Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri

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Waify - 4 days ago
rick is such an asshole i hope evil morty eradicates him from the multiverse
William Young
William Young - 9 days ago
Best episode of Season 4
Future President
Future President - 11 days ago
8:09 XD!!!
Jack Ashmore
Jack Ashmore - 14 days ago
1:06 “boy THAT rick”
How the fuck does he know there are others ricks? Evil morty is doing something
Raging Brainer
Raging Brainer - 20 days ago
Holy shit they had a Pokémon battle
The Blaksmyth
The Blaksmyth - 21 day ago
Anyone else here was hoping to have an episode featuring Evil Morty this season?
Nunya Business
Nunya Business - 23 days ago
Why does the ending have me tearing up?
Go CPNG - 24 days ago
Dinosaur Pasta Is A Thing.
Go CPNG - 24 days ago
Looking Forward To Season 5 Elevating And Coming Quickly.
Go CPNG - 24 days ago
Tone A Little Different Than Usual ..If Possible
John Gatchalian
John Gatchalian - 24 days ago
10:36 Classic Jerry 😂
Darian Wilson
Darian Wilson - 24 days ago
They need to make a movie of young rick and bird person
InfusedSediment - 25 days ago
Space Beth is Clone Beth
Annaclaire Mahaffey
Annaclaire Mahaffey - 26 days ago
I really hope they keep Space Beth. Y'know, usually when there's a doppelganger situation they end up sacrificing themselves or going off on their own and not really returning. I guess it's like they have to keep the status quo so episodes can stand on their own. But it seems like that's changing in cartoons in general. Compared to cartoons ten years ago we're getting more returning characters, more overarching plots, more character development, just better stories over all. Really excited to see what they're gonna do with Space Beth.
Lucid fry
Lucid fry - 26 days ago
Damn wtf guys good episode but there better be some more episodes😭
Roadie Dave
Roadie Dave - 26 days ago
Season 5. Go back to serialized episodes, and do the Jerryest Jerry arc!
Dreana Mickens
Dreana Mickens - 27 days ago
Chipperson's Encyclopedia Emporium
Im a terrible doctor. Ive got something for that too. Its non addictive... Mmmmm I'm a great doctor
The Golden Boo
The Golden Boo - 27 days ago
Hey if I but this are there professionally made captions that actually describe what the characters are saying or is it still auto-generated?
Drake Fullerton
Drake Fullerton - 28 days ago
Kinda feel bad for rick at the end of this one
Rio 2234
Rio 2234 - 28 days ago
I like how rick is showing a lot more of his “humanity” than he was at the very beginning of season, probably has better character development than some anime’s
dusty rules
dusty rules - 29 days ago
So this is the last episode?
Ry Mo
Ry Mo - 29 days ago
So film theory was wrong about the clone thing
Klein Wong
Klein Wong - 29 days ago
Mmm ... I'm a great doctor.
Marc Rover
Marc Rover - 29 days ago
Im confused. I don't understand why Rick is a "bad Father" for cloning his daughter and not knowing which was the real one. I thought what he did was VERY NICE.
Obviously he wanted his daughter to do BOTH, experience the universe and raise a family.
He also didn't wanna be the reason his daughter missed out on something.
He also didn't wanna treat the clone as anything less than the real Beth, which is why he mixed them up and erased his memory.
And, why is everyone acting like a perfect clone is inferior to the original Beth? How can a perfect copy of something be less-than the original?
If someone made a perfect copy of me, and my family loved the clone just as much as me, I WOULD UNDERSTAND.
Is it about the "soul" or something? Is that what I'm missing?
Marc Rover
Marc Rover - 25 days ago
@Annaclaire Mahaffey Great reply, thank you for responding. I now understand the perspective of his recent actions being deplorable.
