Stephen A. tells Max Kellerman to apologize to Tom Brady | First Take

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ESPN - 8 months ago
Should Tom Brady call it a career?
Lucas Mahoney
Lucas Mahoney - 6 months ago
Dionicio Ysassi
Dionicio Ysassi - 8 months ago
Tom Brady is bigger than the Yankees. He should play as long as he wants to. Max should shut up and marvel at the Brady
Codey Snow
Codey Snow - 8 months ago
No absolutely not. He ain't done yet. Let em' know who Tom Brady is. Get #7.
tedfio1tedfio1 - 8 months ago
Robert Castillo
Robert Castillo - 8 months ago
Terry Smith Well said. Your response is really the only fair response to these questions. Can’t stand these questions
Kevin Pavone
Kevin Pavone - Month ago
I hate Max Kellerman. Love Stephen A.
Anonymous - Month ago
I can’t take this Kellerman serious sometimes
Darian Martin
Darian Martin - 4 months ago
Y’all are dumb asf, how nkeal Harry a bust? Dude was hurt and then when he was hear gave the patriots decent numbers and he wasn’t 100 percent
Gran Marquis
Gran Marquis - 5 months ago
And Max wants people to gloss over the fact that Belichick was about to be fired before Brady took the field after Bledsoe was injured.
Benjamin Lloyd-Lewis
Benjamin Lloyd-Lewis - 6 months ago
Molly has improved as a moderator
Shawn Barchuk
Shawn Barchuk - 6 months ago
Max are you jealous that Brady is the GOAT and you will never be more than herpes, something that needs to go away
Aly Julmim
Aly Julmim - 7 months ago
I agree with Max. Brady should retire. Go out on top like Kobe, Jom Brown and other elite player
Fernando Montalvo
Fernando Montalvo - 7 months ago
Max Kellerman is the biggest fool in sports broadcasting history
Tom Smith
Tom Smith - 8 months ago
Max's outright jealousy of Brady is unprecedented.
David Devin
David Devin - 8 months ago
Dont blame Brady.. blame the Patriots for not giving him help.
tke567 - 8 months ago
According to Max's logic, Aaron Rodgers should retire too. It is almost the exact same scenario for both quarterbacks.
Michael Pulisic
Michael Pulisic - 8 months ago
Now Brady lost because I he had no weapons, but when the Pats win , he gets all the credit,. Gimme a break
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen - 8 months ago
Stephen A should apologize for getting 9 straight Finals wrong.
Bobz Cassidy
Bobz Cassidy - 8 months ago
Hernandez was a weapon
Bobz Cassidy
Bobz Cassidy - 8 months ago
Edelman injured and Gordon traded
J Carwell
J Carwell - 8 months ago
Trade up get henry ruggs keep sanu get Lamar chase keep kneal harry
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis - 8 months ago
Tom Brady will win another Super Bowl. Count on it.
nhlombardi - 8 months ago
Rex said it all
nhlombardi - 8 months ago
Remember when Ryan Clark said he could articulate like Stephen A
C. K.
C. K. - 8 months ago
It's a joke how everyone in the media gives Brady excuses and free pass.

He gets all the credit when they win and NONE of the blame when they lose.
Scotty Hong
Scotty Hong - 8 months ago
Theres a difference between blamibg a guy for a poor performance and then jumping to the conclusion that hes so bad that he needs to retire. The pats made 3 superbowls in a row and the 1 season where they lose in the first round the next question is whether he should retire.
FeaR - 8 months ago
Patrick or Aaron set up a game winning field goal in the SuperBowl
Max: do u see what Mahomes, Aaron did to win that game? My god it’s unbelievable
Lightbringer - 8 months ago
Been a pats fan since 01 the memes are hilarious but he did everything for the pats so I aint mad
Giovanni di Capo
Giovanni di Capo - 8 months ago
Patriots had the MOST DROPPED PASSES in the league & Edleman had most in the NFL.
