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FridiNaTor - 7 hours ago
Tiny Myran
Tiny Myran - 12 hours ago
I noticed that the Koopalings didn’t really had a big appearance after super Mario world .Yoshi’s safari but this game isn’t special.
a a
a a - Day ago
I can agree for the most part on your statement. But im a HUGE fan of the first new super mario bros game. I think it feels quite different from the 4 other games. Possibly excluding luigi U, i think the DS instalment is the most difficult. Like, you wouldnt find levels like 8-8 and 8-tower2 in the other games. I also love some of the levels like 7-3, with the giant wiggler or 6-3, with all of the pipes, or 2-3, in the sewer. The level design is mostly still very solid and above the later games. There are also a ton of new bosses, unique to each world. The giant goomba, mummy-pokey and lakithunder just to name a few. There are also a lot of secrets with the secret exits and levels and worlds 4 and 7. There is extra content, too. The mario vs luigi mode is pretty cool and can be very fun. And the minigames. They brought over a few from 64 DS, but you no longer have to unlock them. So whenever i get bored, i find myself playing a few of the minigames. I specifically remember one time when i played poker with luigi for about 2 hours straight, or playing sort or splode just to get a higher score. There is so much to enjoy here and is still one of my favorite mario games (and video games) of all time. I think this is a very under-appreciated mario game, overall.
The Friendly Gamer
The Friendly Gamer - 2 days ago
6:18 Color-Blind? For Real!!!😭😭😭
Sci Brew
Sci Brew - 2 days ago
Take a shot every time he says new super Mario brothers
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia - 2 days ago
I like the mini mushroom
PLFG - 3 days ago
Is it sad that I never knew that new super mario bros was a remake of the nes game until recently
Caleb Donaldson
Caleb Donaldson - 3 days ago
If all the New Super games were as good as DS & Wii, then this series may've been able to contend with the OG series. As far as I'm concerned after playing all of them, DS is A-tier, Wii is S-tier, and all the rest are C or B-tier. The first 2 harken back to the magic of the old days, but the others fail to reinvent enough to stay fresh.
Sonic Culture
Sonic Culture - 3 days ago
Brody - 3 days ago
Joan Koçiko
Joan Koçiko - 4 days ago
Dude NSMB for the DS is one of the highlights of my childhood and all of my friends who had DSs back then still have awesome memories of it. I've played the previous Mario platformers and I think it holds up admirably while standing out as original (imo). Btw the blue shell is one of my faves, it makes you go fast and turns you invincible while you're on shell mode.
Kally - 4 days ago
Everyone likes and wants a masterpiece, no one wants the same masterpiece multiple times.
It's Diego
It's Diego - 4 days ago
I’m so mad about U deluxe.
It’s the same game, just on the switch.
JOKING HAZARD! - 4 days ago
He’s right, you can milk these for awhile.........

The DS one lasted me from kindergarten to 6th grade until I finally went back and beat it
Mario DaMan
Mario DaMan - 4 days ago
*i think we’ll have a spin-off series for Scott The Woz in about 13 years called New Scott The Woz*
Joan Koçiko
Joan Koçiko - 4 days ago
For the Nintendo switch U
Hayden Zahn
Hayden Zahn - 4 days ago
Jesus you already have 1 Million subscribers....
Pepe Mora
Pepe Mora - 5 days ago
New super Mario Bros 2 was the only game that my grandma pre-ordered for me without telling me. I didn't think it was actually going to be a Mario game. I actually had decent amount of fun with it.
saearo christopher
saearo christopher - 5 days ago
tacko fall
TDC - 5 days ago
New super mario bros Wii is the best HOME CONSOLE NSMB game fight me
Course the the best handheld on is obvious...3D land
Stuff Stuur
Stuff Stuur - 5 days ago
Five years and one day to the day I was born the first new mario bros was released
Mayor Yoshiboy
Mayor Yoshiboy - 5 days ago
Oh boy I can't wait for a Switch port!
Henry Conner
Henry Conner - 5 days ago
3:37 I thought you needed to use a Koopa Shell to get there, but now I'm proven wrong, "Insert Kazuhira Miller's Why are we still here? Speech Here".
Penguin Games
Penguin Games - 6 days ago
Is it weird that I said SHIT IS THAT A MINI MUSHROOM all the time
Drop_8 - 7 days ago
Themanjk 9000
Themanjk 9000 - 6 days ago
Ahanu Riggs
Ahanu Riggs - 7 days ago
the og one was so good, i loved the multiplayer
Shaye Gramiak
Shaye Gramiak - 7 days ago
fun fact: when wii u got hacked they found out that it was made on the same code and assets as wii, they just added/tweaked a few things for wii u
Kwinten De Vriendt
Kwinten De Vriendt - 7 days ago
are you really color blind
Themanjk 9000
Themanjk 9000 - 6 days ago
I think so?
KJpixel - 8 days ago
HA! You thought it was only 4 games but it was actually 5! Bwahahahah
KJpixel - 6 days ago
@Bagel God Oh yeah, that thing. Truly unspeakable
Bagel God
Bagel God - 6 days ago
We don’t talk about that one because it made that thing...
tomas peterson
tomas peterson - 8 days ago
18:54 could be other one to big to fit lol
tomas peterson
tomas peterson - 8 days ago
8:55 um 64
tomas peterson
tomas peterson - 8 days ago
0:39 no, it go this way. no doing by year. new super mario wii, new super mario wii u, new super ds, new super mario 2 ds, ne swuper mari wii u, super mario 3d land, super mario 3d world, and whatever on switch kind of count.look back on game cube not part of super mario games. then comes newst thing on switch, witch not in super mario games. look like eacher year. one random mario game. then new super mario game. amd lame dlc game of super mario wii u with new mode. for me i like super mario or new super mario games better then the outside ones like sun shine. halo had reach too not in same sstory just in another time line like this.
Themanjk 9000
Themanjk 9000 - 6 days ago
What? Bad grammar
The Speedether
The Speedether - 9 days ago
I dont want them to stop making the new series, I just dont want them to stop making 3d mario games because of them. I love all Mario games. I'm old school and I've been playing mario since I was 3 years old with the NES. I will continue to do so until I'm to old to follow the screen and lose hand to eye coordination.
Possessed Bacon
Possessed Bacon - 9 days ago
in new super mario bros wii you could trade in the 3 big coins of each level to get turturiols for different levels.
Cole Bridges
Cole Bridges - 9 days ago
I love the ending
Tohru - 9 days ago
Hi Scott, I’m here

