Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

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Sophia - Hour ago
They could've- idk maybe get some sound proof foam and put it everywhere?
Houzuki 98
Houzuki 98 - 2 hours ago
Furry dumbass
Pretty pretty Eyes
Pretty pretty Eyes - 2 hours ago
The raccoons get killed
Pretty pretty Eyes
Pretty pretty Eyes - 2 hours ago
This was actually a really really good movie and I recommend it
please god
please god - 3 hours ago
The raccoon was actually killed the movie after this
Roel Lopez
Roel Lopez - 4 hours ago
What's next taste?
Dont taste or die 😂
Wolfy Mattmoo
Wolfy Mattmoo - 5 hours ago
Can we just also point out that Regan knew to cut the sound wire before turning the toy rocket on AFTER the kid died? Sure, the pliers weren’t opened at the beginning, but then that begs the question as to HOW she opened them later on.
Super Cookie
Super Cookie - 6 hours ago
Im all for a lot of sins but i feel a few aren't fair. If the monsters find you through sounds, bags of candy and chips are loud as hell to open, and bottles of pills make a lot of noise too
Ryan Mowchun
Ryan Mowchun - 7 hours ago
Every thing wrong with your channel in 10 seconds
Mwamure Njuguna
Mwamure Njuguna - 8 hours ago
Lol this is stupid
Reaper - 9 hours ago
Jude Samson
Jude Samson - 10 hours ago
How did you not mention the most obvious sin? If they just built a place near the water/waterfall.... roll credits
Seán Maguire
Seán Maguire - 13 hours ago
But it’s such a good goddamn movie
Louis - 18 hours ago
“I Assume That’s Racist”
Daniil Yurash
Daniil Yurash - 20 hours ago
10:38 instead of yelling, why couldn’t he throw the axe against the shed or tractor. They’re made out of metal so it would be loud enough. Then just book it.
Daniil Yurash
Daniil Yurash - 20 hours ago
Finally watched the movie today
MathiasGDS - 21 hour ago
Oh no look out the monsters are coming! Oh God he has airpods he can't hear us!
Keegan Lockhart
Keegan Lockhart - 21 hour ago
0:53 Are those legos?
Christopher Erazo
Christopher Erazo - Day ago
0:47 got me dying
PurpleDevil11 - Day ago
Her hearing aids made my hearing aids squeel!! Ouch!
JC1978 - Day ago
Nit-pickiest cinema sins ever...
Pizza Gamin'
Pizza Gamin' - Day ago
Wait a damn minute, how do they use the bathroom without farting or something?
Kyle Connor
Kyle Connor - Day ago
They should have set up radios or speakers around the area to lure them away or something
Justyn Orellana
Justyn Orellana - Day ago
You retard the raccoons get eaten bitch
burgerツ - Day ago
Whys this guys voice so annoying
aesthetic junix
aesthetic junix - Day ago
Was that the demogorgon from stranger things
sapper72783 - Day ago
Taco Tuesday is no more what's the point of living after that
Dax5 - Day ago
The most overrated and stupid movie I have ever seen.
Amber xox
Amber xox - Day ago
Am I the only one wanting to know where Marcus is at the end? Like okay mum and sister are killing everyone in the basement but if he’s in any other part of the house he’s dead😂👏🏻
YaMumsRollin Pin
YaMumsRollin Pin - Day ago
Bird box:
A sequel to *a quiet place*
Angela Peebles
Angela Peebles - Day ago
How do you let him keep the plane
Mile - 2 days ago
Am I the ONLY person who HATES this movie?
Some Randome Person Mahoney
The nail was the main vilan
Zorro del Demonio
Zorro del Demonio - 2 days ago
I was hoping for the kid to pull out a cut-off arm from the corn xD.
I remember this happening in another movie, but I can't remember which one. I think it was one with piranhas or sharks XD.
Zorro del Demonio
Zorro del Demonio - 2 days ago
Promise me, Ned.
You will protect him.
Waninki - 2 days ago
I really like this movie though
Frances O'Connor
Frances O'Connor - 2 days ago
How would you pee?
Jack Fincham
Jack Fincham - 2 days ago
Why dont they attack newspapers blowing in the wind
Eric crow
Eric crow - 2 days ago
"I'll assume that's raciest" Lmfao! Got a good chuckle out of that one.
