Hail Clayton! | RT Shorts

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Kenny Jenkins
Kenny Jenkins - 8 days ago
Hail Clayton...
*plays Ghost*
Garrett Long
Garrett Long - 3 months ago
I pictured Clayton much shorter
Bobbydog66 - 4 months ago
Good ol' clayton that scamp.
Hollyleaf killer of blonde edgelord
" wait, where's John "
Shmavster 420
Shmavster 420 - 8 months ago
That podcast is actually hilarious
Shadow Angel
Shadow Angel - 8 months ago
The look Mariel gave Chris at the beginning was awesome.
Kenny Jenkins
Kenny Jenkins - 8 months ago
Who's the new Burnie?
JKmagic23 - 8 months ago
Ok but the only thing I laughed at in this video was the PMS joke...
Revan is Alive!
Revan is Alive! - 8 months ago
I haaaaate that the audio was recorded separately
Obi-Wan Can Blow Me
Obi-Wan Can Blow Me - 8 months ago
Always knew Gus was in kahoots with Satan's brother.
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon - 8 months ago
ssskywalk3rrr - 8 months ago
Lol great short!
Lauren W.
Lauren W. - 8 months ago
*Barb: “PMS jokes are no longer funny — period.”*
*OH WOW* 😂😂
GroovyGreaser - 8 months ago
Hey, he's right - his hair IS dumb.
Ballz2U - 8 months ago
Still making more content with that suit I see
nellie bailey
nellie bailey - 8 months ago
Did gus and clayton used to be a thing?
deshaun fortune
deshaun fortune - 8 months ago
That Gus scene was great😂
MrXsquigsx - 8 months ago
All I can focus on is baines junk lol
Gabe Puratekuta
Gabe Puratekuta - 8 months ago
Why did Steve slap Burnie?
EdinMike - 8 months ago
These shorts are getting less and less funny...
drew1drew1 - 8 months ago
The Gus bit was hilarious
Antioxidant GT
Antioxidant GT - 8 months ago
The part with Gus was the best! Lol
Love the podcast so far!
dDeckon - 8 months ago
2:40 Did anyone else get that DvD from PizzaHut?
Cameron Ramsay
Cameron Ramsay - 8 months ago
I’m just wondering does anyone find these shorts actually funny or cringe? I’ve never laughed at one in my life.
Cameron Ramsay
Cameron Ramsay - 8 months ago
Ellis McKennon yeah it did,I meant to say, yeah at least they make me laugh (ah and the podcast), my standards aren’t high, I just expect comedy to actually be comedy and be funny, and I can’t see how any of these shorts make anyone laugh but if this one made you laugh then that was the first question I asked and that is fair enough.
Ellis McKennon
Ellis McKennon - 8 months ago
@Cameron Ramsay Your reply just dissolved into a mostly incoherant mess.
Cameron Ramsay
Cameron Ramsay - 8 months ago
Ellis McKennon yeah but they at least make you laugh, my standards are high at all just to make me laugh and this stuff I just can’t see it making anyone laughing if you can his rely say this one made you laugh then all I can say is fair enough
Ellis McKennon
Ellis McKennon - 8 months ago
@Cameron Ramsay Not everything they're going to put out is to make you roll on the floor in laughter. Most of it is just amusing enough for enough people to enjoy watching. I watch the Podcast and AH stuff as well and not everything they have done makes me roll on the floor in laughter. Yet, I still enjoy watching them. I think your standards are just weirdly high.
Cameron Ramsay
Cameron Ramsay - 8 months ago
I just can’t imagine rolling on the floor laughing at these shorts.
BK Veteran
BK Veteran - 8 months ago
That was so good!
Ray Romero
Ray Romero - 8 months ago
So well written. Loved it
iCmonsters - 8 months ago
My name is Clayton! Woo
gzerox2 - 8 months ago
Kdin! \o/
Sad Shadow
Sad Shadow - 8 months ago
Who else thinks they should make a discord server
Jack Madden
Jack Madden - 8 months ago
Can we just have a RT short thats Clayton joyfully skipping down the street in slow motion to Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb - 8 months ago
PMS jokes: no longer funny. Period.
GammaGames - 8 months ago
This is so amazingly corny I love it
Jacob - 8 months ago
yall need to clean that steam wand
Loci TV
Loci TV - 8 months ago
Raua12 - 8 months ago
Is it just me or is the sound slightly slightly out of sync? But like, in a voice replacement way?
Majikk Skates
Majikk Skates - 8 months ago
Anyone else mentally hearing Mercyful Fate singing “ALL HAIL CLAYTON”
Gabe Puratekuta
Gabe Puratekuta - 8 months ago
Matt - 8 months ago
I'm so glad that max guy ain't in videos anymore
Groza Dallocort
Groza Dallocort - 7 months ago
@Matt I dont know why but maybe she wanted to spread her wings and try another company also she was/is dating Miles Luna not sure if they broke up or something cant find any intel about them breaking up
Matt - 7 months ago
@Groza Dallocort Ellie? The one that was with working for Burnie for a bit? Why?
