Frustrated Husband Creates Spreadsheet of Wife's Excuses II STEVE HARVEY

Fock Lung
Fock Lung - 18 hours ago
Inclement weather is the best time for sex! IJS! ๐Ÿ˜œ
James Reynolds
James Reynolds - Day ago
And that is why we should never get married.
shawn seawood
shawn seawood - 2 days ago
He should get a divorce. He should live his life.
Tinaka Maxwell
Tinaka Maxwell - 4 days ago
Im yet to find a man that likes to do it as much as I do lol
Dreaxil - 6 days ago
I used to tell my ex No almost all the time. I wasn't cheating.
When I suggested they have sex with someone else, they got all huffy about it.
Adros z
Adros z - 6 days ago
This is why I would never get married. Most of my friends that are married told me once you get married the sex stops. One of my ex told me no for a week and during that time I had a side chick.
Robert S550stang
Robert S550stang - 7 days ago
Dump her !!!!!! Get your self a young one......
Sodiq Olisa
Sodiq Olisa - 8 days ago
She cheating
Redneck Cowboy
Redneck Cowboy - 8 days ago
Steve Harvey my ex told me yes and when it was time to come down to sex she said no she came up with an excuse to say no
Sarah jane Galtrey
Sarah jane Galtrey - 8 days ago
Keeping a spreadsheet on it? How cold and clinical. Sorry but you shouldn't have to ASK for it. Something really wrong here. Such a shame :-(
Ghebrehiwet - 9 days ago
Old ass story
Michael B
Michael B - 11 days ago
In a relationship? Yeah Iโ€™ve NEVER heard no. In fact Iโ€™ll say no. I donโ€™t date people that clearly donโ€™t want to be with me lol
jake hedger
jake hedger - 11 days ago
Iโ€™m young enough I can just sit back and wait on the sex robots
AK33M - 11 days ago
Has she always been like that? How old are they? Is she stressed out? She gave terrible excuses. I'd like to hear her side of the story.
NevadaR6 - 12 days ago
Canโ€™t a woman just not want to have sex? Like tf lmao
JerseyDevil - 12 days ago
Itโ€™s been a year and some change still never a no , is this normal ?
David Benner
David Benner - 12 days ago
Marriage is a two way street. I have nine children.
Truth - 12 days ago
A woman that lays around with time on her hands to watch re-runs of Friends shouldn't be making excuses for not making love. I could see if she was started her day at 5am everyday as a wife an mother maintaining her household making breakfast for her husband before he heads off to work everyday running errands all day with 2 of the youngest of a total of 6 kids with her all day with no car on and off public transportation doing grocery store, laundry,bathing kids ,making dinner then she can be too tired for everyday lovemaking but still be in the mood at least 3 times a week.
Mr. B
Mr. B - 13 days ago
Seriously every rejection the brain registers it as physical pain. Abuse for as much as this poor guy received.
Ruth Adelbai
Ruth Adelbai - 13 days ago
Luv u Steve ๐Ÿ˜†
krzrrazrrokr - 13 days ago
I never turn my man down unless I'm physically unable
MrZancruz - 13 days ago
Happy Life, No Wife.... Don't do it, It's a trap!
ken9279 - 13 days ago
Why don't Steve tell these women the truth, if you don't take care of your man, some other women will.
Glasshopper - 13 days ago
Another example of women refusing their obligations but demanding men adhere to theirs.
peter schmidt
peter schmidt - 14 days ago
This story was from few years ago, and the irony is that it was the WIFE that published the spreadsheet on social media, not the HUSBAND!.
TheBigblumonkey - 14 days ago
What's funny is how old this news is.
ringfinger9919 - 14 days ago
Spreadsheet? More like a non-spread sheet...
krzrrazrrokr - 13 days ago
ringfinger9919 ha!
Maurice Brodie
Maurice Brodie - 14 days ago
Man Has Some Serious Problems when He Gotta Keep A Log Sheet.. Tell him to listen to that TLC Song Creep..
Cause that's what she's doing ..LLS ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ
Phil Bridler
Phil Bridler - 14 days ago
Steve Harvey is a bigot.
Mardy Keel
Mardy Keel - 14 days ago
She definitely cheating
openheavensmin - 14 days ago
Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
mavishill - 15 days ago
He should divorce her. Poor man. She might even be cheating on her. Many men are trapped in sexless marriage. It's pretty much abuse. I know male friends who are married, they don't want to cheat on their wife and their life is just sad. They those men are still expected to provide and pay bills. Men should walk out of such one way relationships.
Mardy Keel
Mardy Keel - 14 days ago
mavishill she definitely cheating
Threee Sevenths Lucky number 2
You are a big fairy bread ๐Ÿž
Threee Sevenths Lucky number 2
Maybe you could be more satisfied , if you donโ€™t write a spreadsheet of what has got you hurtbutt..
Are you a weird couple? Like does she pull her socks up her arsehole? Or do you stand and stare at dogs shitting.
MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
MysticStrike ForceSSJ3 - 15 days ago
Yep girls bas a huge list of what kinda od guy they are looking for and then you have guys hear making spreadsheets of all the complaints they have on their girlfriend. It's a win win sistuation here.
Vamavid - 15 days ago
I was expecting an interview of rhe couple!
๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– - 15 days ago
Maybe the sex is trash.
Gurttron The_Man
Gurttron The_Man - 15 days ago
Say no enough for the wrong reason and your man is going to find someone to say yes..
Richard Dragon
Richard Dragon - 15 days ago
I've never heard no from my relationships. Actually I'm the one saying ok later.
DocDabuca - 15 days ago
The first time she is in the mood, turn her down. She will be hurt and angry at the same time. Might realize what it feels like.
al videos
al videos - 15 days ago
Not putting out for your husband is a sin, look it up, the verse is there.
The Hooeys
The Hooeys - 15 days ago
I left my ex because of no no no. What the hell you with me for then?!
Alyrius - 15 days ago
And as soon as she hears the word "No", she goes apeshit. "Why are you cheating on me?!" "Am I not sexy enough?" yada yada.
iamDrWulf - 14 days ago
Thats when u look at her with that stone cold straight face and say, "No, im jus not in the mood." Watch her crumble.
j .sabien
j .sabien - 16 days ago
Lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ he did it to himself ... The day he said I Do...
Ingui Jung
Ingui Jung - 16 days ago
My woman never wants to have sex either. It sucks, but that's reality when you get older.
Damon May
Damon May - 16 days ago
Look at all the unattractive women in the audience with their smirking as if they got it going on , I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole , hideous creatures!
Know Buddy
Know Buddy - 16 days ago
All the women laugh when she said no for all the wrong reasons. Is there any real doubts about why men are going their own way . How long is too long to go before weโ€™re looking other places for it ? Anyone?? Letโ€™s laugh about that question ladies.
Harry Makongwa
Harry Makongwa - 16 days ago
That woman is among of those women who make men die early, I wish there could be only Men's country
Gemini Eric
Gemini Eric - 16 days ago
It's not cheating if you were starving.....๐Ÿ˜ท

