Gordon Ramsay Cooks Breakfast Tacos with Aarón Sanchez | Scrambled

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niceguy217 - Hour ago
Would like to see Aarón add some tomato to those delicious creations of his..but really, both of them looked absolutely scrumptious! And a well made breakfast taco, or burrito as they call them around here, is never a bad thing.
De LaMar
De LaMar - Hour ago
Came from a Japanese Sushi Chef video. Nope, leaving here right away. Sorry Gordon...
jeffro Belmots
jeffro Belmots - 2 hours ago
The valley 956
Edward English
Edward English - 2 hours ago
I do like a crispier taco.
Eduardo Hernandez
Eduardo Hernandez - 5 hours ago
Both tacos look amazing! I will say that for breakfast I feel like your tortillas Should be soft; Crunchy for lunch or dinner.
Timothy Freeman
Timothy Freeman - 5 hours ago
Man I can't choose whose looks better I gotta taste it is LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to eat Gordon's food I'd say I'd love to cook for him but I think I can only cook one thing
EDZiLLUH - 5 hours ago
gotta go with Aaron on this one
xPhantomBear V
xPhantomBear V - 11 hours ago
IdgaFuckkk who did better I jus want both of them in my MOUTH!
sandra huff
sandra huff - 19 hours ago
Yall dont know how long im been waiting to see a video with gordon and aaron
mexyfolifebaby - 21 hour ago
Both did it with style
Prudencio Muñoz-Miranda
Prudencio Muñoz-Miranda - 22 hours ago
Chorizo con huevo is sooo good, he shouldve added beans on them and cilantro, and tomato salsa.
AmazingButters - 22 hours ago
I wanna see a show with just these 2
Jael Abraham
Jael Abraham - 23 hours ago
If I were Sanchez, I would laugh but take Ramsay's advice, whatever it was!! Ramsay's net worth and reputation spell ginormous success at a much higher level than Sanchez.
Plant Manager
Plant Manager - Day ago
You both have done well, a twist to interest the pallets
Lady Liz
Lady Liz - Day ago
Team Sanchez, but both tacos looked good! Love it 😍
5jd1 - Day ago
they both look fantastic! i think i would eat yours for breakfast or lunch and Aaron's for lunch or dinner! both got my mouth watering! :)
Carpe Díem
Carpe Díem - Day ago
Dream team oyeaaa señorrrr
John Barons
John Barons - Day ago
There is no bad mexican food!
DOTA 2 RAGE - Day ago
This show is actually really good
son kam9001
son kam9001 - Day ago
My mom and grandma can also
free you from bad and fake Mexican food
Papyrus - 2 days ago
How the fuck do we decide who did the best XD.
Maureen Smith
Maureen Smith - 2 days ago
This is great.
Armando Delgado
Armando Delgado - 2 days ago
Man what an amazing Interview/ cook off. Very entertaining and comical. Tacos both look amazing. I like the hispanic style more personally but I bet they were both nothing like I'll ever taste in this lifetime. Glad this video popped up on my feed.
The Athenaeum
The Athenaeum - 2 days ago
Ramsay wins my vote! Not a fan of chorizo so a little goes a long way.
robert limon
robert limon - 8 hours ago
That what makes it Mexican fool
Mr Toskane
Mr Toskane - 2 days ago
That was an attempt for Tacos Dorados hahahahahaha, good try tho.
beckyngreene - 2 days ago
Gordon Ramsay can we count how many times you touch your face, ew
TeresaFree - 2 days ago
Aarón for the win!!! .... Love Gordon!
BryanSWAGGBEAST - 2 days ago
Mmmh counters where you at? 3:17
Xyman Ruthenberg
Xyman Ruthenberg - 2 days ago
Amazing video
Marco - 2 days ago
the sexual tension lol
That Random Guy
That Random Guy - 2 days ago
So I'm the only one watching this hungry at 3am?
