New Super Mario Bros. (Series) | What's New is Old - Scott The Woz

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Alex Weiss
Alex Weiss - 4 days ago
What junk candy is he eaten?
Gamer Wolf
Gamer Wolf - 4 days ago
And now theew is u deluxe i beleve
Cristian Segovia
Cristian Segovia - 5 days ago
6:33 if you press both shoulder buttons I think it drops the item
Micah Beckner
Micah Beckner - 8 days ago
They always just start with the gang hangin our and then bam terrorism
Random stuff because I'm bored
I completely forgot about the DS mini games until this video! Thank you for unlocking memories I didn’t even know I had! Also the music was in there too somewhere 😂
Blue Recon
Blue Recon - 9 days ago
New super Mario bros 2 is my favorite Mario game aside from Mario world.
The NeedForSpeeder
The NeedForSpeeder - 9 days ago
The blue shell is amazing man
Rock The Human
Rock The Human - 10 days ago
Deluxe wants to eat your ass
Lulibies - 11 days ago
I’ve never played a new game... uhhhhh... don’t hurt me
falcon282 - 12 days ago
Yeah they are boring after a bit but it’s what I think of when I hear Mario since I grew up playing new super Mario bros. Wii
Overactive Imagination
Overactive Imagination - 12 days ago
Hey Scott, did your New Super Mario Wii game ever just not like you? Around world 3 mine would taunt me. I would die, bowser head appears and..."Game cannot be read, turn off system and try again" i would, it'd run fine. Id die, same thing. Like...wth, nintendo? I took care of my games, made sure no prints or scratches were on them. And SO many times Id have my nunchuck stop dead and go other directions. And my games, mostly lego games, skylanders, and NSMBW would soft lock constantly. It was so frustrating to be near the end of a level, then suddenly your wii goes from normal to FilthyFrank levels of annoyance
Joe Aird
Joe Aird - 12 days ago
This video was made before the announcement of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Switch.
Luckily, it was also made before Nintendo teased that level design of popular courses in Super Mario Maker 2 would influence the design in later New Super Mario Bros. games.
Stephen Davenport
Stephen Davenport - 13 days ago
I had Wii U and had NSBU when It came out 2012. Being twelve years old, being terrible at games, and having the attention span of a hyperactive caffine hopped chipmunk on crack, I got bored with and got rid of it quickly. Being 19 now, I bought the Deluxe version for Switch and enjoyed it a ton, which is rare for me (Way more of a Zelda than Mario guy), but It helped me grow a soft spot for the 2D Mario games (still not a fan of the 3D ones tbh), and if it wasn't for the remaster, I wouldn't have ever enjoyed NSBU the way I did. Actually makes me want to grab the other 3. Besides, playing NSLU was such a treat, seeing Luigi in the spotlight. Yes, I'm that guy that likes Luigi more than Mario, sue me.
TIGERSFAN00 - 13 days ago

*Bam, terrorism*
Leo Mustafa
Leo Mustafa - 14 days ago
The Blue Shell takes hella skill to use, once you master it you'll see how good it is fam
Gamerboi 18
Gamerboi 18 - 15 days ago
Scott: criticizes the blue shell which is the best and most fun item in New Super Mario Bros
Me: blasphemy 100
Kenzy Vaz
Kenzy Vaz - 15 days ago
Kenzy Vaz
Kenzy Vaz - 15 days ago
Scott just dodge a bullet bill
The letter E
The letter E - 16 days ago
Scott:everyone’s played a new super game
Anti vax kids: excuse me what the fuck is a Mario
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres - 16 days ago
I had 2,DS’s and 1 2DS’s and 1 3DS and a 2DSxl and a pack of 20 different styluses I shared them with my brother and sister I had the 2ds my brother had 2 ,DS’s and my sister had the xl the 3DS we shared a
Jayvian GDB
Jayvian GDB - 16 days ago
My childhood consisted of Mario kart DS and New Super Mario Bros
StandUpTheSoryu - 17 days ago
that intro. perfection.
Family Lapraik
Family Lapraik - 17 days ago
Have you done something on Nintendogs yet?
Family Lapraik
Family Lapraik - 17 days ago
Hey all! You're so cool
Eli Swaringen
Eli Swaringen - 17 days ago
I personally love the blue shell and mini mushroom
the dragon gamer
the dragon gamer - 18 days ago
I didn’t actually know scott was coler blind
Ep Quid
Ep Quid - 18 days ago
Idk man, the “New Super Mario Bros” series is just special to me lol. After all the times my siblings and I have completed it, fought over it and the amount of arguments it’s started, we still love it. Love it so much that we picked up the deluxe version and omg, that was fun.
Super A.J.S.
Super A.J.S. - 18 days ago
@17:39 "......really?"
giratinaorigin - 19 days ago
Where's the justice for Mario & Luigi Partners in Time? That's where the Ice Flower came from originally...
