Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan talk World Cup victory l GMA

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Bob Buff
Bob Buff - 2 hours ago
Sorry to the one's who played with pride but fuck the USA women's soccer team, never will we watch it again. Same with the NFL, fuck off!
Dat boy good
Dat boy good - 17 hours ago
It’s sad our girls begging for more money than they produce!!!! Agenda!!!!!
Rashed bhuiya
Rashed bhuiya - Day ago
toben hethe played well
Rashed bhuiya
Rashed bhuiya - Day ago
rose lavell is great play..
Pete Jones
Pete Jones - Day ago
Best women’s team in the world, couldn’t beat 15 year old boys 😂
Pete Jones
Pete Jones - 18 hours ago
Jason Jason why are they celebrating on tv? Are they still living in the past? Why did they throw the flag of the country they represent on the ground? Which person’s comment am I stealing? So when more than one network promotes these losers are they copying each other as well?
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 23 hours ago
Are you still living in the past? And why are you copying other people's comments?
Katy Wardle
Katy Wardle - Day ago
Nobody likes you... nobody cares...
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 23 hours ago
Looks like you care Katy. You came here, probably watched the video and even left a comment. Please comment back to me to show how much you care even more
Maurice Cardinal
Maurice Cardinal - 2 days ago
Looking like a bunch of satanic tranny's to me.
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 23 hours ago
That's just because you're a douchebag. Once that clears up for you then you'll see that they are females.
Tryst may
Tryst may - 2 days ago
Baby mal in her sunglasses probably bc she’s hungover
Tryst may
Tryst may - 23 hours ago
Jason Jason then good for her cause I love her and she is adorable in sunglasses
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 23 hours ago
And so what if she is?
mike talas
mike talas - 2 days ago
Megan Rapinoe pay raise!!!!XD They should Fire the purple haired Narcisist!!! Who shoved the American Flag on the ground that disgraced the whole team!!! Fire her Fire her NOW!!! And tell those kids in the audience proper Flag honor!!! That little boy in the front row has his flag laying on the GROUND!!!
Legacy Gamer
Legacy Gamer - 3 days ago
Who cares about the womens team they are trash
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 23 hours ago
Looks like you care legacy. You came here, probably watched the video and even left a comment. So yeah, you care.
Jay Tree
Jay Tree - 3 days ago
No one cares about football..or soccer.. fake ass people who just want money.. i kick ball pay me.
Jay Tree
Jay Tree - 22 hours ago
@Jason Jason i only care for the best of you... dont fall a fool
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 22 hours ago
@Jay Tree then you care. Pretty simple.
Jay Tree
Jay Tree - 22 hours ago
​@Jason Jason care enough to call it stupid
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 23 hours ago
Looks like you care Jay. You came here, probably watched the video and even left a lengthy comment.
David Lewis
David Lewis - 4 days ago
Whiny "ooh the men are oppressing us" cry babies. Over 1 billion tuned in for the men's WC and raised over $4,000,000,000. Women had less than 20 million viewers and didn't even raise $200,000,000 but they want equal pay?! Give me a break. Rapinoe is a loudmouth moron. Stick to soccer on the small scale and let the men carry the sport. You're just a side show. That's her new nickname. Side show Rapinoe.
Raj N
Raj N - 4 days ago
Wait for equal pay for 1000 years 😂
Voltaire - 4 days ago
Anti American POS. Go to Venezuela
Deb T
Deb T - 4 days ago
Brent Porter
Brent Porter - 4 days ago
Megan, please ditch the sunglasses. I want to see you face.
Faux Shizle
Faux Shizle - 4 days ago
Don't worry Rapinho, your crap skills will be replaced by Trans Women with way better attitudes soon...Gbye lesbian sports.
MaKhaila Bentil
MaKhaila Bentil - 4 days ago
“Well.. We can’t give you equal pay, but here.... here’s some ice lattes.”
Dybala For Life
Dybala For Life - 4 days ago
I’m confused do they want equal pay for only players who play for the USWNT or for players who also play in the NWSL ? Someone plz clarify
Skylar Collins
Skylar Collins - 4 days ago
Of course Ali and Ashlyn are next to each other.
the big mick
the big mick - 5 days ago
Team "USA" -- how ironic
Manzon Zix
Manzon Zix - 5 days ago
I love Alyssa Lavelle and press great players . Also the 3 MVP pinoe Morgan n heath
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam - 5 days ago
This ain't it chief.
Giovanna Catzinsky
Giovanna Catzinsky - 5 days ago
Highest IQ girl is Rose Lavelle , I like that !
Va Ri
Va Ri - 5 days ago
Tobin Heath❤❤😍😍
Greg Knauss
Greg Knauss - 5 days ago
Yuck. Bad role models. Ought to be ashamed of themselves. Nothin USA about em.
The JUDGE - 5 days ago
You don't represent us, kick ungrateful Megan out of the team. Otherwise we are not going to buy tickets to watch you play.
M N - 6 days ago
16 million watched the final. Mens wc +1 billion, but they want equal pay.
SurvivorIceland - 6 days ago
Congrats to US women team. Reason why men get more money is revenues is far greater then women can ever match. Men WC revenue was like 50-60 times more then women WC. However US women should get extra bonus for winning WC.
