Hasan Gets Roasted By An Indian Uncle | Deep Cuts | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Aparna Ashwin Krishna
Am I da only one who knows da wae
Vijay Aravindan S
Vijay Aravindan S - 2 days ago
He is one of the hosts who interacts with each audience like he is friends with them!
Abhi Ram
Abhi Ram - 4 days ago
Cherry garcia tastes like cough syrup and mint flavored tastes like toothpaste. I can’t eat both of them.
Cianna Renfrow
Cianna Renfrow - 5 days ago
Did anyone else notice that when he talks about Beena he crosses his arms and makes no hand movements? It's like him talking about her being calming. I think it's because she grounds him in a good way. It seems really sweet.
afsara benazir
afsara benazir - 6 days ago
'crowdwork is really hard with indian dads, cuz you know -
- hey you into anythi..
- do you like me?
- NO
- what do you think i should do rn
- end the show'
Mahmoud Y
Mahmoud Y - 7 days ago
Whats Hasan jacket brand?
YoIts LemonBoy!
YoIts LemonBoy! - 8 days ago
this guy is so fucking on point! like probably the coolest talk show host!
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull - 11 days ago
How would u explain desi to someone who doesn’t know what desi is?
I didn’t know the word desi until I watched Patriot Act.
I know some people think too much tv is bad but TV and the tiny people trapped inside the tv have been parents, a friends, a teachers, a travel guides, an entertainers to and for me for most of my life. Thank you tv and the tiny people trapped inside the tv for being there when no one else was. Thank you who ever invented the tv and who ever came up with the idea for TV Shows.
Thank you to the internet for the reasons I stay up till the morning watching YouTube, playing games and surfing the net. Thank you for introducing me to social media, search engines, online shopping, YouTube. Thank you for helping me learn new things and go places I will never go to. Thank you for introducing me to A Series of Unfortunate Events. Thank you for Aol where I learned I suck at typing fast. Thank u for helping me be social and anti social at the same time. Thank u without u I would not be ever more over analytical about what I like. Thank you to the creator(s) of the Internet. Thank u Avenue Q for realizing the internet is for porn.
M Viv
M Viv - 11 days ago
Hasan is a fake Indian. He identifies with Pakistanis because of a shared religion and just uses his Indian connection for credibility. Pakistanis have no credibility or he would be totally in their camp.
Juliette Robinson
Juliette Robinson - 12 days ago
I’ve always thought of Shah Rukh Khan as the Indian Brad Pitt. I don’t watch a lot of Bollywood movies though, so I don’t know if that’s a good descriptor.
Michael - 15 days ago
I love how he's talking with the audience
Estefanía Fariñas
Estefanía Fariñas - 15 days ago
the one where he has to choose between hair gel or hand gestures
galrjkldd - 19 days ago
I think someone mistakenly wrote Aye when they should've written ayy in the subtitle. Aye is pronounced like the letter i. as in Aye-aye captain.
theviper123 - 22 days ago
How about a Ben & Jerry's flavour named Minhaj e trios ?
Zeryab Khan
Zeryab Khan - 25 days ago
Imagine, after Hasan Bhai gets married, he makes an ice-cream and names it after his wife and kids.
Mohammed Sahil Rizvi
Mohammed Sahil Rizvi - Month ago
4:28 I feel bad for the guy who couldn't tell his favourite Ben & Jerry's flavour
Opinunate ted
Opinunate ted - Month ago
The ice cream will be called "Patriot act Peppermint."
Ayesha khan
Ayesha khan - Month ago
This guy is AMAZING😎
awi ilda
awi ilda - Month ago
Hilariously funny 😄. I love it. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Kookie’s Long Hair
Kookie’s Long Hair - Month ago
8:02 you know he’s Indian when he says “best of luck” instead of “good luck”
Faith Zirkelbach-Ngai
Faith Zirkelbach-Ngai - Month ago
ANGEL HAIR IS WONDERFUL I truly never have felt attacked about anything more
Samriddhi Sharma
Samriddhi Sharma - Month ago
Hasan bhaicream 😂😂
Lydia - Month ago
Ugh get u a man that talks about u the way hasan talks about beena 😭💕
Alphons Jose
Alphons Jose - Month ago
i love oatmeal raisin cookies
Chigdeep Kaur
Chigdeep Kaur - Month ago
Desiree Miranda
Desiree Miranda - 2 months ago
Angel Hair pasta 🍝 is like the instant noodles of the pasta world fast to cook 👩🏽‍🍳
Stuffed Crust
Stuffed Crust - 2 months ago
Imagine if he proposed in a hot air balloon but she rejected they both have to just stand there
Cortney Wood
Cortney Wood - 2 months ago
It should really be called Patriot Snack! It’ll be like moose tracks.
Dheeraj Patel
Dheeraj Patel - 2 months ago
hasan bhai's cream!? seriously!? what are you eating? HaSaN BhAi's CrEam!! mmmm!! delicious!!
Mari Fazekas
Mari Fazekas - 2 months ago
ALSO, i love angel hair, not sure why. But penne is the worst. I don’t mind either long or short but penne and rigatoni are BORING
Mari Fazekas
Mari Fazekas - 2 months ago
The straight ROAST of Hasan every episode is just iconic
BΞΛ5T - 2 months ago
owen w.
owen w. - 2 months ago
beena genuinely sounds like a fucking amazing person. women that are kind to strangers are what holds up the world
Emmanuel C
Emmanuel C - 2 months ago
moonlightmoods - 3 months ago
"Get you a guy that calls you a nucleus" 😍
moonlightmoods - 3 months ago
mukul chauhan
mukul chauhan - 3 months ago
He looks like gollum from hobbite
Sunaina M
Sunaina M - 3 months ago
Hasan Bhaice cream sounds soooo cool!!!!
