Tee Grizzley - Satish [Official Audio]

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Jon Yacyvovk
Jon Yacyvovk - 20 hours ago
Hegedüs Nándor
Hegedüs Nándor - 16 days ago
I'm from hungarian
DJ Rich
DJ Rich - 17 days ago
David Melnichuk
David Melnichuk - 17 days ago
Goes hard
Taylor Moore
Taylor Moore - 18 days ago
I fucking love you T!!! ❤️
Themooselair - 18 days ago
How off beat can you be? Lmfao
BlackBird Gaming
BlackBird Gaming - 18 days ago
He was on beat the whole MF time. U sound dumb just GTF outta here ole blueface ass nigga
juliana wilson
juliana wilson - 19 days ago
rip jb cant get this song out of my head
Collin Johnson
Collin Johnson - 21 day ago
This cover is the best I've ever seen from anyone
The Hitman Eddie
The Hitman Eddie - 26 days ago
Song is fire the picture is dope, too.
Roy Greene
Roy Greene - 26 days ago
Y’all be rating this rapper has so much blood lost like dam
Brice Caberea
Brice Caberea - 26 days ago
RIP auntie
oh geesy
oh geesy - 26 days ago
Nothin but respect for Tee. Erythang happen for a reason G keep ya head up 💯
big.e - 27 days ago
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith - 27 days ago
This song and sweet thangs‼️‼️‼️🙏 they gonna get it Grizzly 💯
UltraThug Matlock
UltraThug Matlock - 27 days ago
Condolences 🙏💔
BlackBird Gaming
BlackBird Gaming - 27 days ago
Ant L.
Ant L. - 28 days ago
"They say they love us but that love might be hate. I cant really tell the difference salt and sugar look the same."
Pshh I felt that one.
Brady Borkgren
Brady Borkgren - 29 days ago
Chills on some of these bars
Gregory Garcia
Gregory Garcia - 29 days ago
This song.....
melman380 - 29 days ago
We jus winnin now im cryin atcho funeral!! 😢🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
MystiC - 29 days ago
Everytime sum bad happens to a rapper they go off like they go hard hard😳
laquinta myles
laquinta myles - 29 days ago
Thursday night new album tee grizzley 2019
laquinta myles
laquinta myles - 29 days ago
laquinta myles
laquinta myles - 29 days ago
Tee grizzley new album
The chicago unknown gamerz
"They do something to us then they known for it but if we do something we wrong for it"🔥🔥🔥
Even This Cover Art Deep.😪
R.I.P Aunty💯🙏🏾🕊
sama flame
sama flame - 29 days ago
1/3 of your shit song is talking.
Kristopher Christ
Kristopher Christ - 29 days ago
“I gave you a girl and you still looking at my date, I gave you food but you still looking at my plate” 🥶🥶
Gabriel Charles
Gabriel Charles - 29 days ago
saddest shit i’ve heard or seen
kevin valdez
kevin valdez - 29 days ago
This Shiii go Harrrd☄️🔥
SammySwervo - Month ago
Bro snapped
The Sexy Skywalker
The Sexy Skywalker - Month ago
Get da choppas ready boys, we gonna avenge JB.
Starz Univ
Starz Univ - Month ago
Ion know bout y’all but Brandy & Daniel Caesar - Love Again is a whole mood🔥🔥🔥
Kaden Frost
Kaden Frost - Month ago
Tee Grizzly and Dababy really getting their 💰 with these bangers
CharpYT - Month ago
I respect Tee and fw his music so much, but you don’t get setup like that if you ain’t done bad in your past, they getting revenge, you deserved it brudda, what if yo mans took they’re auntie first? put yourself in them shoes before you open your mouth about anything
HOF Duck
HOF Duck - Month ago
R.I.P Your aunt man ik how it is when i was 14 I was rolling wit the road dogg villains and some hateing ass niggas shot her while I was in the car wit her bro don't worry ima shoot for you any day don't worry we gone find out who killed yo aunts man ight 🙏🏼💪🏾
Dee Bee
Dee Bee - Month ago
I deadass about to cry 😞 people fucked up like dead ass 😭 Tee, take care of yourself bro
NICO FLOSS - Month ago
Fyrvt - Month ago
Salt and sugar look the same
kallan cammaroto
kallan cammaroto - Month ago
RIP! much love, fire song! 1 milly on a head people will start talking!
Lamboh - Month ago
this is hard
Brianna Blahblahblah
Brianna Blahblahblah - Month ago
What happened to dex? Nd jb?
Ten Nut sacks
Ten Nut sacks - Month ago
"God please dont be so hard on me
God please dont close the door on me "chills
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones - Month ago
Mstifyied ,
Mstifyied , - Month ago
This is how many people want tee grizzley to get his revenge for his aunts kill.
15 years ago
15 years ago - Month ago
Fuck his dead auntie
King Charlie14
King Charlie14 - Month ago
R.I.P tee grizzley autie
YoJqsh - Month ago
Detroit Bars!!!#Detroit
Kenny R
Kenny R - Month ago
RIP JB, I hope you get thru this Tee. Does anybody know what Satish means?
arogan131 - Month ago
RIP Dex Osama. Big ups to the big homie 💯
_XzMurdererXz Gameplay
‘You take mine I take yours you take 1 I take 4’ that went hard RIP
B1g B0R15
B1g B0R15 - Month ago
I don care if it’s the mayor nigga million on his head 🔥🔥
Devante Benton
Devante Benton - Month ago
I hope Tee do find them niggas and put em in the dirt.💯
Kory Kennedy
Kory Kennedy - Month ago
Bro ewww😬🤐🤫 this shit fire. This the Tee Grizzley we been waiting for. The realest shit of the year. RIP JB.
Keith Pyron
Keith Pyron - Month ago
Im from Lansing u need to come here
Detroit Lions Gang
Detroit Lions Gang - Month ago
SAPO LOKO - Month ago
Who is this!!!
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee - Month ago
This shit reminds me of rocky 4 for some reason
Crafty Provoker
Crafty Provoker - Month ago
Whoever killed his aunt is a whole bitch out here.........
velocity thunder
velocity thunder - Month ago
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