Plz understand the joke
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat - 10 days ago
krabs sounds like knuckles
Nike Store Employee
Nike Store Employee - 10 days ago
Assassin's Creed in a nutshell
Ranon does some Stuff
Ranon does some Stuff - 10 days ago
Me: wakes up on 1/1/20
2020: 9:02
Just some random clown
Just some random clown - 10 days ago
0:00 that’s a fucking mood m8
HumbleH4ze - 10 days ago
6:12 Bruh that triggered a old memory I forgot I had.
Dry Boi
Dry Boi - 10 days ago
I want a nsmb collection on the switch with the mini games from ds
Max’s Random_Stuff
Max’s Random_Stuff - 11 days ago
Here’s a clever reason as to why Wario Waluigi would be in there.Mario and Luigi play Wario a couple gold coins for him and Waluigi to help them out on their adventure.
Jo Luffman
Jo Luffman - 11 days ago
I didn't buy a Mario game for myself after Wario Land 1. They just didn't appeal.
BassRemedy - 11 days ago
4:50 funnily enough thats exactly what i said when i saw it for the first time as a kid lmao
Shooting Shitposter
Shooting Shitposter - 11 days ago
Blue shell improved: run normally, pressing down while running puts you in the shell.
Bartthegamer13 Gamer
Bartthegamer13 Gamer - 11 days ago
This for me is the most serious Scot the woz episode this is also for me is showing more of Scott's out of character opions but also shows more of the Scott the woz character than I thought it would I also think it's kinda easy and hard at the same time to hear if it's the character or Scott I'm self what I like about Scott is he can bend if he what's to talk in character or out you can see more of the bending of character in interviews.
But before I watched this episode I always thought the Scot the woz character was more if this hey I'm wacky look at me kind of character but after this episode for me Scott be came more serious the character not the real person behind it Scot Wozniak I see more of Scott Wozniak in the bts on his Scott's Stach channel which makes sense because it's the behind the scenes not the episode it's more of the work and effort and fun behind the episode of Scott the woz there Working on at the time.

This episode is great but for a while I didn't get the milk gag but now I do that's what I like about the gag it was smart but one thing about this episode I don't like is Scott's option on music and ost and soundtrack which is the same thing but oh well also I really like the hard work Scott takes to perfect a 3 second joke and his intro but that's the tip of the iceberg

But these videos are the perfect legth of a YouTube video and at times are to short for me that's not trying to say the content is bad but it's to short for me I would gladly watch like an entire movie of just raw Scott the woz episodes something I would adore to see is a one take seri sort just one episode where its just one take but you already know that but oh well

