Guess What’s Melting In Reverse (GAME)

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Dylan Carey
Dylan Carey - 16 hours ago
Link can’t help but talk to himself the whole time he watches the video. 😂
Alex Laird
Alex Laird - 4 days ago
There's no way they both pronounce "croissant" as *CRECENT*
Allen Avitt
Allen Avitt - 6 days ago
7:18 that's hilarious
Rhett’s Rules to Rule the Roost
Rhett is such a sore loser haha
Aditya Biswas
Aditya Biswas - 6 days ago
Actually this is rhett's revenge for how link acted in the reverse slap video
Ethan Everett
Ethan Everett - 9 days ago
Does anyone realize they are using q jump rope for the buzzer.
Tiffany Tan
Tiffany Tan - 10 days ago
I love Rhett but I really wasn't vibing with his attitude for this game
Aditya Biswas
Aditya Biswas - 6 days ago
Dude watch the reverse slap one. This is a revenge to how link acted in that one
Nidhi Boggula
Nidhi Boggula - 15 days ago
link won yasss!!!!
Animarum Angel
Animarum Angel - 16 days ago
1:43 totally reminded me of gravity falls like crazy
Chloe Ruiz
Chloe Ruiz - 21 day ago
I won with 48 playing along lol
Killersnypez Ios
Killersnypez Ios - 22 days ago
Easiest challenge yet ngl I guessed them all almost immediately
Arman Badikyan
Arman Badikyan - 22 days ago
dont have her narrate these, nobody likes hearing her nag the whole time
Aljaž Pohar
Aljaž Pohar - 23 days ago
Cameron Duncan
Cameron Duncan - 27 days ago
12:10 🤣🤣🤣
ben jabigfoot
ben jabigfoot - 27 days ago
has anyone else noticed how big link's forehead is
technoblode - 27 days ago
so... we are just watching items being frozen?
WilyMusician Vids
WilyMusician Vids - Month ago
I seriously loved the ragdoll bit at the end 😂😂
Karee Erie
Karee Erie - Month ago
Rhett has no sportsmanship!
Karee Erie
Karee Erie - 3 days ago
@Aditya Biswas I care why?!?
Aditya Biswas
Aditya Biswas - 6 days ago
@Karee Erie dude ia unisex for me😂. Also i am just saying why he acted like that in this video. It was revenge
Karee Erie
Karee Erie - 6 days ago
@Aditya Biswas Dude? I am a female, not a dude. I watch the show, and I have my own beliefs. I agree to disagree.
Aditya Biswas
Aditya Biswas - 6 days ago
Dude watch the reverse slap video. This is rhett's revenge for how link acted in that video. Hey rhett's normally happy everytime link's wins
Joaquin Paredes
Joaquin Paredes - Month ago
I have never been more nervous in my life
Blake Rodriguez
Blake Rodriguez - Month ago
Please do another soon!
sara kate
sara kate - Month ago
It's a Shauna Malwae-Tweep barbie
Sarah Me
Sarah Me - Month ago
The way link said “a can of biscuits” was adorable
reiqen arataka
reiqen arataka - Month ago
i thought it was biscuits too smh which is even sadder considering pringles is the item on the title card
BlazinBeth PheonixGirl
I would have started tickling Rhett. No holding back, I would have made him not into a rag doll, he would have cooperated just to make it stop.
subZero Electronics
subZero Electronics - Month ago
Rhett and Link have obviously never burned anything in their lives. An ice cube? A canned drink? Neither of those burn.
nevadie133 - Month ago
What’s a crescent roll?
