7’0” 8th Grader Jah Jackson Gets REAL With David Stern! Talks Blue Chips & Making The League 👀

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somebody once told me the world is a spaghetti
Jah looks like he's a really cool guy
Jay Murphy
Jay Murphy - 4 months ago
He’s 14 and 7”0
I’m 14 and 5”7
I feel bad for him, but at least he has potential to be an NBA Star
kay illa
kay illa - 4 months ago
im 23 and 5'4 lmao fuck this shit
Luke Carswell
Luke Carswell - 4 months ago
Do you ever ask yourself who his parents are because...
HE IS 7’
I’m the same age and I’m 5’10
Drippy_Zerry - 4 months ago
No offense though I don’t think he 7,0 I just think his hair is helping him my opinion
Xiler - 4 months ago
Yeahh frl , he might be 6'8 or som'
GangstaLuck - 4 months ago
13 5’9 still growing fast
NoLimitQuion - 4 months ago
I'm 15 and 6'3
TheNoneez - 4 months ago
Bro I wonder if he met that nigga fire dragon
Gustavo Gallardo
Gustavo Gallardo - 4 months ago
Bro this kid needs to loose weight and get more bigger but muscle he looks fat
Edward Man
Edward Man - 4 months ago
Gustavo Gallardo he is in 8th grade chill out
A Random Celtics Fan
A Random Celtics Fan - 4 months ago
Just realized he’s my center on myleague 😂😂
Mike5 - 4 months ago
They over exaggerating with the height as usual he's about 6'6, 6'7 at best. He's no where near 7'0 feet.
lulolancey - 4 months ago
He's got 3 years to loose 100 pounds.
lulolancey - 4 months ago
@Devin Fields chubby stage? How about obese stage.
Devin Fields
Devin Fields - 4 months ago
lulolancey not really, as long as he’s dominating the paint it really doesn’t matter, he’s probably in the chubby stage lol I went through that😂
Koss Moss
Koss Moss - 4 months ago
JAH Rastafari!!!
Zackary Fitz
Zackary Fitz - 4 months ago
He really said “so what do you like about basketball” wtf 😂
Zackary Fitz
Zackary Fitz - 4 months ago
LukeIsRecording it’s just something basketball minds never ask each other. There’s kind of an assumption of all the reasons to like basketball and never the need to explain them. Plus I’ve never heard someone ask that in my life
LukeIsRecording - 4 months ago
Zackary Fitz what’s wrong with that? I mean it’s a pretty open question dude come on😂
Zackary Fitz
Zackary Fitz - 4 months ago
This shows how bad of a commissioner Stern was. He’s so out of touch with the game and lacking awareness of youth basketball. Thank God for Silver
John Smith
John Smith - 4 months ago
He's retired, let him relax he doesnt have to keep in touch with everything
RegardedBus9025 Rulz
RegardedBus9025 Rulz - 4 months ago
He is not used to kids
NRG Gxbriiell
NRG Gxbriiell - 4 months ago
Bro he’s 6”9 Not 7 feet get out of here with that
TaeWRLD 2k
TaeWRLD 2k - 4 months ago
Marc Angelo even if he is that’s still tall asf
FLO BRO17 - 4 months ago
Marc Angelo tf
Jack Steedman
Jack Steedman - 4 months ago
Jah needs to get in better shape if he wants to play nba, the nba is a much faster paced game and if he can not get more fit he will not be successful
Edward Man
Edward Man - 4 months ago
Jack Steedman yeah but you gotta understand that he is just a kid, many kids that are as tall as him have body problems. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any body problems, don’t quote me on that. He is going to get stronger though
Infinite Strength
Infinite Strength - 4 months ago
@Bradley Beal he still has to start training before its late. Because when you watch his highlights he doesn't really run he only waits for passes and only does layups
Bradley Beal
Bradley Beal - 4 months ago
He’s in 8th grade the nba is a while away
Brody Nola
Brody Nola - 4 months ago
Jack Steedman dudes barley in HS. Middle school is the chubby stage
Dark Bigmoose
Dark Bigmoose - 4 months ago
I’m 12 and I’m 6’3
Clayton Price
Clayton Price - 4 months ago
Jahzares the goat
Norree Tyler
Norree Tyler - 4 months ago
Are they going to 8th this year or there going to 9th this year??? 🤔🤔😳
BlackachuGod 999
BlackachuGod 999 - 3 months ago
Hes going to the 9th but hes 15 supposed to be a sophomor rn.
