Yung Dagger
Yung Dagger - 2 hours ago
How is that being a creep?
Faz Squad
Faz Squad - 3 hours ago
It is a simple “hay you look like a model I asked that to a girl once but that’s not creepy
Rob DeChellis
Rob DeChellis - 3 hours ago
poor guy give a compliment and now he’s a creep
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 4 hours ago
He literally just said you looked pretty... And they wonder why “chivalry is dead”
Lexi Santos
Lexi Santos - 4 hours ago
So he called you pretty? I don’t think that’s creepy? I think his lie just added on to the creepiness
Sylvia Navajo
Sylvia Navajo - 5 hours ago
Yes he may lied..But he is working on a home that he is not aware he is being recorded and goin to be humiliated nation wide online...Yes he has the right for an attorney for being recorded in a owner's home knowing the owner is aware of what is happening smh
Dom And
Dom And - 5 hours ago
Poor guy
Shadow GamerYT
Shadow GamerYT - 6 hours ago
Can anyone explain why the last person (the perv) has a big squidward looking nose
Radom Gamerr r
Radom Gamerr r - 7 hours ago
Yeah like fr creepy comment maybe the model one or something but I still wouldn't even call that creepy that was just a comment
moriah darlene
moriah darlene - 7 hours ago
how is that creepy? he just said she is beautiful. but if a cute guy said that to her it wouldn’t be creepy.
Sight Nando
Sight Nando - 7 hours ago
Not that creepy but ok
tor hates life
tor hates life - 9 hours ago
At least 2 were good
Marty ES
Marty ES - 10 hours ago
This is a bit overkill with the "creepy" part. He's a liar and a crook of an electrician, but that was pretty minimal creep.
Arttective - 11 hours ago
Oh yes spy on him without his consent and call him creepy for a harmless compliment
Bobby D
Bobby D - 12 hours ago
Hot take; Lisa Guerrero sucks.
Valdemar Perez III
Valdemar Perez III - 17 hours ago
That was a compliment. Being creepy is getting closer or touching like wtf. Shocking my ass
MITCHELL WIGGS - 19 hours ago
he was trying to stick his wire in a breaker
BananaKingX - Day ago
He’s just complimenting her its not really tat creepy
The Rare Pepe
The Rare Pepe - Day ago
Lisa took them glasses off like he was gonna be shocked
MrSivram28 - Day ago
Everything is creepy too women these days. You say "Good morning" his creepy. "You smell good" his creepy. Smh
Curtice Jarvis
Curtice Jarvis - Day ago
No letters
No license
No liability
No problem
The best doctors have small practices with cold tubs and they leave the light on for you!
Rhyperior Ranger
Rhyperior Ranger - Day ago
If that was considered creepy, wtf would she consider charming?
Lester Aanholt
Lester Aanholt - Day ago
Just here to reiterate what everybody else is saying, dude isn’t a creep at all.
joeandjoeable123 - 2 days ago
Why would you call that creepy. Its 2019 and he complimented you. You recorded him and showed his face as a liar to the whole world.
Brian Vaughan
Brian Vaughan - 2 days ago
Man Ed that was a obvious setup.. They got you redheaded
Wicked Kpop
Wicked Kpop - 2 days ago
How the hell is that a creepy comment?
Red Fred
Red Fred - 2 days ago
If people watched me I would moon them then sue them
sabrina sabrina
sabrina sabrina - 2 days ago
How is that comment creepy he was just giving a compliment
Ivan Lira
Ivan Lira - 3 days ago
That is not creepy, he never disrespected her
Chris Taka
Chris Taka - 3 days ago
Not really as creepy when you consider that she actually use to model for Playboy lol
rosemary marin
rosemary marin - 4 days ago
Is that...... SAND MAN FROM SPIDERMAn???
NKWTI - 4 days ago
Wasn't a creepy comment at all, most people would find it friendly and flattering, it's everything else that was creepy. Really didn't nail this Inside Edition.
J Coles Mastery
J Coles Mastery - 4 days ago
MAN:Compliments Lisa's look
IQ - 4 days ago
I feel bad for the guy ((( he tried to make a buck
Doug Lei
Doug Lei - 5 days ago
The "creepy" comment is only creepy if said by an non-good looking man. If he was handsome, her responses would be asking him to take a tour of the house And the bedrooms.