Matthew Gomez
Matthew Gomez - Month ago
Damn rhet such a sore loser
Aditya Biswas
Aditya Biswas - 6 days ago
This is actually hos revenge for how link acted in the reverse slap video
trevcon 3
trevcon 3 - Month ago
It's a snow globe lol
Rickest of Ricks
Rickest of Ricks - Month ago
you know yo guys dont gotsa do games everytime
BerryNGames - Month ago
Rhett is such a sore loser
Aditya Biswas
Aditya Biswas - 6 days ago
It's actually rhett's revenge for how link acted in the reverse slap video
Kay Corcoran
Kay Corcoran - Month ago
The rag doll thing is so amazing... he is so good at it!!!!!
ultimateninjaboi - Month ago
Just... Stevie's ever increasing disappointment and exasperation gives me life
Nol Sova
Nol Sova - Month ago
love when they get competitive lol
sophia lloyd
sophia lloyd - Month ago
who watching this in quarantine
dustinj217 - Month ago
Is it just me or does Rhett seem like a sore loser in this episode?
Aditya Biswas
Aditya Biswas - 6 days ago
It's actually rhett's revenge for how link acted in the reverse slap video
Froggy Animates
Froggy Animates - 2 months ago
"2020 will be your year" Yeahhh....... No
Ginger Holiday
Ginger Holiday - 2 months ago
Was so excited when Link won!
Captain - 2 months ago
That was a Green Screen
Vanderox - 2 months ago
I’ve never seen Rhett this mad and it’s making me sad. Link is always in a good attitude!
Aditya Biswas
Aditya Biswas - 6 days ago
It's actually rhett's revenge for how link acted in the reverse slap video also links in always good attitude? You clearly haven't watched enough of their videos 😂
Sablonanime - 2 months ago
3:22 ok that looks WAY too much like the scp builder bear.
Pavan Pozhickal
Pavan Pozhickal - 2 months ago
Did Rhett just say Good Mythical More in the beginning
Lady Kennie Frog
Lady Kennie Frog - 2 months ago
9:53 😏🤭 I'm so immature.
juan Anonymous
juan Anonymous - 2 months ago
Stevie seemed extra that day
CJDGoof Cook
CJDGoof Cook - 2 months ago
I’m happy you finally let him win SOMETHING at all
AquaKing 40
AquaKing 40 - 2 months ago
“You know your holes”

Simmy Sings
Simmy Sings - 2 months ago
00:52 "without putting your life on hold" welp-
Michel Potter
Michel Potter - 2 months ago
crack able croissant rolls: exists
link: it's a can of biscuits!
Manjusha Pawar
Manjusha Pawar - 2 months ago
Feels good when Link wins.
IMORI - 2 months ago
Me, thinking of Carl saying: I'M ERODIIINNGG!!
Only Brawl Stars players will understand... 0:00
Cubicle Randomness
Cubicle Randomness - 2 months ago
When Rhett said, ‘you know your holes,’ You could tell that got really awkward really fast
South Sask Farmer
South Sask Farmer - 2 months ago
Best ending ever lol
Dayj80 - 3 months ago
So pringles are classified as biscuits for tax reasons, Link was robbed.
K’s Korner
K’s Korner - 3 months ago
I guessed all of these faster than R&L except for the kazoo & pringles 😂 Man I should've played with these guys!
Retarded Reviews
Retarded Reviews - 3 months ago
how did they not get the snowglobe. im genuinely confused
Kaige Moore
Kaige Moore - 3 months ago
I want your hamer
Justin Raymond
Justin Raymond - 3 months ago
i dare someone to eat six bags of talkies straight 0:18
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson - 3 months ago
14:17 Link:subscribaning
derpfacedargon - 3 months ago
Achievement unlocked: REVERSE ARSON
Hamilton and pigs for life
Link-- CcCrAy-OnS
Ik it's his southern-ness coming through, but it's entertaining lol
Colin Anderson
Colin Anderson - 3 months ago
Crayons 2:19 2:39
Teddy Bear 🧸 2:53 3:04 3:15
ciera the crack head
ciera the crack head - 3 months ago
*i s t h i s s h a n i a t w a i n b a r b i e ?*
Halle C.
