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Lele Pons
Lele Pons - Year ago
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Venny Langlands
Venny Langlands - Month ago
Stay kind and confident 😊 btw love you and your videos ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖💘💝💕💞💓💗🖤🤍🤎
H 1
H 1 - 3 months ago
Yee yee :3
Yee yee :3 - 9 months ago
I scared
The Matthews Family
The Matthews Family - 11 months ago
pito knjomn
pito knjomn - 11 months ago
Your videos ar Shit
mads hunter
mads hunter - Day ago
also jeff’s acting in this🥺🙈
mads hunter
mads hunter - Day ago
ok hi jeff is bae
hannah.x _
hannah.x _ - Day ago
okay thats so creepy. thinking about how *WE YOUNG ONES* will be.
Peace Peanut
Peace Peanut - 2 days ago
*me finally realizing what's happening* OHHHHHHHHHHHH
Matharage Prasad
Matharage Prasad - 4 days ago
NoName - 4 days ago
Never thought I would enjoy a Lele Pons video, but here I am.
NJ Nexgen
NJ Nexgen - 6 days ago
No one should deserve that fate. It's like limbo
lyserk - 6 days ago
black mirror but with viners
YTplayer. Com
YTplayer. Com - 6 days ago
Who else saw the anonymous say f*** you
Terezie Nečasová
Terezie Nečasová - 7 days ago
We should stay away from virtual reality and visualising. It's dangerous.
Scarlette Diever
Scarlette Diever - 10 days ago
Here are where the books found (" The Lioness Catches Her Prey")
Sabina Pelaez
Sabina Pelaez - 10 days ago
Wait... is this on Netflix cause I’m down on watching this
Halle Spellman
Halle Spellman - 12 days ago
Oh wow!!!!!
Halle Spellman
Halle Spellman - 12 days ago
Did his wife poison him....
lol school
lol school - 12 days ago
Ok first they look at each other and smile in a min they start to talk
Mirabel Lebarim
Mirabel Lebarim - 14 days ago
Oh oh
Funny Edits
Funny Edits - 15 days ago
Jesus Jeff is so handsome
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson - 16 days ago
You, Rudy and Juanpa should make more cuz these are really good and you have all made one
{Nøt- RachelMøøD}
{Nøt- RachelMøøD} - 17 days ago
it felt like i watched a movie.
positivity forever
positivity forever - 18 days ago
I dint knew Jeff could act I'm impressed
Frosty Rainbow
Frosty Rainbow - 19 days ago
Jeez! That plot twist hit me like a ton of bricks!
mister.ket - 20 days ago
0 words just creativity
*Depressed Potato*
*Depressed Potato* - 20 days ago
I was wondering what NGAGE means and then *Getting Engaged* Just popped into my mind ;-;
Shanece - 20 days ago
At 4:10 was he watching Magic by Rudy and Mia lol
madie kaufman
madie kaufman - 20 days ago
why's Jeff cooking a potion on that wine glass in the beginning.....
Diana Carolina
Diana Carolina - 21 day ago
I love the score tbh
My Booboo
My Booboo - 22 days ago
Shit, this kinda creepy tho
Isra Suleman
Isra Suleman - 23 days ago
here for jeff and hes fire at acting
Shara Katrine
Shara Katrine - 24 days ago
sht you can create this as a movie
Steven Dimiris
Steven Dimiris - 25 days ago
This was very well done. Lele, you’re so beautiful
Greta Massey
Greta Massey - 25 days ago
Gacha-girly_ 101
Gacha-girly_ 101 - 25 days ago
I ship Him and Lele
No one
No one - 25 days ago
Jeff lookin' so fineee
Cinnamonrollsrgud - 27 days ago
I just love how the music changed my mood. It went from idk to Scared
Jack Williams
Jack Williams - 27 days ago
Screw virtual reality I’m not risking getting trapped lol😂😂😂
King Chicken
King Chicken - 27 days ago
awe its like a telenovela except its a telelele he he
Wtf is this?
