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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - 10 days ago
I hope you enjoy this new Blooper video! What was your favorite clip 😂❤️
cindy dahlman
cindy dahlman - 3 hours ago
It not the real ro it her clone
+Crayon Life should she make a bith viedio with mo? like a this is waht happend how long it took like from beginig to end?! i want her too. =)plz reply
Hi ro. can you and molly plz make a birth viedio. like explain it and stuff. i love you.
Hurleyxu2011 - Day ago
Rosanna Pansino hmmmm. I wonder………my answer is……………………………………………EVERYONE
Teddy Bellia
Teddy Bellia - Day ago
Rosanna Pansino I love all your videos and this was one of the best xxxxxx
Athena Lamarre-Clifton
Athena Lamarre-Clifton - 30 minutes ago
Omg i have a galaxy hoodie too also i love your vids and edpecialy the bloopers😂😍😘
Snig D
Snig D - 35 minutes ago
Congrats Ro
Lexus Tew
Lexus Tew - Hour ago
make a cake like this.
Kannan Venugopal
Kannan Venugopal - 2 hours ago
I wish u may get 10000000000000000 million subscribers
Kannan Venugopal
Kannan Venugopal - 2 hours ago
Nice 🍰
Kannan Venugopal
Kannan Venugopal - 2 hours ago
Congrats ro love you
Lydia McGinnis
Lydia McGinnis - 2 hours ago
5:22 made me lol
Naomi Morales
Naomi Morales - 2 hours ago
I love your hair it is soooo pretty❤️
Aiden Dawson
Aiden Dawson - 3 hours ago
Justine will probably steal that purple knife in the next collaboration. Lol
Yeah that’s Me
Yeah that’s Me - 3 hours ago
Good on you Ro, you deserve this so much! Congratulations xxx
Arts and crafts With Alyssa
Uh.. If you you watch Rebecca zamolo, you know what I’m talking about. I think this is the Rosanna twin
Noam Garty
Noam Garty - 4 hours ago
Kaylas Kooking
Kaylas Kooking - 4 hours ago
Yahhh I love her channel ❤️❤️💕💕
Jasmine Jayline Walker
Jasmine Jayline Walker - 5 hours ago
You should do a video with Justine
Maya Crociata
Maya Crociata - 6 hours ago
new t shirt; frosting in my hair, don't care!
Jennifer Tangye
Jennifer Tangye - 6 hours ago
Cookie is soo cute!
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee - 13 hours ago
Bloopers with Mo are the absolute best I'm crying laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣
Manu MacDonald
Manu MacDonald - 13 hours ago
congrats on 11 million subscribers you totally deserve it though u deserve like 20 million and MORE!!
Xyvaz Krown
Xyvaz Krown - 22 hours ago
she would make a great morning talk show host
Anggy Alvurb
Anggy Alvurb - Day ago
Ro is always so happy. She is so cute.💖💖💖💖❣💖💖💕💟💟luv u so much RO
Hurleyxu2011 - Day ago
What did the librarian say to the children

Read more
Nevaeh Wolf
Nevaeh Wolf - Day ago
Bake with Gabbie Hanna!!!!
Hurleyxu2011 - Day ago
I know this is a cooking thing not reading but……here’s a joke look up ⬆️
Hurleyxu2011 - Day ago
Umm this is HALARIOUS (ok I’m weird)
Ro Congrats 👍👍👍
BapeXOlante 620
BapeXOlante 620 - Day ago
nbbbbbbnmhgc v
OhMyDarl'n - Day ago
Jamie Murray
Jamie Murray - Day ago
Johnny Roman
Johnny Roman - Day ago
I love the bloopers that ro does. I think that this is my 11 time watching.
Freddy Greyson
Freddy Greyson - Day ago
I live ur vids
Cece Fortunato
Cece Fortunato - Day ago
I know this has nothing to do with the topic but you hav a clone and you may be involved in E2 and if Rebeca Zamolo co,es over and if she has red eyes don’t give her any information and keep an eye on her don’t let her put any thing into your laptop or computer
Can you like this so that she can see
Ria Nair
Ria Nair - Day ago
Loving the bloops😂😍
Kyle Light
Kyle Light - Day ago
how many states have u been to and how many countries i have been to the deminocan republic and i watch u there to
Kyle Light
Kyle Light - Day ago
i have both your books and i have been watching since i was 3 and now i am almost 11 you have inspired me to bake and now i bake all the time with my family this vid was so funny love u not in a weird way though
pixie_ girl22
pixie_ girl22 - Day ago
Craig Hendricks
Craig Hendricks - Day ago
Myah Malicoat
Myah Malicoat - Day ago
I am a subscriber Ro !
Kamireddy NR
Kamireddy NR - Day ago
We want more bloopers
Scott Jones
Scott Jones - Day ago
Did anyone else think that intro was part of the bloopers
Meh Cowww
Meh Cowww - 2 days ago
11m? Why not 20millon!?
BookieBri Books
BookieBri Books - 2 days ago
*Gasps* that looks phenomenal!!! Congratulations Roe! You are so adorable! Wish I could eat that cake 🧁 💜😊🍭
Sakshi Tipnis
Sakshi Tipnis - 2 days ago
Baking power! 😂
•Xaana •
•Xaana • - 2 days ago
Wait what ro did you make the 4 million cakes for merrel twins?
Juliana Simpy
Juliana Simpy - 3 days ago
That was just great. Loved this video.
Drish9 Games
Drish9 Games - 3 days ago
You make me happy everyday when I’m sad and this is so funny XD
V & E Tube
V & E Tube - 3 days ago
Brooo you should just leave these in the videos🌈
Omar Zakwan
Omar Zakwan - 3 days ago
Make a collab with James Charles please please please
Eliza Schuchman
Eliza Schuchman - 3 days ago
i want to see Molly Lu in a video again
Maggie Rose
Maggie Rose - 3 days ago
do more vids with Rebecca!!