Dabilicious gaming
Dabilicious gaming - 8 months ago
Giovanni di Capo max Keller should retire
Dionicio Ysassi
Dionicio Ysassi - 8 months ago
Tom Brady is bigger and better than the Yankees. He can play as long as he wants to
becomeanolive1 - 8 months ago
Bill Belichick will win without Tom Brady, he has the genius Ernie Adams. Belichick is 14-6 without Tom Brady, he made High School Quarterback Matt Cassell look elite.
Hollywood Heel
Hollywood Heel - 8 months ago
Nobody was crying when he was throwing to David Patten and David Givens. Now that he's throwing to Mohamed Sanu and Phillip Dorsett with Jules the steroids guy, it's an excuse all of the sudden.
Eric Thiem
Eric Thiem - 8 months ago
Who is the heck is Max Kellerman anyway?
C. K.
C. K. - 8 months ago
It’s annoying how everyone in the media makes excuses for Brady.
C. K.
C. K. - 8 months ago
Stephen A Smith is a Brady apologist and excuse maker
Malcolm Clayton
Malcolm Clayton - 8 months ago
It is a reasonable argument T.B.retire. The same can be said if he has a contract to play and train a quarter back.
T.B.can also move on to new club. Statistics and Superbowls end at the begining of each new season .Good luck T.B. Your still a young man in life .
Thank You.
Lane Potts
Lane Potts - 8 months ago
Just one more ring and Tom Brady has to retire just one more
John Hatchel
John Hatchel - 8 months ago
I'm sorry Tom Brady....sorry you're a game managing system QB that owes his soul to Bill Belichick.
Joseph Calvert
Joseph Calvert - 8 months ago
Max he became a legendary kicker because Brady set him up for it if no Brady Adam v would just be a Average kicker
SmokeC - 8 months ago
Max is the GOAT ... of losers.
Juan Montalvo
Juan Montalvo - 8 months ago
This Guy Max is garbage hater....Why you guys no talk about the Titans QB that have 150 yards in the last two playoffs game??
Da Mao
Da Mao - 8 months ago
Tom Brady should retire only because concussions are bad for 40 year olds.
Jonathan Winning
Jonathan Winning - 8 months ago
Nobody needs to apologize to cheaters caught cheating that should have been banned from the league years ago. The Patriots would be trash if their coach wasn't a perennial cheater who always finds ways to pull the wool over the leagues eyes due to the amount of money they make for the league.
Rico Suave
Rico Suave - 8 months ago
Stephen A. needs to apologize to Max.
Brady has fallen off the cliff like "AAaaaaaaaa!"
If Stephen & his posse could get their heads out of their asses, they'd see it too.
Gerardo Lopez
Gerardo Lopez - 8 months ago
I'm not ready to see Tom Brady retire
John Wesley Lane
John Wesley Lane - 8 months ago
Looks like Lamar Jackson should retire, he just feel off the cliff.
Timolean - 8 months ago
Wrong title should read, Steven A. tells Max Kellerman to get some Valtrex for his herpes.
Alfredo Munoz
Alfredo Munoz - 8 months ago
12-4 record is bad to them lol. So my question is... If Brady didn't have any #1 receiver, TE, or RB... But he still took the Patriots to the playoofs with a 12-4 record... I can only imagen what he can do with a loaded team...
Eric Tolbert
Eric Tolbert - 8 months ago
No goat is Tom.
Rhythm Oliver
Rhythm Oliver - 8 months ago
I feel he's been hurt and not saying anything about it.
M M - 8 months ago
It's literally just the stupidest discussion every time. Of course Tom Brady is the GOAT. He has the most overall career wins out of any player in NFL history. He's won 6 Superbowls and took his team to 9. At 42 years of age, the age he should be "retiring", he's leading his team to 12-4 and a playoff run with NO good receivers or tight ends. People seem to forget that Tom Brady and the Patriots have went to the Superbowl the last 3 years straight. For the first time in 4 years they lose in the playoffs and somebody else shines. It's not a big deal. They'll be back next year to win another Superbowl.
