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Scarlette Keahey
Scarlette Keahey - 2 days ago
I always love her nails
Sara k
Sara k - 2 days ago
I have the exact same watercolour set as you do, the paper I'm using is wrong for watercolour but I still love using it
Ilona Mikhov
Ilona Mikhov - 3 days ago
I would love to see you finish the last two pages to continue the flow! It would be lovely! Even though it already is, as is!
Lizzy Watercolor
Lizzy Watercolor - 3 days ago
I actually chuckled with the "loading inspiration..." Moment :D
tracy thomas
tracy thomas - 7 days ago
I have got the exact fiber castle fine liner but I have got a full package
Michelle Rosas
Michelle Rosas - 10 days ago
Your art always impresses me💕
Little Wolf Cub
Little Wolf Cub - 11 days ago
Every video I click it has something to do with water color 😂😂
Astro Gamer
Astro Gamer - 12 days ago
Hi I am new here I love your videos 😃 💜
sabontu tamiru kaba
sabontu tamiru kaba - 13 days ago
I love your drawing so much am a fan
Littlewings -
Littlewings - - 14 days ago
You may be having issues with the Inktense as they are slightly different from watercolours in that they are ink based. Because of this it’s not as easy to work over and over as once the ink dries it is staying there, unlike watercolour which you can keep reactivating with water until you’re happy with where the pigment is.
I’m still getting used to the Inktense pencils after my bestie got me a tin for my birthday but I am really enjoying the vibrancy that you get from them.
Catherine Levison
Catherine Levison - 17 days ago
The rainbow colors combined with the seasons: Spring, with its vivid green. Summer with its yellow days and orange sunsets. Autumnal oranges heading into the most beautiful of colors, purple...bringing us to winter with its nostalgic moods.
Catherine Levison
Catherine Levison - 17 days ago
I’ve been doing rainbow color studies and I super love this. It’s good that it’s open in the yellow part and so happy there. It’s a story board. The sketchbook would make a great gift for a budding cartoonist.
Almoalia AIMOalia
Almoalia AIMOalia - 17 days ago
هل من عربي هنا ورسام ❤❤😗
Kawaii Doodle
Kawaii Doodle - 17 days ago
To the 00000.000001% of people that will see this:

Any small art you tubers other than me in this comment section?
uwu - 19 days ago
Absolutely loving the illustration 💕, but sadly, it's lightly sloppy around the purple blue part, I see why, I'd have gotten bored at the end too lolol, just wanted to mention
Nina Kreel
Nina Kreel - 21 day ago
you are incredible with watercolours and this panorama in AMAZING!!!! you should do this kinda thing more often
Havia Lewis
Havia Lewis - 23 days ago
Lol when it says loading inspiration in the captions it’s says * awkward silence *
maryum hussan
maryum hussan - 24 days ago
what I love about your art work is your creativity and style and the art you make from that is what makes others inspired so keep working hard, never give up EVER, and keep that light bulb of creativity always lit. ;}
Lou lou Boove
Lou lou Boove - 25 days ago
READING RAINBOW I know this and I’m only around sixth grade
Leela Salazar
Leela Salazar - 25 days ago
your videos are soooo relaxing (especially your voice😍)!!
Rain / Slytherin Queen
Rain / Slytherin Queen - 26 days ago
It's a cohesive piece except for the yellow girl 😂 she looks good BUT I wish she was smaller? Maybe in a bit of a flower patch with her flower??? Ah well, too late now. Again, still looks VERY nice :)
Ruby Castillo
Ruby Castillo - 29 days ago
Can you do mythical creatures? Like satyrs or centaurs?
Nevzad Isufi
Nevzad Isufi - Month ago
So beautiful
Frannie V.
Frannie V. - Month ago
The tree with the two lovebirds says “P+M”. I wonder who that could be?
Andrea Madayag
Andrea Madayag - Month ago
U make it look so easy!!!
I CAN’T DRAW - Month ago
Waffles: *makes a rainbow art piece*
Also Waffles: *starts with green*
Stolen stars
Stolen stars - Month ago
It’s like using all the water Colors I have! Instead of using all the yellow colors I have or something like that
Burak Divrik
Burak Divrik - Month ago
Very good draw♡
Kate Dancer :D
Kate Dancer :D - Month ago
In the beginning I thought you where doing different seasons
Noob - Otakun
Noob - Otakun - Month ago
U did such a great work but still u put the colour of the rainbow wrong it should be VIBGYOR but u gave BGYORIV
Avery Hilt
Avery Hilt - Month ago
"Loading inspiration..."
Do do do... Do... Do do do....
Folds, unfolds...
"Look, I made a star!" 😁😋👍👍
Christina Thomas
Christina Thomas - Month ago
When using watercolor put salt on it. When you have the watercolor on there then put salt the salt dries up the excess water and gives it a cool texture.
Misty shaddowz
Misty shaddowz - Month ago
Omg i thought i was subscribed for the longest time like i watch u wvery day then WHAT
Nohemi Aguilar
Nohemi Aguilar - Month ago
It’s sooo pretty I love it you did a gooood jod❤️❤️❤️😜🐰
eirini tthnv
eirini tthnv - Month ago
I just love the sketchbook😍😍
Nicole Gabrielle Pingol
Cleverly Said
Cleverly Said - Month ago
You are extremely creative and talented!!
Brianna Jordan
Brianna Jordan - Month ago
Chloe Walker
Chloe Walker - Month ago
Theory: the first girl under the tree is the same girl under the tree on the last page. It works color wise!
oxeani - Month ago
This was on my birthday!
Serena Marie
Serena Marie - Month ago
loading inspo
2 secs later
Christina Johnson
Christina Johnson - Month ago
Sun Set
Sun Set - Month ago
I love your videos they are so satisfying!
Yara Rivera
Yara Rivera - Month ago
Imagine I put the comment of the year here
BuizelChu - Month ago
Can someone sub me pls (◕ᴗ◕✿) i love making digitale art
Vv_ Klimashina
Vv_ Klimashina - Month ago
Ur one of the most talented ppl Ik! ❤️
Violet Queen
Violet Queen - Month ago
am I the only one that thought of Pam and Jim when they saw the tree?
Brooke Rippe
Brooke Rippe - Month ago
I guess the reading rainbow joke actually inspired her😂
StitchyyDoodles - Month ago
The reading rainbowww thing KILLED ME 😂😂😂
Jack O’Connell
Jack O’Connell - Month ago
When you showed the sketchbook, the first thing I thought of was to make upperdog from undertale!
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