The Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money Mo Problems (Official Music Video)

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The Notorious B.I.G.
The Notorious B.I.G. - 9 months ago
📣📣📣 CALLING ALL B.I.G. FANS We need your help to vote Big Poppa into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The sky’s the limit when we band together. Cast your vote 🗳 for the King here Voting ends January 10 and you can vote ONCE PER DAY
Prudent Forbes
Prudent Forbes - 11 hours ago
those days of hip hop was tangible music 🎶
Ugandanstar1 - Day ago
No doubt mi G
Erica Scott
Erica Scott - 3 days ago
DC ymmv
Lizzy Bennet
Lizzy Bennet - 7 days ago
We did it!! B. I. G. on the Rock and Roll hall of fame.
Davie Jin
Davie Jin - 8 days ago
No vote needed... If biggie ain't already on that list It's a 100% bullshit.
juu u
juu u - Hour ago
beat ruins whole song
Datoryion Edmond
Datoryion Edmond - 5 hours ago
I can remember being 4 years old in Pre-K being sick at school and getting picked up by my Grandmother (RIP), and this song is playing on the radio as she starts the car. Im so glad to be born in the early 90s (1992) and still be able to grew up in the perfect era.
zthechainz - 19 hours ago
Shout out to the late 90s
Karim A
Karim A - 20 hours ago
2020 and still listening
Cash Rebel Entertainment
Cash Rebel Entertainment - 21 hour ago
Eric Kinney
Eric Kinney - 22 hours ago
The 90's represented the BEST of multicultural America! What the hell happened to the simple concept of making music and music videos just for the utter joy and festivity rather than brainwashing politics and overt sexualization.
Luke Becker
Luke Becker - Day ago
34281 HOOD
TPZ IZZY - Day ago
This song has to be my all time favourite song
Jason Santos
Jason Santos - Day ago
In 1997 I never thought I would grow up🦁
Khada Cool
Khada Cool - Day ago
Who still listening 2020😍😍
Hustler Blood
Hustler Blood - 2 days ago
This and make em say uhhhh master p is two of my most memorable childhood videos!! ICONIC
Arlandza Wilson
Arlandza Wilson - 2 days ago
I am 2020 and beyond until I'm gone love all hip-hop old-school mean something back in the days 🎶 today it's 👌
Dr. Yang
Dr. Yang - 2 days ago
Mase is so cute
Chechan J
Chechan J - 2 days ago
USA is the best country in the world
Marcos Benigno Silva Oliveira
Sensacional relembrar
B rann
B rann - 2 days ago
Martin Budesheim
Martin Budesheim - 2 days ago
Du weißt ja wo wir stehen Baby 🗽📀 🇩🇪🏵💿🌈🎤
steve irungu
steve irungu - 2 days ago
I'm a born again Christian by conviction and knowledge and I'm not ignorant by Steve Irungu Jermaine
steve irungu
steve irungu - 2 days ago
It's more than the praise and worship that I listen in church by Steve Irungu Jermaine
steve irungu
steve irungu - 2 days ago
The dynamic trio of Christopher Lahore George Wallace ie Biggie Smalls Sean P Diddy Combs and Mason Bertha ie Mase by Steve Irungu Jermaine
kevin m
kevin m - Day ago
Andu a nyumba mi area!
Nesha - 2 days ago
Yoooooo, the '90s had the best everything. The '90s had the best music, t.v shows, movies, best prices in gold, and the best time to date a real person. I haven't met a real person since 95.
Rodolph Abadji
Rodolph Abadji - 3 days ago
20 ans déjà.. toujours agréable à savourer ce son... authentique rap
Erik Lindo
Erik Lindo - 3 days ago
Euro American
Euro American - 3 days ago
this video really changed the game back then
David Aycocho
David Aycocho - 3 days ago
Is biggie dead when this song released?