No woman, should have to have sex more often than she wants to
Shouldn't feel pressure to preform, to be active, none of that.......
But, she shouldn't be bent outta shape if your dude fills in the gaps.

Think about it....if you don't get meals at home WHY would you trip if a person ate elsewhere, especially if they're still coming home.
I find it hilarious that a woman has ZERO problem with 'her' man doing ANY other activity that she doesn't want to do....but the moment he takes part in the one, all of a sudden it's 0 to 1000
I 'get' some guys are messy etc but for many, many men sexual activity 'can' be as a matter-of-fact as running a game of basketball, after a shower it's totally forgotten, only fast-food type activity....
When Eddie Murphy said....
I make love to you but I just effe her for many men, that's absolutely the truth....lots of men and frankly some women can totally smash n move w/o attaching anything to the activity
That being true....IF your girl doesn't 'want' to, why 'bother' her with a 'chore' she really doesn't want to be bothered with....
If the dishes were the problem, you'd add a dishwasher to the mix....
If laundry or housework were the issue, getting some help around the house wouldn't be a big deal...
If a chick honestly doesn't want to full responsibility of handling the meat department, what's the problem with outsourcing a little work to lighten her load...again as long as the guy isn't a simpleton who'd catch feelings for the help
3alarm247 - 16 days ago
No problem, Iโ€™m not in the mood to pay your bills and take care of you. I hope youโ€™re good with that.
GCT10/31/1990 - 16 days ago
This is why men are afraid to get married.. Ready?
Lawyer: your honor my client has filed for divorce, I have his documented spread sheet show casing his reasonings
Judge: Young lady why are putting him through this, my lord... Sir I feel your pain. I'm going to grant this request, also you will give up half your belongings to her while remaining to pay for her lifestyle for life, and her house she'll live in while she's banging the next door neighbor. Also your pay her lawyer fees.
Wil Robles
Wil Robles - 16 days ago
Oh, my.
Jane Baker
Jane Baker - 16 days ago
He doesn't love her. He just wants to be right. He just want to use her body. This is not love.
lordoftheTV - 16 days ago
Obviously she can't say yes every time, but when it's put in writing you can see that there are WAY to many No's in a row. I think if she said yes more often the list would be shorter. In fact he probably wouldn't have needed to compile a list to begin with. Another possible reason he made the list could be the nature of the excuses themselves, I would be pissed too if my wife chose a re-run of a 90's sitcom over sex with me.
zack9912000 - 16 days ago
Women wonder why men cheat. That's why
D Toppin
D Toppin - 16 days ago
Simpology 101. Put them away and move on.
Que Pasa Pendejos
Que Pasa Pendejos - 16 days ago
- Ma'm you are arrested.
- No.
Terry Trice
Terry Trice - 16 days ago
How the story turn into Steve story geeeez! The lady probably was saying no cause you look different without your little hair hat high top fade, I use to be like damn he got a good ass barber! His haircut looks exactly the same everytime, just perfect!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
dark zeratul
dark zeratul - 16 days ago
As a guy I would dump the girl and move on if she told me no all the time and gave me excuses
That HappyGuy
That HappyGuy - 16 days ago
It's funny until a woman hears the word no....
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