ago
Not Florida! New York including population. Thrump will have to build a wall around so they can't flee. We'll treat them like US treats Puerto Rico.
uofmd - 24 days ago
this is going to be great
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher - 24 days ago
This is what Greenland needs . Make it into a comedy show . Thanks Conan . (sarcasm)
Abdel Hammami
Abdel Hammami - 24 days ago
I don’t have heath insurance and i Approve the deal
jacobqiu - 24 days ago
Go to Hong Kong and free the people!
Ti potto
Ti potto - 24 days ago
I cant wait!!
Kali - 25 days ago
Well, you would be safe with your promise to never set foot on American soil, Conan. After all, the Orange Tyrant already sold us to Russia.....
Graham Barth
Graham Barth - 25 days ago
Conan is basically America's roaming apology for Trump.
Stacking Benjies
Stacking Benjies - 25 days ago
If you Google "US health care system" nothing should come up, because the US only has health care business.
Mikael Jensen
Mikael Jensen - 25 days ago
What did Trump say after tasting imported Chinese meatloaf?
Mikael Jensen
Mikael Jensen - 25 days ago
Its SO nice not to be confused when the head of your country speaks. When our PM says Greenland is not for sale and the proposal is "Absurd", I know she is to be taken BOTH literally AND seriously... on a more serious note....Good friends tell good friends when their house is on fire. Dear American people: YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!!
ExplosionChimp - 25 days ago
Conan/Andy 2020
Sara black
Sara black - 25 days ago
Hell no, we do not want Florida nor USA
shawn bla
shawn bla - 25 days ago
They don't want him on American soil 😂
Moha Cree
Moha Cree - 25 days ago
Hot Damn hot legs and thighs on the 1st seat in the middle row at 4:15
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe - 25 days ago
Desperate much?
FLOOP-JONES - 25 days ago
that other dude really lost some weight. good for him!
clarice tat
clarice tat - 25 days ago
Cant wait!!
muchograndeyolatengo - 25 days ago
I appreciate that unlike your clown of a president, Conan understands that if you want to make Greenland related deals you talk with Greenland and not Denmark. But on the other hand I really wanted that lovable tall freckled guy to come here to Denmark.
Jiu Jitsu Dweeb
Jiu Jitsu Dweeb - 26 days ago
Guess conan is only going to be stepping on concrete for now. US soil off limits.
Jiu Jitsu Dweeb
Jiu Jitsu Dweeb - 26 days ago
Greenland for florida is a solid deal
Zion Chan
Zion Chan - 26 days ago
kilroy987 - 26 days ago
Yes I'm sure the people of the sovereign state of Greenland wouldn't mind having a country purchase them. Mm hmm. I really hope Conan's visit shows everyone how delightful Greenland is and how intrusive and insulting and disregarding it is for countries to talk about buying them.
Realistic Man
Realistic Man - 26 days ago
i want to sell this stinky trash donald j trump and its equally filthy family members to North Korea. It is going to be great and beautiful. It will be beautiful totally ...
James Sins
James Sins - 26 days ago
I'm not from the states, what's the problem with florida? Isn't Miami in Florida? I love miami.
Pia Holm
Pia Holm - 26 days ago
The healthcare system sucks and there are fat drunk people everywhere. Mental illness is huge, where shamanism is part of our culture.
Sridhar Mishra
Sridhar Mishra - 26 days ago
Oh just buy Denmark. Problem solved. See I am cleverer than u mr. Trump
Zetsuke4 - 26 days ago
you are insane conan if you manage to do it you'll be in america's history you could be hated be greenland people
Zetsuke4 - 26 days ago
WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS?? "If I do not make this deal, I, Conan O'Brien, will never ever set foot on American soil" this has got to be some clucked up joke!!
Zetsuke4 - 26 days ago
LMAO do not google florida. Florida' s first 15 search results: "Why Florida is the #1 worst state in America" and "Why Florida is dysfunctional and known for its wild behaviour"
Zetsuke4 - 26 days ago
@Stevar Namik those old people are so crazy dysfunctional they live on viagra and stuff
Stevar Namik
Stevar Namik - 26 days ago
It's because so many crazy old people live there with that Viagra stuff
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I wish he would keep wearing suits. That preppy look suits him best.
scareglare - 26 days ago
But where is your Ghana special?
Tiyath - 26 days ago
1:47 Is it just me or did he say "I'm ready to Sweden the deal"? xD xD
M K - 22 days ago
Syifa A.
Syifa A. - 26 days ago
we love you conan, stay healthy 💛💛
NewhamMatt - 27 days ago
This is like old school Conan. Good old-fashioned "this is so ridiculous it really may not work...let's try it". Letterman and Craig Ferguson were the only other hosts to regularly have that mindset.
Stig Høgel
Stig Høgel - 27 days ago
as a dane i can say with ease that you are not gonna get it, no matter the price
Bruges - 27 days ago
We need to buy Greenland and have a city in it call Conan
wnapholi - 27 days ago
Love this guy
Poop Skipper
Poop Skipper - 27 days ago
Love you Conan!
moreno3662 - 27 days ago
If your able to buy that hairstyle, I'm sure we can buy Greenland..
Viz - 27 days ago
4:15 girl in the front row shortest mini skirt i've ever seen in my life
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