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Stokes Twins
Stokes Twins - 12 days ago
Do you think twin telepathy is real?? 😳
It's me Brandon
It's me Brandon - 11 days ago
@death shad0w what do you mean
death shad0w
death shad0w - 11 days ago
i think you cloned yourself
It's me Brandon
It's me Brandon - 11 days ago
No it was not real because before the video you plan it out
Ronnie Xu
Ronnie Xu - 11 days ago
Silver and Blaze
Silver and Blaze - 11 days ago
Fake sorry
Dorijan Andabak
Dorijan Andabak - Hour ago
Are One of them a Clone? I' don't know anymore!
Sebastián Carrasquillo
You look like a duck but your twins🤔
Sjaan McDivitt
Sjaan McDivitt - Hour ago
theres not a devider
Erin Eliza
Erin Eliza - 2 hours ago
Any one else think they planned this 😯😵🤔😲
Geraldine Cox
Geraldine Cox - 2 hours ago
Cool 😎
Youssouf Channel
Youssouf Channel - 2 hours ago
i do think it is real
nur novianti
nur novianti - 3 hours ago
Mau tau ada ga orang indo yang mampir kesini wkwk
Toad and Boo bros
Toad and Boo bros - 3 hours ago
I’m 1st and I am so be quiet
Mr.Swiss - 3 hours ago
They high-fives through the wall unless there is no wall!?
life of lanikai
life of lanikai - 4 hours ago
3:48 "he looks like a duck" You guys are twins that means you look like one to
cool cj
cool cj - 4 hours ago
I have a twin brother we are futernal twins ( boy and girl) and I think that twin telepathy is real
Aubrey Templin
Aubrey Templin - 4 hours ago
Twin telepathy is real because me and my twin sister picked the same one every time
bryan jang
bryan jang - 4 hours ago
Krista Hall
Krista Hall - 4 hours ago
I think it's rill
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith - 5 hours ago
4:27 ok Alex you little bastard you waited untill alen picked up his so you could hear it! So you guys could get the same things cheater.
Eric key Dragon mick
Eric key Dragon mick - 5 hours ago
Are thay gay ?
Eric key Dragon mick
Eric key Dragon mick - 5 hours ago
Bro I fill like you fight over the tishow
cyah blakemore-white
cyah blakemore-white - 5 hours ago
why do you make videos
Henry Carvajal
Henry Carvajal - 6 hours ago
2:12 Alex put his hand through the wall they can really see each other
sara-alice - 6 hours ago
Billie Eilish team 🤘💚
Jessie & Dan Lo
Jessie & Dan Lo - 6 hours ago
Twin: “I picked the owl cause he says I look like a duck”
Me: “Aren’t you guys twins?”
sola gacha cookies
sola gacha cookies - 6 hours ago
I don't know
But I think this is a fake wall
Because I can see his finger going through the wall
I'm not a hater but I think this is fake wall
Zainab Anbari
Zainab Anbari - 6 hours ago
If one of them looks like a duck then both of them look like ducks it’s just twin things
Bijikers 03009
Bijikers 03009 - 7 hours ago
im still confused about who is allan and who is alex
Chloe Stanton
Chloe Stanton - 7 hours ago
Yasss duh
Kelley Griggs
Kelley Griggs - 7 hours ago
Who do you think is cute?
Like: Allen
Like: Alex
Wale Lion
Wale Lion - 7 hours ago
I do not have a twin but i am a triplet
Goober Gullickson
Goober Gullickson - 7 hours ago
Bruh, lol. I was just watching this right? Obviously. And they were like 3 2 1 and then a ad popped up. XD
Roblox_Gamer 2020
Roblox_Gamer 2020 - 8 hours ago
Me watching twin number 2: oh oh I know what u did me: umm ok that was disturbing
Aarom Hamm
Aarom Hamm - 8 hours ago
The wall beside them is supposed to block them from looking at what they pick but the wall is way in front of them and they can see what each other picks
Yessenia Quintero
Yessenia Quintero - 8 hours ago
I think it is real
Morgan Trawick
Morgan Trawick - 8 hours ago
Maybe it’s based on their relationship
Matthew Myers
Matthew Myers - 8 hours ago
2:26 8 yr olds not understanding what was going on. Adults hear their kid look at what is going on:😆😅😂😂😭😥
Gamaliel Munoz
Gamaliel Munoz - 8 hours ago
On the banana one u can see one of the twins arms going through the
Gamaliel Munoz
Gamaliel Munoz - 8 hours ago
They r clickbait the divider is closer to the camera and they can see each other
Turtle Agar
Turtle Agar - 8 hours ago
SPH anoynmous
SPH anoynmous - 9 hours ago
The border is fake u can see each other through it
Ana G.
