Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!

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Bappy FC
Bappy FC - 2 hours ago
is it movie Or Web series
Chatchaya Patthamadilok
Chatchaya Patthamadilok - 2 hours ago
Can't wait to see!!!!!
Sean paul Saligumba
Sean paul Saligumba - 2 hours ago
If Alladin whant's more wish he should wish for more wishes
Siti Jakarta
Siti Jakarta - 3 hours ago
Why Varun & Alia not play Aladdin & Jasmine
So weird
So weird - 4 hours ago
Rie Rie
Rie Rie - 4 hours ago
I hope aladin is zayn malik
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan - 4 hours ago
I am here just watching Zayn have any shoot in this movie
happy soul
happy soul - 5 hours ago
Custom designer is indian???
AnimationDiana - 5 hours ago
I would've chosen Dan Castellaneta as the genie. If you don't know who he is, he does the voice of Homer Simpson.
Eyesh Lee
Eyesh Lee - 6 hours ago
I never watch the cartoon version of Aladdin but i think i can't miss this Aladdin The Movie. Just by watching the trailer makes me impatiently wanting to watch this movie!😍😍😍
Sam Khan
Sam Khan - 6 hours ago
thats a fucking shit its seems like im gonna watch Indian Movie so for me this is not a Aladin Movie if you agree then hit likes
Ishu Singhania
Ishu Singhania - 6 hours ago
I watch this movie in hall
Vaishnavi M
Vaishnavi M - 6 hours ago
Beautiful ....trailer😘😘😘👌👌👌
Robby Penkar
Robby Penkar - 7 hours ago
Aladdin cast is mostly Arabs,Iranian and Americans.
Only Jasmine is half Indian from her mother's side. British born. (Naomi Scott)
Abel Lewis 27
Abel Lewis 27 - 7 hours ago
I'm going to see this movie this Friday on May 24th!
Jossy Zefanya
Jossy Zefanya - 7 hours ago
Waiting for TANGLED to be filmed
Show me
Show me - 7 hours ago
May 2024? Wow !!!
Doc Pia
Doc Pia - 8 hours ago
Honestly, i cried when i watched Beauty & the Beast..... Because the animated film when i was a child became real.... And now this, even if its still a trailer, i shed tears..... This is my childhood...... And i just can't wait to watch the movie.....
sarah nimri
sarah nimri - 8 hours ago
i hope they have Arabian nights in it
Vansh Soni
Vansh Soni - 8 hours ago
Bad casting
Raypol Charles
Raypol Charles - 9 hours ago
Zayn and zhavia for end title played the song a whole new world.. 😋 the original still the best its magic.. 🌬🌠
Ramon Torres
Ramon Torres - 9 hours ago
Umm 🙁 wheres zayn?😭😭
Technical gamer robot
Technical gamer robot - 9 hours ago
Wow such a great trailer I am excited to see this
肌触りJihan - 10 hours ago
Disney udah kehabisan ide:v
Nadya Mahdiyah Amalia
Nadya Mahdiyah Amalia - 11 hours ago
gasabar uwoooooooooo
Bryan Rodríguez
Bryan Rodríguez - 11 hours ago
Omg i love the song cant miss this movie
Never Stop
Never Stop - 11 hours ago
This shit is not Indian. Others are free to own it.
raymon brosnan
raymon brosnan - 11 hours ago
Will smith like a beautifull meatball.
Stin YT
Stin YT - 12 hours ago
Why aladdin is going to be watched:

Ashwini Kumar
Ashwini Kumar - 12 hours ago
I am waiting for this movie from previous year...
Rafferty Keegan-Sharief
Rafferty Keegan-Sharief - 12 hours ago
5 DAYS‼️‼️‼️🤩🤩🤩
Chris Topher
Chris Topher - 13 hours ago
Came to check if they used Morisette and Darren's "A whole new world" version. Uhm, yeah! 💕PH
Maria Aranda
Maria Aranda - 13 hours ago
Thats my graduation day may 24 when is yours???
I Love You
I Love You - 13 hours ago
La La La La It's the General Aladdin, Aladdin MOTHERFUCKERS!!??
Ooppps wrong movie.
