We Built a Life Size Minecraft House

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - 9 months ago
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DJ Chase
DJ Chase - 2 days ago
A minecraft block is 1 cubic meter
Demderpyllamas I
Demderpyllamas I - 11 days ago
Steve con jump really high
jimbo ninjas
jimbo ninjas - 12 days ago
Sean E
Sean E - 15 days ago
Brandon Ramirez
Brandon Ramirez - 29 days ago
Just did your welcome
BifeWheater - 10 hours ago
I didn't see the thumbnail so when I saw FaZe Rug I was so happy.
Bri Albuerne
Bri Albuerne - 14 hours ago
Me: waiting for it to RAIN
Thomas Burns
Thomas Burns - 15 hours ago
No one:
Ryan: I’m 9 feet tall
Nickkjz - 17 hours ago
Imagine if it rained
Real Pewdiepie
Real Pewdiepie - 21 hour ago
Like This or your adoptwd. hssikanasjla
MSWR Gaming
MSWR Gaming - 22 hours ago
Why, just why
Boom Boy
Boom Boy - Day ago
Me: can we get Minecraft?
Mum: we have minecraft at home
Minecraft at home:
DAYM - Day ago
Got clickbaited :(
Maddox Minh
Maddox Minh - Day ago
Expectations vs reality
RustedGoldLor d
RustedGoldLor d - Day ago
Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
Sayag Jasmine
Sayag Jasmine - Day ago
6:55 check the man in the backround
Barney Short
Barney Short - Day ago
26th of June is my birthday...
Isah Johnsen
Isah Johnsen - Day ago
Ryan: if anyone saw what I was looking at they would be like "what are you doing?" 6:58 look at the guy in the backround
F - Star
F - Star - 2 days ago
Phineas and ferb be like
*IkNow WhAt WHEre GoNnA DO TOday*
Robin Leno259
Robin Leno259 - 2 days ago
Both these dudes gangsta until a creeper pops out of nowhere
Power Storm
Power Storm - 2 days ago
Imagine the pizza guy knocking on the door and topples the whole building
Eddie Douglas
Eddie Douglas - 2 days ago
look at the guy to the right at 7:01
Jonah Padilla
Jonah Padilla - 2 days ago
Nathan Reich
Nathan Reich - 2 days ago
Ryan: I finally built a scale minecraft house in real life

Thunderstorm: imma bout to end this man's whole career
Nathan Reich
Nathan Reich - 2 days ago
No one:
Ryan: I am 9 feet tall
Lulu Lovegud
Lulu Lovegud - 2 days ago
17:22 *Imagine how tired steve in minecraft world* (:
dragon master67
dragon master67 - 2 days ago
9:39 I thought you finished the house!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣😆🤣
Mind Blower Studios
Mind Blower Studios - 3 days ago
7:01 That guy in the background looks like he wants to kill you lol
lewis lewis
lewis lewis - 3 days ago
6:57 look at this dude
Jonny Taylor
Jonny Taylor - 3 days ago
14:19 hahaha 31-20 come on you CHIEFS!!!!
M. Clark
M. Clark - 3 days ago
Dude rug is rich just buy a house
Janice Quidato
Janice Quidato - 3 days ago
Ryan did not mention faze rug (r.i.p)
Isac Pihlstrom
Isac Pihlstrom - 3 days ago
3:51 um dude ur car is rolling away
GiGiKyrene - 3 days ago
When I see a minecraft vid I like the vid and sub to the person and follow their tiktok
SARCHA Mcleod - 3 days ago
im 10 and I'm 2.5meters
omar and mariam drawings
Dude I love your vids
epic_cuber_877 - 4 days ago
collab more!!!
Elliot Tay
Elliot Tay - 4 days ago
not bad. noice size
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor - 4 days ago
I LOVE MINCRAFT and i wish I could play Minecraft with jelly but still IL LOVE MINCRAFT
Eito Naraoka
Eito Naraoka - 4 days ago
Now that he’s done milking that haunted tunnel
100 subs with no videos challenge
Mr beast 2.0
captain awesome
captain awesome - 4 days ago
biggest box fort
Twitch Dxrkened a god
Twitch Dxrkened a god - 4 days ago
You came for 16:40
Dark Warrior
Dark Warrior - 5 days ago
Faze rug?
Astro gray
Astro gray - 5 days ago
Luke Sumstine
Luke Sumstine - 5 days ago
Ryan Trahan: if someone sees me then they are gonna be like "what is he doing?"

