Satan's first pass with it's new engine | The Money Shift

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Camaro Vlogs
Camaro Vlogs - 23 days ago
I’m sorry but that corvette owner can’t drive
_Frankie_ - Month ago
TNT by AC-DC playing 5:54
Glen And Trin
Glen And Trin - Month ago
I'm so glad u got it back the camaro is my dream car keep the hard work up an let's send it
vDeadlyTurtle - Month ago
Ngl the new girl kinda pretty
Your Mother should of swallowed
Remember when hitting the rev limiter was a bad thing ? Oh wait, still is.
Kyle Graybill
Kyle Graybill - 3 months ago
Wow else misses Jess
AmberArrest - 3 months ago
It looks very similar to the crew’s cutscenes.
Bass Boost confirmed
Bass Boost confirmed - 3 months ago
me: watching this with volume at max

nabors: think i have a drag car in my house
C-Lo Borden
C-Lo Borden - 4 months ago
I still remember the Money Shift and seeing all of Gavin's at 8 in the morning
Rick Kletke
Rick Kletke - 4 months ago
Love the channel. But that girl is straight up after your toys and wallet.
Outdoor Is life
Outdoor Is life - 4 months ago
Never got the life. Hard work
Jim MacDonald
Jim MacDonald - 4 months ago
The thing I love about itsjusta6 videos is it's all about Cars and Friends... the rest of the BS of this world just fades away... the way it ought to be.
rolling royalty
rolling royalty - 4 months ago
he should give the car to his camera man and make him happy
Antz - 5 months ago
Michael Muckenfuss
Michael Muckenfuss - 5 months ago
Have launch was amazingly sick bro...Every thing about her is sick now bro....Baby beast bubba
jr drag racer
jr drag racer - 5 months ago
I race a jr dragsters at meremere drag way in NZ and a cross the world best run is a 7.80 RT 0.00
Nick C
Nick C - 5 months ago
The tire at 17:15 wassssin readddyyyy
Roblox player Sunshinestar08
That is some
nice shoes
Jason Sherbert
Jason Sherbert - 6 months ago
This is a weird question but what is the music playing at 0:46?
SwettyOppz813 - 6 months ago
I think u should make a movie based on cars and racing
Venom Sense
Venom Sense - 6 months ago
Wish we had a cool community like this here in Canada. Where i live its just middle age married men doing charity car meets :(
Byron Allen
Byron Allen - 6 months ago
Are all of these videos demonstrations of immaturity, glib speech, and wasted money?????? These children need a dose of reality......
Casey McDonald
Casey McDonald - 6 months ago
THE OLD INTRO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Itjusta 8
Itjusta 8 - 7 months ago
When’s the next money shift
Rohan Maheshwary
Rohan Maheshwary - 7 months ago
Holy crap that blue mustang
Gabriele B
Gabriele B - 7 months ago
Omg the nova
Tdmartin09 - 7 months ago
You could really make a tv show put of your life
Ernest Moerkerk
Ernest Moerkerk - 7 months ago
Hi, Im from the Netherlands 🖐🇳🇱
[DGXL]de gamers xl
[DGXL]de gamers xl - 7 months ago
The netherlands that awsome that some people came all the way from the netherlands
Paw Paw
Paw Paw - 8 months ago
It’s just a six. That’s what I tell the women. Then their jaw drops. 🤥
augie490 - 8 months ago
The best sounding mustang ever
Martin Castillo
Martin Castillo - 8 months ago
god that nova at 16:57 reving its big block😍😍😍
PINOY HEMI - 8 months ago
been wishing to drive that badass cars😰
luke kempf
luke kempf - 8 months ago
"People have been in line for 3 hours" "People coming from the netherlands?" Meanwhile it looks like maybe 300 people total. Just saying
Big Brain
Big Brain - 8 months ago
Albatrozz310 - 8 months ago
i have no idea what they're talking about or whats happening but i love it
Hectir Ortiz
Hectir Ortiz - 8 months ago
Gavin have a new girl?👀
JR's Variety Tv
JR's Variety Tv - 8 months ago
Only 1 half ass pass..lame
OP WOLF - 8 months ago
check my new 2000hp mustang
Cars Production's
Cars Production's - 8 months ago
The new girl looks like a Gold digger🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
[DGXL]de gamers xl
[DGXL]de gamers xl - 8 months ago
Gevin iff i was rich i Wanted to buy your car for 5 mil
Da CheWookie
Da CheWookie - 8 months ago
Hey what's the song you used at the end beat is dope 👀
CaliberCraft - 8 months ago
Will they be racing in Texas any time soon? I would love to take my brother to one of these events
Revo - 8 months ago
If your car doesn’t scare you, it’s not fast enough. 🤣🤣🤣
Logan Mrdak
Logan Mrdak - 8 months ago
i know exactly were this race was bc i raced there
Richard Mames
Richard Mames - 8 months ago
Race GapCat only YouTubers that I see has the wickets Build you in Sikk Whips
Thomas Valencia
Thomas Valencia - 8 months ago
Intro needs more Mustang!
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy - 8 months ago
Walker Barrett
Walker Barrett - 8 months ago
say it don't spray it
Alejandro Shakur
Alejandro Shakur - 8 months ago
Poor ecoboost guy
Seven Ηaze
Seven Ηaze - 8 months ago
"Satans first pass" not "Satan's first pass"...
RoYaL Nolan
RoYaL Nolan - 8 months ago
Yo the outro is so dope i seriously feal like im playing a racing game
KultureTV - 8 months ago
Im out of country right now and I literally cannot wait to come back and finish modding my car.. Love the videos bro 👏🏽🇺🇸
MHautovlgs - 8 months ago
Car needs new name. Red is satan's color. Blk is what priests wear.
Alex Ficeob
Alex Ficeob - 8 months ago
time for the Money Shift 2K20
clearedthelobby 1
clearedthelobby 1 - 8 months ago
Who thinks he should twin turbo the Camero👇
michael huckabay
michael huckabay - 8 months ago
Have you raced that demon yet with the new engine
BEHIND THE WHEEL - 8 months ago
What'd it run? Driver mod
OpticRanger 3224
OpticRanger 3224 - 8 months ago
I just realized that he lives in Ruston la I live in sterlington la which is like 10-30 min away
rotor13 - 8 months ago
Anyone else saw Murda?
Drew Coggins
Drew Coggins - 8 months ago
Please host a meet near South Carolina
Tanner187 97
Tanner187 97 - 8 months ago
Spinning ain’t winning. Never seen someone so happy to not have traction lol. At least your loving it that’s all that matters.
FaZe Afterrabbit Afterrabbit
Crowd control 100
SGT. nate higgers
SGT. nate higgers - 8 months ago
M MAJESTICLEGACY - 8 months ago
you need to tub it
Chandler arizona
Chandler arizona - 8 months ago
New moto 150 miles warm up
SirtubalotTX - 8 months ago
Video is pretty clear, you went for 3rd but in typical MT82 fashion, it didn't let you.