Annaclaire Mahaffey
Annaclaire Mahaffey - 26 days ago
The issue is he couldn't choose. She wanted him to do some fathering and care whether she stayed or went. She wanted him to tell her either "I'm proud that you're a horse doctor and a mother and this life is good enough for my daughter" or "Here's your heritage as Rick's daughter because I want you to be dangerous like me and we're gonna make it happen." He's ashamed of abandoning her and not giving her a cool space life from the start. He's disappointed - not in her but in himself - that she has regular life. She knows that. She yearns for a more exciting life, but she made her choice when she had Summer and they both feel like it's not really his right to come give her these opportunities now after she made this decent life without him. She gave him the chance to step up and tell her what he wants her to be and face the fact that he hasn't been there but he couldn't do it so he decided he can have both: one Beth who made a life for herself without him and he respects that, and one who's the daughter he really wants. And he thought he wouldn't have to face that because he could keep them from finding out.
Snupaboo - 29 days ago
Where was my man Mr. Poopy Butthole? I have no idea how long the wait till season 5 is now...
Smart Comment
Smart Comment - 29 days ago
I paid for this and it was worth it
Jack Ashmore
Jack Ashmore - 29 days ago
9:24 was that Jerry realizing he’s in a show? He realized if he said “hey” something bad happens to him. He seemed annoyed that it even worked.
Christopher Canillas
Christopher Canillas - Month ago
Christopher Canillas
Christopher Canillas - Month ago
Awesome he resisted we can shoot him (fuuuuuck)
Lee GTTM - Month ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 last part of season 4 has been amazing
Edith M
Edith M - Month ago
Lame cheesy finale imo
Propel LOLS
Propel LOLS - Month ago
Y’all better stop doing these sad endings, goddammit.
Rich Grant
Rich Grant - Month ago
I teared up at this ending.
The One Joke King
The One Joke King - Month ago
“Your enemies will say it’s unfair-we say it’s about time”
The177Hunter - Month ago
3:33 pause and those are FUCKING POKEBALLS
Kyle - Month ago
I feel like this season had a few shakey episodes but this was a really strong ending. I hope they can maintain the parts of the show that make it make extraordinary, in the next season. It's gotta be a real balancing act between keeping the core aspects of greatness, while not overusing them too repetitively, and adding new concepts. Rick and Morty rate up there with some of the best shows of all time, in my opinion. I hope they keep it coming.
Ryan Simonis
Ryan Simonis - Month ago
Theory next season ricks going to leave of depression take bird person with him, meanwhile Beth morty and summer go looking for him. While jerry be’s jerry
Brandon McClain
Brandon McClain - Month ago
I thought they were going to be twins, the chemistry and similar yet slightly different personalities seemed to sort of complement each other. Could’ve been a possibility, wonder what they’ll do with this.
actorben - Month ago
Can't wait 4 Season 5!
Agent Other
Agent Other - Month ago
Rick your getting rusty
Not_Mason289 - Month ago
Fucking love it
Tarel Ethridge
Tarel Ethridge - Month ago
This is my first time watched a show I liked on YouTube Premium and I love everything about it. it very cool seeing your comments on the episodes
Matthew Colwell
Matthew Colwell - Month ago
This was one of best Rick and Morty episodes ever. And it was also the only truly notable episode of season 4. So basically they are still very capable of writing amazing episodes they just chose to release mostly trash. Awesome
Ultrasoulviver - Month ago
Was this the season finally
Ashton Penrod
Ashton Penrod - Month ago
Hot high watching the last two episodes now I’m going to bed extra depressed
JOHN VARELA - Month ago
The perfect ending.
Ben P
Ben P - Month ago
I think Ricks wife left.. I love how this show can make me laugh so hard, then at the end make me want too cry.
docbasu - Month ago
Jinx The Kitty
Jinx The Kitty - Month ago
Rick and Morty S1-S3 were by far, the best episodes. Show doesn't feel the same, and I cringe severely in S4.. :'c Only thing good about S4, is the finale episode which was decent and necessary to have. Hopefully they'll fix things in Season 5 uwu
Nicola Morales
Nicola Morales - Month ago
I like how the whole family is becoming badass, even Jerry
Jeremiah Siens
Jeremiah Siens - Month ago
It's all worth it now that we know bird person is back and he is the strongest character
Ziggy Lycans
Ziggy Lycans - Month ago
I love you
Lunathean - Month ago
Man I've watched this almost a dozen times over. I have a weird feeling that Rick is underplaying himself for a reason? I hope in season 5 he gets to redeem himself in some way
Clyde Q19
Clyde Q19 - Month ago
Invisible garbage truck was the best
Isaac Matson
Isaac Matson - Month ago
Wasn't feeling the last few episodes, but this one hit it out of the park.