Deserae Ward
Deserae Ward - 19 hours ago
Me too it's 1am and I'm fasting
Ruhul Justice
Ruhul Justice - 3 days ago
Both of you doin well :D
Chrztl Paredes
Chrztl Paredes - 3 days ago
is it just me ? cause i always picture Gordon Ramsey with a Blurr on his Lips, thinking all he's saying is bad words.
Santos Valdez
Santos Valdez - 3 days ago
This mthrfkr put mushrooms in a taco 🤦🏽‍♂️
Todd Peucker
Todd Peucker - 3 days ago
Santos Valdez Yep, as he should have. Mushrooms and cilantro are yummy, they taste good in about anything.
Gerry Gonzalez
Gerry Gonzalez - 3 days ago
These two should be on TV together hosting a cooking show.
Mr V
Mr V - 3 days ago
I liked the mushroom idea
Charles Dapaah
Charles Dapaah - 3 days ago
What a cool guy Aaron
Debbie O
Debbie O - 3 days ago
H TAV - 3 days ago
AS got FAT. Bro you don't have to eat EVERYTHING you make.
Abraham Reyes
Abraham Reyes - 3 days ago
I love you guys
Shaun Walford
Shaun Walford - 3 days ago
I want tacos now
Erin isawesome
Erin isawesome - 3 days ago
Aaron Sanchez wins. But Gordon Ramsey has already won my life.
bob loblaw
bob loblaw - 3 days ago
Great chemistry between these two. It all looked delicious.
ALady&Gent Tale
ALady&Gent Tale - 3 days ago
I love this Episode!
vicky pearl
vicky pearl - 3 days ago
I wanna try Gordons! All my favorite toppings together
Jay-ar Ganaban
Jay-ar Ganaban - 3 days ago
Who won?
Dey M
Dey M - 3 days ago
you two are the dynamic duo I never knew I needed lol
Amin Duk
Amin Duk - 4 days ago
What a tem!!!!
Stefany pagoaga
Stefany pagoaga - 4 days ago
I love this, there is so much love
Mark W.
Mark W. - 4 days ago
Next show:
Chili dogs.
Mavra Waseem
Mavra Waseem - 4 days ago
Can't choose one, both chefs are my favorite 😊👍 both recipes are perfect!
Asmaa Gilliland
Asmaa Gilliland - 4 days ago
joneslaakso - 4 days ago
Gordon looks like 146 year old took steroids.
p m
p m - 4 days ago
I thought they were gonna teach me how to cook it😂 great content though!
Kripto_ b5
Kripto_ b5 - 4 days ago
Made me hungry! Two Goats!
panajot andoni
panajot andoni - 4 days ago
Mr Sanchez try dat with feta cheese and Tell what you think
Harling Mayes
Harling Mayes - 4 days ago
damn gordon hitting the gains lately
Anonymous - 4 days ago
I had fun editing this one! :D
SoundRex - 4 days ago
I know I’m not the only one who could smell what Aarón was cooking!
Michael Kohlman
Michael Kohlman - 4 days ago
Both worth a try!
Beth Kerner
Beth Kerner - 4 days ago
That was so fun. Love these two together. Aaron truly is Gordon's "brother from another mother."
gb benner
gb benner - 4 days ago
How to make "spotted dick" though?
ashley Moreno
ashley Moreno - 4 days ago
Tacos agringados vs tacos mexicanos
Marthy Penilla Lopez
Marthy Penilla Lopez - 4 days ago
Id never taste tacos before but i want to try it
Geo Stussy
Geo Stussy - 4 days ago
Mexican Moms have the craziest back stories ever. My mother is probably the bravest/motivated person i know
King Blaze
King Blaze - 4 days ago
My mom used to make tacos just like that damn i miss those days!!! Seriously delicious my mom was born in acapulco.. They probably taste similar.. They taste amazing.
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez - 4 days ago
Great keep them coming
MemerMeme - 4 days ago
I come from a Puerto Rican background, both my mom and dad are Puerto Rican. Yes, they’ve taught me stuff, but I love putting my own twist on my dishes and learning new dishes. I want people to see how rich PR is. I’m 23 now.
Andy Larson
Andy Larson - 4 days ago
Gordons looked the best.
