Electrician Makes Creepy Comment on Lisa Guerrero's Looks

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King Josh Allen
King Josh Allen - 2 hours ago
2:05 tesla
JON Gergeceff
JON Gergeceff - 6 hours ago
Con artist, sexy reporter
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee - Day ago
How was that creepy?
Lee Mal
Lee Mal - Day ago
Him: You’re beautiful.
Lisa : Oh My GoD SoMbOdY CaLl 911
Blue Whale
Blue Whale - Day ago
The compliment wasn't creepy because it came from an unattractive guy, it was creepy because it was unprofessional and unwelcome. She wanted her outlets fixed. That's it.
pxnkskys - 2 days ago
Ok, I know he wasn’t really doing his job but like..
STIX Gaming
STIX Gaming - 3 days ago
complimenting a woman inst creepy, way to throw him farther under the bus
thats like saying asking a girl out is creepy
Matthew C
Matthew C - 4 days ago
Her and Chris Hansen should get married.
Clamboy Farty
Clamboy Farty - 4 days ago
how did he make a creepy comment he called her beautiful
Kansas football Lifer
Kansas football Lifer - 4 days ago
Man brother wasn’t even being a creeper he just gave her a comment and said her husband was a very lucky man he wasn’t being creepy
Tate Hoffman
Tate Hoffman - 4 days ago
Bruh he was just complimenting her wtf
Arabella //
Arabella // - 4 days ago
I expected something lewd. That wasn’t creepy at all, he said it as a passing comment, didn’t drag it out or make her uncomfortable. I don’t know how scammers like this live with themselves though
Leprocah - 5 days ago
Its just a compliment?? R u really gonna get scared or offended by a compliment
lebogang boikepetse
lebogang boikepetse - 6 days ago
Hello lisa you tech me a leson with your videos thank you do muchh fo rposting this video
Its Marley
Its Marley - 6 days ago
Complimenting someone is a “creepy comment” now. Aight
Bryce Wyche
Bryce Wyche - 6 days ago
How is that creppy he said she looks good
ARMY_아미 - 6 days ago
am i the only one that remembered ed from 90 day fiance when they called him ed???
Yaritza Alvarez
Yaritza Alvarez - 6 days ago
*doesn't give a compliment*
Girls: ugh I'm not good enough
*gives compliment*
Girls: he's a creep!
Glitter - 7 days ago
2:48 Lisa is like a tigress, beauty and the beast.
jennifer - 9 days ago
lol he just said she was beautiful ,jesus
Natasha Washington
Natasha Washington - 9 days ago
His face when Lisa said I’m Lisa Guerrero
ponto - 9 days ago
damn in these times people just cant give a simple compilment without getting critizized (sorry if i spelt anything wrong, english is not my first language.)
Love Playz
Love Playz - 9 days ago
He just said she was Very Beautiful and that’s creepy?
Mr Random
Mr Random - 10 days ago
"You're beautiful, your husband is a lucky man"
1990: sweet compliment
2020: terrible creepy uncomfortable comment
2050: terrible crime punishable by death penalty?
Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres - 10 days ago
"Perv" is more like of describing this guy
Levi Sanchez
Levi Sanchez - 10 days ago
Inside edition is out to ruin lives
Dias06 - 11 days ago
He's a scammer no question about it, but you call him creepy because he's not a young "Chad"
Some hobo
Some hobo - 11 days ago
This isn't creepy but this guy's work ethic is bad
Efé Kavvouras
Efé Kavvouras - 11 days ago
Really how is asking a woman if she is a model creepy and saying she a beautiful woman and her husband is a lucky man is a compliment not a creepy comment
Harvir Athwal
Harvir Athwal - 12 days ago
Stupid man there’s nothing creepy 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
hello there
hello there - 13 days ago
I don’t think that should be considered “creepy”