Eduard Gacianu
Eduard Gacianu - 5 days ago
U didnt even try
blanca rivera
blanca rivera - 5 days ago
you as hole
GGPolice Boy
GGPolice Boy - 5 days ago
A minecraft block is 1 meter ffs, isd
cooper corbett
cooper corbett - 6 days ago
Ryan-i sprained my rist
-continues to build
Gerald Abad_1
Gerald Abad_1 - 6 days ago
Do surviving in a minecraft house for 24 hours (GONE WRONG!)😂😂😂
Mars XVI
Mars XVI - 6 days ago
After this vid, I want to assemble boxes now...
Pizza Blox
Pizza Blox - 6 days ago
Just imagine ur diving around the street then u see a minecraft house then u see Ryan in creative mode
Reveland James
Reveland James - 6 days ago
yoooo at 7:00 when the guy was staring... LOL
Omar Chavez
Omar Chavez - 6 days ago
No one:
Ryan: im 9 feet tall
Abdalrhman Deyab
Abdalrhman Deyab - 6 days ago
did anyone realise that the other guy was faze rug
Mr Colin
Mr Colin - 6 days ago
Faze rug is 5’7
Evan Steeves
Evan Steeves - 6 days ago
See the guy at 6:58 lol
HSC Jizo
HSC Jizo - 6 days ago
If that roof caves in, your dead
5looloo - 6 days ago
Wait no it’s back
5looloo - 6 days ago
Somebody took the Range Rover 😳
5looloo - 6 days ago
Faze ur not 6’6 ur 5’6 I looked it up stop clickbaiting
Shark Shuffler
Shark Shuffler - 7 days ago
Ryan: My shoulders are literally quaking.
Ryan straight after: Climbs the floor of the lorry.
Filz • 8 years ago
Filz • 8 years ago - 7 days ago
Minecraft earth would make this quite easier.
Ian French
Ian French - 7 days ago
no one:
Ryan: i am 9 feet tall
Chanuk Arsakularatne
Chanuk Arsakularatne - 7 days ago
Why are you so rich?
Gregory N Trumble
Gregory N Trumble - 7 days ago
Fas rug
Nathan Preston
Nathan Preston - 7 days ago
Ryan Trahan is like a shitty Mr.beast
Change my mind
LachieBRO - 7 days ago
No one:
Ryan: I'm 9 feet tall
ez - 7 days ago
bruh i am watching this 9 months later and yt says 182K likes but 41851 views
Mir-Aziz Uyghur
Mir-Aziz Uyghur - 7 days ago
Those anyone even see faze rug
GeheimEnno - 7 days ago
/weather Rain
GeheimEnno - 7 days ago
*Starts raining*
Pablo CL
Pablo CL - 7 days ago
When you're a true gamer:
Alex Quandt
Alex Quandt - 7 days ago
I love how they walked to the end of the driveway and closed their eyes as if they havent been looking at the thing the whole time 😂 they even acted surprised all over again
Tijn Hagens
Tijn Hagens - 7 days ago
100likes lol
Atharv Gowerdhan
Atharv Gowerdhan - 7 days ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Me: hasn’t any one noticed that in the description it says amazon - 2Beyblade??
Aidan Hawkins
Aidan Hawkins - 8 days ago
But what are you guys gonna do with the Minecraft house after the video............. Hint: destroy it......... All that hard work gone😭😭
Parker Copling
Parker Copling - 8 days ago
Me after a minute and a half not even paying attention to the other guy
"Oh that's faze! "
Gay Sheep
Gay Sheep - 8 days ago
“By using the metric system..”
*immediately uses feet*
HumanPerson - 8 days ago
Papa Jake:
Hello! - 8 days ago
“If people saw us they would be like ‘what are you doing?’”
Not even 20 seconds later: 6:59 there is a *very confused humanoid*
- Reg_021_Giant -
- Reg_021_Giant - - 8 days ago
Minecraft characters are 6ft
Finn Furey
Finn Furey - 8 days ago
I can’t believe they are so proud of that, imagine the builder of the mansion!!!
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