Dionicio Ysassi
Dionicio Ysassi - 4 days ago
Love it BUT that store bought tortilla bullshit need to stop. Chef Ramsay wouldn't accept a store bought ravioli or noodle. Same standard for Mexican Food , especially tortillas. If I'm served that in a restaurant I will literally wad it up and toss it as soon as they hit the table.
MCYonazz - 5 days ago
Ramsay out here acting like he's clicking through a Fallout 4 dialogue... "Right, jup, sure, mhm..."
Christopher Hidalgo
Christopher Hidalgo - 5 days ago
Gordon’s looks better
Javier Enrique
Javier Enrique - 5 days ago
Crispy tacos are not tacos
Jesus Nikolas Solano Pino
WTF is that because isnt mexican
Tim Jarred
Tim Jarred - 5 days ago
Who is the best? Hard to say without tasting but they both look fantastic.
emil ilie
emil ilie - 5 days ago
that was fck funny, really..2 funny chefs, friendly hugs frome Cannes
Michelle Alexander
Michelle Alexander - 5 days ago
xamurai00 - 5 days ago
Who wants to watch a bunch of chef wannabes.. its so much better to watch two masters trying to outperform one another.
xamurai00 - 5 days ago
Ramsay looks like he would flip the table at any moment and piledrive the latino.
Buffering Loading
Buffering Loading - 5 days ago
⚾basketball player 💀- Ramsay
Максим Тарасенко
Я уж подумал что там Алик с Мастер Шеф забыл....
Jorge Hiram Castro
Jorge Hiram Castro - 5 days ago
Si esos tacos son de "chef", debería de probar los que yo hago
Penny Hinton
Penny Hinton - 5 days ago
Cilantro and avocado 4 the win
john hudson
john hudson - 5 days ago
I found the chef knife Gordon always is using. Apparently it’s the best you can get in Europe! Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00009ZK08/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00009ZK08&linkCode=as2&tag=sporknife-20&linkId=fe4ce99002444f17f9731d98c183e48e
ryans world
ryans world - 5 days ago
Both looked good but Aaron takes it Gordon's was too much
Plain Ox
Plain Ox - 5 days ago
Make a show where you both do your best at learning other cultures :)
PhilGeissler - 5 days ago
It's a tie! I would eat both tacos and be grateful!
YouTube Ghettq
YouTube Ghettq - 5 days ago
*Spotted Dick*
ChaosInfxrno - 5 days ago
sampn_mutez - 5 days ago
Is 'Scrambled' a new series of videos, if so when can we see more? If not.. it should be!
Simple but effective and informative.
sam8black - 5 days ago
i cant test it by eating my screen so dont ask me stupid question
Rica Ivory
Rica Ivory - 5 days ago
I'm mad Ramsey cooked the tortillas in oil and not butter. Butter is the supreme flavor for tortillas personally 😂😂😂
Rica Ivory
Rica Ivory - 5 days ago
+Javier Enrique OK, frying them in butter still makes them taste better. What you even talking about?
Javier Enrique
Javier Enrique - 5 days ago
real tortillas are made with water, not oil or butter
NMW - 5 days ago
JAJJAJAJAJAJ lol y’all are funny that shit ain’t even close to a Mexican breakfast or taco
pamelia damayanti
pamelia damayanti - 5 days ago
kirim gosend ke indo kena berapa ?
Ravi Shah
Ravi Shah - 5 days ago
Chef Aaron is savage
iiits20 - 5 days ago
Right before this they split a 8ball 🤣🤣🤣 bet
iMaddenProdigy - 5 days ago
iiits20 So edgy. Wow. Hilarious L
Efrain Rivera
Efrain Rivera - 5 days ago
Ande joto si pico el chile
Dean Hughes
Dean Hughes - 5 days ago
Tacos with a side of botox
Czw24Mex - 5 days ago
yo preferiria el cilantro finamente cortado.
goodvibes ONLY!!
goodvibes ONLY!! - 5 days ago
Ramsey is asking so many questions & giving nothing in return
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