Halle C. - 3 months ago
do i win? i said all of them before both rhett and link
Shalabha - 3 months ago
i don't want to break my jaw, i already do that enough 💀😂😂
Powdered Sugar
Powdered Sugar - 3 months ago
No one:
Amber Suboohi Ahmad
Amber Suboohi Ahmad - 3 months ago
11:26 Stevie calls Rhett BRETT!!!!
GPagan - 3 months ago
Omg I cackled at Shania Twain Barbie! 😂
フォーミュラ - 3 months ago
7:50 5+3=7?
Jeorgina Villanueva
Jeorgina Villanueva - 3 months ago
7:10 just look at link💀💀
Samiul Islam
Samiul Islam - 3 months ago
Yeah, 2020 is that "skill-developing" sort of we know
ElbappotS - 3 months ago
They're getting slow in their old age lol
14:16 is so funny
Kate Florian
Kate Florian - 3 months ago
Hahaha lumberjack fru fru, I love that!😂😂💖💖💖
That Wolfy Wolf
That Wolfy Wolf - 3 months ago
"thanks for subscribaning" I heard that when link said "Thanks for subscribing"
Karen Williams
Karen Williams - 3 months ago
We called those whomp em Biscuits
Timothy D’Oliveira
Timothy D’Oliveira - 4 months ago
Josh Reed
Josh Reed - 4 months ago
do you guys wwant to see it again rhett and link talking to each other hello darkness smile friend
Molly Newell
Molly Newell - 4 months ago

das what she said
Traci Byrd-Eagles
Traci Byrd-Eagles - 4 months ago
“You see if I keep being hard on you you’ll be more excited when you get it right!” “That’s how I was raised.” Same
nessquik - 4 months ago
They should have done it where the person who loses they get burned and melted
MakingKids Mad
MakingKids Mad - 4 months ago
dealinginfiction - 4 months ago
Rhett is kind of a sore loser. You can tell he thinks he is better than link.
CMC - 4 months ago
7:47 Rhett should have been at 8 points
MUTE. - 4 months ago
Anybody else noticing the increase in hostility between these two guys over the last seasons?
Crystal Pratt
Crystal Pratt - 4 months ago
No...👀 They’re bff goals!
Tinfoyl lord
Tinfoyl lord - 4 months ago
1:33 is when the video "starts"
Rebecca Eugley
Rebecca Eugley - 4 months ago
You no your holls
Ariifu - 4 months ago
Pringels are actually biscuits though
So technically Link was right
Bright1266 no
Bright1266 no - 4 months ago
7:14 ink
Sierra Paul
Sierra Paul - 4 months ago
Lumberjack frufru... yeah. I see it.
Amanda Clemmons
Amanda Clemmons - 4 months ago
I knew the Barbie one immediately lol. My science teachers in 7th and 8th grade used Barbies students donated to demonstrate lab safety
Suzanne Tapia
Suzanne Tapia - 4 months ago
Link to rhett . You know your holes. Lol
דורון גובר
דורון גובר - 4 months ago
Rhett why are you such a sore loser man
MonoType - 4 months ago
I beat Rhett and Link at all of these lmao
Dylan M
Dylan M - 4 months ago
I thought the snowglobe was an acrylic encapsulated object
Charlie Gaming
Charlie Gaming - 4 months ago
Areesha Hasan
Areesha Hasan - 4 months ago
Man Rhett is such a sore loser it’s frustrating
jayllyfish - 4 months ago
Link: “it’s a can of *BHYSCUTS* .”
ember blaze
ember blaze - 4 months ago
12:52 😂😂😂 I laughed so hard
Peer Brent
Peer Brent - 4 months ago
14:32 is there anything on the mug?
Alex Lloyd
Alex Lloyd - 4 months ago
Nobody talking about link saying “you know your holes Rhett”?
raWR - 5 months ago
Is it weird that I was able to guess all of these.
Mikky Renee
Mikky Renee - 5 months ago
Kinda upset at how much of a sore loser Rhett's being. Just let link win for once!
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