Spartan 336
Spartan 336 - 2 days ago
I would if loved go have seen how all this went down at the start with the military and things
The mystery man Studios
Yep kids are the biggest sin in this movie
FL3X - 2 days ago
Boi just get Ariana grande to sing in to a mic. The high pitch noise would expose the weak spot
Watermelon Spice
Watermelon Spice - 2 days ago
It’s not a hearing aid it’s a cochlear implant
Jose Boi
Jose Boi - 2 days ago
I know that they have an amazing hearing but how the hell did the monster not run into a wall when its in the house? Or let alone a tree in the middle of a forest? Lets not forget, theyre blind.
SHADOW - 2 days ago
Pretty sure that kid wanted to die on purpose
Mermaid Auleulle
Mermaid Auleulle - 2 days ago
I was not ready for that nail, I was so not ready for that nail.
JoAnna Haupfear
JoAnna Haupfear - 2 days ago
Sin 19:
Throughout the movie you can clearly see they have solar panels. Not to hate, but come on now! You examine the movie so close. How did you miss that!
Tomplayz gamez
Tomplayz gamez - 2 days ago
I’m glad the kid got killed he would fuck everyone else
DevinCotto18 - 2 days ago
8:55 I think the creature heard that sound from that far off because the “waterfall” wasn’t loud like the actual one Lee and the kid were at. Clearly you can hear the sound difference in them. When you listen and watch this scene, the water isn’t loud but when you watch the actual waterfall scene, it’s loud so that they can talk
The Gaming Chris Matthew
3rdeye Brand
3rdeye Brand - 2 days ago
@0:49 i literally cracked up to that sin haha
i want to die
i want to die - 2 days ago
Still better than bird box
MoonLight - 3 days ago
"full on fuck you mode" me when someone pokes me
kitrana - 3 days ago
the least believable part of this movie was that noone thought to try and stun these things with like flash bangs or something.
or use their stupidly amazing ability to hear the quietest of noises against them. like we know how to fuck up bats if we really wanted to it wouldn't be that hard for us to figure out these guys are sensitive to ultrasound.
Meme Boi
Meme Boi - 3 days ago
Im pretty sure the Dad could just throw a rock from the opposite side so the monster goes for the bait...

Or is jus me...
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams - 3 days ago
I like a lot of your videos, but I disagree with a lot of the sins in this video. You acted like sound is a beacon that calls them to you. That's not how they work, you would take every precaution not to make noise, but if you did make a noise, you wouldn't instantly die.
Mohammad Hazara
Mohammad Hazara - 3 days ago
Why not tie a speaker to 2 ropes. As high as they can from the ground. Each side tied to a high place, ex: about 100m far from 1 another.. high enough so that they cant reach it... in the outcome, they would be under the speakers, unable to reach it..
A high Pole (-----100m------Speaker-------100m-----) High pole
Etrigan - 3 days ago
I was watching dead meat and they made mention of the people who made the movie paying the town to make all that corn and even constructed that silo
Wither Tumbler2
Wither Tumbler2 - 3 days ago
Ashna Ram
Ashna Ram - 3 days ago
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter - 3 days ago
still a really good movie despite the sins
Matthew LeRoux
Matthew LeRoux - 3 days ago
I am disliking this video for the sole reason that you did not remove sins for Lee's heroic death.
Gigglegal320 - 3 days ago
Yaaaay so glad you guys sinned this movie & BirdBox. I liked this movie more than BirdBox but both movies had so many issues = sins!!
Jas Baklinski
Jas Baklinski - 3 days ago
This probably the first everything wrong with episode I really didn’t get anything out of.
Rofee305 - 3 days ago
Much respect for ending with a removal of sin
bigjake423 - 3 days ago
Ok I do agree with the removal of a sin for the ending BUT let's add on about 8 considering we know for a fact they will run out of ammo at some point. So final Sin Count 80.
CGAA Stories of Recovery from Video Game Addiction
You didn't come close to citing "Everything Wrong". You didn't even catch half of it.
Oh yeah Yeah
Oh yeah Yeah - 4 days ago
And nobody was able to capture this creature and test on it Like scientists and the military And find out their weaknesses And nobody else found out the Hearing aid thing almost 8 billion people and no one figured it out
Emma J
Emma J - 4 days ago
they could just not put in the batteries cus
Switch - 5 days ago
These monsters must have went nuts when they first showed up and heard crickets every night 🤣
Elizabeth Petrick
Elizabeth Petrick - 5 days ago
I saw the trailer and it scared me so badly
Edit: it amost scared me to death 😢
Bella PinkSavage
Bella PinkSavage - 5 days ago
Gerardo Cervantes
Gerardo Cervantes - 5 days ago
I did the math and there was 383 days when whatever the kid's name was died
Adron969 - 5 days ago
8:26 And you actually did the math *there*
Laughing Riel
Laughing Riel - 5 days ago
AnnieBear - 5 days ago
Gabbie Hanna’s in trouble...