Cynthia Quincy
Cynthia Quincy - 14 hours ago
Didn't Disney said Iago was played by Alan tudyk then should we have herd his voice by now
Jase Alcantar
Jase Alcantar - 14 hours ago
My fave part 1:49-2:13
Disti A
Disti A - 16 hours ago
I wish Luciana zogbi was princess jasmine
Jarvish Friday
Jarvish Friday - 17 hours ago
Aladdin now wears a shirt, and jasmine wears more cloth than the cartoon version
Jarvish Friday
Jarvish Friday - 14 hours ago
+बबलू बबलू fact not haty, maybe you are haty
बबलू बबलू
बबलू बबलू - 15 hours ago
Jarvish Friday haty
Jarvish Friday
Jarvish Friday - 17 hours ago
in sharia law aladdin will be punished hand cut for stealing
Okta Reny
Okta Reny - 17 hours ago
aladdin bukanya dari timur tengah? kenapa disini lebih ke india2an yak??? 🤨
Willson Creative Studio
Willson Creative Studio - 18 hours ago
Aladdin best movie 2019
aoFeliX - 18 hours ago
1:46 on loop.. epic epic epic
Mery Exo
Mery Exo - 18 hours ago
What ! zayn version of a whole new world ?!
I only know jaehyun version 😂❤
Ismayil Arifoglu
Ismayil Arifoglu - 18 hours ago
I would expect a porno version of this movie by the end of this year. And AVN awards later. 😂. It might sound mean. But this world is hooped.
Marc Herrera
Marc Herrera - 18 hours ago
Even though I think your becoming evil as F#*k. This looks pretty good? Stock earnings isn't "the end off all". You seem to have great people working for you, Disney!
Brandon Ramos
Brandon Ramos - 18 hours ago
SOOO from what I hear is that the aladdin universe is NOT ours. Agrabah is a made up place which means disney has the right to make their culture their own. I'm guessing this is why they made this have both indian and arab culture mixed. Although I don't see any arab culture really... We'll have to see
Michele J Smith
Michele J Smith - 19 hours ago
Personally, i think this is a bad hit for Will. Just, saying. My opinion.
GamingWithAudrina - 19 hours ago
Rafferty Keegan-Sharief
Rafferty Keegan-Sharief - 12 hours ago
GamingWithAudrina 🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
{ Triple [Z] }
{ Triple [Z] } - 19 hours ago
I am Not okay with Black Actor playing a slave in Lamp.
Rafferty Keegan-Sharief
Rafferty Keegan-Sharief - 12 hours ago
{ Triple [Z] } Omg, SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!
Lisa’s lost Forehead
Lisa’s lost Forehead - 19 hours ago
Omg I’m dying 🤣
Ayush Formals
Ayush Formals - 20 hours ago
Alad-din habibi.
King Pigeon
King Pigeon - 20 hours ago
Disney is officially a sellout
GamingWolfz - 20 hours ago
This Looks Much Better After That Sonic Trailer
oh god
Singh - 20 hours ago
123movies here I come
Michelle Style W
Michelle Style W - 20 hours ago
Quedaba más Zayn en esta película... 💔 Siento que a pesar de que nunca ha actuado, lo iba a hacer muy bien :(
Mavis Claire
Mavis Claire - 21 hour ago
This is actually Disney's Aladdin,

Bollywood version
bloodsoaked vengeance
bloodsoaked vengeance - 21 hour ago
Don't watch this movie same old crap
galihxtreme - 22 hours ago
*Morris Chestnut* should've been Genie. Anw, can't wait for the "grown-up" version parody, starring R*b*c* L*n*r*s
JJ M - 22 hours ago
Seriously? This is the lead cast?
Xarfuddin Rahman
Xarfuddin Rahman - 22 hours ago
Zayn is the of aladin part
Lisa’s lost Forehead
Lisa’s lost Forehead - 19 hours ago
Shut the fuck up zayn ain’t no actor
shree darshan
shree darshan - 22 hours ago
The legend is back Mr willsmith😍😍
Salsabila firdaus
Salsabila firdaus - 22 hours ago
Actually it's still arabic... But more like old arabic
Half arabic half egypt
Herlin EdyPuspita
Herlin EdyPuspita - Day ago
Am I really the one who likes the actor playing aladdin since the first time Disney released the teaser. He's cute, handsome and has a very Arabic type of face
I fall in love into this movie already
Shena Glenadia
Shena Glenadia - Day ago
Cant wait
Fayçal Boukert
Fayçal Boukert - Day ago
I know India full of Festivals and Celebrations but there is a way to respect the Original Story. But to indian story that is little bit weird But i appreciate the efforts made by my love WALT DISNEY i really love you but the next time try to make Original story and find right characters like the right Story you have found it!!!
