Mac Miller - "Good News" TRACK REVIEW

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Aaron Lenk
Aaron Lenk - Hour ago
You're reaction validates alot of what I feel when I listen to this album. Thank you! We are not alone!
Bubu-Lubu Boi
Bubu-Lubu Boi - 15 hours ago
But X was cheesy........ right
FRODILES - 2 days ago
Maybe he got that emotional because of his review of Swimming, I think he was too hard on Mac in that review. So maybe he felt bad after hearing Mac this open on a beautiful song.
~ - 2 hours ago
Lottefai Master eye
Lottefai Master eye - 2 days ago
“The festival” with little dragon was a preview to the vibe of the albums swimming and circles IMO
Jojo Mathew
Jojo Mathew - 3 days ago
fake crying for views stfu melon
Sumit Sharma
Sumit Sharma - 3 days ago
Josh Mosier
Josh Mosier - 3 days ago
The song might as well have been a response to your review of swimming :/
SL!M J!MMY - 3 days ago
U need to drink some water, melon
Bunt - 3 days ago
ITs that BO jacks funeral home cabbage
PlasmaScape - 4 days ago
The Consumer
The Consumer - 4 days ago
I appreciate how open you are with yourself here - I know a lot of people are fooling around and making memes of this, but I find it great that you're honest with your feelings, and didn't cut that segment out.
Marielle - 5 days ago
The SECOND I played the song and heard the first few seconds. TEARS. INSTANT TESRS. I don't know what it was cus I just discovered Mac, but te song just perfectly pulled the perfect string in my heart that just instantly made me start sobbing. Mac's Music is something else. No other music has touched me as much as his has. Wow. Mac you're such a genius
Daddy Mememachine
Daddy Mememachine - 5 days ago
I come back to this a lot
jesse hermel
jesse hermel - 6 days ago
2:49 lolol
Keegan Sicard
Keegan Sicard - 8 days ago
2:38 The part you all came here for!
Jonahexe - 8 days ago
Anthony: *crying his eyes out*
Also Anthony: the plucky strings were quite nice
Allyski - 9 days ago
Melon: "As you know, I was not a big fan of Swimming"
Mac in heaven: *"Oh imma get this mans"*
Stuff I Made
Stuff I Made - 9 days ago
Our sweet melon needs watering every now and then. Sadtano is loved
ooga booga
ooga booga - 10 days ago
Melon I hope you're happy at all times
duckduckmoose - 12 days ago
What hat is that?
Sebastiaan Buwalda
Sebastiaan Buwalda - 12 days ago
Best melon moment of the year
vkuani !
vkuani ! - 15 days ago
Stygian Music
Stygian Music - 16 days ago
Babam, last words before a fruit breaks down.
Alexredsmile - 19 days ago
The day he became WATERMELON
Sam Parsons
Sam Parsons - 20 days ago
2:38 when mom finds the poop sock
ImNotANoobImCoolNoob - 18 days ago
T f
qwaserd77 - 21 day ago
proud of you for not being embarrassed about crying man.
Daq - 22 days ago
Kiss ass
ZacXO *
ZacXO * - 23 days ago
anthony, I know you hate that people meme this and people leave comments on it that are the best. i am sorry. I want you to know that I appreciate this review. I watch this once week. thank you for sharing this with us.
Evan S
Evan S - 23 days ago
wtf made him so sad i dont understand
Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush - 10 days ago
the song
Gabe Martin
Gabe Martin - 26 days ago
I love you bro
Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen - 29 days ago
Please review the 2 bonus tracks on circles
Jacob James Cobb
Jacob James Cobb - 29 days ago
Why is this bitch crying
Ol' Whippersnapper
Ol' Whippersnapper - 2 days ago
the song
loop hole
loop hole - 29 days ago
Watching this video every now and then just to make sure I still feel something
K1OKEVA ِ - 19 days ago
It's kinda creepy how personally revealing this comment was to me
Raven Vinnie
Raven Vinnie - 29 days ago
Dude fucking same. That actually gives me some personal insight.
Mad Jack
Mad Jack - Month ago
As soon as he started crying I just knew it was okay for me to start crying.
We lost a beautiful person.
Dion Wilson
Dion Wilson - Month ago
Melon evolved to: Meloncholy
Nick Bookout
Nick Bookout - Month ago
2:48 sounds like seinfeld lol
NEON - Month ago
Melon crying is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time
NEON - Month ago
This is so fucking cute 🥺
Nils Axel Ragnwaldh
Nils Axel Ragnwaldh - Month ago
Everyone gangsta till the melon start crying
Joaquín Peña
Joaquín Peña - Month ago
We Love You Antony.
Jimmy Hooks
Jimmy Hooks - Month ago
man I FUCK with Fantano so heavy. Much respect to this man. RIP Mac.
Avocados Revenge
Avocados Revenge - Month ago
If melon tears up it’s a 10
Michael Dearth
Michael Dearth - Month ago
Out of any musician that has died, Mac Millers death impacted me the most.
HIP HOP STAN 2020 - Month ago
I feel that 100%
E L - Month ago
I'll tell you this, my estimation about Anthony Fantano as a man, just fucking plummeted.
K!D MORRELLI - Month ago
no matter what bad rating Anthony gives your favourite album, he still has a heart