KLS - 4 months ago
Norree Tyler they’re going into 9th
ZARGaming Modding
ZARGaming Modding - 4 months ago
Who what to see 1v1
Giannis v 8th grade with 7’0
Jwsh1 - 4 months ago
Hes 14 and 7'0
I'm 14 and I'm 5'7
Jwsh1 - 3 months ago
@Joaquin Montes wiw
Joaquin Montes
Joaquin Montes - 3 months ago
I'm 14 and 5'2
Jwsh1 - 3 months ago
@YxngMangu- he just turned 15
YxngMangu- - 3 months ago
Jwsh1 I’m 13 6’4
YxngMangu- - 3 months ago
Jwsh1 he’s 15
Bob Robert
Bob Robert - 4 months ago
This dude was 6’5 two days ago why they keep lieing about his height
YoungALMIGHTY No cap
YoungALMIGHTY No cap - 4 months ago
If he was football player. He could be Beast
Hamilton Champagne
Hamilton Champagne - 4 months ago
@Moose Df ya but he could play some dam good defense. He could be a defensive tackle or some shit.
Jonnyk_8 - 4 months ago
YoungALMIGHTY No cap He is I think
Moose Df
Moose Df - 4 months ago
YoungALMIGHTY but he is slow so it would be hard for him to play
JNJ Squad
JNJ Squad - 4 months ago
He keep talking about Africa
PG 13PACERNATION - 4 months ago
God damn!!! What this dude eat??
Moose Df
Moose Df - 4 months ago
KLS no cap tho my dad 6’4 and my mom 5’6
Moose Df
Moose Df - 4 months ago
KLS haha
Hamilton Champagne
Hamilton Champagne - 4 months ago
Tacko Tuesdaaaaay!!!!! 🌮🌮🌮
KLS - 4 months ago
Moose Df looks like I’ll be eating Mexican food😎
Moose Df
Moose Df - 4 months ago
PG 13PACERNATION he said Mexican food and I believe it I’m 12 and I am 6’3 and I only eat Mexican food and I’m tall not because of my parents
Yaboyjd Vlogs
Yaboyjd Vlogs - 4 months ago
Stop sayin he 7 foot he prolly 6’9 or som like that
Yaboyjd Vlogs
Yaboyjd Vlogs - 4 months ago
Xiler nah lebron 6’8 and he a lil bit taller than bron
Xiler - 4 months ago
Nah 6'8
P_LOU - 4 months ago
"He's pretty articulate" like its unexpected lol
win dj
win dj - 4 months ago
David Stern getting old
Jon Melendez
Jon Melendez - 4 months ago
That kiddo downfall will be his knees because of his weight/size. Hope he improves on it 💯
Infinite Strength
Infinite Strength - 4 months ago
he doesn't really move around on the court either
ryan jasso
ryan jasso - 4 months ago
Julian Newman said he’ll clamp this dude
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - 4 months ago
Kill me
Too Filthy
Too Filthy - 4 months ago
That’s crazy I’m 15 year old at 6’4
m w
m w - 4 months ago
6'4 s fkn crazy dawg
Noah Adams
Noah Adams - 4 months ago
Overtime is racist
Asian Ling Ling
Asian Ling Ling - 4 months ago
Jah isn’t that good. He just taller than every other 8th grader RIGHT NOW!!! He also is very slow. He either need lose weight or get faster. Also he need to turn that into muscle. Eventually people will be taller than him because he ain’t growing no more.
Edward Man
Edward Man - 4 months ago
Asian Ling Ling once again he is in 8th grade and stands at 7 feet tall he has a long time to get better
Joseph Keane
Joseph Keane - 4 months ago
TheAroma ! What you thinking? He’s 100% not 7ft he’s no taller then 6ft11
Joseph Keane
Joseph Keane - 4 months ago
Jonahthemop he’s around 6ft9 he’s definetly not 7ft
Jonahthemop - 4 months ago
I agree with some of those things but people won’t get taller then him he’s around 7”1 I believe
Asian Ling Ling
Asian Ling Ling - 4 months ago
Imaad Vohra If he doesn’t work on his athleticism just a little bit he going to be bad because eventually everyone will be as tall or taller. If u look at the tapes he misses a lot. His height helps the fact that he’s good against 8th graders.
Theofficial 4kcam
Theofficial 4kcam - 4 months ago
He Doesn’t play d and sub if he dodo
Pop Awesome
Pop Awesome - 4 months ago
Jah came back, y'all
A •
A • - 4 months ago
What was they really talkin bout tho 🤔
DL Capone
DL Capone - 4 months ago
It was awkward 😂
Luke Wainscott
Luke Wainscott - 4 months ago
Imagine jah with Zion strength and him being super agile/fast and can move boys good now he would be scary good then
Brody Barber
Brody Barber - 4 months ago
When u post this every fucking day on ig and utube
Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
Cool video. Although David Stern seems like a hard guy to talk to. Just his style of talking and how he carries himself I guess.
Geueueheh - 4 months ago
why’d he get bood
TheyCallMe AiM
TheyCallMe AiM - 4 months ago
Tacko Tuesday
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