The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Official Audio)

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Jochen Sambale
Jochen Sambale - 12 minutes ago
Now everybody understand why music from the 80' s is so unreachable ..
помпей апоссимус
New song for GTA 6?
Kevin J
Kevin J - 25 minutes ago
PS5 Be like:
iwunio bed wars acmc
iwunio bed wars acmc - 36 minutes ago
AMAZING SONG❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️
iwunio bed wars acmc
iwunio bed wars acmc - 36 minutes ago
This Song is amazing! I was suprised this song😂😂😂. Pls 👍
Calvin Biefeld
Calvin Biefeld - 38 minutes ago
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Niksedi - 41 minute ago
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E. E.
E. E. - 43 minutes ago
The Retro Era is near.
Calvin Biefeld
Calvin Biefeld - 43 minutes ago
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P R X J E K - 49 minutes ago
hear this in mexico alot
Sean and Liv
Sean and Liv - 49 minutes ago
I think this should be used in gta
Jacob Heyden
Jacob Heyden - 50 minutes ago
Ο μπουχεσας ο Ραπ με έφερε εδώ.
esther hernandez
esther hernandez - 53 minutes ago
He sing nice
Immortal Kombat
Immortal Kombat - Hour ago
Lukito Megeneishvili
sayure rato uketia, pidarastia?
Rafael Dourado
Rafael Dourado - Hour ago
I just can imagine this song playing in the stranger thing
Haunted Dolly
Haunted Dolly - Hour ago
The school that I go to
We decided that we would sing this song for the last day for year 6
But we changed the tune to 2020 version it’s hilarious
But it fits great
china Perez
china Perez - Hour ago
This song makes me want to run into a candy store naked and steal a pack of gum than runnnnnnn......🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃
i just heard it i went to tik tok
Night Security
Night Security - Hour ago
Who are the 40k deaf people ?
Lap S
Lap S - 2 hours ago
it's the same sound beat as Flashdance Maniac song. Blinding Lights is a 1983 song :)
Lex ***
Lex *** - 2 hours ago
LMJ ZM1RK0 - Hour ago
Ciao milano
Monk Eddy
Monk Eddy - 2 hours ago
Stranger Things vibe anybody???
Monk Eddy
Monk Eddy - 2 hours ago
Stranger Things vibe anybody????
Alejandra Tochimani
Alejandra Tochimani - 2 hours ago
Queen Vlog
Queen Vlog - 2 hours ago
This sounds like strangers things
Mariano Ugalde
Mariano Ugalde - 2 hours ago
Esencia de los 80`s en esta cancion, animo a seguir adelante a pesar de esta pandemia
netanel - 2 hours ago
It sounds like the 80’s came back to life.. just loving it 🥰
Night Moose
Night Moose - 2 hours ago
His music is often sad, lonely, and yearning but it makes me feel alive.
Sayme Ch
Sayme Ch - 2 hours ago
Sayme Ch
Sayme Ch - 2 hours ago
Me encantaaaa😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙
iiKing_Fartii - 2 hours ago
this song is so good i was in a wheelchair my whole life until this moment, when i had to turn the volume up.
iiKing_Fartii - 2 hours ago
Kraio - 2 hours ago
We’ve found it: André 4000
Daniel Montero Lopez
Daniel Montero Lopez - 3 hours ago
Xantteboy - 3 hours ago
We will be back here for many years
blorp 1979
blorp 1979 - 3 hours ago
Sunscribe my chanel
alien ware
alien ware - 3 hours ago
Speed 0.75x 80’s vibe 👍
kiko bernardo
kiko bernardo - 3 hours ago
que musica top
Kacper Sieracki
Kacper Sieracki - 3 hours ago
Your the Michael Jackson without skin change
Mattia Giuliani
Mattia Giuliani - 3 hours ago
This album is the only good thing about 2020
JayTheStreetPreacher - 3 hours ago
Visit me ⬇️ ❤ you will like ▶️
Nhà Của Đào
Nhà Của Đào - 3 hours ago
I came here because jihyo 💜
Maria Santos
Maria Santos - 4 hours ago
Pop do meu amigo
Maria Santos
Maria Santos - 4 hours ago
Meu favorito Amo
User 1
User 1 - 4 hours ago
This album is the only good thing about 2020
Black Project
Black Project - 4 hours ago
sonido de los 80 temazooo xd mui bueno
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna - 4 hours ago
Why does this song feel like Take On Me
Owen Adriel Huamani Huaman
Denle like si no entienden de lo que escriben
Oussama Mabrouk 1 er eso b
Alguien de España?