btw reason why I'm commenting so late is because this just popped back in my recommended
Daniel O'Connor
Daniel O'Connor - Month ago
exactly how i feel whenever i hear it - the only good thing of 2020
C.S.R. B.
C.S.R. B. - Month ago
Look at this wanna be hipster
Rez - Month ago
I made it about 5 seconds into the review... What a bitch
YSM Mac - Month ago
Valentin Iglesias
Valentin Iglesias - Month ago
I'm feeling a strong heart
HIP HOP STAN 2020 - Month ago
Underrated comment
Joseph Schieder
Joseph Schieder - Month ago
I just miss him.... plain and simple. I miss his smile and his laugh...
illuminati confirmed
illuminati confirmed - Month ago
Same dude who hated on swimming.
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin - Month ago
The meme
Meteor Cubing
Meteor Cubing - Month ago
Happy Anthony isn’t tryna seem tough. The melon has a heart
void wasp
void wasp - Month ago
I just wanted more mac :( im so sad
Siek 1
Siek 1 - Month ago
Thats a 10 for the review and for the song
Seth McGrath
Seth McGrath - Month ago
why the dislikes? im genuinely asking
Toby one Only
Toby one Only - Month ago
this sa so sad can we get 50 lekes

no but for real fam its hella sad...
Richard H.
Richard H. - 2 months ago
Judge: Is that all?
6ix9ine: Melon cried at Good News
Jai Kundicevic
Jai Kundicevic - 2 months ago
Edviza - 2 months ago
And so, a thousand memes were born
Slim Shady
Slim Shady - 2 months ago
Everybody gangsta till Anthony says his real name in the beginning
Shaun Moldan
Shaun Moldan - 2 months ago
He does have emotions
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey - 2 months ago
Best Single of 2020 so far IMO.
Sushi Pandaa
Sushi Pandaa - 2 months ago
I had the exact same reaction 🥺
cloud strife
cloud strife - 2 months ago
i miss you mac, thanks for sharing fantano.
Bruh we f%ckin up here Cuz
Damn never thought I’d see this dude cry, can’t blame him though this song hits hard man Rest In Peace mac
serenity6831 - 2 months ago
Aww ♥️
Jay Squidicc
Jay Squidicc - 2 months ago
2:38 when I accidentally delete save game data for Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 for the Wii
Anthony Fantano
Anthony Fantano - Month ago
Jay Squidicc
Jay Squidicc - 2 months ago
Br h honestly miss Macs presence in this world. So grateful for all the new leaks coming out
Bt Wi Dòg
Bt Wi Dòg - 2 months ago
2:39 me when my mom won’t get me tendies
Ven WhiteVan69
Ven WhiteVan69 - 2 months ago
2:39 xbox niggas after they run out of batteries
Sick Boi
Sick Boi - 2 months ago
5:04 seems like a balloon
Hexted - 2 months ago
My little heart dropped when I saw him weep
AVM447 - 2 months ago
First listen: underwhelming
Second listen: crying
Lewdables - 2 months ago
crying meme melon 2:39
Emily - 2 months ago
You are so loveable 💖
Dean Ween
Dean Ween - 2 months ago
Nice virtue signalling
Adam Powell
Adam Powell - 2 months ago
I don't blame Anthony one bit, it's that kind of song alright.
gavinsl17 - 2 months ago
I'm here for the crying meme
Mr. Black
Mr. Black - 2 months ago
*Got 'em!*
- Mac Miller (from Beyond the Grave)
joselyn campos
joselyn campos - 2 months ago
classic rock playlist
Gabriel Paradise
Gabriel Paradise - 2 months ago
This is like watching that chill kid in class break down and it’s just kinda awkward because they usually stay chill about everything
Janis Daugavietis
Janis Daugavietis - Month ago
Weebs - 2 months ago
respecthany respectano
Brian McLean
Brian McLean - 2 months ago
RIP MAC I miss u
ChillPacks - 2 months ago
fuck the memes man i respect antony a lot
Enzo :o
Enzo :o - 2 months ago
Sadthony Boytano really be showing some feelings
BCamps - 2 months ago
thank you for this Anthony. it takes a lot to open yourself up emotionally like this, especially since you have a big following. it speaks a lot about your character and i'm happy to follow you. here's to more reviews, good and bad.
Isaiah Anderson
Isaiah Anderson - 2 months ago
I cry sometimes too 😢😘 super sad when artists die too soon
Angelicc - 2 months ago
I just have to say, even though memes are a core piece to Anthony's fanbase, can we please not meme this?
This song gets to people. It got to the melon, and it got to me a few times too. And I don't want people to take this situation out-of-context, not only just because it reduces his feelings and emotions to a meme.
Abb - 2 months ago
Agnes - 2 months ago
Mad respect for posting this, melon ❤️❤️❤️
Evelyn - 2 months ago
People on the internet are real humans too.
Evelyn - 2 months ago
@I I'm not saying he did it accidentally, I'm just saying it's good how he can be open and human on the internet and I hope people treat him in a empathetic way.
I - 2 months ago
Yes, he cried accidentally just like he accidentally forgot to edit it out then ooopsie he uploaded it to the internet. Such a clumsy melon.
Where’s the leak ma’am?
That small whimper after he finishes listening 😢
Angelicc - 2 months ago
who's here after his newest video?
Milkra - 2 months ago
2:40 me when Doja Cat doesn’t show her boobs after getting Say So to #1
Milkra - 2 months ago
Dakkari room temperature IQ
Demitry Degenhardt
Demitry Degenhardt - 2 months ago
Гошо Филмара
Гошо Филмара - 2 months ago
I thought critics had no emotions.
Saf role
Saf role - 2 months ago
Haha dumb baby
Weebs - 2 months ago
he cry... he man, respect him
Snickerbeast - 2 months ago
Lol he cry
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson - 2 months ago
It’s like, three seconds of time lapse and Anthony has been destroyed.. LOL
The5ociopath - 2 months ago
Love you melon
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