Scuba Bro
Scuba Bro - 8 months ago
Lol Kellerman should retire... No one respects him or values his opinion 😂
Jersey Jay
Jersey Jay - 8 months ago
I love the Jimmy Garoppolo at the end that was the worst decision New England made was letting go of that man. I agree Brady definitely needs to retire and if New England still have Garoppolo he would have been retired before the start of this season! Look up San Francisco what weapons do they have they have George Kittle one person and Garoppolo is just Unstoppable! Let's go Giants 2020
Jordan Leigh
Jordan Leigh - 8 months ago
How can he say nkeal can’t run hahah
just some minced garlic
just some minced garlic - 8 months ago
If Tom Brady was black, Max would say he has 10 years left.
GoGet- Tha-strap
GoGet- Tha-strap - 8 months ago
Dam gonna put jimmy g in there at the end lol u owe this man an apology
Chad Florack
Chad Florack - 8 months ago
Kellerman is the biggest douchebag on television. And I'm a Steelers fan.
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson - 8 months ago
his best wr led the league in drops
Stagmire Lupertazzi
Stagmire Lupertazzi - 8 months ago
Stephen A and Rex just gut punching Max with logic...They have no weapons.
HammerHead - 8 months ago
Ridiculous Max...he didn't win a he sucks he should retire? We knew this was an off year ALL YEAR... Its just another year to build off of and be right back in it....TB 12 is not going on to THE NEXT ONE !!
Lelouch Livermore
Lelouch Livermore - 8 months ago
Brady to Cleveland. Odell, Landry, Njoku, they’ve got weapons
TheChubbyd07 - 8 months ago
Max gonna be eating more crows next season. Brady is coming back, and it definitely won’t be to this anemic team. NE has got some pieces to move or they’ll be seeing Brady in a Chargers uniform.
Phyllis Simmons
Phyllis Simmons - 8 months ago
Why do people need enemies when they have judging demons like these right here.
Jeremy James
Jeremy James - 8 months ago
Max is right about what he said 3 years ago Tom Brady is falling off the cliff
Skunk Ape
Skunk Ape - 8 months ago
Dan Marino managed to set and break records, without a stacked reciever corps. Stop making weakassed arguements. The QB is the general, and if his troops are failing it's his fault. Everything else is an excuse.
Jake BReal
Jake BReal - 8 months ago
Rex Ryan spitting facts tho
Pat Lublinski
Pat Lublinski - 8 months ago
Yo dingbat, ever think about how many drops his receivers had, and the quality of his receivers?? Sanu and nkeal Harry are garbage and can’t separate themselves from defenders, Edelman was doing most of the work and that’s why he banged up, I thought he’d know more about football but then again who cares about first take after skip left... was never the same
Tony - 8 months ago
Molly shut up!!!
Bills Mafia
Bills Mafia - 8 months ago
Jesus rex is roasting everyone
xxDuo - 8 months ago
Premature end to the video, yet again @ESPN
Albert Jimenez
Albert Jimenez - 8 months ago
They left max kellerman looking like the dumbass he is 🤣
Albert Jimenez
Albert Jimenez - 8 months ago
Stephen A couldn’t be more right
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter - 8 months ago
Brady’s so tough when he gets sacked and pouts on the ground.
Luis Salamanca
Luis Salamanca - 8 months ago
They need to bring back AB make a move on OBJ and draft a TE
EL34Glo - 8 months ago
Sounded accurate to me
Bill Nye
Bill Nye - 8 months ago
Brady should go to Cleveland. He’ll have every weapon he needs. Although when he loses there people will say he didn’t have a coach. It’s nonstop excuses and everyone else’s fault, never Brady’s. STFU everyone.
