The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Audio)

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ICGames - 4 hours ago
Getting some take on me vibes
Wolfgang Horstkamp
Wolfgang Horstkamp - 4 hours ago
80s are back 😍😍😍😍 I love this Song 😍😍😍😍
Vinayak Ubale
Vinayak Ubale - 4 hours ago
This song makes me feel like doing things he did in heartless
Joppa_04 - 5 hours ago
I'm not really a fan of him, but this song is art in every point
julio foncea reinoso
julio foncea reinoso - 5 hours ago
80 now
Beautiful songs
Tanki Unlimited
Tanki Unlimited - 5 hours ago
I remember driving along the streets of Downtown NYC while jamming to this in the 80's
bigeyesbiglies - 5 hours ago
I love 80’s vibes ❤️
Leanne S
Leanne S - 5 hours ago
Melle D
Melle D - 5 hours ago
Braki _1
Braki _1 - 6 hours ago
Grab a joint or some shrooms with your buds and have the most euphoric trip of your life.
zmakanteri - 6 hours ago
Es cuatico a lo que está llegando musicalmente TheWeeknd .. Otra cosa ...
Ermais Owen
Ermais Owen - 6 hours ago
If it ain’t xo then it’s gonna go baby 🥶🔥🔥🔥✨⭐️🇪🇹&🇺🇸
Gaurav .N.M.P
Gaurav .N.M.P - 6 hours ago
superb song , I love it
DoneWrongType - 6 hours ago
Collecting all 100 hidden packages via helicopter before the first mission starts!
Mestizo liftr
Mestizo liftr - 6 hours ago
If this a trend of 2019/20 songs sounding like 80s songs I’m all for it.
Aakash Kapoor
Aakash Kapoor - 6 hours ago
Thus should be the international anthem of music
Lorem_ - 6 hours ago
the beat made me remember of regular show
Jaheer Ahmed
Jaheer Ahmed - 6 hours ago
If ur listening to this song, then u hav a great taste of music.. Good old 80s vibe😍
kharnan Chap
kharnan Chap - 6 hours ago
This song reminds me of 80’s Tony Montana
Ojas Tripathi
Ojas Tripathi - 6 hours ago
Is this synth pop or the 80s are back?
Pedro Moreno
Pedro Moreno - 7 hours ago
80s vibe, i love it
spaz0leo - 7 hours ago
Can't stop listening O.o
Blue Sushi
Blue Sushi - 7 hours ago
It’s the 80’s again and I’m alright.
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez - 7 hours ago
sounds like 80s retro Style
Suace X
Suace X - 7 hours ago
We need a new Grand Theft Auto game with this song in it
I just uploaded a Weeknd blinding lights type beat check it out and lmk what yall think 🖤🖤
Carl Aranzaso
Carl Aranzaso - 7 hours ago
Love how The Weeknd takes inspiration from the 80s in his albums. In BBTM, we got the synth driven "In the Night" and the post disco dance "Can't Feel My Face." In Starboy we got another synth driven song "Secrets", MJ vibes "I Feel it Coming", and the post disco "A Lonely Night." Abel keeps maintaining solid synthesizers dance hits and Blinding Lights is another banger🔥💯
Kevin - 8 hours ago
This song is perfect when driving late at night in the city lights 🌃
Jessica Trimarco
Jessica Trimarco - 8 hours ago
He never fails me! xotwod
Christian Bandala
Christian Bandala - 8 hours ago
Without a doubt the best voice 😍😍 ♥ ️ much better than justin bieber's slut 🖕😅
chris weaver
chris weaver - 8 hours ago
The opening part make me feel like I'm about to get Rick rolled
Matthew Gillies
Matthew Gillies - 8 hours ago
Fantastic live performance on The Late Show. The music reminds me of my childhood.
Edith N Zacarias
Edith N Zacarias - 8 hours ago
Blinding lights be like look at her now
Tharuka Lasith
Tharuka Lasith - 8 hours ago
Weekend looks like bruno mars on cocaine 🤣🤣
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom - 8 hours ago
" Pretty Wings" Maxwell
Dat you??
D'Z Main
D'Z Main - 8 hours ago
The calm before the storm 🔥🔥🔥🔥✊✊😈😈😈🥶🥶🥶💤💤💤👋👋👋🌎🩸
Saul Morales
Saul Morales - 8 hours ago
Man i don't listen to mainstream music that much since its all the same but Abel is truly an innovator with a spin on the 80's ...what a man
Sushanta Mukherjee
Sushanta Mukherjee - 8 hours ago
G.O.A.T 🔥🔥
Trainer Julia
Trainer Julia - 9 hours ago
not since MJ has there been such an effortlessly beautiful voice in pop music - he was born to sing - it's a gift ...
AP_Emporium - 9 hours ago
Why does this remind me of stranger things 😅
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