Spell the Word, Win the Car - Spelling Bee Challenge

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 2 months ago
Do you think you would have won if you were here?!
TSC MShock 22
TSC MShock 22 - 22 days ago
Aiman Harith
Aiman Harith - Month ago
Honestly I can get all the answer right and English is my second language. 😁
Diego Silva
Diego Silva - Month ago
Alisha Khan
Alisha Khan - Month ago
FaZe Rug it’s my luck I don’t think so
Rey Anthony Dumapias
Rey Anthony Dumapias - 26 minutes ago
Its my first time in your channel and im very happy. Keep it up! Your fan from the philippines 💕
Nino Roel Cortez
Nino Roel Cortez - 2 hours ago
Is it faze rug? or faze bug?
Henry Gooding
Henry Gooding - 5 hours ago
papa rug spelled it hip HOE sis
Mehreen Khan
Mehreen Khan - 8 hours ago
I think it was Kayln speaking in the background
Elizabeth Enriquez
Elizabeth Enriquez - 16 hours ago
Am i the only one who feel sorry to papa rug haha.
danielle and devona slay the dance floor
kaitlin is behind the camera
liseth tocas
liseth tocas - Day ago
who noticed that Brian cousin has his nike headband on upside down
Nick B
Nick B - Day ago
Anyone know the song on the speaker if so plz tell
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel - Day ago
It Is Kaedlen behind the camera
Riley Tallmam
Riley Tallmam - Day ago
Kaylen is behind the camera
Spjuthinator - Day ago
numair qureshi
numair qureshi - 2 days ago
Anyone else notice Anthony's headband? Its upside down
Ashley's Journey
Ashley's Journey - 2 days ago
Ashley's Journey
Ashley's Journey - 2 days ago
Bryce Gould
Bryce Gould - 3 days ago
Was the person behind the camera kaylen
Austin Lewis
Austin Lewis - 3 days ago
hey rug, your my favorite faze member
Tempestz - 3 days ago
8:11 lol
Jaswinder Kaur
Jaswinder Kaur - 3 days ago
THAT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
xD ctrl
xD ctrl - 3 days ago
2:51 Music Pls
"put the music name pls in the comments“
ABz_REA - 3 days ago
13:35 that was a sad moment he never got his high 5 lmao
InnocentZov - 3 days ago
Bro Amanda is beautiful😍😤
Living Death
Living Death - 3 days ago
Graffti is what one of the “corrections” said😂
trppyCS - 4 days ago
Hey Rug what song did you play on the speaker, I hear it everywhere yet idk the name...
And I would easily win this tbh. not to be arrogant because im in the 5th grade yet its so easy to spell idk why
Isabella Montero
Isabella Montero - 4 days ago
I know who is in the back saying the words it’s katlyn
William Griffith
William Griffith - 4 days ago
The talker is stephine
Angelina Eishou
Angelina Eishou - 4 days ago
Behind the camera was kaylen brains ex-girlfriend
NG_MobĮleTryhard S
NG_MobĮleTryhard S - 4 days ago
It a kaylen
Carri - 4 days ago
Anthonys bandanna is giving me ocd because the nike symbol is upside down
Brutal_Cabrera -
Brutal_Cabrera - - 5 days ago
5:20 better than iridocycytis I can't spell for shit
Kelen Lopez
Kelen Lopez - 5 days ago
Did anybody notice Anthony had the Nike sign upsidedown
Tim & Jen Rutherford
Tim & Jen Rutherford - 5 days ago
the vioce is his ex-girlfriend
Agnesa Bici 6A
Agnesa Bici 6A - 5 days ago
hey brian i know who the person behind the camera is, it is your ex, am i right
Fortnite Sniper
Fortnite Sniper - 5 days ago
Go bee
Ariyan Mobin
Ariyan Mobin - 5 days ago
Papa rug car?
Ariyan Mobin
Ariyan Mobin - 6 days ago
Got them all right like if u did as well
joseph Hernandez
joseph Hernandez - 6 days ago
Rugtats like the show?
PO OPY - 6 days ago
Its Probably Brain's Ex Girlfriend
Hunter Gone Scoot
Hunter Gone Scoot - 6 days ago
I Learned Graffiti when I Was 7 Years Old
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez - 6 days ago
The one saying the words is KAELYN
Mike Bargs
Mike Bargs - 6 days ago
How tf can you not spell graffiti actually retarded
Emma Nguyen
Emma Nguyen - 6 days ago
The person who said the word is kaitylan
Christian Dave
Christian Dave - 6 days ago
yow it's kaelyn
Daisy Yanez
Daisy Yanez - 6 days ago
Riaz Dhanani
Riaz Dhanani - 6 days ago
Like if it’s Kaylen behind the camera
Emilio Jimenez
Emilio Jimenez - 7 days ago
Moly is the host of the video
Hey it’s me Jenna
Hey it’s me Jenna - 7 days ago
It’s you ex’s behind the camera
Twitter EsraXx
Twitter EsraXx - 7 days ago
I feel bad of papa rug
Pablo Ponce
Pablo Ponce - 7 days ago
Katlyn!!! Was behind the camera
Loaster Toaster
Loaster Toaster - 7 days ago
The voice was kaylen
kiara santisteban
kiara santisteban - 7 days ago
It’s Kaetlyn as the host!
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