Melinda Adkins
Melinda Adkins - 3 days ago
Thank you for bloopers! And congratulations
crikeyme89 - 3 days ago
more bloopers plz
Carl Smith
Carl Smith - 3 days ago
i enjoy it
Waseem Raja
Waseem Raja - 4 days ago
This was the best video ever. Congratulations Ro. I love you.
Angle vs Bad
Angle vs Bad - 4 days ago
Hi you I love you videos and I love you so much and every video I like it and comment
Joyce Cheung
Joyce Cheung - 4 days ago
Your bloopers where HILARIOUS!
Winter Wolf 10
Winter Wolf 10 - 4 days ago
Why did you forget your own dance? 😂😅
Samantha Flores B
Samantha Flores B - 4 days ago
I looooovvvveeee you
Kookie Koogi
Kookie Koogi - 4 days ago
Zoey Robertson-DeGraaff
These aren't bloopers this is just a very long video of Ro being freaking adorable. I kind of think a of these should be included...... but then again if we did that we wouldn't get this video which made my day.
Addison Fowler
Addison Fowler - 4 days ago
Also “ I don’t usually get texts so it’s prolly my mom” 😂😂😂😂
Addison Fowler
Addison Fowler - 4 days ago
“ Oooohhhh I forgot to ask you if you wanted double cheese..” 😂 you are definitely my favorite YouTuber
Melissa Taylor Slovacek
Jessie Aneses
Jessie Aneses - 4 days ago
Love this video thanks for the laughed so some more bloopers
Damoya Morgan
Damoya Morgan - 4 days ago
Love you rosanna
sammy - 4 days ago
Why is there BTS hashtag
Emely Acosta
Emely Acosta - 4 days ago
You are the best you inspired me to start baking
Pink Panda
Pink Panda - 4 days ago
Eugene at 1:37 🤣
Vismaya Vimal
Vismaya Vimal - 4 days ago
Congrats for 11 M.. this vedio is so funny 😂😂
Beth Richardson
Beth Richardson - 4 days ago
Are you really a Vampire????!!!!!
Chloe the Crazy youtuber
2:22 OMG I laughed soooo much 😂😂😂😂😂
Margaret Langkoe
Margaret Langkoe - 4 days ago
I laughed so loud at the painting where she says oww
Phillip Bunnell
Phillip Bunnell - 4 days ago
Can u plez do another video with JoJo siwa🎀
eeewatts - 4 days ago
Who else missed the stream?
Shaeylabakes/toy reviews and more
Dear Ro, .3.
I have a few video ideas/ collabs so read on if you want to know! .3.

1.) You should collab with Safiya because you worked together so well in Escape the Night and you should make cookies shaped and decorated like her cat Krusty.
2.) You should collab with Liza Koshy and make a cake decorated like Jet's moustache.
3.) Collab with the Smosh gang and do Heads up
Welp, that's all I can think of...
From Shaeyla. (Pronounced: Sh-ay-la)
VandK Prodx
VandK Prodx - 4 days ago
Awwww, I want more bloopers! Can you make more bloopers plz
VandK Prodx
VandK Prodx - 4 days ago
Yes,Ants would come because it’s made frosting 🧁
Kaitlyn Tan
Kaitlyn Tan - 4 days ago
There is an adorable golden retriever and German shepherd mix, if you want to get a friend for Cookie
Hello Peers
Hello Peers - 4 days ago
Gagan Oberoi
Gagan Oberoi - 4 days ago
The yellow cake one was so funny you are like no no
Even Alstad
Even Alstad - 4 days ago
ke ne
ke ne - 4 days ago
So cute video. Beautiful cakes!
Kielei Huffmon
Kielei Huffmon - 5 days ago
Good job 👍
Kielei Huffmon
Kielei Huffmon - 5 days ago
OMG soooooooooo good I love the cookie cake
Fellow Bloxy
Fellow Bloxy - 5 days ago
Hi remember me from the testing gadgets 2?
Funniest moments: 0:59 - 13:30
0:00 - 0:59 : CONGRATS RO!!!!!
Fasihuddin Mubashir
Fasihuddin Mubashir - 5 days ago
Congratulations ro
Flo s I n
Flo s I n - 5 days ago
I want you and Shane Dawson collab and make a illuminiati cake! (Or cupcakes or
Llama Mama
Llama Mama - 5 days ago
You should do a blooper video of you and Justine
Jannrey Torio
Jannrey Torio - 5 days ago
Its been a long time since i watched one of your videos
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez - 5 days ago
You should react to BTS videos
Bean Xini
Bean Xini - 5 days ago
Can you do more vids with your sister? You guys look sooooo much alike!😄
Ahmed Nishad
Ahmed Nishad - 5 days ago
RO to be honest I knew
You from a very long time
The time you mad the 6 layer cake
It was a rainbow cake
You did not have all the tools but still
Better than me 🥰😍😘♥️♥️
Ahmed Nishad
Ahmed Nishad - 5 days ago
KPOP 4 life
KPOP 4 life - 5 days ago
I was here since the first time you did the Star from loyal
Taylor Fehr
Taylor Fehr - 5 days ago
who else wants bloopers from the intro and outro😂
gacha future
gacha future - 5 days ago
👏👏👏👏👍👌 congrats
레온KpopZombieLover - 5 days ago
Would ants come heither
• gxldpeaches •
• gxldpeaches • - 5 days ago
Congrats! ❤️
Justin Reddin
Justin Reddin - 5 days ago
You need a vlog channel
Mahdieh MOHAMMADI - 5 days ago
Bloopers please
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