Groza Dallocort
Groza Dallocort - 7 months ago
Max no longer works at Rooster Teeth Ellie Main also left Rooster Teeth
Nathan C
Nathan C - 8 months ago
Should have been 2 minutes and 22 seconds longer. Or is 444 the number of Clayton?
Groza Dallocort
Groza Dallocort - 7 months ago
444 sqadron aka spare sqadron
Vanetta AO
Vanetta AO - 8 months ago
There are a lot of references is this short and I love it
RialVestro - 8 months ago
Can we get more of Clayton and Gus. I really want to know more about how they know each other.
63skarduken - 8 months ago
burns0100 - 8 months ago
Will this podcast be uploaded to RT or only on Megaphone?
Jiamin Andrews
Jiamin Andrews - 8 months ago
Is it just me or is the audio just slightly off sync from their mouth movements?
Skip6235 - 8 months ago
RIP Blaine's voice

oh, and also Chris
Groza Dallocort
Groza Dallocort - 7 months ago
Blaine said on the rt podcast that his voice dosent take damage from doing that voice
lildew - 8 months ago
XandeR ToXic
XandeR ToXic - 8 months ago
I know you all can afford a better makeup artist than this...
zeta prime
zeta prime - 8 months ago
Barbra is so funny I had to pause and stop laughing
wallmunky503 - 8 months ago
Where's Blaine?
Leathean - 8 months ago
I watched all the shorts so far, but yo I really liked this on.
Nanolis - 8 months ago
When I first saw the notification it was scrolled down so I could only see the bottom third or so of the title, thought it said "Ham Crayon RT Short", was very worried. Was relieved to see we were just selling Jon's soul for coffee.
Damon Hall
Damon Hall - 8 months ago
I've watched this video idk how many time since it came out, please make clayton and cris a show!
Damon Hall
Damon Hall - 8 months ago
@Chris Demarais btw, hows the olive garden treating you lol
Damon Hall
Damon Hall - 8 months ago
@Chris Demarais you are the best cris
Chris Demarais
Chris Demarais - 8 months ago
Damon Hall we are and it comes out on Monday :D
DeadHawk - 8 months ago
When I hear Clayton I think of Tarzan :/
Lord Bloodraven
Lord Bloodraven - 8 months ago
"PMS jokes are no longer funny... Period."
My grandmother was cracking up at that joke, then she said, "Unless it's from meno… pause."
Somewhere in Texas, *"GOD DAMMIT, BARB!!!"*
CRG Kart 77
CRG Kart 77 - 8 months ago
Anyone else think the audio is not synced
Sophisticated Waltz
Sophisticated Waltz - 8 months ago
My name is Clayton and I don’t hear the name often besides being referred to me so it’s very jarring to hear someone say the name that’s not me
Ursea_Lux - 8 months ago
River Koritko
River Koritko - 8 months ago
clayton is one of my favourite things from rt
TheSquidAirsoft - 8 months ago
That was great! I loved the part with gus
Persona Wolf
Persona Wolf - 8 months ago
first thought, they still have the microwave.
Chasmodius - 8 months ago
I'm sad he didn't meet Blaine. Must have been out of the office that day.
Luke Emberson
Luke Emberson - 8 months ago
Sad how the best joke of this skit was the dog one...
iridian - 8 months ago
Taylor Ellis
Taylor Ellis - 8 months ago
The Clayton Cinematic Universe is probably the best thing to come from On The Spot.
Shaya - 8 months ago
Clayton and Gus have definitely banged
Noctifer - 8 months ago
Barb standing in front of a whiteboard telling puns in a meeting god dammit barb style is one of the most under appreciated parts of this
Nicholas Kratzer
Nicholas Kratzer - 8 months ago
The simple joke of Clayton wiping off the board is fantastic
x Riizo
x Riizo - 8 months ago
That Gus bit got me good! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!
ronaldo chinbutler
ronaldo chinbutler - 8 months ago
Copious Kittens
Copious Kittens - 8 months ago
Well now they HAVE to have Matt Bragg guest star on the show. It might be a little awkward for Clayton though
godmaster20 - 8 months ago
Check out that bulge
Deon Spates
Deon Spates - 8 months ago
Wait, is this why Gus has no soul???
STTemp96 - 8 months ago
Anyone else notice the audio is off by a few frames?
Komoli Rihyoh
Komoli Rihyoh - 8 months ago
i'm loving chris's sub-sona!
Addison Hydock
Addison Hydock - 8 months ago
Hilarious 😆 😂😂
114MrCool - 8 months ago
Gus was the best part of this short he is amazing
Slugby - 8 months ago
Is this dubbed or am I just too high?
Rooey - 8 months ago
Its been a great 14 years, thanks for everything you all have done for us. But I think I have to unsubscribe, you used to be funny.
kosher - 8 months ago
first only?
Mike Dunn
Mike Dunn - 8 months ago
Gonna need a follow up skit.
Zebra Stripes
Zebra Stripes - 8 months ago
Blaine is the real one being punished, doing the whole podcast like that is going to be the real punishment
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