Albert Devaughn
Albert Devaughn - 2 days ago
Yes, he died before this song was made
Ollie Sillett
Ollie Sillett - 3 days ago
Great song and video. But why is he wearing two golf gloves 😂😂
Shotty Mills
Shotty Mills - 3 days ago
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MALA Records
MALA Records - 3 days ago
letz goooo
Francis M.H. White
Francis M.H. White - 4 days ago
The Top 10 Greatest MCs of All-Time
1. The Notorious B.I.G.
2. Christopher Wallace
3. Big Poppa
4. Biggie Smalls
5. Frank White
6. King of New York
7. Notorious Big
8. Biggie
9. Francis MH White
10. Christopher George Latore Wallace
G G - 4 days ago
Most underrated... 0:35 Ridick 'Big Daddy' Bowe, world heavyweight boxing champion. Sportsmanagers, Boxing Promoters, Sports Tv, HBO wanted to give him a 200-500 $ multimillion contract. They see him comin bigger than Tyson! But he didnt made it.
Stayin at over 6'4 weighin over 238 pounds with great athletism boxing skills. They even did let him sit than stay cauz he will towering them. He was great. Raised in Brooklyn Brownsville!
Arecelli Babbitt
Arecelli Babbitt - 4 days ago
September 22nd, 2020 :3
Julian Earlkin Tucker
Julian Earlkin Tucker - 4 days ago
Whεrε οη εαrth cαη I fiηd Masε?
paul lockley
paul lockley - 4 days ago
Fuck will smith he is awful !!
paul lockley
paul lockley - 4 days ago
Fuck will smith
joe blow
joe blow - 5 days ago
A timeless hit remember hit songs never un-hit. This song is better in 2020 than it was at the time glad I was born in 1993 and have a good memory me singing this in front of the TV 4-5 years old I love music
eliel veridiana de sousa
Listening Mo Money Mo Problems in Brazil 2020. In age of this song (1997) I had 21 years. How I miss this time... How I like of Notorious and his flow. So much!!!
John Addaquay
John Addaquay - 5 days ago
2:04 the 17th hole is always difficult to score :)
slyonme - 6 days ago
No Money Mo Problems
Sale 1987
Sale 1987 - 6 days ago
September 2020... still the best 💪💪💪
Rafferty McSweeney
Rafferty McSweeney - 6 days ago
September 2020 anyone?
Earth Boy Sun And Rain.
B.I.G P.O.P.P.A no info for the DEA...
Earth Boy Sun And Rain.
I miss 96 97 98 99 era in music. Music just felt so MAGICAL. This was when the music biz ran in crews: Bad Boy, Deathrow, Murder Inc, Timbaland-Missy- Aaliyah- Magoo-Playa-Ginuwine-Nicole Ray. No Limit. There were a few others.
Marine - 6 days ago
'' no money no problem '' that's my motto
Nykki Williams
Nykki Williams - 6 days ago
Listening in 2020. Yaaaassss. Didn't understand back then.... BUT NOW I CAN RELATE.
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia - 7 days ago
The year was 1997...
Publio Zinj
Publio Zinj - 7 days ago
I'm a sperm cell and like this song.
MC Heredity
MC Heredity - 7 days ago
Mase had the best verse on this track
Jess Jess
Jess Jess - 7 days ago
Yes yes yes
Lepe1 - 7 days ago
None of us realized it was Puffys coming out song. Classic nonetheless.
Logan Carmichael
Logan Carmichael - 8 days ago
Possibly one of the biggest songs ever
Martyn - 8 days ago
Riddick Bowe! 🥊
Pauly whal
Pauly whal - 8 days ago
You guys ain't never know who that dude was never know where in that was Riddick Bowe 1 of the greatest boxer of all times that came across Iron Mike Tyson and took his title Riddick Bowe look him up
Edgar Cardenas
Edgar Cardenas - 8 days ago
$#$#$##$ gold shovel $##$$#
Elizabeth husted
Elizabeth husted - 8 days ago
Sean really loves playing golf too. He's so smooth.
