Casually Explained: Brunch (Short #1)

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GraffitiTurtle - Month ago
I don’t see anything wrong with this one. It’s short because it’s a short. I still found it funny, but that’s just me I guess.
sacuy sacuy
sacuy sacuy - 4 months ago
The ring at the end of the video reminds me of amoeba sisters
Green1998 - 5 months ago
Brunch is stupid and boring, I much prefer Dunch, a meal time which involves eating cold leftovers at 3pm after waking up at noon.
Santiago David Delgado Carcache
What's the background music?
RockJustice Videos
RockJustice Videos - 6 months ago
My man. You have such /the/ humble beginnings. . . I love your videos--- you're 3 years younger than me and you're HELLA talented. . .
Al Refat
Al Refat - 6 months ago
That vegan joke.. 😂🤣😂
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed - 6 months ago
aaron m
aaron m - 7 months ago
thats me im the guy at brunch all alone 😭
Jim - 9 months ago
I think you can remove the "other people's children" and just leave it as "children".
n - 10 months ago
I have a short 1 if you know what I mean
Squaggies - 11 months ago
wow you were right, these really arent that great
The Steadfast Duelist
1:31 *Jesus Christ how horrifying*
Harmony Bodo
Harmony Bodo - Year ago
0:45 The girl could have taken the picture before she ate the food, then posted about it
Ryan Freer
Ryan Freer - Year ago
Not a huge fan but I do fully support you reinventing yourself. There are lots of things to casually explain and this was a nice break from the norm. Glad you're on the up and up and I still have a few people in mind to share this with.
Rocket Jumper
Rocket Jumper - Year ago
why was this hidden from me? I've watched all the videos besides this. I've even used the playlist that plays all videos and this has never shown up. Youtube cencorship?
Ayrton Urviola
Ayrton Urviola - Year ago
Google+ xD
Adrienne - Year ago
Scallywag - Year ago
Vegan people are worse than children. At least children will shut up when you put food in their mouths.
Tony Mathew
Tony Mathew - Year ago
Hmm... different style from your regular repertoire. But if you're getting supported for making this, i'm all for it!
Wolf Khain
Wolf Khain - Year ago
as most chefs will never tell you because it's a not so well kept secret but Brunch; " Is all the Bullshit the kitchen could find."
From a chefs perspective, you got to much leftover from a-la carte or buffets, that's the reason, once a week, most times Sunday’s (which is a bad sign in itself if you live in a country where there is no delivery on Saturday's and Sunday’s) there is a brunch buffet, where chefs will dump, all the leftovers on the clientèle they do like the least.
Also, today's special soup is: "shit and leftovers from yesterday which I threw in the pot with buket garni some leftover bouillon and let it simmer for a few hours."

why some chefs hate Brunch- guest's? well, take all the reasons "Casually" said and take the attitude of some people who pay next to nothing to munch down your garbage, because they lack common knowledge (you're welcome btw) and believe they are gods gift for coming to your restaurant and giving you the opportunity to sunbathe in their' grace.
I hate em.
David - Year ago
Chopstorm - Year ago
TheDiversionist - Year ago
I love sharing my food on LinkedIn
Kar Aashika
Kar Aashika - Year ago
Charlie Alegranti
Charlie Alegranti - Year ago
Gyming it up. LOL
Snowka - Year ago
that breaking noise at the end triggered my anxiety
Kylipsso - Year ago
Cyrus S
Cyrus S - Year ago
everybody knows you were at the gym
Myst ZER0
Myst ZER0 - Year ago
I need waiter.mp3
Nick Sameowl
Nick Sameowl - 2 years ago
Casually explained: nofap
Flatl1ne - 2 years ago
My favorite thing about casually explained videos is when the video stops at the end.
MrArbeter - 2 years ago
whats brunch?
SolDirix - 2 years ago
To me, brunch was always an excuse to eat 2 meals a day instead of 3.
Torilla Tavataan
Torilla Tavataan - 2 years ago
Damn brunch alphas..
NamacilHDx - 2 years ago
my ex was the first 4 combined ...
Sergio A
Sergio A - 2 years ago
hey casually explained, I hate you so much right now
Daleys Reviews
Daleys Reviews - 2 years ago
Nice videos dude
Jon McPicogram
Jon McPicogram - 2 years ago
"Mom why is that guy all alone?"
Joshua Zane
Joshua Zane - 2 years ago
Always get bottomless mimosas... Isn't that the whole point of brunch?
Elvis Sun
Elvis Sun - 2 years ago
Love the Noogler hat at the end!
mops9 - 2 years ago
Without looking at comments there is going to be about 15 comments that says so true
Mike Ock
Mike Ock - 2 years ago
I can confirm. I was just at brunch after Irma, and all these people were in attendance as described.
KingMJAH - 2 years ago
but what is bruch ?
Leticia Beltran
Leticia Beltran - 2 years ago bump this shit
Im Maxing RS
Im Maxing RS - 2 years ago
Never had another one. Definitely every month
Hejeldrummer Gaming
Hejeldrummer Gaming - 2 years ago
I am the Gym guy hahaha I laughed out loud when I saw that
Smashing Machine
Smashing Machine - 2 years ago
I came here to find what is that brunch thing, then i find this
Olly Owens
Olly Owens - 2 years ago
In the beginning you said you asked if it would be ok for you to post videos here. Who did you ask
This Is Not A Username
This Is Not A Username - 2 years ago
Sadly I'm the vegan
Moolok - 2 years ago
XBOYS - 2 years ago
Comic snas
Tilwon - 2 years ago
gavin grubb
gavin grubb - 2 years ago
You mean covfefe not coffee
aaron wang
aaron wang - 2 years ago
u forgot porn hub
cwoyce - 2 years ago
Lol vine
Lil BagelBites
Lil BagelBites - 2 years ago
The restaurant is closed, WAITER!!
bajula4444 - 2 years ago
Derva Kommt von hinten
Derva Kommt von hinten - 2 years ago
other peoples children? surely you meant to say children in general...
Zach Cecchine
Zach Cecchine - 2 years ago
Casually explained is actually Joji (FIlthy Frank) In disguise.
Adam Killian
Adam Killian - 2 years ago
Were you on wild n out. That white guys with glasses???
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