Sivelmann •
Sivelmann • - 19 days ago
I like these games
Gavin Henson
Gavin Henson - 19 days ago
Can you talk about the unofficial new-er super Mario bros wii
Arculo - 19 days ago
don't diss my mans blue toad
Eric Bryant
Eric Bryant - 19 days ago
Fun fact: pasteurized milk goes sour but can't actually rot because all the bacteria that was in it has been killed.
Ethan S.
Ethan S. - 20 days ago
I always say “SHIT IS THAT A MINI MUSHROOM??” Don’t hate on my mini bro
The Rising Gamer
The Rising Gamer - 20 days ago
I know that people will disagree with me, so here it goes. I really enjoyed New Super Mario Bros U
ItsAiden - 21 day ago
When I was a kid I thought this game had the best graphics ever I replayed it and I thought the game looked so much better!?
Twilight Wolf
Twilight Wolf - 21 day ago
I love the mini mushroom and blue shell
maddie Kiehl
maddie Kiehl - 22 days ago
:)i like it
aaron s
aaron s - 22 days ago
BlackSheep - 23 days ago
Jamescharles Begonthot
Jamescharles Begonthot - 23 days ago
what about the pine achorn ?
The GameDemon
The GameDemon - 23 days ago
"SHIT IS THAT A MINI MUSHROOM!" I'm pretty sure no coin challenges made the mini mushroom a godsend.
Koopa Klub
Koopa Klub - 24 days ago
I liked the blue shell...
Tosha Varnley
Tosha Varnley - 24 days ago
It is almost surprising how much calling this series NEW Super Mario Bros, rather than something like Super Mario Bros Deluxe or something changed how people saw it. I think it helped in the short term for sure, the idea of the new DS having the newest Super Mario on it made it sell like hot cakes, which I think is why it did so damn well.
But as Scott said, NEW kind of implies that its just a Super Mario with a new coat of paint, rather than the next advancement in the Mario formula like 3 and World did, heck even Land for all of its weirdness had its own unique mentality. NSMB returned to form with a couple new powers, but for the most part felt more like a spruced up version of SMB 1, which is fine but it kind of shows it didn't really aim to innovate, just to pull on nostalgia.
Then comes Wii which as said in the video, makes sense, moving to a console, its fairly easy to develop since you have some of the assets already and the whole aestetic, plus there are more references pulled from which keeps things fresh. But I think as this game aged a little people began to see the fault in the 'new'. It ain't gonna be new forever, or hell, even that long.
That and the irony of all 4 games being almost interchangable, aside from slight graphical tweaks and the odd new power up, you could honestly swap most of the levels in any of these games and it'd fit, which I don't think is great for 4 games in a row. Especially when this was the main helping of 2D mario we'd get. Sure 3D has moved to do bigger and better things with 3D world and especially oddessy, 2D feels like its stagnated. Which is a shame because we live in a world now where Sonic Mania exists to show how well a proper thought out sequel to the classics can work. I really hope we've seen the end of the New series aside from in Mario Maker/Mario Run stuff, and they create a brand new 2D mario that can stand on its own with its own design and unique look.
Nate Gamer
Nate Gamer - 25 days ago
probably the best intro to this day lmao
Mimi 345
Mimi 345 - 25 days ago
Are you going to review new super Mario Bros you deluxe for Nintendo switch
Sleek tgrober Zac
Sleek tgrober Zac - 25 days ago
PrinceKross - 27 days ago
I love the mini mushroom....
Poopapalooza - 28 days ago
Scott probably wasn’t happy they re released Mario bros u on switch
Starman Plays
Starman Plays - 29 days ago
(Idiots): BrO yOu JuSt fOrGoT DeLuXe
TN NT - Month ago
new old super mario bros ultimate deluxe u
CST1229 - Month ago
*B A H*
leoplays72 - Month ago
11:33 what level is that?
Uli Schmidt
Uli Schmidt - Month ago
New super mario bros u is to new super mario bros wii like the wii u is to the wii
Zerch - Month ago
If you mastered the technique you could stand up, move precisely and hold run in quick succession to activate shell mode again.
It was satisfying to kill bosses and enemies with the shell as well.
Quick movement+Powerful
McGriddle69 - Month ago
I played the first new super mario game and never touched another one because I stopped really caring about it lol
Mystic - Month ago
Rewatching this video and you said when the gameplay switched to the bottom screen you couldn't use your saved item, couldn't you just hit select and it would drop?
L Y F E - Month ago
Thought I was the only one who prefers to play it with the nunchuck
Diana Lecona
Diana Lecona - Month ago
I never played the nsmb series
Man I'm lucky
Xaivier Wooden
Xaivier Wooden - Month ago
They could've made wario and waluigi help because Mario and Luigi would pay them to help
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