I love Mustang and the S550 platform but I absolutely LOATHE the MT82. I was curious how this built one behaves and I hope future runs are better.

I would seriously consider your options on the transmission.
Javier ortiz
Javier ortiz - 8 months ago
Did I just hear the engine knocking at the end
Deven Ohijai
Deven Ohijai - 8 months ago
just like the old days baby the Camaro aka LEGEND returns @Itsjusta6
Patsy Wingfield
Patsy Wingfield - 8 months ago
where is harry?
Jay Walker
Jay Walker - 8 months ago
MONEY shift 🤘😆🤘
Troy Phillips
Troy Phillips - 8 months ago
You remind Me of My ex Boyfriend
kirin- ace458
kirin- ace458 - 8 months ago
Congrats man
skippys vr4
skippys vr4 - 8 months ago
Just a video of shitty 60 foot times. And a bad driver.
Matt-Matt - 8 months ago
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Brandon Love
Brandon Love - 8 months ago
Did I miss something in the past few months?? Wtf happened to Jess?
Drew S
Drew S - 8 months ago
if your late for work the first pass is at 11:55
Abdulla AUM
Abdulla AUM - 8 months ago
11:50 what you came for ,, welcome
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy - 8 months ago
FernandoBunz _
FernandoBunz _ - 8 months ago
Next videos