Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

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Somer Yaspa
Somer Yaspa - 2 hours ago
Haha i like the end of the video
Brody Paquette
Brody Paquette - 2 hours ago
The aliens have surper sonic hearing
Golden Viking
Golden Viking - 2 hours ago
The kills
Juliana Mysczak
Juliana Mysczak - 2 hours ago
Jim always looked like a cute sad guy. Now I know why, this actor can't just be happy
queen kitten
queen kitten - 2 hours ago
the first sin of every video the credits uh intro things
Grayson Plays
Grayson Plays - 2 hours ago
Ok get out of my recommended
Knights Play
Knights Play - 3 hours ago
Let me get this straight. We got a military, we got guns, we got nucs....BUT THEY DON'T DO SHIT!?!??!
Bridgette Walker
Bridgette Walker - 3 hours ago
That's a Cochlear Implant dummy!!!
Lick My Boobies
Lick My Boobies - 4 hours ago
You telling me that during the invasion, nobody thought of super sonic weaponry?
No way the human race would have taken such a big hit.
Holly Schultz
Holly Schultz - 4 hours ago
If this ACTUALLY happened. The line would be parent, kid, kid, kid, parent.
Jessica Belding
Jessica Belding - 4 hours ago
That’s not a hearing aid it’s a cochlear implant that’s why it’s big.... magnet is on the head attached by a cable to sound processor which sits on his ear
Kauri Townes
Kauri Townes - 4 hours ago
Not trying to hate but she most likely could not hide it and she is death so she needed to hear some cues
Burn The Obedient
Burn The Obedient - 5 hours ago
1 year and 18 days. Thats how many days its been since Jim Halpert let his stupid kid die.
Eliana Rivera
Eliana Rivera - 5 hours ago
This is longer than 13 min
Sadie Bedard
Sadie Bedard - 5 hours ago
This was more than 13 minutes
RaDDx1993 - 5 hours ago
This was one of the DUMBEST movies ever....!!!!!!!
BRBPancake - 6 hours ago
So you complain about the kid possibly making noise by going around the store but then question why no one took the loud chip bags?
Survived 1234
Survived 1234 - 6 hours ago
2:30 383 days
Preston Null
Preston Null - 6 hours ago
The waterfall wouldn’t cover up screaming
Max Schoolman
Max Schoolman - 6 hours ago
What happens if you sneeze??
Josh Bobst
Josh Bobst - 6 hours ago
I'm so pissed the nail stepping scene was shown. Twice! Ding!
annesuniverse - 6 hours ago
0:36 that's actually a cochlear implant and also deaf people really don't like being called hearing impaired but otherwise fantastic video
Emerson Mclayne
Emerson Mclayne - 7 hours ago
I love this movie☺
Mr JazzJazz
Mr JazzJazz - 7 hours ago
"Furry dumbass" really
Giomar All-Star
Giomar All-Star - 7 hours ago
SrgMorning Wood
SrgMorning Wood - 7 hours ago
The ending was horrible but its pretty good
Felicia Hobbs
Felicia Hobbs - 8 hours ago
Abhijeet Mishra
Abhijeet Mishra - 8 hours ago
Hah, that thing about keeping the audience quiet is so true. But it was too bad me and my wife didn't know it was gonna be so quiet, we took lots of french fries and popcorn in at the start and were unable to properly chew because it would disturb everyone. But the movie itself was worth it, despite all the sins.
CockatooDude - 8 hours ago
2:48 Another potential explanation would be solar panels and a battery pack.
darkespeon64 - 8 hours ago
oh shit i never saw the office until after this jims the dad
darkespeon64 - 8 hours ago
i usually dont like these vids and i kinda did like the move but i min in and hes already pointing out everything i pointed out to myself lol
p.precious henry
p.precious henry - 8 hours ago
Fish - 9 hours ago
If those creatures couldnt see but heard you from miles away , wouldnt they run into trees 😂😂😂
Jasper Dawes
Jasper Dawes - 9 hours ago
can you do Johnny English please like if you agree
Niamh Redmond
Niamh Redmond - 9 hours ago
Can you please do everything wrong with a star is born!
Artrysa - 9 hours ago
Enemy ahead, in short try torch.
World Weaver
World Weaver - 9 hours ago
the reason why they didn't die because of a generator is solar panels, probably the most safe power gen after hyrdo.
John the Lonely Ninja
John the Lonely Ninja - 10 hours ago
i paid to watch that movie. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked
Andi R.
