Keith Eats $500 Of Gourmet Cheese

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꧁Leticia Marie Medina꧂
꧁Leticia Marie Medina꧂ - 34 minutes ago
22:31 😂😂😂
chef7734 - 50 minutes ago
Dude doesnt know how to eat on camera much less how to eat properly. Grosses me out.
Hannah -Ellie- Lee-Morrow
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You Clod
You Clod - 2 hours ago
Waiting for Keith to accidentally cut his mouth doing that
Christian memes
Christian memes - 5 hours ago
Keith in college be like:🌶👅
Lizzie Catherine
Lizzie Catherine - 5 hours ago
23:53 "Whoa, it's changing"
Yup. Just like the weather in the state it was created. And woody too.
Sean Crockett
Sean Crockett - 7 hours ago
I ❤️ watching him make sweet cheese love
thomas rasmussen
thomas rasmussen - 22 hours ago
Too all danish Pepol was the first Blu chess NOT gamle ole
Morty McMort
Morty McMort - Day ago
Yes. Take it from a Dane. I love my blue cheese. Castello and Dana blue.
Disappointing Trash
Keith just kinda turned into remy from Ratatouille in this video didn't he
emily faith
emily faith - Day ago
juice from a cow and vomit from a bee
Janiece Ludwig
Janiece Ludwig - Day ago
Ratatouille in the house.
veeVianka leMuse
veeVianka leMuse - Day ago
The gigantic bites of cheese they both take are challenging meeeee. I gotta take a lactaid just to watch this
Lucas Florendo
Lucas Florendo - Day ago
You can hear the theme from Overcooked!
G Royalty YNW
G Royalty YNW - Day ago
11:34 that was so specified to me
G Royalty YNW
G Royalty YNW - Day ago
Will the cheese be good in 20minutes
Emily Naitoh
Emily Naitoh - Day ago
What does he mean by ‘challenging cheese’
Morgan Gagnon
Morgan Gagnon - Day ago
Where is the Rank King?? I need the cheese on a scale!
An Chi Nguyen
An Chi Nguyen - 2 days ago
Ok guys hear me out. 16:30: keith’s wife’s voice= that high school musical bad lip reading
Anxietoad Arts
Anxietoad Arts - 2 days ago
Keith entered a different realm when he tried the Brie aux truffes lol
Leslie Alcala
Leslie Alcala - 3 days ago
I can’t stop rewatching this video. Something about Keith eating cheese is just so satisfying.
Olivia Lam
Olivia Lam - 3 days ago
Brie and Camembert are the top tier soft cheeses.
AshJam Gaming
AshJam Gaming - 3 days ago
Keith makes everyone feel fucking poor
Tonks Trash
Tonks Trash - 3 days ago
I want another one of these
DemiMakesVids - 3 days ago
Shocked there was no Cypriot or Greek cheeses. We have some really good ones 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Hafi Yousuf
Hafi Yousuf - 3 days ago
6:00 when the realisation hits 🤣
T McA - 3 days ago
Don't mean to be that guy, but it's hard to listen to someone obnoxiously eat with their mouth open..
Kaiu - 3 days ago
So basically it’s ratatouille
Emily Valcourt
Emily Valcourt - 3 days ago
I love his little story time of having no money in college so he and his buds just licked seasoning off there hands. Something to look forward to for me as a college freshman
StrawberryFox - 3 days ago
And Keith was never seen again. Found dead from an imploded stomach
Ey Ley
Ey Ley - 4 days ago
Keith please try wines too please thank you 😊
Mrs. Kitty
Mrs. Kitty - 4 days ago
But I kinda love it too
Nostalgia - 4 days ago
Repeat after me: Cheese is the fat separated from the whey in the milk. Lactose is in that whey. Cheese has very minimal lactose, on nutritions labels it will often say there is 0 sugars.
Bassam AlMulhim
Bassam AlMulhim - 4 days ago
Wether you’re blue or feeling like the goat
My favorite keith intro ever 😂😂
LshowKnows - 4 days ago
simplegirl265 - 4 days ago
I love how the cheese monger winked while cutting one of the cheeses in halves
Kuad - 5 days ago
As of last month I can proudly say I am apart of the lactose and tolerant group and I eat way to much cheese than I should so this video just makes me happy and I feel like I’m teasing my stomach cuz Ik they want it but they can’t have it till when I want something with cheese next
Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman - 5 days ago
26:44 wach it now/:
Erin Boyd
Erin Boyd - 5 days ago
I don't even understand (and yet I do) why I'm watching this video for the 3rd time in a very short time period.
Giselle Rangel
Giselle Rangel - 5 days ago
Keith's reactions to the cheeses are priceless
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