Gordon Ramsay Cooks Breakfast Tacos with Aarón Sanchez | Scrambled

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Blah Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah - 4 hours ago
This is that white people breakfast taco. Real tejanos like simple Tex Mex.
sofia galindo
sofia galindo - Day ago
Yo hubiese llevado a Gordon a los tacos al pastor, esos son unos verdaderos tacos.
Senou Natsuru
Senou Natsuru - 2 days ago
Tortilla fritas no son tacos. Está en la biblia. XD
Jim Xu
Jim Xu - 2 days ago
Dang 0:30 nasty
Erick Ulloa
Erick Ulloa - 2 days ago
México es la capital de sabores en el mundo tienen diversidad de cultura y comida muy exquisita , si México se independizarse , y se reunirá con los 5 países centro americanos creo k sería una potencia . Así protegiendo a sus 5 Estados Unidos
Francisco Alvarado
Francisco Alvarado - 2 days ago
American tacos are just bent tostadas
Omar Cordero
Omar Cordero - 3 days ago
What ,flipping tortillas with kitchens clamps ,what kind of kitty cat does that ?
lover and a hater
lover and a hater - 4 days ago
Daithi Daithi
Daithi Daithi - 4 days ago
Why is the pan always wiped before cooking?
Psykoen - 5 days ago
i have never in my life eaten taco's, it looks sooo guuuuud!!!!!! I'm from belgium and i dont know where to get them here!?(the real thing)
Danix gamer23
Danix gamer23 - 5 days ago
No se necesita usar base para doblar tacos.
Gavin Shih
Gavin Shih - 8 days ago
6:06 I felt that
Maverick2ndAmendment - 8 days ago
Its not Taco Bell! Smh
Ara Duarte
Ara Duarte - 11 days ago
Aron tacos 😋
Sveltgreenman 45
Sveltgreenman 45 - 12 days ago
You knowwww someone is mexican by how they move the tortilla in the pan.
Becca Becca
Becca Becca - 13 days ago
I vote both are definitely delicious 🤣thanks for sharing
Natalia De La Mora
Natalia De La Mora - 13 days ago
Aarónn Sanchez best tacost! Nice try Gordon!!! 😁 for authentic tacos =soft tortilla always !!!
aquiNOanduve - 13 days ago
Eso no es un verdadero taco mexicano 😒
shaan surve
shaan surve - 14 days ago
Whatever it is it always have Gorden makes world tastier dishes as it definitely evident when the chef took the first bite.
Zapata revolution
Zapata revolution - 14 days ago
What are those?? These are my taco stands wei.
Zapata revolution
Zapata revolution - 14 days ago
Way too early for the tortillas.
HelpAGuyMA - 15 days ago
Love of the baby jesus
Bryan Ramirez
Bryan Ramirez - 17 days ago
I loved this
Sniff Squad Productions
Sniff Squad Productions - 17 days ago
damn aaron hit the coronas hard
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez - 18 days ago
We don’t eat tacos for breakfast man ...
jlq4381 - 18 days ago
Great Video and Great Message for Young Cooks
kingart813 - 19 days ago
Wow Gordon, I'm Mexican, and I approve your tacos!
Migelo - 19 days ago
Neither of these two clowns knows how to cook real Mexican food, end of story!!
Linda Fett
Linda Fett - 19 days ago
So enjoyed this video👍 Both gets a 👍👍😋
Linda Fett
Linda Fett - 19 days ago
When Gordon discribed his dancing technique 😂🤣
Sameera Chathuranga
Sameera Chathuranga - 19 days ago
Chef plese come sri lanka 🇱🇰
Phantom Drizzle
Phantom Drizzle - 19 days ago
Evenn though I am a bad cook and pretty young, I would love to meet Gordon and cook with me (he might shout at me tho)!
Nitin Prakash
Nitin Prakash - 19 days ago
Aaron Sanchez did a better job
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores - 20 days ago
Babalee's Kitchen
Babalee's Kitchen - 22 days ago
Hi Gordon 👋 I feel like you are my uncle Because I watched you too much hahaha I love your cooking so much😍🤩❤
scrothergo - 23 days ago
this is one of the best and my favorite gordon ramsay videos ive seen in a bit! Amazing !Keep up this awesome content! personally i prefer this! Not the reality-tv b.s.
Arturo Cabral
Arturo Cabral - 23 days ago
Rick bayless vs Gordon Ramsay
Brendan Schwartz
Brendan Schwartz - 23 days ago
Gordon Ramsay.
Héctor Ortega
Héctor Ortega - 25 days ago
Raiha Marsden
Raiha Marsden - 25 days ago
Both 'real'...🙆‍♀️ it.
Manuel Lora
Manuel Lora - 25 days ago
If you are a tattoo lover and you love have them in your arms. Go and study to a culinary school cuz there is no other career that allow those things let me tell you that.
Richard McCorkle
Richard McCorkle - 25 days ago
those tacos are so incredible looking, until they put that Devils Weed "Cilantro" on top. What a bloody shame.
Jason _
Jason _ - 25 days ago
So nobody is gonna talk about that little pan flip Gordon did? 1:50
TokyoKazama - 25 days ago
Good lord, how many shows, platforms and TV segments does Gordon do? Man really loves working.