Andi R. - 10 hours ago
Why don't they live near the waterfall? Get an easier life, folks!
Inaire Falen
Inaire Falen - 10 hours ago
if a freaking gun can kill them THERE WOULDNT BE A MOVIE IN THE FIRST PLACE.
Tammy Cogs
Tammy Cogs - 11 hours ago
It was the sister who gave him the plane, but that's beside the point...i didn't get thru watching this bull shit because already at 1:21 i see where this is going...Oh for the dick below me talking about farts and burps...i don't get it. is that supposed to be funny? you can't fart quietly? can't sneeze quietly? smfh...Oh, and i'm not picking up for the movie, i didn't enjoy it, only because i'm used to seeing him in the Office. it just wasn't my type of flick.
A.F.R.N Official
A.F.R.N Official - 11 hours ago
cinema sins getting lame and lame .... y?
Megan Bain
Megan Bain - 11 hours ago
It’s a cochlear implant (not your standard hearing aid) and a great way to raise awareness, you absolute fuck nugget.
Edit: can’t actually watch this cause the narrator is an annoying arrogant idiot.
Gallotron Jr2
Gallotron Jr2 - 11 hours ago
These sins are so bad
ItsTobberos - 11 hours ago
Why does she need the hearing aid if they communicate with sign language 90% of the time?
Gallotron Jr2
Gallotron Jr2 - 11 hours ago
These sins are so bad
Q-Pid Avenger
Q-Pid Avenger - 11 hours ago
And it's safe to assume that because her cochlear operates at a certain frequency seeing how she's more than likely profoundly deaf she has one that would have a higher frequency that's why the aliens can hear it and it hurts them , same principal as someone like daredevils hearing or wolverines sense of smell they can be overwhelmed
guyliner - 11 hours ago
technically wouldnt they be able to make noise, then when they’re coming just dont move and then it go away?
Q-Pid Avenger
Q-Pid Avenger - 11 hours ago
She doesn't have a hearing aid, she has a cochlear implant
ilikefish xp
ilikefish xp - 11 hours ago
Killer corn
Luper - 11 hours ago
assuming they had unlimited ammo, there is no way she would be able to reload it quick enough. good idea I guess, but you couldnt have any other weapon to hold more bullets?
Alana - 11 hours ago
Wooow you must've either really liked the movie or it was *that* good you didn't have a lot to nitpick
KendallChaos - 12 hours ago
No sin about the monsters making
t-Rex roars (for 2 reasons)
1: it’s too loud to come from something that size and
2: that roar would drown out any nearby noise
Yaseer Gamer
Yaseer Gamer - 12 hours ago
Dynamite Bear04
Dynamite Bear04 - 12 hours ago
What the humans do: HUMAN: Bae I’m home alone :CREATURE:Runs threw fields and sees her
mhmh - 13 hours ago
Could be a generator or solar panels...
Lino Acuna
Lino Acuna - 13 hours ago
This movie makes no sense to me.good thing I didn't pay any money to watch its
The CrimsonFire
The CrimsonFire - 13 hours ago
Couldn’t you harm the creatures by making extremely loud noise because they are so sensitive just like how loud noise hurts us, couldn’t it basically kill them
xklnbx14 - 13 hours ago
Human: *makes noise*
Monster: (the moment they hear said noise) who called me?
xklnbx14 - 13 hours ago
This channel is unnecessary
first name last name
first name last name - 14 hours ago
Aapi pagal he
Vegetarian Soylent-Green
Vegetarian Soylent-Green - 14 hours ago
He should've just put his son in Jello, then the sound wouldn't have travelled.
TheYoloVoice - 15 hours ago
Aciddently pressed 10 seconds 3 sins alr wow
Danial Adzha
Danial Adzha - 15 hours ago
If u want to make the best movie... Just hire cimema sins and you're good to go on being rich af
welcome to the internet
welcome to the internet - 15 hours ago
What if they fart or burped? Since the monsters' hearing is super sensitive, they would be dead.
christian ortega
christian ortega - 15 hours ago
The ending scene where she pumps the shotgun is so cringey
MeryKeit - 16 hours ago
I can't believe how many praze this movie gets. It's ridiculous. Wrong turn 4 isn't as senseless as this shit lol
Kevin Tohch
Kevin Tohch - 16 hours ago
What exactly was this nail nailing?
