10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

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REACT - 9 days ago
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Laren Bill03
Laren Bill03 - 5 hours ago
There is a blue jar changed to green jar, elders react on computer and the Starbucks cup.
Cheeseisme bro
Cheeseisme bro - 20 hours ago
REACT love you guys so much. Thanks for making me smile all the time❤️
rutituti678 - 2 days ago
Behind Tori green jar is missing
rutituti678 - 2 days ago
@1:37 it's the elders react computer
_basically_basic_people _
REACT will do
Isabella Acuna
Isabella Acuna - 19 minutes ago
The laptop changing to elders, Starbucks cup, and I'm gonna guess Labib's table?
Evelyn Gutknecht
Evelyn Gutknecht - 25 minutes ago
I don't know if this counts, but someone had an elder's react laptop.
TheSovietHotDog - 11 minutes ago
Evelyn Gutknecht pretty sure it was done on purpose hahaha
Lady Mindkey
Lady Mindkey - 30 minutes ago
I don't think the sponge bob was a mess up. The dial was in front of the little green dude and the switch was off behind where sponge bob is blocking from the far view.
Rachel Litwin
Rachel Litwin - Hour ago
At 2:57 on Tori’s laptop it changed to elders react!!!!!!!
Cookie - Hour ago
Hong Tono
Hong Tono - Hour ago
avengers infinity war when Thor make a stormbreaker open the fired machine
Märtïñå Gacha
Märtïñå Gacha - Hour ago
2:50 I laughed so hard at her laptop
CrazyTown Bros
CrazyTown Bros - 2 hours ago
2:56, look at the lab top
donovan Dominguez
donovan Dominguez - 2 hours ago
there was a starburst,tori computer is a elbers,the while table.
Isaiah Dukes
Isaiah Dukes - 3 hours ago
The green slime
Isaiah Dukes
Isaiah Dukes - 3 hours ago
On the computer again
William Mcconico
William Mcconico - 3 hours ago
I just noticed the white table
William Mcconico
William Mcconico - 3 hours ago
tori had an elders react computer!!!
Isaiah Dukes
Isaiah Dukes - 3 hours ago
On the computer
William Mcconico
William Mcconico - 3 hours ago
The Starbucks cup in the beginning
Samantha Benitez
Samantha Benitez - 3 hours ago
Starbucks cup in the back, white table, and elders react computer
OReillyGaming - 3 hours ago
Tori has a elders react computer
Yasmin Freire
Yasmin Freire - 4 hours ago
Why are victorious cast there 😂
Yesenia - 4 hours ago
7:54 lmao me during the geometry FSA
Dalton Shipman
Dalton Shipman - 5 hours ago
She has a elders react taptop
Brian Sousa Sings
Brian Sousa Sings - 5 hours ago
Tori's computer said Elders React for some scenes, Labib's table was white, and there was a cup of Starbucks in the back during a scene
Schmiddi - 5 hours ago
elders react!!
Parker Zech
Parker Zech - 5 hours ago
It said elders react
- ManillaZilla
- ManillaZilla - 5 hours ago
1: Starbucks in back left corner
2: labibs table is white
3:Tori has an elders react in on her computer 💻
Christina Marie
Christina Marie - 6 hours ago
There another mess up in Jurassic Park. The scene where the trex first breaks loose, the door to the car that the children are in is left open, then the camera goes to the car doctor grant and doctor Malcolm are in and the door is shut and it goes back to the kids and the door is open and Lex shuts the door!
Inakiarni Gutierrez
Inakiarni Gutierrez - 6 hours ago
The bell was not there
Inakiarni Gutierrez
Inakiarni Gutierrez - 6 hours ago
They had elders react square on the computer
Dayi V
Dayi V - 6 hours ago
I saw the Starbucks cup
Lacey Jeacock
Lacey Jeacock - 6 hours ago
Torys laptop says elders react
카와이v - 7 hours ago
Um Tori's laptop said Elders react... explain pls
Mikayla Janzen
Mikayla Janzen - 7 hours ago
Tori's computer said Elders React... need I say more?