Adil Waheed
Adil Waheed - 5 days ago
it's just a compliment, jesus....
ร ภ ๏ ฬ
ร ภ ๏ ฬ - 5 days ago
*Would it be a creepy comment if a handsome male model said it* ?
Quin Fisher
Quin Fisher - 5 days ago
Dude that’s not creepy
MarKing - 5 days ago
Inside Edition: This guy is a creeper!!

Also Inside Edition: *Spies on electrician*
zathxn - 5 days ago
Wow... sO cReEpY
Bönzeaux Bleugrëne
Bönzeaux Bleugrëne - 5 days ago
Only in 2019 is it offensive to tell a woman she is beautiful.
GamerGirlBecky - 5 days ago
Considered creepy?No they got him all wrong he's just lieing to her
Timothy Suleymanov
Timothy Suleymanov - 5 days ago
Next video: Lisa Guerrero confronts Donald Trump runs away
Planet Earth
Planet Earth - 5 days ago
Ed the “electrician” may show up on To Catch a Predator, next!
Planet Earth
Planet Earth - 5 days ago
Ed the “electrician” may show up on To Catch a Predator, next! LOL
Harry Browneigh
Harry Browneigh - 6 days ago
"You're beautiful , your husbands a lucky man." ..... "Can I sniff your feet " ?
I got your creepy.
Raven - 6 days ago
It's creepy because he's being unprofessional!
Christopher Sandoval
Christopher Sandoval - 6 days ago
I love these Channel for about I don’t no I’m 8
Pierce Jameel amedi
Pierce Jameel amedi - 6 days ago
Man: Gives Lisa a compliment
Lisa: He gave me a creepy comment
Etski - 6 days ago
that aint even creepy ft is wrong with people these days
Magnum Scumbag
Magnum Scumbag - 6 days ago
So say I make a compliment on the girl I like...that makes me a creep? This man is simply complimenting her look.
hoptoads - 6 days ago
Dishonest - yes, definitely. Creepy ? WTF.
Natalie Bongiorno
Natalie Bongiorno - 6 days ago
omg . he just called you pretty . chilll
Chino Escobedo
Chino Escobedo - 6 days ago
He asked if she was a model? That was creepy??? Wth
ddmn0_0 - 6 days ago
Woman: "Hey your cute"
Guy: *giggles*
Guy: Hey, you're beautiful!
Woman: **Calls 911**
Good Old Fashion Lover boy
ddmn0_0 😉
ddmn0_0 - 3 days ago
@Good Old Fashion Lover boy 😉
Good Old Fashion Lover boy
Garick Brown
Garick Brown - 7 days ago
Everyone gangster until the middle age creepy white man come in the room
nekocontagious - 7 days ago
All the other stuff was a tad strange, but I didn't consider what he said to be _that_ creepy. He didn't even say it in a suggestive way.
- p•i•p•p•a -
- p•i•p•p•a - - 7 days ago
he wasn’t being creepy but why tf did he lie? still don’t like this guy
Modern warfare Fanboy
Modern warfare Fanboy - 7 days ago
I usually really like these inside editions cause they’re useful but dayum all the guy gave you was a compliment lmao can’t say anything nowadays wow
Audrey and Remington
Audrey and Remington - 7 days ago
For all you people out there who think this isn't creepy:
I am sexually attracted to your body, you could be eye candy for a living, and the person who is married to you is lucky (and tbh who can't use a bit of luck 😉).
Audrey and Remington
Audrey and Remington - 2 days ago
@Doug Lei And no. If my neighbor was hot I wouldn't have a different attitude.
Audrey and Remington
Audrey and Remington - 2 days ago
@Doug Lei That's complimenting an article of clothing, not my body. And if a guy said that I might feel uncomfortable because most guys don't care about jewelry.
Doug Lei
Doug Lei - 5 days ago
When your neighbor says "good morning, lovely necklace you're wearing", do you respond back to him " no I don't want sexual intercourse with you.?"
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