recursor94 - Month ago
So *why* did Rick randomize which was the clone and which was Beth
Matthew Rose
Matthew Rose - Month ago
So, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter which is the "original" Beth, his intent was to merge the experiences of both Beth's into one. So at the end of the day, as long as both Beth's experiences exist, that is all that matters, because they both actually happened. Its just either in one brain, or two.
Lars Chue
Lars Chue - Month ago
I thought the bug empire got destroyed in season 3 after the Szechuan episode?
Mickey - Month ago
“New” empire
did anyone honestly feel emotions about the ending ? they played sad music so it must besad
Obamium Sphere
Obamium Sphere - Month ago
Now to wait 2-3 years
Basil Alfayez
Basil Alfayez - Month ago
Beth is the portrait where we can see what Rick might end up if he left/stayed with his family
Turtle - Month ago
People who actually watch it on YouTube:
Wes B26
Wes B26 - Month ago
Whats the name of the song at the end of this episode????
Wes B26
Wes B26 - Month ago
Im still yet to see the return of that talking grey cat from the 1st half of this season! 🐈😺
Also, Idk why but invisible jerry had me in tears😂😂😂😂
Felipe Mendez
Felipe Mendez - Month ago
technically it run on diesel
emptank - Month ago
The devices in Beth's necks were probably designed to fuse them back together if space beck ever came back. Share their memories so that both Becks could know what it was like to have stayed or left. Beck asked rick to chose for her, rick wanted her to stay a part of her life but he also wanted her to get out into the galaxy, live her own life and live up to her fullest potential. He erased his own memory of which is which because they are both real to him. Just another pair of his infinite number of daughters from across the multiverse and while rick pretends that means they are more disposable to him, i think he actually really still cares about all of them. Every Beth is equally his daughter so he can never abandon the one right in front of him unless there is truly no hope for it.
Kenny Hasting
Kenny Hasting - Month ago
So if Beth was cloned why was the real one in a vat all he needed was dna
Michael Roman
Michael Roman - Month ago
He had them both in a vat so he could shuffle them and not be able to know which one was the real Beth.
Eduardo Alvarez
Eduardo Alvarez - Month ago
Season 5!!!!!!
Logan Meurer
Logan Meurer - Month ago
"I don't discuss problems, I incinerate them".
Narthumpulous - Month ago
Rick: "I always wondered who would win if we ever fought..."
Phoenix Person: "Then you were always a bad friend."
Damn, BP... Why you always gotta hit so deep?
El Gwopo
El Gwopo - Month ago
Ricks depression and social distance is felt 💯
Mark Cochran
Mark Cochran - Month ago
It fascinates me that an episode can suck this much
Mark Cochran
Mark Cochran - Month ago
This is like an eastern European game show
Mark Cochran
Mark Cochran - Month ago
Ugh this is getting more and more stupid
Mark Cochran
Mark Cochran - Month ago
Wow... ten seconds in and this sucks
Mystic - Month ago
the answer is the beth that stayed home thats why she asked for her to decided and i doubt fate would of sent the real one away even though rick doesnt believe in god he already was saved by him onces so just be a positive
Erik Burns
Erik Burns - Month ago
Okay Rick and Morty took my design
ProGamer code
ProGamer code - Month ago
Hes a good father and a terrible friend in my opinion he wanted her to do both having the ability to do so he allowed her to live both lives simultaneously no more what if's. The whole show is Ricks autism family matters and options of self medication and drone medications, im an aspie too I see the bigger picture.
Ole JB
Ole JB - Month ago
This is one long Wranglers commercial.
Jonathan Boggess
Jonathan Boggess - Month ago
Jeff loveness was the worst thing to happen to rick and morty
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