Princess Bailz
Princess Bailz - 7 hours ago
elders react on tori’s computer, at one point the table was white and the rest of the time it was black and then the F is missing from FBE in the corner of the video
Donnie Carter
Donnie Carter - 7 hours ago
Yeah I got one 😑
siar - 7 hours ago
11:08 Tori found 3 errors, is number 3, 3 others have also found 3 errors and by Tori if you skip 3 the chain of 3 stops! What's happening with number 3?!
siar - 7 hours ago
1:13 RNA where is your sister DNA? lol.
Ronald Weasley
Ronald Weasley - 7 hours ago
Tori's computer says Elders react at one point!
T B - 8 hours ago
I got it right because it involved food 😂
Ciara Poss
Ciara Poss - 8 hours ago
The table
Tori's computer said elders react
Starbucks cup in beginning
s i p p
s i p p - 9 hours ago
1. at 6:48 and 2:14 Toris computer said elders react insread of react
2. labibs table is white
3. the starbucks cup at the beginning
kamilia lechheb
kamilia lechheb - 9 hours ago

6:48 u see it too? well if u dont see it, on Tori's computer they say elders react and when the other mistake comes in tv shows or movies u just see react 🤔🤔
danny cadalino
danny cadalino - 10 hours ago
I hope we are not FOOLEDby this channel about free merch.
Savannah Palmatier
Savannah Palmatier - 10 hours ago
Tori’s laptop was elders
The Starbucks cup in the back
The laptops was changing color
- ManillaZilla
- ManillaZilla - 5 hours ago
Savannah Palmatier the laptops weren’t changing colors it’s the shading of the table on labibs
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - 10 hours ago
Excuse u SIR
Kids aren't gross
We're just...

Laura Asikainen
Laura Asikainen - 11 hours ago
The elders on laptop
Sita Al brahim
Sita Al brahim - 11 hours ago
One table is white
Sita Al brahim
Sita Al brahim - 11 hours ago
The elders on the laptop
Gavin Regels
Gavin Regels - 11 hours ago
Some of these are easter eggs, not mistakes
STAY - 12 hours ago
Since when did Tori become an elder
choco - 12 hours ago
6:49 look at Tori’s laptop. It says elders react XD
Nayely Chavez
Nayely Chavez - 12 hours ago
Lol the Starbucks cup was also in the back of the beginning 😂
Got7 BTS
Got7 BTS - 15 hours ago
The the actor of the storm trooper actually asked for that scene to stay in the movie and that's why they added a sound when he hit his head as well.
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez - 15 hours ago
7:48 I totally thought the mistake was that her bangs magically grew longer
Lachlan Morse
Lachlan Morse - 15 hours ago
First was the Starbucks behind Ryan.
Second Tori's laptop has elders react
Thirdly the tables changed couler
FREE MERCH please😄😅
astrid naalik
astrid naalik - 16 hours ago
Toris laptop has elder react and behin tori there is a jar that is not green that in others book shelves is green and then behind ryan there is a starbucks cup that isnt there when others are on screen
BOOM 9000
BOOM 9000 - 16 hours ago
Tori's laptop had elders react on it
Lia Servano
Lia Servano - 16 hours ago
is her name... ribonucleic acid?
your DNA
your DNA - 20 hours ago
1. the white table
2. Tori's lapto says elders react
3. The jar disappears
Kristen Rose
Kristen Rose - 15 hours ago
its not the jar it's the coffee cup
Victoria Simmons
Victoria Simmons - 20 hours ago
The logo on Tori’s computer is for elders react!!
Cheeseisme bro
Cheeseisme bro - 20 hours ago
The Starbucks cup, Tori’s computer said elders react and the jar in the back disappears
Tbh, R6 is kinda cool
Tbh, R6 is kinda cool - 21 hour ago
The Starbucks cup, the white table, the computer the girl had
michellesimons86 - 22 hours ago
Labibs desk was white and toris laptop said elders react and at the end tori has one vase at the on the shelf beind her
Jordan Keeley
Jordan Keeley - 22 hours ago
The Starbucks cup at the beginning, Labibs white table, and the elders react
Mack y
Mack y - 22 hours ago
1) Tori's laptop says Elders React 2) Labib's table is white 3) The Starbucks Cup
Taylor Prokott
Taylor Prokott - 22 hours ago
greatest star wars oops ever!!!! i have replayed that head bump so many times over the years
MilkyVids HD
MilkyVids HD - 22 hours ago
Easter egg is elders react on toris computer
Primitivo Pardo
Primitivo Pardo - 23 hours ago
8:31 i can't see any blood neither
Belicia Vazquez
Belicia Vazquez - 23 hours ago
I got 1. The elsa one. And i shiuldve gotten Black widow! Ive seen it bedore
Jose Perez
Jose Perez - 23 hours ago
Elders react,white table and starbucks cup.