THE ROCKll - 26 days ago
esos tacos no son mexicanos
Rafael Peniche U
Rafael Peniche U - 26 days ago
No sé por qué tenemos la manía de apretarle una chichi al compa
Carol - 27 days ago
I will have to taste them both before deciding on who made the best tacos.... my kitchen is a bit small but we will manage :) :) :)
Maximino Morales
Maximino Morales - 27 days ago
Gordon Ramsay....debería probar tacos de cualquier puesto de la ciudad de México....o barbacoa de los sábados...o tamales x la mañana ....eso es mejor que estos tacos de este wey.....esto que prepararon no es cocina Méxicana
michael grimaudo
michael grimaudo - 28 days ago
Love this guy. Even with all the money he has made/making still has the same watch from 20 years ago. Kudos, huge fan
Ice Berg
Ice Berg - 29 days ago
“I see you got a bigger budget” 😂😂
Dakota Floyd
Dakota Floyd - 29 days ago
Adam Runk
Adam Runk - 29 days ago
Not even saying what they're cooking. He's just blathering about his boring life
Ardent Dfender
Ardent Dfender - 29 days ago
I had to watch this twice watching each chef cook their own dish, because watching and understanding two people cook a dish at the same time is tough.
Alejandro Silva
Alejandro Silva - Month ago
No mames chef, asi no se calientan las tortillitas 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Erik Ross
Erik Ross - Month ago
Sorry Gordan, not going against a Mexican on tacos. Next time invite Aaron to make beef Wellington and you get my vote
Jose Rios
Jose Rios - Month ago
Who else is from The Valley of Texas?
Brendan - Month ago
Man this guy is funny af
Tyler Blanton
Tyler Blanton - Month ago
Honestly i know aaron sanchez makes mexican food but i feel he makes alot of southerns food him and Gordon could have their own show and id watch it very entertaining
IN DO - Month ago
at the beginning Gordon kept rubbing his nose🤨 maybe a little coke session before filming🤪
Craigmorin Morin
Craigmorin Morin - Month ago
No one else see Aaron put pickles in the chorizo
Brawyek_ - Month ago
ami no me engañan esa no es comida mexicana .---.
Marissa Flores
Marissa Flores - Month ago
I love Gordon Ramsay
smokey360 bsg
smokey360 bsg - Month ago
joe salgado
joe salgado - Month ago
Why did I confuse Aaron Sanchez with micheal Pena lol
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - Month ago
A crispy tortilla is a tostada Mr Ramsay
Jonathan David
Jonathan David - Month ago
The way that mexican holds his taco is disappointing... bad technique.
Jonathan David
Jonathan David - 25 days ago
@O R Yes, you are illustrating so well with those examples. There are some rules called manners and yes, in Japan there are some manners to hold chopsticks, developed through those years you are talking about. Also in Mexico they have developed some manners to hold tacos. I could not say anything about hotdogs, cause I don't have any information about it. Maybe you like those manners, maybe you don't, it's ok; the point is that this guy seems not to know them, or as I said, maybe it's been a long time since he had some tacos.
O R - 25 days ago
You are so funny...thinking you know "the correct way to eat a taco & this Mexican doesn't" next you'll be telling a person from Japan how to hold his chop sticks🥢or an someone from New York how to hold a hotdog 🌭. Like I said since 🌮 tacos came from Mexico & they've been holding on to them for a few thousand years they certainly don't need you to tell them how to hold a taco.
Jonathan David
Jonathan David - 25 days ago
@O R Yes, you are right, they hold tacos differently : those who know how to hold a taco and those who don't know how to. In the same way there's a way to hold cutlery, there's a way to hold tacos.
O R - 25 days ago
@Jonathan David he's eating his taco the way he has all his life. Again, your missing the point..everywhere in Mexico they hold their tacos differently. Where do you get the audacity to critique a Mexican how he should hold a taco.
Jonathan David
Jonathan David - 25 days ago
@O R different topics... Of course there are different versions of food in the same country, that's not the point here. The fact is that there's a way to hold a taco and this guy does not do it in that way. Maybe he hasn't eaten a taco in a long time
Elizabeth Rojas
Elizabeth Rojas - Month ago
Sorry but Aaron's looked a lot better.💖💖🙋‍♀️👍
Earth Stuff
Earth Stuff - Month ago
Aarón Sanchez has done delicious
Anthony - Month ago
Sanchez has the superior taco.
I’ve never seen someone make Ramsay laugh so much. It was sweet to watch.
jeremy conner
jeremy conner - Month ago
so funny
Wow Gordon has got some big muscles
Marcelo Bettini
Marcelo Bettini - Month ago
Both of you just made my day. Very funny and still relevant content.
Aquila Sanchez
Aquila Sanchez - Month ago
Sanchez looks like angelo from turbo🤣
Edgar Samuel Hernandez
Where's the Frijoles???
Deborah Kennedy
Deborah Kennedy - Month ago
Would it be wrong to want a light drizzle of lime juice? 🤗
Brook B
Brook B - Month ago
Lime blends well with the chorizo, and onions
Helen Green
Helen Green - Month ago
Both did good! Just use your imagination when you cook and that is what you both did!
alfredo Flowers
alfredo Flowers - Month ago
nada como los tacos de carnitas viva mexico 🇲🇽
Roberto Villanueva
Roberto Villanueva - Month ago
I always watch Chef Ramsay screaming and yelling at Hell's Kitchen so watching him in this video smiling it makes me smile
Moody Shooty
Moody Shooty - Month ago
Watching two of my favorite chefs make my favorite meal while ripping on each other. This is the best thing to happen to the internet since sliced cats
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