Thunderbolt - 6 days ago
I find it funny how they say that they won't go to the white house because it's isn't inclusive .Neither is this team or womens soccer in the US.I see one black player on this team. So maybe they should go to white house being they are excluding minorities from playing on the USA team. Seems to me they don't have a problem with the majority of womens soccer funding going to wealthy white suburban   communities .Hey they won who cares about what is right or wrong.This is America the only thing that is important is winning and being number one.Now hurry up and get those endorsements and write those's all about fame and money .
Daniel Mozisek
Daniel Mozisek - 6 days ago
FUCK THAT PURPLE HAIRED DISGRACE! Complete trash and a waste. cant be forgot soon enough. oh. by the way... equal pay for equal product. look up percentages of pay vs money generated for men vs women. In ANY sport! lets be honest here.
john denver
john denver - 6 days ago
Was so proud u girls won! Key word was. You took a platform that could have been inspiration and hope for millions, and u brought your ignorance to the surface with rhetoric that divides us. Great job losers
Sagar Adhikari
Sagar Adhikari - 6 days ago
Khan Man
Khan Man - 6 days ago
Why the heck can't our men do this
GOD bless America uswmnt ❤
oaguabonita - 4 days ago
Two things: 1) Title IX ensured parity of opportunity for girls to develop their abilities that boys had always had here. 2) The U.S. women have not had to play catch-up with the rest of the world as the men have. The growth spurt in participation, popularity, resources, college competition, establishment of professional leagues, etc., (which all serve as support infrastructure for the national team) of the women's game occurred here in roughly the same time frame as the rest of the world, where it used to be considered only or primarily a men's game. In fact, if anything, the U.S. has been a bit out in front of the world in this regard -- and it shows in how many foreign players play in the NWSL . . . and of course in the World Cup result.
SurvivorIceland - 6 days ago
Because of less competition as women soccer is under deveolped in most countries becides USA and western Europe. Just for comparrison. US women team lost to FC Dallas youth boy team 5-2 and Australian women team lost 7-0 to some youth team in Australia.
raul martinez
raul martinez - 6 days ago
I am a fan since the nineties, Chastain was my crush, Mia my girlfriend, but this ladies are amazing, equal pay 😍
Carly Hall
Carly Hall - 6 days ago
Megan us a disgusting vile creature!
Can we please make her disappear ?
She is an embarrassment to this country and should NOT represent US
Stone Reaper
Stone Reaper - 6 days ago
Whamens soccer is a joke they lost to a team of 15 year old boys and didn't score a goal
Miror B GOD
Miror B GOD - 5 days ago
They lost 5-2
locomojoboy2 - 6 days ago
These broads want equal pay as the men yet they can’t even beat a team of Under 15 boys.
Lol fucking pathetic.
lexi Lynch
lexi Lynch - 6 days ago
4 is my favorite number LOL
JJ R - 6 days ago
Do world soccer powers like France, Brasil, and Italy invest time and money in womens soccer like mens?
HOstiLe TEntacLE MoNster
In 2017 the USWNT lost 5-2 to The FC Dallas under-15 boys squad. YES. You read that correctly. They lost to a bunch of 15 year olds and younger.
Marlee Grace
Marlee Grace - 6 days ago
Why does it matter?
Skip Jack
Skip Jack - 6 days ago
Rapinoe keep your political views to yourself no one cares about your trashy self your going to hell for being a homosexual
Joseph DiBiase
Joseph DiBiase - 6 days ago
Julie Ertz should be the face of the team , she has the most talent and she’s a sweetheart , not like that self centered Megan “look at me” Rapinoe, she’s a total buchiach
Curt Stolpe
Curt Stolpe - 6 days ago
I'm glad Rapinoe didn't run her foul mouth in front of those little kids. She's such a low-class disrespectful slut.
Zofoblues Zofoblues
Zofoblues Zofoblues - 7 days ago
Joke Right ?
Joe Hernandez
Joe Hernandez - 7 days ago
Megan looks like Pauly Shore.....
Kelli Wildman
Kelli Wildman - 7 days ago
They are a disgrace to our country
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye - 7 days ago
Megan - Public Speaking 101 lesson on how not to give a speech to the world in NYC.
1.) No cursing;
2.) Not take the podium in an obvious drunken/high state;
3.) Allow other team members to speak for a change, and allow them to speak freely when they do and not be forced to parrot her agenda;
4.) Allow opposing viewpoints and have the courage to speak to media who might not always agree with her fuzzy pay gap math/anti-Trump viewpoint;
5.) Practice what she preaches (in particular "Talk less, listen more.");
6.) Speak for all kids, not just girls, as it implies that boys do not matter (they do not in her eyes) - it would also help expand the team's fan base beyond little girls;
7.) Speak in a more humble tone and less of an "Ain't I Great, oh yeah, the team too" manner
8.) As this represented the ideal moment to bring her message to the world, a more prepared speech was in order, beyond her "Heyyyy, yo, Heyyyyy yo, what to say, um, heyyyy, yo, heyyyy yo" ramble.
9,) Quit using the same slide rule that feminists used to calculate the now universally debunked gender pay gap.
10.) One might expect this level of immaturity from one of the 22 year old players, but never from a 34 year old co-captain. If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to act like an adult when the moments call for such behavior.
BlahBlah Blah
BlahBlah Blah - 7 days ago
They should've congratulate and ask the coach first
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