The Jugg Boy
The Jugg Boy - 3 months ago
Baskin Robbins with MBS Investments
Daniel Epps
Daniel Epps - 3 months ago
His ability to riff is probably second to none. The way he’s able to fill dead air with Seinfeld-esque subject matter is amazing.
SimplyStormie - 3 months ago
Audience full of writers these videos are so calming
Seokjinism Cult
Seokjinism Cult - 3 months ago
Cherry for desis is cough syrup medicine flavor, cake pastry topping or a meetha paan filling. We don't use it anywhere else 😅
Berries 20
Berries 20 - 3 months ago
If my friends get boyfriends and those punks don't talk about my friend the way Hasan talks about Beena, we kicking the guy out
Wasim Shaikh
Wasim Shaikh - 3 months ago
"Hasan Bhaice Cream" Seriously dude?? So lame😂
Aman Soni
Aman Soni - 3 months ago
was depressed AF and now after watching your videos it feels great. Thanks Hasan!
Evelin G
Evelin G - 3 months ago
The little speech about his wife was so cute though 🥺
Dayanand Mane
Dayanand Mane - 3 months ago
Dear sir if your speech write on tv screen it will easy to understand to all people who does not belongs from u.s.a. or from asia
Anya H
Anya H - 3 months ago
Do an episode on Nestle please expose them next
Alexis Ryan
Alexis Ryan - 3 months ago
Angel Hair is actually the best
Adam - 3 months ago
Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream is great, but Jimmy Fallon's in meh.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan - 3 months ago
I swear i thought he said pornography as well 😂I almost choked on my tea
LeoVomend - 3 months ago
I need a Hasan, Beena, John Mulaney and Anna collab
Rodrigo - 3 months ago
The production team tho going above and beyond. The Ben and Jerry ice cream edits. Researching the snowflake pasta. Do Better with Hasan Minhaj. The snowflake pasta halo xD
Rodrigo - 3 months ago
Definitely my favorite Deep Cuts. The open back and forth he has with his audience is really nice to see. They brainstorm ideas and it just feels like a group of friends hanging out
it’s me ya boi :3
it’s me ya boi :3 - 3 months ago
People be coming up with ice cream names in a second
Nicholas Hogan
Nicholas Hogan - 3 months ago
I will go to war over Angel Hair pasta, lets go.
Stefan Tonio Sampson
Stefan Tonio Sampson - 3 months ago
Ooooh, man...i feel crushed for Ben.
Sree Gorty
Sree Gorty - 4 months ago
I love how he listens to his audience and not just ignore them
PureBeauty511 - 4 months ago
Half-Baked is also my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor. I don't know what could possibly beat cookie dough and brownies. Thee best. Also a hard no for angel hair pasta 😑
Kelsey Larson
Kelsey Larson - 4 months ago
Not sure why Hasan doesn't have a product called Hasan Min-hair Gel
kunjan sharma
kunjan sharma - 4 months ago
Man you are Jim Carrey of India😂😂
Sweet Crimson
Sweet Crimson - 4 months ago
He’s energy is telling me he grew around hella black and Latino people. His roasts are so natural and down to earth.
Duuucky - 4 months ago
Best flavor of Ben & Jerry’s: Phish Food
Duuucky - 4 months ago
Duke T.
Duke T. - 4 months ago
Pasta Pause.... ⏸
Duke T.
Duke T. - 4 months ago
Hasanzelnut... oye, dame royalties...
TitanicMustSink - 4 months ago
My favorite flavor name was Sorbetriat Act.
Also my favorite pasta is Angel Hair
basically me
basically me - 4 months ago
dammnnn that patriot act logo with the kit kat was creative AF these graphic geniuses
Benji Sun *Moxie*
Benji Sun *Moxie* - 4 months ago
YES! angel hair is the worst!!!
Dirt Merchant
Dirt Merchant - 4 months ago
'I'll let the hate on Cherry Garcia go for now, but you're on thin ice.
Gwen Simmons
Gwen Simmons - 4 months ago
Curry and mango sorbet Hasan! 👍🏾
Adam T
Adam T - 4 months ago
Haven't watched them all yet but this unquestionably my fav Deep Cuts
Sriram Diyyala
Sriram Diyyala - 4 months ago
Hasan's kicks be fire tho
Lev Tobias
Lev Tobias - 4 months ago
Hasan Minaj-a-tois - some mix of three flavors
nerd - 4 months ago
2:56 id buy that in a heartbeat hasan bhai ojdslsf,bmgefkhlsdbnjwkdn
Tasneem Ashraf khan
Tasneem Ashraf khan - 4 months ago
Best audience ever😍🥰😘
Mariel McInnes
Mariel McInnes - 4 months ago
blobfishES? bro
leroychm - 4 months ago
Patriot tracks
EloquentTroll - 4 months ago
No, angel hair is far better than standard spaghetti, maximization of surface area is key in the pasta arena.
farjana asha
farjana asha - 4 months ago
It was cute the way you spoke of Beena, Hasan!
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