Edit: he could have said that to “gain her trust” in a way

Edit 2: but Lisa is pretty dont get me wrong lol
Amena Ward
Amena Ward - 14 days ago
In my opinion, if she felt uncomfortable she should have said so.
jack w
jack w - 15 days ago
people need to calm down they titled the video what they did for clickbait purposes. but also creepy or not that comment was definitely weird and out of place regardless of his looks.
Danyaal Patel
Danyaal Patel - 15 days ago
Legend has it he's still smoking
Vikashar - 15 days ago
The man's gotta finance his shore house and boat somehow
Keatherton - 15 days ago
0:25 Seriously though ima need somebody to fix those carpets in the foyer
Rhys Taylor
Rhys Taylor - 15 days ago
That’s not creepy he just made a compliment smh stop making him sound like a horrible person yea he ripped you off but saying that he was creepy is just sad.
Miles Edgeworth
Miles Edgeworth - 15 days ago
Guy didn't even mean it. He's a conman trying to butter you up so you don't get angry about the high prices he's going to charge you.
inkifi - 16 days ago
why did u lye to me
Comrade Tim
Comrade Tim - 16 days ago
*it's only "creepy" if the man isn't handsome*
Jeremy Bonilla
Jeremy Bonilla - 16 days ago
Right but If he was young an attractive he would still be considered creepy right?....
Ali Al-Hashmi
Ali Al-Hashmi - 17 days ago
Some working had the coron and now i will not an one come to my home
YouMake MeReal
YouMake MeReal - 17 days ago
Its only CREEPY because its an ugly dude. If it was a handsome man, the same words would not be CREEPY. Stupid af, I hate ppl.
ryanboy - 17 days ago
that is not mean
Karma - 17 days ago
Makes a compliement
Here comes Lisa o wow your such a creep
T AA - 17 days ago
Hahaha!! Ed the chain smoker BUSTED! I salute the other HONEST electricians who did the right thing.
Bradley Haynes
Bradley Haynes - 17 days ago
How is it creepy is it because he’s old???
Francisco Espinoza-Amador
the creepy thing isn’t the nice compliment , it’s that the house is “watching” you. get it right idiots
Ishaa Amir
Ishaa Amir - 18 days ago
Ok he's in the wrong for not doing his job, but the comment wasn't creepy ??
No Duh
No Duh - 18 days ago
I bet if he had good looks it wouldn't be "creepy" but the way he did his work is still something to shame
Naeemah Grant-Gurganious
Naeemah Grant-Gurganious - 18 days ago
He didn't do anything her so how is he " Creepy "
iiBoo - 18 days ago
He is probably just a lonely man trying to give a pretty lady a compliment, it’s pretty rude to classify him as a creep. I mean sure we all have some issues but really.... I actually feel pretty bad for him. God bless.
mrkjcking - 18 days ago
He complimented her😂😂
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 18 days ago
Why he wearing a tesla shirt LOL
Sasha Twinkie
Sasha Twinkie - 18 days ago
my dad is an electrician but I can promise you he isn't a creepy. Lol. He also won't do bad stuff ;-;
Steven Escobar
Steven Escobar - 19 days ago
Still get it Lisa gets complemented oh no did u head that
75,000 subscribers for my microwave
Ryan Molina
Ryan Molina - 19 days ago
Aah special ed
Brendan Hammond
Brendan Hammond - 19 days ago
If it was a girl/handsome younger guy it wouldn’t be creepy.
Trol ler
Trol ler - 19 days ago
Is she like a new strain of Karen?
Travis Mage
Travis Mage - 19 days ago
Bruh moment
Adrian riv
Adrian riv - 19 days ago
Lisa Guerrero should really be the host of cheaters
Danny Becker [Archetypal Bear]
Oh, come on. That's what you consider creepy? Get over yourself.
Uniforniaa - 20 days ago
He literally just complimented, anything that any man says is creepy now.
Felipe Cabral
Felipe Cabral - 20 days ago
one of the guys look like vin diesel
Cense X
Cense X - 20 days ago
he just said she looked prettyj if thats creepy then how am i not on a watchlist
Jamar Dornevil
Jamar Dornevil - 20 days ago
How is that creepy he just complemented u 😭😭
Mina Samaan
Mina Samaan - 20 days ago
He said the truth when he called you ugly
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 - 20 days ago
Just Report the title is misleading
Emilio González
Emilio González - 20 days ago
Lisa is pretty beautiful though
MonasticSolace - 20 days ago
Oh no. It's the end of the world. He asked her if she is a model and told her she's beautiful. That was the only think he did right!!!!!! He gave the woman a compliment. Feminism is beyond ridiculous.
PrettyBoiBozo - 20 days ago
Its only creepy cuz he’s old, if he was hot then it would be considered a compliment
chakenbacon - 21 day ago
I kinda feel bad for this guy. He’s lazy, sure... and a heavy chain smoker. But he didn’t act creepy in anyway.
NotSnow_ii ツ
NotSnow_ii ツ - 21 day ago
Asha Bhad
Asha Bhad - 21 day ago
A guy can say ‘I love ur hair’ and if the lady don’t think he’s handsome she’s like ‘CREEP!’. But if she thought he was handsome she wouldn’t. It’s all about looks now a days so sad
Jose Roman
Jose Roman - 21 day ago
She took her glasses off like Superman lol 😂
lyrics MOTION supervisor
Plot twist: *the “experts’ were lying*
Leah moi
Leah moi - 21 day ago
I love watching this, dunno why
Mask ‘n Play
Mask ‘n Play - 21 day ago
“Hello 911?
Yes, an electrician called me beautiful and which means he creepy”
I really don’t understands his show
Ian Chia
Ian Chia - 21 day ago
Plot twist the professionals were scamming them
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