Lep - 29 days ago
0:22 the guy looks like gordon hayword from basketball lol
Lep - 29 days ago
yuzu yui
yuzu yui - Month ago
Nooooooooo this is the last that i want in my future😭😭😭😱😱😱
justin rosas
justin rosas - Month ago
This was kinda dumb and did she put him in a loop hole
Tatiana Arroyo
Tatiana Arroyo - Month ago
This was kinda like that one episode of black mirror
marz - Month ago
k but the music is beautiful
Mila A.
Mila A. - Month ago
Your plot twists are amazing
farah elbitar
farah elbitar - Month ago
ShizzleFoWizzle - Month ago
Oh no not Jeff
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 - Month ago
2020 Watching❓
Anna Bryan
Anna Bryan - Month ago
James Charles be punching air rn
Mae E.
Mae E. - Month ago
Lele had a pic of the kids on er nightstand so...
Helly Helly
Helly Helly - Month ago
Natalie might be jelly from this video, but....
Yveonne Harrison
Yveonne Harrison - Month ago
You guys look so cute together you should be couples
Yveonne Harrison
Yveonne Harrison - Month ago
You look so pretty Lele
Mrbighead Tv
Mrbighead Tv - Month ago
Ok i'm late but Vlog Squad are so Proud of you Jeff😊
Olivia Burn
Olivia Burn - Month ago
Jeff having kids and being this like mature just frightens me too much
KC FR - Month ago
This is almost a year old but I still watch it all the time, it’s crazy that it can tell a whole story with no words. It’s one of the most amazing films I’ve ever seen!!
Amelia Savage
Amelia Savage - Month ago
this is so trippy
Your sister is going to JAIL!
This could honestly be a black mirror episode.
Rerat - Month ago
What is the last song called?
Asal Jafari Shalkohi
Asal Jafari Shalkohi - Month ago
Wow how creative
Roblox Vibes
Roblox Vibes - Month ago
Who is watching during the coranavirus outbreak?!
Black Beauty
Black Beauty - Month ago
I watched this a year ago when I was younger and i didn't understand she was doing it to check if he was cheating but now men you know not to cheat on women cause we is a force to be reckoned with😌
My-linh MICHAUD - Month ago
I feel so sorry for the kids
Majeztyque - Month ago
i cant take this seriously without remembering jeff in rl
Peter bark
Peter bark - Month ago
Jeff + Lele?!
Bita Nassery
Bita Nassery - Month ago
This was so deep
Kathleen Wilson
Kathleen Wilson - Month ago
This was directed by Rudy . He so good!!
H ESSENTIALS - Month ago
He wasn't cheating.. His wife was giving him attitude and all he wanted was a little feeling of love 😥😥.. Oh well it's a short film so....
saydylan - Month ago
Allison Hu
Allison Hu - Month ago
lmaoo jeff
Brooklyn Correa
Brooklyn Correa - Month ago
plzmakemore, i like these
Hey Itz AsianZ_YT
Hey Itz AsianZ_YT - Month ago
Who thought ngaged ment engaged?
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 - Month ago
Becky Mantey
Becky Mantey - Month ago
you have to do a part2
Sunshine N tears
Sunshine N tears - Month ago
can we talk about how great of a director rudy is? like wow ive watched so many of his short films and hes soo underrated
Alfonso Barvecho
Alfonso Barvecho - Month ago
So.. It´s like USS.CALLISTER, he is in a virtual world, forever... or until someone give him help. That is... Cold, even if he was cheating, that could destroy your mind, or you become crazy. That is sooo Black Mirror. :v
Rylan Jeffrey
Rylan Jeffrey - Month ago
You both need to be in actual big movies this was amazing
888888 88
888888 88 - Month ago
did anyone noticed the book covers? "The Lioness catches the prey"
Tesco Bleach
Tesco Bleach - Month ago
yo she just copied black mirror😂
It’s SheaButter
It’s SheaButter - Month ago
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