Gordon Ramsay Cooks Breakfast Tacos with Aarón Sanchez | Scrambled

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Antonio Reyes
Antonio Reyes - 2 hours ago
Freaking awesome.!
Masked B1tch
Masked B1tch - 6 hours ago
I'm a US citizen currently living in Mexico and having experienced both sides I can say with confidence that Gordon's was extremely white and Aarón's was extremely Mexican.
Both are delicious.
Just Me
Just Me - 15 hours ago
Love you too 🥰🥰. You need a show with both of Y’all doing the same thing but with a different style it is so funny🤣😂🤣😂
Daniela the meme of the century
I want food now
MojoJulian Pastrana
Tafac is that? a taco? naa man that's not a real taco that's some Taco Bell shit
MrMoustacheNinja - Day ago
This was awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Fouren Fouren
Fouren Fouren - Day ago
Dude some people hate soggy torillas so i get why gordon said that, tbh Gordon taco was much better looking and the crispiness is much better imo. i would go with Gordon any day.
Andrew Sondrini
Andrew Sondrini - Day ago
The Mexican is very moddest...

im being sarcastic
Candace Puente
Candace Puente - Day ago
gordon always tryna to tell ethnic people how to cook foods that are indigenous to them and it’s so annoying. like fam you were flipping your tortillas with tongs and you wanna say “tacos could’ve went crispier” man outta my face
Gmoneyman - Day ago
Ayeee it’s that dude! I love dat dude
Martin Gonsales
Martin Gonsales - 2 days ago
Me Mexican bro
Alex de Ville
Alex de Ville - 2 days ago
I think i am going to give it to Aarón Sanchez. For the racism that is. Oh and the Tacos.
Megaladon Rock band
Megaladon Rock band - 2 days ago
I would eat both!!
Mike Boucher
Mike Boucher - 2 days ago
"I don't tell you how to cook spotted dick" I love how he went right to that 😂😂
GamerGod88 - 2 days ago
Frig podcasts.. We need more of these!!!!
Jane Sweet
Jane Sweet - 2 days ago
love your Cooking Gordon, you should try my shredded chicken tacos lol Bellissimo!
umbale - 2 days ago
Well, i needed to taste both!
Sean Senich
Sean Senich - 3 days ago
This is literally the most funny video I’ve ever seen
SarahsSimple& StylishMakeup
Gordon needs to stop wiping his nose like he was sniffed something... get a tissue and wash your hands
Seros Rosales
Seros Rosales - 3 days ago
so they’re cookin in space
Liliana Gastelum
Liliana Gastelum - 3 days ago
4:20 WHAT IS THAT IN THE BACK ??!?!??!
Cindy C
Cindy C - 3 days ago
BOTH had to taste Good! I wanna taste both their Tacos!😉🤣😂🤣😂🤡
Dan Browne
Dan Browne - 3 days ago
Great vid
Ellis Sonty
Ellis Sonty - 3 days ago
so Aaron has tattoos on his peen?
syllou Me
syllou Me - 3 days ago
I love the speach of chef aron...
Iloveyou both...hope to dine in one of your restaurants hahaha soon when i will be rich hahah
Justin G
Justin G - 3 days ago
6:20 "What relaxes you" Thats rich coming from a guy who never seems to be relaxed and always looks like he has to pee.
Justin - 3 days ago
Dope _Discharge
Dope _Discharge - 3 days ago
עילי סלומון
עילי סלומון - 3 days ago
King Phoenix
King Phoenix - 3 days ago
Didi - 4 days ago
FUCK!! Both tacos look good asf
afelias - 4 days ago
Is Gordon Ramsay's Youtube channel just going to be the flagship of a new "cooking TV show thing", kind of like how Anthony Bourdain shook shit up with the Food Network?
Richard Soliz
Richard Soliz - 4 days ago
They both look delicious ! But I would choose Aaron because of the avocado
Mister X
Mister X - 4 days ago
Now I need to hit the taco shop.
I guess I'm putting pants on today after all.
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur R34 '02
And you know what that Bad Mexican food is?
Taco Bell
Angain Gnana
Angain Gnana - 4 days ago
Do one with Jamie Oliver!
Velle Abregado
Velle Abregado - 4 days ago
Jody Santos
Jody Santos - 5 days ago
David Reeves
David Reeves - 5 days ago
I believe Gordan Ramsay did the best. Such a fancy breakfast taco.
jose calderon
jose calderon - 5 days ago
Spotted dick 🤣
Frank Valencia
Frank Valencia - 6 days ago
It was awesome seeing two great chefs shoot-the-shit and joke around in the kitchen!...awesome!..only thing missing was a beer..o wait, it was “breakfast tacos” right?...mimosas then. Fuck that, BEER!..
Yareth Sekiro
Yareth Sekiro - 6 days ago
Vivo en México y en mi vida había visto tacos de huevo xD
Maarvvoo !
Maarvvoo ! - 6 days ago
They both look delicious just wish I could taste them
Swany Castro
Swany Castro - 7 days ago
You can tell Gordon doesn't know much about tacos since he warmed up the tortilla first
Pao Ge Vang
Pao Ge Vang - 7 days ago
Pao Ge Vang
Pao Ge Vang - 4 days ago
@Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur R34 '02 agreed
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur R34 '02
Pao Ge Vang soggy taco Saturday
Will Daven
Will Daven - 7 days ago
Both Awesome chefs
chris scott
chris scott - 7 days ago
You see the Mexican way to flip the taco is by hand not by a steel untensil. Es una cosa de amor
Blood0cean - 8 days ago
I'd love a part 2 to this
Tyler Serrano
Tyler Serrano - 8 days ago
Arònn Sanchez: initially
Tatua Denis Gicheha
Tatua Denis Gicheha - 8 days ago
2 great Chefs..loving it
Vic Williams
Vic Williams - 8 days ago
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