Jaym Jacobe
Jaym Jacobe - Day ago
I invite my mom to watch this with me then he was like you’re gay :-(
Golden Face
Golden Face - Day ago
Jasmine looks too light skinned and European... they always do this in Hollywood..
Adri Aulia
Adri Aulia - Day ago
Nahhh DJ Khaled for Jin, can’t you see when aladdin ask the 3 wishes he will always give “Another one”, tq for the likes good people
dave west
dave west - Day ago
already bought the ticket. i can't wait for the magic carpet ride moment. T.T
Nancy Ayudiah17
Nancy Ayudiah17 - Day ago
100% people watch this movie cause :
10% for Aladdin
90% for a whole new world
sorry for bad English,im indonesian
Swapilla - Day ago
why is jafar hot in this version...
Hawa - Day ago
For moslem people, what about syirik? Allohu a'lam... May Allah guide us....amiin yaa rabbal'alamin...
kanvara' - Day ago
I was so-so at first, but then 'A whole new world' started to play...
Ohhh myyy godd, I gotta watch this movie!!!
Hevar Rysta
Hevar Rysta - Day ago
How come Aladdin is not handsome
Tom Andrei Baro
Tom Andrei Baro - Day ago
Im still hoping that lea salonga is still the original who sings the whole new world and her partner...
Ayu Anisa Sartika
Ayu Anisa Sartika - Day ago
Zayn should have played as aladdin
Mary Kuman
Mary Kuman - Day ago
Can't wait to watch it.
nissa balqis
nissa balqis - Day ago
The clothes are like India, the location is like Arabic, with a touch of American style
Someone yeah
Someone yeah - Day ago
I wish tara sutaria would have played jasmine's role
Chazbot - Day ago
I cannot understand how *anybody* who professed any affection or respect for the late *Robin Williams* could go and see this travesty.
Aiysha Alvi
Aiysha Alvi - Day ago
Chazbot - Day ago
This is an incredibly inappropriate movie for an American corporation to be releasing right now.
Chazbot - Day ago
Considering what the Chinese are doing to their Muslim population right now, you can see why the avoided a Western China aesthetic and went for a white head-shop interpretation of vaguely ethnic Middle-Eastern influences crossed with some Hinduism.
Chazbot - Day ago
They were too scared to make Jafar a classic evil vizier so they made him...a bland teen with no voice. Jafar's like Male-ificent: he should be eight feet tall in shoulderpads with a scarred face. There's about twenty great elder Arab actors who'd be delighted to scowl and hiss and bellow their way through it.
Chazbot - Day ago
Ghastly, blandly-lit textureless, poorly-cast, horrible obvious CGI: everything looks so cheesy and fake; even the Genie's bangles look like plastic. The actors haven't the slightest charisma or presence (even Will's seems completely to have deserted him)
Ugh Exercise
Ugh Exercise - Day ago
Okay okay imagine... JUST IMAGINE
If Avan Jogia played Aladdin
Eugene kubota
Eugene kubota - Day ago
This will be 2019's first big flop. None of the unknown leads have charm. Anything Arabic doesn't sell on mainstream entertainment.
kourichu - Day ago
I saw this before Endgame and I want to watch this too T-T
The House of Rising Sun
No I Zayn can't be Aladdin people. I already see him as Flyn Ridder.
Kenny Young
Kenny Young - Day ago
Seren - Day ago
Wow seems like a bollywood movie😀 so diappointed wish that my oriental culture would be better presented
Siddharth Lab
Siddharth Lab - Day ago
very very very good movie this year's 2019 lucky for chidwoodes.
Scary Season
Scary Season - Day ago
can someone tell me who sang this version of whole new world in the trailer ?
I know it's not Zayn's version.
Aaishaa Qureshi
Aaishaa Qureshi - Day ago
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Jenrev Jacinto
Jenrev Jacinto - Day ago
Huck Fin
Huck Fin - Day ago
They should chose a better alladin and jasmine. The orig/cartoon version still the best even the theme song "a whole new world"!
ayu rahma pratiwi
ayu rahma pratiwi - Day ago
i really cant wait to see this movieeee
Gabriel Cardona
Gabriel Cardona - Day ago
Is that lea's voice? In a whole ne world??? Still I wish jasmine's hair is like in the cartoons
rasw27 Gaming
rasw27 Gaming - Day ago
Apakah ini backsound dari isyana? Or zayn?😅
Jennie ruby jane
Jennie ruby jane - Day ago
1:48 My God!
Gary Magsael
Gary Magsael - Day ago
I feel like im going back to my childhood. Lion king and Aladdin are so popular in 90's
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