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Sblexls - Hour ago
Subscribed! Bruce this brings back memories bro! My dad has an 83 International Cabover semi just like this but all white.
Would love to see what you want to do with it. Keep her in good shape my man.
Aldrin Flores
Aldrin Flores - 4 hours ago
❤ from phillippines
Norm Hart
Norm Hart - 7 hours ago
LOL To funny
Sean Merlo
Sean Merlo - 7 hours ago
I love this truck, takes me back. My dad drove a same style cabover. Couple times a summer I would get to roll with him & hide in the sleeper at the scales. Felt like a bad ass 8 year old kid riding in that thing.
tony paredes
tony paredes - 8 hours ago
Man I really want one of those cab overs. I love the way they look with the dual stacks close to the middle.
Deep River
Deep River - 9 hours ago
Get a steamer cleaned as well do the carpet and upholstery! That mattress is nasty torch it
ThePancakeMan480 - 21 hour ago
2:35. I thought you were dressing up as genie from Aladdin
Jason Guzman
Jason Guzman - Day ago
If it smells like fish it's not a good dish, if it smells like flounder continue to pound her.
William Shawn
William Shawn - Day ago
Funny stuff with the suit just missy a biohazard symbol on it
Darren Williams
Darren Williams - Day ago
This video series got a lot less cool when he said “private parts”
Wako Brian
Wako Brian - Day ago
Hey can u use another song on the next video ?👌 Plzz
Legendary Gaming
Legendary Gaming - Day ago
Man I love that Rig!!!!!
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - Day ago
Yes the canister on the back of the truck is indeed an air drier, the wire cable attached to the bottom of the canister, pull down on it to drain water from the canister.
Tom Roberson
Tom Roberson - Day ago
thanks for the comedy truck looks better
Jack Pinnell
Jack Pinnell - Day ago
wow.....your super hero hazmat suit looks like akmed the janitor from dubai. lol
Fed Rooster
Fed Rooster - Day ago
Bug bombing it is pointless. Just start vacuuming in out.
Patrick Sheehan
Patrick Sheehan - Day ago
5:15...... Suit on , taped up....I got to pee !!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Тимофей Ляблин
Ben Bricker
Ben Bricker - 2 days ago
You're getting stupid now, done watching your videos.
Jala769 - 2 days ago
Whats the song?
ionuktomb - 2 days ago
You and your lady need to go for a night out on the town with you dressed like that. She can tell everybody you two meet that she gets turned on by hypochondriacs.
Drew T
Drew T - 2 days ago
Gonna need a XL condom, and a tetanus shot...POTY(pimp of the year)
Rob Lord
Rob Lord - 2 days ago
How Do U Know Ur Mom And Sisters Weren't Lot Lizards.?😅😄
Joseph Flake
Joseph Flake - 2 days ago
Watching you put the suit on was hilarious! That mattress probably has disease on it.
Frankie's super crazy channel
You said that you were at Walmart And you said the word special what do you have against people who have a mental illness I have watched a few other yt videos And I do not find other people saying that just my opinion well I'm not subscribing
Garrett Binley
Garrett Binley - 2 days ago
Fuck these Bloomberg ads....
Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker - 2 days ago
I will unsubscribe although I find the restoration interesting I do not like people who do not take care and have no care for the environment. Any chemicals and toxic waste should be disposed of properly! not into the environment. I think Bruce would be one of those guys who throw trash out of the window of his truck or whatever he's driving.
Barrie Chesterman
Barrie Chesterman - 2 days ago
Geezes 12 mins of fucking around all you needed was ur mask and gloves you're a joke
Paul Tuckwell
Paul Tuckwell - 2 days ago
Hi from England just subscribed great vids 👌
David Schmidt
David Schmidt - 2 days ago
Bruce: repeat after me: 'I am the world's biggest drama queen."'
king jafu
king jafu - 2 days ago
What rock song is that playing
Jason K
Jason K - 2 days ago
Awesome truck!! My favourite American truck since I was a kid. Good work! Loving it, keep on trucking! 😅
acoow - 2 days ago
You might not have to do this again, but let me save you some trouble taping up if there is a next time. I do radiological work and I wrap tape around my wrists one time only when taping my gloves to my sleeves.
Andrew - 2 days ago
get all that lot lizard juice out of the cab
Jimmy Japan Love
Jimmy Japan Love - 2 days ago
Honestly only one of those bug bombs were needed
maxshaila - 2 days ago
your instagram does not show up when I look for it... Maybe because is not available on south america?? haha
Amer Alshehri
Amer Alshehri - 2 days ago
سعودي طط😹😹👏🏻🔥
Jason Whatley
Jason Whatley - 3 days ago
I haven't read the comments yet but the first thing I thought seeing your home made hazmat suit...if you were a super hero...you'd be" captain Murica" 🤣😂🤣 awesome stuff man. Just subscribed
idiotburns - 3 days ago
Tyvek suit bro
Jalopy Joe
Jalopy Joe - 3 days ago
Was hear
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