Aquarius O'Shaughnessy
Aquarius O'Shaughnessy - 22 hours ago
+Horse_Crazy _Katelyn like what time
Aquarius O'Shaughnessy
Aquarius O'Shaughnessy - 22 hours ago
+Horse_Crazy _Katelyn where is starbucks?
Horse_Crazy _Katelyn
Horse_Crazy _Katelyn - 23 hours ago
Exactly what I was gonna say
byler_owo lol
byler_owo lol - 23 hours ago
Is Ryan wearing a Freddie Mercury t-shirt? (I think I saw that at Comic Con lol)
Ryan Omega
Ryan Omega - 10 hours ago
It's a "Sailor Freddie Mercury" T-shirt :)
Waypoint - Fortnite
Waypoint - Fortnite - 23 hours ago
White table elders react computer and Starbucks cup
Wyatt X. Mitchell
Wyatt X. Mitchell - Day ago
White table and Starbucks
Wyatt X. Mitchell
Wyatt X. Mitchell - Day ago
One of the computers said elders react
Hugo Armando Chaires Flores
Starbucks ,white table ,elders react on Tori’s computer
Amanda Palaita
Amanda Palaita - Day ago
Tori's computer said elders react
T Gay
T Gay - Day ago
Elders react 2:50
Kelly Kelbe
Kelly Kelbe - Day ago
1:41 Elders React
Carolina Soria
Carolina Soria - Day ago
there is also another mistake in the spongebob one
Carolina Soria
Carolina Soria - Day ago
the lines and the screws
Adan Garcia
Adan Garcia - Day ago
Starbucks cup, elders react on toris ,
white table
Mariam Yahya
Mariam Yahya - Day ago
9:14 you were a kid too
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - Day ago
1:14 Ribo Nucleic Acid??
RandomBubbles - 17 hours ago
😂 That's all I think of too
Nobody - 23 hours ago
Patrick Star lmfaoooo
clara leclerc
clara leclerc - Day ago
a pancake??? im sad
Darick Jop
Darick Jop - Day ago
Speaching of mistakes toris computer said elders react then react
SammieGigi- - Day ago
Tori has elders react laptop and one of the tables go white Starbucks cup
Corey West
Corey West - Day ago
Her name is „Rna“ like wtf??
dark storm
dark storm - Day ago
How he walked
vivi1010 - Day ago
Do “guess that commercial”!!!
Misleidys Blasco
Misleidys Blasco - Day ago
White table ,Starbucks cup, it says elders react on Tori’s laptop
TEMPTED OP - Day ago
Elder react wight table
Elise Cisco
Elise Cisco - Day ago
When black widow whipped him with her hair he didn't get knocked out he was just in pain. If you have ever got whipped in the eyes with hair you know it hurts like hell!
Natali Nemeth
Natali Nemeth - Day ago
Are jade in the bird box?
Miledith - Day ago
I feel like the Elsa one is pretty obvious 😂
KerSD - Day ago
Starbucks cup, elders react and white table
Vn0mXsimpsons - Day ago
It said elders react on Tori’s laptop
Mahreen riz
Mahreen riz - Day ago
React to got7 new song called eclipse just released
Fosi Palaamo
Fosi Palaamo - Day ago
Elsers react on
The Flash The Beast
Who is also going down in the comments because they didn’t find the Easter eggs?
Ashlee Davis
Ashlee Davis - Day ago
The Starbucks cup in the beginning. Tori's laptop says elder's react 1:29 . And the table is white
Emily Ashlynn
Emily Ashlynn - Day ago
I noticed the harry potter one when I was really little and it has bothered me ever since
Shamma Alf
Shamma Alf - Day ago
0:16 coffe cup
2:50 it says elders react
3:40 white table ( instead of black)
Ashleigh Baisch
Ashleigh Baisch - Day ago
1. at 0:16 there is a coffee cup in the background
2. at 2:50 there is elders react on the back of the laptop
3. at 3:40 there is a white table instead of the black table
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