All and all Scott the woz is great but not perfect it's just so great the video leth the jokes the gameplay the everything about scoot the woz the character and also the man behind it so thanks Scott Wozniak I o you one get o oh well
CoDev - 11 days ago
Luigi u was harder? I beat it before the regular game
The Eye Creature
The Eye Creature - 12 days ago
I understand that the games are very similar but I found them to be different enough to the point that they can be distinct enough from each other. After all, all of them are called New Super Mario Bros. it advertised itself as pretty much the same type of game with small changes from console to console. I had just one system (the Wii) so I had no problem with it being similar to the DS game. The only ones that can get tired of it are the people who bought almost all of them but the games are called New Super Mario Brothers, so it really is the same game just updated for a new console, you kind of know that when buying it as it has the same name.
Juanfre - 12 days ago
scott is color blind?
red number1
red number1 - 12 days ago
I remember playing NSMBU at a game store
Nothing Here
Nothing Here - 13 days ago
Update:New super Mario bros. Deluxe
Send help
Henry Zeberkiewicz
Henry Zeberkiewicz - 13 days ago
Let’s be honest, the blue shell is only good in Mario vs Luigi mode!
TheMrminimario - 13 days ago
6:54 I have said that! I love the mini mushroom (and the mini Marios in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series).
Proof: see my username :D
Dr. Dreidel
Dr. Dreidel - 13 days ago
4:54 I liked the mini mushroom...
I liked the challenge of beating a level without getting hit and being able to essentially parkour over a bunch of enemies
GlamAttack - 13 days ago
Didn’t this video used to be called “Derivative Bliss”?
AlphaBurner - 14 days ago
And then we got the the deluxe port of the WiiU game on the switch instead of a new game
Dual Screen Productions
Dual Screen Productions - 14 days ago
4:54 I have
TripleJumpYTP - 14 days ago
K.K.SliderVEVO _
K.K.SliderVEVO _ - 14 days ago
Alright no one tell him about deluxe
ÅntäGøn1st .__.
ÅntäGøn1st .__. - 14 days ago
My names for the games
Super Mario Bros Returns
Super Mario Bros Wii
Super Mario Bros Gold
Super Mario Bros U
Wonderpuss McDunderpants
Wonderpuss McDunderpants - 14 days ago
I don't like the wall jump mechanic in the new series, caused way too many errors for players due to muscle memory.
joshua garner
joshua garner - 15 days ago
wait, is he really colorblind?
joshua garner
joshua garner - 14 days ago
@Swiie okay
Swiie - 14 days ago
@joshua garner its alright :)
joshua garner
joshua garner - 14 days ago
@Swiie please excuse my ignorance
Swiie - 14 days ago
Brad Holland
Brad Holland - 15 days ago
8:49 Ahem, Super Mario 64 DS would like a word with you.
this account isn't real
this account isn't real - 15 days ago
I remember in new super Mario Bros Wii I threw my brother into a pit to get the Yoshi coin
But it took a few tries and he didn't know what was going on so he was very upset
The Awesome Eevee
The Awesome Eevee - 15 days ago
5:29 Bowser Jr was ahead of his time
Conflex - 15 days ago
What a great childhood. Playing a "new" revived series of New Super Mario Bros makes myself faint.

I really love how Satoru Iwata announces the NSMB 2 where I actually got 1M+ coins.
R.I.P Satoru Iwata
1959 - 2015
Crotch Goblin
Crotch Goblin - 15 days ago
21:53 does he really? I thought luigi only handled different in the american super mario 2 cause all the characters were a little different. Doesnt seem fair that a character you're required to play as player 2 would handle differently than player 1
Crotch Goblin
Crotch Goblin - 15 days ago
17:35 "REALLY?!" 😂😂😂
Crotch Goblin
Crotch Goblin - 15 days ago
I really enjoyed the ds one. I dont have it anymore sadly, my older sister stole i all my ds stuff cause mine broke when we were younger and recently she gave me hers and all my ds stuff that i didnt know she had a hold of...All my good games are gone tho and im left with pirates of the carribean shovelware games and a weird megaman rpg i could never get into
Smokie - 15 days ago
I think they are to easy
WlfAde - 15 days ago
I have played all of the new super mario bros games, and have beaten 3 of them.
Lil Mint
Lil Mint - 16 days ago
Or maybe 3-D Mario games are just the way the future
Lil Mint
Lil Mint - 16 days ago
They need to make a 2d mario game with worlds that are very different from each other, like very very different like space or something like that
Strum Dynasty
Strum Dynasty - 16 days ago
If things continue like this, Nintendo will NEVER have the balls to release a game as different as Super Mario Bros 2 again. That’s an amazing game and they just abandoned those mechanics.
ThatWoodCD - 16 days ago
I have so many good memories of me and my Brother raging at each other in the Mario vs Luigi mode
Kid Animate
Kid Animate - 16 days ago
*bop bop bop*
alec Fernando
alec Fernando - 16 days ago
Nice try but I know what milk that's been out for a week looks like it's like an iceberg in super polluted water
Vander Cox
Vander Cox - 17 days ago

also you forgot to mention the castle theme, it is the best in the whole new sup series and kinda compareable to the castle theme for Yoshi's Island
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 18 days ago
4:56 my sister always is like that
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