Milo - 5 days ago
To watch this film go to my channel u will see the video of it go it and check description u will find link of the film
TheMasterBlox - 5 days ago
They did kill the racon...
IvyTruong - 5 days ago
This is one of the lowest sinned movie ever
christina1986ify - 5 days ago
The dad sacrifice is noble and all but since he was basically the only competent person in the group there's a 100% chance his family dies soon after.
Bijit DasSharma
Bijit DasSharma - 5 days ago
12:57 and pause
Lili - 6 days ago
This whole channel just feels so lazy, no thought or consideration at all
Captain Barbossa
Captain Barbossa - 6 days ago
Cinemasins you’re stupid!
Yusuf Jooma
Yusuf Jooma - 6 days ago
The water was to help the sound proof
Janky Videos
Janky Videos - 6 days ago
Just throw something at a wall opposite you. Easy.
Dylan Riley
Dylan Riley - 6 days ago
they used solar panels, not generators.
David Lee Tibble
David Lee Tibble - 6 days ago
This was a good film, despite the faults
Краљевина Србија\Kindom of Serbia
This creatures look like Wendigo from Until Down!
intro maker
intro maker - 6 days ago
I have a word

Jennifer Valentine
Jennifer Valentine - 7 days ago
Also you CAN'T use wood fires. You are just one pine knot away from monster central.
BoardWhareHowse - 7 days ago
When I finally make my film based off my published book, I'm going to be thinking about CinemaSins in the back of my mind
Johnny Two Hands
Johnny Two Hands - 7 days ago
So can they burn? Are they tempature proof too? Because we do have napalm. lol Pretty sure napalm kills anything. Also chemical weapons. Are they immune to airborne toxins and viruses? Boy those aliens are sure built to last. lol
Johnny Two Hands
Johnny Two Hands - 7 days ago
Imagine a world where everyone has to hold in their farts FOREVER. I would rather be dead.
Johnny Two Hands
Johnny Two Hands - 7 days ago
So you could defeat these aliens by setting up speakers 100's of yards away from where you live and if any creatures come by or you accidentally make any noise you can simply turn on those speakers and blast metallica for 30 seconds. Cmon movie humanity is smarter than that! We would have so much shit set up a regular day in the life of a human post invasion would be coming up with elaborate ways to troll these fucking things. good grief!
Hiari Azhar
Hiari Azhar - 7 days ago
Fuck you're right. How did they print all those missing person papers without making any sound? Also, how did the family even build a new home?
WD Gaster
WD Gaster - 7 days ago
Everything wrong with BirdBox
Video Game Drummer Productions
Red Letter Media fucked you good and hard.
Big Ronnie
Big Ronnie - 7 days ago
If the family in 'A Quiet Place' had been Slim Whitman fans I bet the dad could have survived
KittynZ Fu
KittynZ Fu - 7 days ago
;O I saw mark watching this ;O
MJ P - 7 days ago
Perhaps, these creatures were created by a clever race of Planetary Beings who've been desperately searching for a planet similar to their own? Upon receiving a signal sent via METI (Messaging to ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) thanks to our Active SETI/CETI Program - they've been "silently" observing us and concluded, (after intense monitoring of our radio and television signals) how ma·lev·o·lent Earth Beings are to each other and to the planet all of us 'temporarily' dwell upon and posed a threat to their existence. To suit their own survival, the first procedure was sending forth a wave of meteorite "ships" containing their hybrid "military-like" forms of sound sensitive creatures to extinguish and clear all "earth" terrestrial life-forms -as seen in "A Quiet Place" - their way of cleansing this third planet that revolves around one Star a/k/a Sun. Perhaps, the planned sequel to "A Quiet Place" due in 2020 will reveal the arrival of a more terrifying life form that is the secondary procedure/wave concocted by this clever race of Planetary Beings - to further cleanse any surviving terrestrial life-forms - and then... THEY ARRIVE! But, there ARE survivors of earth (both military and civilians) living in undisclosed huge deep underground Government cities around the world and though we are thought as ma·lev·o·lent Beings - we show how ma·lev·o·lent WE CAN BE by playing extremely loud amplified and almost deafening sounds of Earth's archived recordings of vocalists like Ethel Merman singing "There's No Business like Show Business", and Minnie Ripperton singin' "Loving You", etc. - as one way for Our planned attack... who will win? We'll have to wait and see with the sequel in 2020!
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