Spell the Word, Win the Car - Spelling Bee Challenge

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 12 days ago
Do you think you would have won if you were here?!
Yadier lozada
Yadier lozada - 46 minutes ago
FaZe Rug 👋
Sameen Memon
Sameen Memon - 9 hours ago
Jayleb Kennedy
Jayleb Kennedy - 21 hour ago
Ashley Douglas
Ashley Douglas - Day ago
Luis Antonio Domingo
Rug the host is kaelyn isnt it
Amrit Gill - Springdale PS (1438)
Behind the camera was Kayla
XxMermaid GamingxX
XxMermaid GamingxX - 35 minutes ago
*Anthony’s Nike headband is upside down LMAO*😂
XxMermaid GamingxX
XxMermaid GamingxX - 39 minutes ago
*Brian*- I lost in my 6th grade spelling bee
*me*- same
Henry Dao
Henry Dao - 45 minutes ago
What is the music at 2:50?
Alexandra Contreras
Alexandra Contreras - Hour ago
That was cheating Because you already knew all the answers
Nibba Nibba
Nibba Nibba - Hour ago
Endgame Fact:

Rug Wins The Spelling Bee
Nibba Nibba
Nibba Nibba - Hour ago
Whispers **Fuck You**
Milla Nasha
Milla Nasha - 2 hours ago
It can fit in anything.... hmmm? How about my 👌
Puppet master159
Puppet master159 - 2 hours ago
What song did he use for the speaker example?
starbucks N.A
starbucks N.A - 2 hours ago
Faze rug
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez - 2 hours ago
Faze rug is gonna win
Hailey Muglia
Hailey Muglia - 3 hours ago
not me
Diamond Wolf
Diamond Wolf - 4 hours ago
Pfft my grandma and grandpa already have one
Karabo Byron
Karabo Byron - 6 hours ago
Should’ve gave them more lives honestly
Karabo Byron
Karabo Byron - 6 hours ago
The editing of your vids are crazy dope bro🔥🔥
Mackenzy Rose
Mackenzy Rose - 8 hours ago
I use the JBL speakers
wwekid1245 - 17 hours ago
Help me reach my goal of 1k
Lalit Batra
Lalit Batra - 17 hours ago
Katlen is saying the words
Google Asuer
Google Asuer - 18 hours ago
His ex was behind the cam
Imza Rizvi
Imza Rizvi - 18 hours ago
Was it molly behind the camera
2025 Fernanda Medina
2025 Fernanda Medina - 19 hours ago
Where's mama rug?
BigBaller Medina
BigBaller Medina - 19 hours ago
Papa rug wasn't trying
Keeping it the Hallie Astin way
The host was Jessica Brian’s ex
xXxHALODOGxXx - 21 hour ago
That's Caitlyn behind the camera isn't it? (Sorry if I spelled her name wrong there are so many ways to spell it lol)
Michelle Plascencia
Michelle Plascencia - 21 hour ago
Where is Nor
Jayleb Kennedy
Jayleb Kennedy - 21 hour ago
FaZe Rug is a beast a theese challenge's
Phoenix967 - 22 hours ago
On 13:49 why was the f is graffiti red even though he got the letter f right?
Mya monrial
Mya monrial - 23 hours ago
Poor papa rug he gets bullied for how he speaks
WavyAims - Day ago
Are you busy look leisurely lunch whatever
WavyAims - Day ago
What is on the daily looks
Pluto - Day ago
10:23 and 12:34 Anthony was staring at his cousins ass 😂😂
XxGen. RadriarxX
XxGen. RadriarxX - Day ago
except I live in the UP so sorry
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob - Day ago
Put my name on the wheel. Lol
XxGen. RadriarxX
XxGen. RadriarxX - Day ago
hey you should have let me in, I won the state spelling bee!
Jesse Smetters
Jesse Smetters - Day ago
Rug;”Everyone keeps asking me what kind of speaker I use”
Everyone: huh?
AA GAMING - Day ago
im a big fan my name is tyty my rela name is damarys bey
Minecraft BrosTK
Minecraft BrosTK - Day ago
Who thinks Kalean is behind the camera
Isobel Platt
Isobel Platt - Day ago
Lol that was so funny but some of thesse words that you guys cant spell i can spell lol NICE FAZE
Parallel Spencer
Parallel Spencer - Day ago
What song what that u played in the intro with the speaker
V9_Chops - Day ago
the person behind the camera is kaylee brians x
Myaaa - Day ago
"Your word is fight"
Papa rug: Fighd
Grace Harte
Grace Harte - Day ago
I won in my 6 grade spelling bee
E STUDIOS - Day ago
Bro your special guest is your ex girl
Marissa Shiralian
Marissa Shiralian - Day ago
kizzy McD
kizzy McD - Day ago
That was soooo much fun, thank you
Dizz_isaac - Day ago
i thnk the person who was tlkng is kaelyn
XxRagnarokxX - Day ago
Kaelyn behind the cam
Anthony Hermenau
Anthony Hermenau - Day ago
Kayln is behind the camera
What if j won is he even 16
Luis Antonio Domingo
The host is obviously kaelyn just listen to the voice
DocYeti - Day ago
5:24 😂😂😂 NAH NAH I'M DEAD😂
Maleya Ward
Maleya Ward - Day ago
We all know Kaelyn is behind the camera
Ytleixande - Day ago
Rug we should collab on fortnite but you might not bc I'm not famous nor good at YouTube.
