Film Theory: Inside the Mind of Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)

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Just Someone Who Love The Sims
I haven't gotten season 4 yet :( Im in Australia Almost got spoiled, Idc that much but where is it Australia Netflix!!!!!!!!!
S.H - 5 hours ago
so like, we know both Gravity false and RAM is connected. Bill is currently stuck in another dimension, with a bunch of monsters which we can see during the weirdmagedon. maybe the Rick that abandoned Beth was actually trapped in the dimension with bill & the monsters, which can explain why rick is so smart: Bill gave him his knowledge and as we saw on Gravity Falls, bill gave Stanford his knowledge.
for a proof, the BIG theory about that ome episode when rick is running from the counsel and there are the mug and the pen and you know😂 so yeah I think it's a good theory tbh
yeet man
yeet man - 8 hours ago
I want to see a theory on what ricks IQ is or what his limit is to his smartness
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen - 8 hours ago
that was a great breakdown
Tausif 360
Tausif 360 - 9 hours ago
You know what? I'm gonna watch the remaining 3 seasons of Rick And Morty just to enjoy and understand these episodes
Panda Ninja
Panda Ninja - 9 hours ago
Can you make a anime theory of detective Conan about the drugs that he eat?
No ok
Cassidy Anthony
Cassidy Anthony - 9 hours ago
Is toothless related to godzilla? (I mean the newest versions of them)
itz Miia
itz Miia - 9 hours ago
Wheres the hiimmarymary ep2? Its been 3 months now.
Naren - 10 hours ago
What is the song at the end (also background song of the second half of video)
Yen Pineda
Yen Pineda - 10 hours ago
5:15 nice save matpat
JJONGAMEZ - 10 hours ago
Phineas and Ferb theory Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is actually phineas's dad
Bendy BSO
Bendy BSO - 11 hours ago
Mat pat!! Do an episode on sheriff domestic, it’s kinda an add-on to petscop!
Lloyd torres torres
Lloyd torres torres - 11 hours ago
Hey matpat can you do a Christmas EPISODE on HOME ALONE PLZ
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 10 hours ago
Can you research how much Rock Lee's (from Naruto) ankle weights weight?
Yeetymcbeaty Boi
Yeetymcbeaty Boi - 11 hours ago
I made an account just so I could say that’s you brought me into rick and morty and I just want to say thank you.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 10 hours ago
Maybe Rick misses Ford
The jacket's group
The jacket's group - 11 hours ago
"It's time to #CancelCancer!
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Galaxy CakePop
Galaxy CakePop - 12 hours ago
4:03 well he looks pretty happy
Joann Zivalich-Schutz
Joann Zivalich-Schutz - 13 hours ago
9:42 - 9:47 Yeah, because according to you, that's Mario
Hailey Lorentz
Hailey Lorentz - 13 hours ago
You know, all these years, and he *still* has yet to be sponsored by diet coke
mustaf roble
mustaf roble - 14 hours ago
There is an episode in the previous season we’re the insects try found out the formula that he uses to leap thru dimension and they go inside his mind to see and find out that he was miserable because he accidentally killed his wife while he was experimenting on the portal gun after that a rick from an alternate dimension came and gave him a portal gun and that’s why his life became so miserable
*thats what I think at least*
GG CRUZ - 14 hours ago
they should do a theory on how spongebob has so much money if the krusty krab doesnt pay him much
Mark Podlisny
Mark Podlisny - 14 hours ago
I've been trying to put this out there on Reddit, and now to you, but.... What if Rick is actually Morty's dad and Beth is his mom. Rick gave Morty to her at a young age to be raised as her own, and this is why she resents Morty. This is why Rick had memories of Morty as a baby. Why Beth chooses her own cold over Morty so easily. Why Rick trys raising and influencing Morty, and why he cares so much about him... In his own twisted way...
Elmer Hernandez
Elmer Hernandez - 15 hours ago
Do steven universe
0ni nuk3
0ni nuk3 - 15 hours ago
This is kinda making fell really really sad😔
That1KoreanKidd - 15 hours ago
Anyone realize the giant death crystal on the planet
Talha Tariq
Talha Tariq - 15 hours ago
MaverickKingBehmoth - 16 hours ago
Hmmm I thought he just used the story of simple rick with a few additions. I mean the reaction he gives to the other rick of being fine with life seems like simple rick. Who may have got caught in a bid for revenge after the murder.
Derek Baker
Derek Baker - 16 hours ago
It's not bcuz his wife is dead, its bcuz he said he doesn't mind joining her! That's why he says, dont tell me what to do! It's all about rick doing the opposite of what the person wants! Just for the sake of not forming to the norm!
theysaidcurious - 16 hours ago
Maybe Rick misses Ford
himeokami999 - 16 hours ago
Can you research how much Rock Lee's (from Naruto) ankle weights weight?
IdkWht TaPut
IdkWht TaPut - 16 hours ago
*All the dislikes are shy poopers*
Drip Drop
Drip Drop - 17 hours ago
Hi, just taking a self inflicted survey here. I hate surveys but this episode was so good I forced myself to make one. On a 1 to 5, 5 being the most entertaining, I found this (5) thoroughly entertaining. Presentation (5). Well thought out (5). Quality of production (5). Was I offended by any of the information presented? 5 being the most offended (1). Would I watch another episode 5 being the most likely (5).
ThePrince Karma
ThePrince Karma - 17 hours ago
I don’t get how if ricks wife died and Beth was standing next to her how she didn’t
Raging Gamer
Raging Gamer - 17 hours ago
Do a theory on the YuGiOh Duel Disk!
lol XD
lol XD - 17 hours ago
from poo jokes to exestential crisisises. only on film theory
10,000 subscribers no videos?
Ricks's head is too smart to comprehend
Wyatt Womble
Wyatt Womble - 18 hours ago
VIDEO IDEA!! You guys should do a theory on twilights baseball scene on wether or not the baseball, or the bats. Could withstand the force they generate when hitting it
blooz the broadcasting demon
Rick looks like he has high functioning depression
S,c - 19 hours ago
you know depression isn't talked about very much which is sad for a lot of people have it including me
kourts cooler
kourts cooler - 19 hours ago
He cant take summer because she doesn't have morty waves
ShadowWing Tronix
ShadowWing Tronix - 19 hours ago
I don't watch the show (not my brand of humor) but what is Morty to Rick then?
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