Warhorse Makes His AEW Debut & What is Matt Cardona Doing in AEW? | AEW Dynamite, 7/29/20

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Tv Pillay
Tv Pillay - 38 minutes ago
Never realise how jacked he is.
吳太賢 - 2 hours ago
I love matt cardona's look
John Russell
John Russell - 3 hours ago
Ridiculously bad booking
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - 6 hours ago
Why is Warhorse looking and acting like a discount Ultimate Warrior? Also what did Warhorse do to deserve a shot at the TNT Title?
Stuart Glass
Stuart Glass - 6 hours ago
Matt is finally getting the opportunity he deserves! He's definitely better than a jobber which the ancient Vince treated him like...
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager - 6 hours ago
Wowowowo Oh Radio
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams - 6 hours ago
Been a long time since I seen the Lo Rider
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams - 6 hours ago
@yroohj gouy I'm interested in seeing what AEW has in store for him.
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - 6 hours ago
Finally zack ryder is a serious person
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams - 6 hours ago
Mr Brodie Lee has the TNT Title in his sights
TZMS Adventures
TZMS Adventures - 9 hours ago
Jason Caban
Jason Caban - 9 hours ago
Cardona looking jacked. 👍
ThejaRRo OnE
ThejaRRo OnE - 10 hours ago
AEW should sign warhorse
C James
C James - 11 hours ago
Ryder roided up
Ishmael C
Ishmael C - 13 hours ago
What is Jack Snyder doing in the Impact Zone?!?!
יוגב מליחי
יוגב מליחי - 15 hours ago
finaly!!!! great to see ryder get opportunity to show what he got
Nate Lloyd
Nate Lloyd - 16 hours ago
Sign Warhorse you cowards!
k. - 14 hours ago
Please no
William Banks
William Banks - 18 hours ago
Hannibel called Cody boy out
Mickie Manuel
Mickie Manuel - 18 hours ago
Woo woo woo
jaeD sixx66
jaeD sixx66 - 19 hours ago
Cardona been getting his swole on
cajunasian71 - 20 hours ago
Yep... Matt is "so intense" that he WALKS to the ring to "save" his buddy. Looks great too... must be glad that AEW doesn't have a "Wellness Policy". 😉
Either book Cody stronger or just give one of the indie guys the freakin' belt now. If EVERYBODY pushes Cody "to the limit", where is the UPSIDE to these matches... 🤔
Parmesan Cheese
Parmesan Cheese - 20 hours ago
This I liked
Shreyas Dhole
Shreyas Dhole - 20 hours ago
This is zyack Ryder
Beast Slayer
Beast Slayer - Day ago
Finally zack ryder is a serious person
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - Day ago
Ryder/Cardona looks seriously roided up, but then, not seeing him for four months can really give him a natural makeover. I just hope it's not roids.
Strong Style Tiger
Strong Style Tiger - Day ago
Yuss. Always loved Ryder
Phillip Alves
Phillip Alves - Day ago
WARHORSE RULES ASS ! Back to watching AEW.
OzzyOscy - Day ago
*_What's Mack Rydona doing in the AEW Zone?!_*
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - Day ago
India want this AEW
Francisco Torres
Francisco Torres - Day ago
They're creating a monster.
Sound Effects & More
Finishing move... Cardona Corona Chop!
Maria Ochoa
Maria Ochoa - Day ago
matt cardona cool
ernest hairston
ernest hairston - Day ago
Who the hell is warhorse?
DR SensuBean
DR SensuBean - Day ago
Christ does warhorse stop bobbing his head
I don't Cardona what he did!
The Viper
The Viper - Day ago
Anyone remember when Cody says “wii will NOT take every WWE wrestler in wee Ar not WCW”
Tarik Fretes
Tarik Fretes - Day ago
imagen this warhorse gimick during the 50s
My Learning
My Learning - Day ago
aew should recruit moto city machine guns best tag team ever. young talented people are encouraged in aew. if they in aew even more stronger than before
Bishnu Thakuri
Bishnu Thakuri - Day ago
Fuck you cody
Jack Young
Jack Young - Day ago
He needs new finisher ASAP bruh, and make it look more of a POWERHOUSE finisher ‘cause Zack looks HUUUUUGE
Frank McMahen
Frank McMahen - Day ago
Ryder gotta get sent to AEW Dark pronto
Daniel Dudley
Daniel Dudley - Day ago
omg Zack Ryder!!
Sri Prathapan
Sri Prathapan - Day ago
Holy shit zack looks like hulk 😲😲😲
Lorde Agustin
Lorde Agustin - Day ago
Nooo way !!! is that Zack Ryder??? I couldn't even recognize at first
Naveen Gola
Naveen Gola - Day ago
India want this AEW
Naveen Gola
Naveen Gola - Day ago
CM punk & EC3
sokin jon
sokin jon - Day ago
Warhorse tried saving Cody there but the dude deserves a contract hopefully he does.
Edgar 2x
Edgar 2x - Day ago
This is the moment all cardona fans have been waiting for it's your time to shine man 🙌🏼
Edgar 2x
Edgar 2x - Day ago
spursyankeesfan - Day ago
Ryder in AEW? Wow dammm
sokin jon
sokin jon - Day ago
One should see the inside of a gym before wrestling on national television
Pranav Kartha
Pranav Kartha - Day ago
Not gonna lie, this guy looks like Zack Ryder.
Pranav Kartha
Pranav Kartha - 7 hours ago
@Victor Garcia r/woooosh
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia - 10 hours ago
Because its Zack ryder...
dekuscrubs 98
dekuscrubs 98 - Day ago
That was weak
Omar Farooqi
Omar Farooqi - Day ago
Damn zack ryder looks like he'll literally rip brock lesnar's head off his shoulders. Thats what i love about AEW. Turning jobbers into main event stars
Ishmael C
Ishmael C - 13 hours ago
Jobbers are jobbers for a reason
rohit mukhi
rohit mukhi - Day ago
Daen no moxley
Tony Xing
Tony Xing - Day ago
Zack Ryder ProMax
Honey JM
Honey JM - Day ago
This will be good Ryder needed to get some action on elsewhere, hopefully he comes back better then ever, but if he stays hopefully he makes it work
ayyachris - Day ago
Is it just me or did he got more buffed?
Book Wisdom
Book Wisdom - Day ago
Zack Ryder....
Kenta Krustofski
Kenta Krustofski - Day ago
Renegade > Warhorse
Walter Bibbins
Walter Bibbins - Day ago
Man I need to start watching AEW more. The matches are amazing, wrestlers are given freefreedom to their characters, and commentators are awesome
John Silver
John Silver - Day ago
Sign Warhorse
Jay Nadiah
Jay Nadiah - Day ago
Matthew Siriani
Matthew Siriani - Day ago
Is it me or is Zack in better shape than he was before?
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