Fernando villa
Fernando villa - Day ago
All the guys are trying so hard not to stare at Chanel, Amanda, steph ass 🍑🍑😂😂😂😂 look at there eyes Very closely.
Xx superboy xX
Xx superboy xX - Day ago
15:00 😂😂😂😂😂
Rug is like:”how could this happen to me”😂😂🥺🥺
Gru Gamer
Gru Gamer - Day ago
This is how you know faze rug is losing ideas 💡
RyZeX - Day ago
This was so emotional pass me the hencrshfd
Mateo Tellez
Mateo Tellez - Day ago
Alicia Alison
Alicia Alison - Day ago
Do this with naor
Ryan Gatti
Ryan Gatti - 2 days ago
I think you should go the last to eat wins 10,000
Viviana Hernandez
Viviana Hernandez - 2 days ago
The person behind the camera was Katelyn and I no l am not spelling her name right
The Crafty Slime Girl
The Crafty Slime Girl - 2 days ago
From 10:41 to 10:43 Rug was doing the “ Woah Challenge “ hit the woah!
Sarah Snowdon
Sarah Snowdon - 2 days ago
stop at 2:22😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson - 2 days ago
This how much ous
Annabelle Ortega
Annabelle Ortega - 2 days ago
Faz rug is good at spelling
Kaleah Walkingchild
Kaleah Walkingchild - 2 days ago
I wish Jessica and Nor were in this video
Juana Gutierrez Ajualip
The person who was behind the camera is kaelyn
Delimarie Ferrer
Delimarie Ferrer - 2 days ago
Is Katelyn the one saying the words
tweedy333 plays
tweedy333 plays - 2 days ago
i find the sidmen one was better
Dina Luzbinina
Dina Luzbinina - 2 days ago
Junior has a deeper voice then rug
ツTTV.linxey - 2 days ago
ツTTV.linxey - 2 days ago
sdwillis39 - 2 days ago
You dog is so cute
sdwillis39 - 2 days ago
This was hilarious this made me laugh so hard
sdwillis39 - 2 days ago
I love spelling bee
RBP Clan
RBP Clan - 2 days ago
Caitlyn is be hind the camera
Colin_Lax5 - 2 days ago
Kayla’s behind the camera
Angelina Kesto
Angelina Kesto - 2 days ago
The person behind the camera is Katelyn I know from her voice
Slygiczz - 2 days ago
its that girl who said she was faze rugs cousin in the uber vid.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez - 2 days ago
I was about to take a dump after papa rug misspelled fight😂😂😂
najah elyas
najah elyas - 2 days ago
Won * sorry
Victor Lancee
Victor Lancee - 2 days ago
13:53 why is that F red?????
Tanvir Virk
Tanvir Virk - 2 days ago
Another stolen idea good job faze rug please jus stfu
pdst3 - 2 days ago
Damn rug can spell high key👌
God Ler
God Ler - 2 days ago
Anthony has his headband upside down
Silvia Mornelas
Silvia Mornelas - 2 days ago
Rug and Andrew in the back hahahaahhah
Andrew Ash
Andrew Ash - 2 days ago
Yo your name is brain
Jerry Pangelinan
Jerry Pangelinan - 2 days ago
Was that your girl or molly
Leila Abdelmeguid
Leila Abdelmeguid - 2 days ago
Obviously that is Caitlyn behind the camera. "mystery guest" lol
It's T.T from Tdot
It's T.T from Tdot - 2 days ago
If Junior won would he drive the car...how old is he?
I AM - 2 days ago
Whats Amanda @?
Hosana Eyassu
Hosana Eyassu - 2 days ago
13:12 fuck you is mouthed
Hosana Eyassu
Hosana Eyassu - 2 days ago
Game Express
Game Express - 2 days ago
get a permanent car next time
Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr - 2 days ago
Roses are red
apples are too
I got a like
but why is it blue
Aisha Aljaberi
Aisha Aljaberi - 2 days ago
It’s ur ex gf in the background
Dumbo Dasher
Dumbo Dasher - 2 days ago
I’m in Australia and marvellous has 2 ls
George Washington
George Washington - 2 days ago
1:40 did Papa rug just hit the WOAH?
vicky_1989 Djollo
vicky_1989 Djollo - 2 days ago
Ahaaa papa rug
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