Casually Explained: Procrastination

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Tessa Lynch
Tessa Lynch - 3 hours ago
I’m watching this while procrastinating hw
Tessa Lynch
Tessa Lynch - 3 hours ago
I’m watching this while procrastinating hw
Dapper :I
Dapper :I - 23 hours ago
That incredible sensation he was talking about near the end was the coom
Perry za Platypus
Perry za Platypus - 2 days ago
When I panic I just shut down lmfao
Baby Yodel
Baby Yodel - 3 days ago
Currently using this to procrastinate
Zion J
Zion J - 4 days ago
I got an ad before the video about how to deal with procrastination.
Alex Silver
Alex Silver - 4 days ago
Hmmm..this is probably nit monetized because of the logo's..
Masha Smith
Masha Smith - 4 days ago
He casually explained slam poetry
Pyromania - 5 days ago
MrTomservo85 - 6 days ago
More like, "pro masturbation" amirite?
Me - 6 days ago
I’ll watch this video later...
KY C - 6 days ago
“Time to start the report” Uhhh WHUT. 🤣
Rob Bob42069
Rob Bob42069 - 7 days ago
I stopped procrastinating in grade 9. It was nearing the end of my first semester, and I was freaked the fuck out for exams. I didn’t wanna study, and with 10 days left, I finally started. I will be brief, (Romeo and Juliet reference) but I studied as hard as I possibly could, did really well on my exams and saw the benefits of getting an early start. Stop procrastinating!
Alejandro Hunt
Alejandro Hunt - 7 days ago
beaglechaser23 - 7 days ago
rewatching this is an experience
Keaton Fitzgerald
Keaton Fitzgerald - 7 days ago
Did anyone notice his best son is a #2 prize
the crab empire
the crab empire - 8 days ago
so what your saying is you temporarily got ultra instinct
edit: nevermind
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma - 8 days ago
Riccardo Gemme
Riccardo Gemme - 8 days ago
I.... i have no words
Permafreux - 8 days ago
I'm sure that most viewers of this video are procrastinating right now.
[DRUNK] Doughnut
[DRUNK] Doughnut - 9 days ago
ill watch this later
Jeyles - 9 days ago
What’s the most sensitive part of your body when you’re “procrastinating”?

Your ears
Bio Emiliano
Bio Emiliano - 11 days ago
Playboy has a website? How did I lived so long without it?
Ember - 11 days ago
Am I the only one who understood what he was talking about?
John Doe
John Doe - 3 days ago
No. Literally just look at the top comments
Ember - 11 days ago
Well this was... not about procrastination
Goose Daddy
Goose Daddy - 13 days ago
I thought you would say "but then I woke up"
ProffesorMeme - 16 days ago
I feel so bad for those who didn’t get the twist
ProffesorMeme - 16 days ago
This reminds me of the day i was in my business class and a friend of mine reminded me of an essay that was due that at the end of the class. I was so stress, and spend the whole class making researchs and writing. Then at the end of the class I submitted it. Guess what i got an 88, which was better then the grade of some other students who spent days working lol
joao gomes
joao gomes - 16 days ago
I've been meaning to watch this video for a year now!
Maybe next month...
Giant JellyFish
Giant JellyFish - 17 days ago
Guys huge twist coming at the end
Papa Billydeth
Papa Billydeth - 18 days ago
I had to watch that a second time to get that he wasn’t writing the report
Mr. Biscuit
Mr. Biscuit - 18 days ago
Epic gamer moment
The Divine Crusader
The Divine Crusader - 19 days ago
I'm quite good at this
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy - 21 day ago
I didn't get it on the first watch but then I actually got it on the second watch! Wow, how did the Casually Explained guy have such prescience?
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy - 21 day ago
When you get this in your recommendation after going on youtube to procrastinate...
Leirs Deirs
Leirs Deirs - 23 days ago
You really need to watch it twice 😂
DrenaNick - 24 days ago
my friend showed me this, but i said i'll watch it later
Comhippy - 24 days ago
Diamonds are made under pressure 😞☝️
peach persona
peach persona - 25 days ago
i've watched this video a million times without questioning it but a comment had to tell me that i actually missed the whole joke of the video...
damn i'm an idiot
JACOB HARMON - 25 days ago
Way to instantly double your views!! Kleenex was a nice touch.
Molor erdene
Molor erdene - 25 days ago
okay watching this second time is funnier now
CRK Diego
CRK Diego - 26 days ago
Top 10 anime plot-twists
V!BËŽ Lilbeam
V!BËŽ Lilbeam - 27 days ago
Procrastinating and masturbating
King Treedede
King Treedede - 29 days ago
How long does it take you to finish dude
Danny Gomez
Danny Gomez - Month ago
“I’m overcome with a great feeling”
clumsypotato - Month ago
I only get the joke after reading the comments.
Igor - Month ago
Best son
Ryan Eucker
Ryan Eucker - Month ago
Who else watched it again and then understood a lot of the jokes?
Bossking - Month ago
I just got done
Darquez - Month ago
Hmm Playboy and Brazzers... I guess that YouTube money has been rollin in
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop - Month ago
yeah i don't get it
LeahDell _04
LeahDell _04 - Month ago
Jared, 19
Jared, 19 - Month ago
i have midterms next week
Pineapple Cake
Pineapple Cake - Month ago
I don’t get it.
Clark Quintana
Clark Quintana - Month ago
Eh... I’ll watch it tomorrow
Keith - Month ago
Who’s procrastinating right now?
floweringmywaters - Month ago
What a great plot twist
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse - Month ago
*chuckles* i'm in danger
Shinobi X
Shinobi X - Month ago
I still remember 5 minutes ago when I didn't understand why he was using one hand to type when he would type faster with two
Wolphy - Month ago
As I procrastinate
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