TheDaringPastry1313 - 16 hours ago
How did you not bring this up CinemaSins? These people are leaving sand paths to quiet the sound and probably spent forever making these paths. DOES IT NOT RAIN IN THIS LOCATION OR WHAT? ..... These people would do all this work and a couple rains would wash it ALL away lol...
hey im alien from earth
hey im alien from earth - 17 hours ago
I bet all this monsters were teachers..
Brett - 17 hours ago
Solar f***ing panels!
Ronnick Ng
Ronnick Ng - 18 hours ago
They have one ammo but they can’t kill the monster from the first time
Evan Poste
Evan Poste - 18 hours ago
Lisa Bee
Lisa Bee - 18 hours ago
What the flip flop fanny did I just watch?
Novaneerinere - 18 hours ago
Floor fish got me
KN Aquino
KN Aquino - 18 hours ago
This guy only rely on a one time big time scenario. As far as we know the invasion started small til everything goes like this. Okay whatever.
WhiteWallaby - 19 hours ago
I love this movie but man this dude is legendary by the way he takes the mick out of it.
Joseph the Finesse God
Joseph the Finesse God - 19 hours ago
The fact that there wasn’t a single reference to The Office is beyond me.
Gemmathecat 1339
Gemmathecat 1339 - 19 hours ago
This isnt 13 minutes

Its 13:32 minutes xD

Alatina Thucklemuggin
Alatina Thucklemuggin - 19 hours ago
there's one big thing wrong with this posting, and it's your over-the-top annoying narration style.
Nathanael Raynard
Nathanael Raynard - 20 hours ago
I mean the gun's shooting should be louder than the hearing aid but movie gotta movie
Foxtrot - 20 hours ago
if the monsters are blinded how cum they’re not walking into walls
Khairul Manami
Khairul Manami - 20 hours ago
but i love the creepy story
Tucker TheGayOWO
Tucker TheGayOWO - 20 hours ago
Did you make the movie? No. So how you can say everything is wrong? Theres many MANY ways of getting past and through things. Just because they don't do things like others, doesnt make it wrong
Candy Colon-Rivera
Candy Colon-Rivera - 20 hours ago
LOL seems like it’s not common knowledge but it really is possible to have quiet sex. If you’ve had sex, you’d know. It’s not complicated or difficult. You’d simply keep your mouth shut or keep something in it 😄 🤣Not that hard.
Pumkin Jade
Pumkin Jade - 20 hours ago
That's a cochlear implant not a hearing aid just fyi
Mariah - 20 hours ago
This dude really played the “signs” song 😂😂😂
Militia Stars
Militia Stars - 20 hours ago
Your a savage 😂💯 Great video!!
Kellan Roorda
Kellan Roorda - 21 hour ago
I know YouTube commenters don’t care but the first like 15 minutes of this and a couple other small scenes were filmed in my town in upstate New York called Little Falls, population of 4,000 people, was really random that they chose here to film lol
LHR Servriel
LHR Servriel - 21 hour ago
Couldn’t he throw the axe into the crops?
Kualla K
Kualla K - 21 hour ago
Sure it's not so logical but i have to admit. This movie makes me very stressful.
USB port
USB port - 21 hour ago
this used to be a good channel that points out plot holes and actual inaccuracies, now this wanker just gives it a sin for literally anything, if he didnt like the color of a wall, bang, another sin, oh hey is that a bird? SIN, just get fucked, this guys voice makes me want to rip his nose off.
Geardo O
Geardo O - 21 hour ago
Put tape over baby's mouth
Tanuki Man
Tanuki Man - 21 hour ago
If monsters attacked smug, you’d be so dead dude
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones - 21 hour ago
The movie is terrible do not watch. This movie goes no where in story. They never explain what’s actually happened for those things to come
Farrah Crimston
Farrah Crimston - 21 hour ago
Danielle Stehbens
Danielle Stehbens - 22 hours ago
Mattresses are made from the same stuff soundproofing is, so it would work great as a soundproof door to the basement.
Outside fun
Outside fun - 22 hours ago
The hearing aid is so she know when to run if she makes a noise so that’s why they had it even though it’s brocken
Funtime Will Ryan
Funtime Will Ryan - 22 hours ago
There’s so much wrong with this and it’s so confusing but it’s also amazing.
#Luke - 22 hours ago
We all would've died there because we'd criticize the "sound rules" like "wait, why didn't the monster appear?" and die.
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