Ana G. - 9 hours ago
Lexi cause I I'm in love with her😍😘
Kr1ptyc Ghxst
Kr1ptyc Ghxst - 10 hours ago
This is fake
Zainab Mohammed
Zainab Mohammed - 10 hours ago
Can you make the Caling but a cake
Curt Official
Curt Official - 10 hours ago
Anyone gonna talk about the barrier??? That the table is long and the barrier is shortMm
TIBOR OLAH - 10 hours ago
I only like them because they love billie eilish
Olivia Visser
Olivia Visser - 10 hours ago
The board is forward they can see
YouTube Synczz
YouTube Synczz - 11 hours ago
U are cheating BEcause you can see the items
Allison Caballero
Allison Caballero - 11 hours ago
Ashley Arteaga
Ashley Arteaga - 11 hours ago
Alex or Alan: you look like a duck
Me:you look identical 😂😂😂😂😂😂...
Sheri Burns
Sheri Burns - 11 hours ago
Amber Snider
Amber Snider - 11 hours ago
Y'all should of chosen toilet paper (covid-19) (coronavirus😷)
Abdul Masabbir
Abdul Masabbir - 11 hours ago
Czarina Maritz
Czarina Maritz - 11 hours ago
You both have a crush on billie eilish
yash bansal
yash bansal - 11 hours ago
Something smells like potatoes 😂
Malak Mahmoud
Malak Mahmoud - 12 hours ago
Savannah Martinez
Savannah Martinez - 12 hours ago
Umm that’s not a owl 🦉 it’s a goat :/
skengman paps
skengman paps - 12 hours ago
No it could be cowincidenses
Elle Rasmussen
Elle Rasmussen - 12 hours ago
yes its real!! good job stokes twins!!! love watching your videos!!
Big Papa
Big Papa - 12 hours ago
It’s fake
Kacy Leigh
Kacy Leigh - 12 hours ago
I subscribed and I smashed the like button and hit the notifications 😝
ALI PLAYZ - 12 hours ago
Why do I think the camera man pontes the stuff
chicken nugget
chicken nugget - 12 hours ago
Kostas Dimitriou
Kostas Dimitriou - 12 hours ago
Ya I like billies songs
Aideliz Hernandez
Aideliz Hernandez - 13 hours ago
Yes it is
XxWolfiechuXx 252
XxWolfiechuXx 252 - 13 hours ago
I love sour patch,and I love Billie eilish songs
Vita May
Vita May - 13 hours ago
Who is alan who is alex!!!
Rania Naeem
Rania Naeem - 13 hours ago
5:05 cutest laugh ever
Leah Poncio
Leah Poncio - 13 hours ago
Jeanine Wurzer
Jeanine Wurzer - 13 hours ago
Fake they can see the items that each other picked
Faith Maldonado
Faith Maldonado - 14 hours ago
Pranks I like the most
ranver_27 - 14 hours ago
Who notices the barrier is not even fully covering them both
Like is u agree
Ethan Berry
Ethan Berry - 9 hours ago
Lol I was just about to put that also they were looking at each other directly when the barrier was put there so they couldn't see each other AND he put his hand through the barrier so there wasn't one there
Hellaina Fennell
Hellaina Fennell - 14 hours ago
Bananas are bad for you if you have too much
Matellic H
Matellic H - 14 hours ago
“you look like a duck”
*your twins dude* ur calling urself a duck 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Jennifer Austin
Jennifer Austin - 14 hours ago
Naraya Garcia
Naraya Garcia - 14 hours ago
I don’t think twin telepathy is real because you might hate the food that your twin likes
Naraya Garcia
Naraya Garcia - 14 hours ago
Aiden Tyus
Aiden Tyus - 14 hours ago
Is your brother gay
stráwberry drink
stráwberry drink - 14 hours ago
The fruits though 😂🤣
Lola Maree
Lola Maree - 14 hours ago
I'm a twin but we are fraternal and people don't even think we are alike! LOL!!
Jiayu Luo
Jiayu Luo - 14 hours ago
You can look in the camera right 😂
Sales Ibnmajid
Sales Ibnmajid - 15 hours ago
why re the y so close together - the fruits . idk why he was laughin
Tom Virachit
Tom Virachit - 15 hours ago
vihas the man
vihas the man - 15 hours ago
Love your vids guys
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