John Roldan
John Roldan - 8 days ago
Duriiiisimooooo !! 👊💪
margaret owaka
margaret owaka - 8 days ago
sefton pillay
sefton pillay - 8 days ago
Bad boy made hits
Sett, A Ring Királya
Sett, A Ring Királya - 8 days ago
I got this recommended after Spice Girls -Wannabe
rshaw9 - 8 days ago
Been listening since its release and still loving it still fresh
souleymane diawara
souleymane diawara - 9 days ago
i use to believe this till i’m 18 years old,it’s always no money mo problem ☹️
Gerard Van Duuren
Gerard Van Duuren - 9 days ago
I'm 10 years old en and I like this music
Odeh Daniel
Odeh Daniel - 9 days ago
One of the best song
Enitan Abisola
Enitan Abisola - 9 days ago
My high school days❤️
yayo a
yayo a - 9 days ago
I had this cd as a kid back in the mid 90es
Layton McCoy
Layton McCoy - 9 days ago
Lmao I dance like that now and my kids laugh their asses off
Shuriken Xx
Shuriken Xx - 9 days ago
Respect to all who still listen to this in 2020
LuCia' Carroll
LuCia' Carroll - 9 days ago
Leon - 10 days ago
This is that song that comes on at every party and gets every one up to dance
Ian Bourne
Ian Bourne - 10 days ago
Throw ya rollers in the sky
eqa pacific
eqa pacific - 10 days ago
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique - 10 days ago
West Coast!
Puffy Comedy _|_
Axeman Racing
Axeman Racing - 10 days ago
2:37 10 years from then PDiddy was unknown but yes this is music history.
Tiaguinho Messi
Tiaguinho Messi - 10 days ago
Respect. King rapper King flow, REST PEACE BIGGIE
Christian Roldan
Christian Roldan - 10 days ago
Mo Money, Mo Problems. Man, I;m broke and I still got problems!
Christian Roldan
Christian Roldan - 10 days ago
Kids, you are lucky you have YouTube. I had to watch this on MTV and wait for it come on!
Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith - 10 days ago
This song could come out now and still climb the charts! LOVE this song!
Danielle Seddon
Danielle Seddon - 11 days ago
I am
香港是我家 - 11 days ago
Favian - 11 days ago
biggie: "I guess its because i run with lame dudes too much"
me: *looks directly at puffy & mase*
Jolene Kindiak
Jolene Kindiak - 12 days ago
We will all be rich motherfuckers and happy!
Jolene Kindiak
Jolene Kindiak - 12 days ago
My fav song by him!
YankinANDGankin - 12 days ago
Diddy must have an absolute shitload of problems now then 💰
A K - 11 days ago
yes his azzhole can blow bubbles at this point it’s been ran through so much
Q43r - 12 days ago
Big was about to die, ye withn 1n
Q43r - 12 days ago
Betim Decani
Betim Decani - 12 days ago
Celo abdi nimo olexesh copy this shit in german
GODWIN-DAUD MUSIKA - 13 days ago
loveforthe90s - 13 days ago
Puff never not having fun
Theodore Coleman
Theodore Coleman - 13 days ago
Harlem stand up I luv my place of birth
SHERRY MONICA - 13 days ago
Behind the scenes was hilarious 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
SHERRY MONICA - 13 days ago
Michael Kaviti
Michael Kaviti - 14 days ago
J J - 14 days ago
This song and Kobe..tear jerker
Jmuk35 - 14 days ago
I bought this single from Sam goodys, I fucking miss the 90s. Me and my best friend did the “rollies in the sky wave em side to side” arm sway thing all the time lol
Thuane Nascimento
Thuane Nascimento - 14 days ago
Diana Ross - I'm coming out!
Demetria Scott
Demetria Scott - 14 days ago
Kelly Price PUT IT DOWN❤️❤️❤️
***VIXEN ***
***VIXEN *** - 14 days ago
OMG AM I that OLD?? I was a freshman when this song came out
Luke 21:8 000
Luke 21:8 000 - 15 days ago
CIA Killed Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace aka Notorious BIG
Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson - 9 days ago
Naw, it was Nation of Islam. They warned the rappers for years.
Aminu Danmusa
Aminu Danmusa - 15 days ago
Bad Boy
সবুজ বাংলা BD
very nice video
Litboy_56 - 15 days ago
tik tok can never ruin this song
Saxson Vaa
Saxson Vaa - 15 days ago
hope they dnt
Eagle wing Pokerchamp
Eagle wing Pokerchamp - 15 days ago
I won 50k betting 50k and this just 👌 *muah* instantly popped into my head
WSHH HIPHOP - 15 days ago
puff dance likle a stupid
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