Owen Adriel Huamani Huaman
Pues yo soy el penultimo de aqui
subarbiea - 4 hours ago
His voice is very soft in beautiful 🥺
B White
B White - 4 hours ago
He is undoubtedly genius
Imthewan - 4 hours ago
When this first came out i listen to this and people around me said "bro that music is old bro its bad" then it become popular
ISRAAD VISUALS - 4 hours ago
Tiktokers finding a way to ruin this song
Giovani Serra Contreras
Giovani Serra Contreras - 4 hours ago
Esta chida
kMZ - 4 hours ago
If this isn't in GTA 6 I will shit myself
Darold 101
Darold 101 - 5 hours ago
Sounds like it would be in stranger things
eh eh
eh eh - 5 hours ago
This song feels like you're riding on a car and gliding the highway while you're drunk at 3am hahaha
eh eh
eh eh - 5 hours ago
Only this song can make my mood better
Ealdor-Bana - 5 hours ago
Neon 80’s vibe has been very popular lately among all genres of music.
Azhar Jassal
Azhar Jassal - 5 hours ago
50k subs with 0 videos
50k subs with 0 videos - 5 hours ago
50% people - About 80s
30% - Gta 6
20 %people - no read
BTW don't read my name😇😇
50k subs with 0 videos
50k subs with 0 videos - 4 hours ago
@Swev 2020 Help me plz 😉
Swev 2020
Swev 2020 - 4 hours ago
Lmao you have 2 subs and ur trying to get 50k
Sarthak Thakur
Sarthak Thakur - 5 hours ago
I used to be a fan, but now i'm an air conditioner.
Kimberly Mills
Kimberly Mills - 5 hours ago
MPDiddy - 5 hours ago
If this song isn’t in cyberpunk 2077 somewhere I’m gonna be disappointed! This song makes me see that city every time!
Cătălin Neagu
Cătălin Neagu - 5 hours ago
I think that 200 million views are just from me ...Let me know if you understand that feeling!
Roxana Samson
Roxana Samson - 6 hours ago
is it just me or it sounds so similar to this?
sư ông lên chùa
sư ông lên chùa - 6 hours ago
Gud for "Back to the future"
Timo Santegoets
Timo Santegoets - 6 hours ago
Why everyone say that this song need to get in GTA
Caroline Anquez
Caroline Anquez - 6 hours ago
robo desgovernado
robo desgovernado - 6 hours ago
essa é boa pra cacete
dao thang
dao thang - 6 hours ago
what i lost
what i lost - 6 hours ago
XeninWorx - 7 hours ago
One of the best 80’s song that wasn’t an 80’s song.
Luiz Alvaro Flores
Luiz Alvaro Flores - 7 hours ago
This must be the theme song for International Space Station
고망 - 7 hours ago
한국인 모집합니다
Luis Guandique
Luis Guandique - 7 hours ago
No le entiendo ni mierda pero enta tri perra esta rola
Iqbal Sandhwani
Iqbal Sandhwani - 7 hours ago
This song's instrumental need to be in gta 6's trailer
Alex - 7 hours ago
Fifa type beat
Ghostch4nt - 7 hours ago
As an 80s baby this is such a throwback to the music my parents would listen to when I was growing up. Love it.
Matthieu André
Matthieu André - 7 hours ago
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