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton - 8 months ago
As a Pats fan I used to hate Rex Ryan, but now he's coolcuz he recognizes how great Brady his and he also doesn't sugarcoat anything. I've become a Rex Ryan fan! 😂 plus he actually coached football against these legendary QBs so he has way more credibility than those other clowns
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton - 8 months ago
Gronk needs to come out of retirement
TBE SOTO - 8 months ago
I love Steven A because he is not a stubborn person or a hater he says it like it is 🤧
TBE SOTO - 8 months ago
Just because he is not winning championships doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong in the league 😂😂he still better than most QB’s
FriedLikeRice - 8 months ago
But when LeBron doesn’t have help it doesn’t matter
Chris Matzenbach
Chris Matzenbach - 8 months ago
Daily reminder the Pats picked Sony Michell over Nick Chubb
plyzwthsqrlz - 8 months ago
When Rex Ryan talks, you journalists shut up. I knew Harry was a bust. He couldn't separate in college let alone the pros. I wanted DK or AJ Brown and they both had much better years. They needed a TE and could have gotten Irv Smith but instead picked Joejuan Williams to join Gilmore, McCourty, JC Jackson, and Jonathan Jones. When is he going to play? It's as much Belichick's fault as any for this season's failures. Its not all on Brady.
White Rose
White Rose - 8 months ago
Max talks like going to a super bowl is easy 🙄
Y Renecarts
Y Renecarts - 8 months ago
White Rose - I truly can’t stand this fool Kellerman, I can’t consistently watch this show because MK is so disgusting. Steven A. knows what he’s talking about. Remember Brady had a SB winning drought for 10 years. Just give him a great receiver, a TE, and watch another Brady comeback.
Jerriot Glencamp
Jerriot Glencamp - 8 months ago
Retire. He has nothing else to prove
Dennis Freeman
Dennis Freeman - 8 months ago
I wanna see him go to a team with weapons then let's see if it's Brady or the system
Jonathan Pacheco
Jonathan Pacheco - 8 months ago
If someone like Carson Wentz had the weapons that Brady had, he could have been a top 5 QB.
Jonathan Pacheco
Jonathan Pacheco - 8 months ago
Mike Hamilton Elderman , and then 1st round WR nkeal Harry, eagles were injured all year
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton - 8 months ago
The weapons Brady had???
Vine Street
Vine Street - 8 months ago
Stephen tries to hard to put down Mac his nearest competition. It’s always unpleasant to watch.
bobby diaz
bobby diaz - 8 months ago
Max a clown
Rice's Retro
Rice's Retro - 8 months ago
Max could not have this more wrong go back to boxing jump
Dman4901 - 8 months ago
Why they talking bout my boy like he ain’t been to 9 superbowls and won 6 his career is set in stone ....let him do him.....give the young guns some love
Team HMOA - 8 months ago
Its making money hand over fist" not foot 👊Stephen A lol the ceiling is the roof" for you
David Wollerton
David Wollerton - 8 months ago
I keep on hearing how Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, he is the greatest of this era. However, could you imagine Joe Montana playing in this era where the quarterback does not get hit. He would break so many records as a NFL QB.
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton - 8 months ago
Brady takes a lot of hits
charlie garcia
charlie garcia - 8 months ago
Nkeal harry is a beast he even turn down Alabama to go to asu as a 5 star recruit, the dude was injured from the beginning of the season. Just watch next season, hopefully he’s not a bust but he has a couple month now to rest
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton - 8 months ago
He blows. Should've drafted metcalf
Shawn Hubbard
Shawn Hubbard - 8 months ago
Cam never had weapons, Steven A never mentions that while bashing him.
Justin R
Justin R - 8 months ago
Yes tf he did, are you drunk? Cam was just not a very accurate passer
Tyson Vincent
Tyson Vincent - 8 months ago
Every time Max bitches about Tom Brady But when he’s winning Super Bowl you don’t hear Max nuffn from him
BigEthatFLboy - 8 months ago
"Brady is missing recievers every way possible"
The recievers are DROPPING passes every way possible MAX foh...max and nick wright get on my fuckin nerves when it comes to football, especially when they talk about brady
Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson - 8 months ago
Marcus Mariota threw it to himself.
Garrett McMahon
Garrett McMahon - 8 months ago
Since when was 4050 yards 24 TDs to 8 picks (3 Rushing TDs) a bad season?
I know it’s not phenomenal but that’s still a good year for any QB in the league not named Mahomes. You either have people like Skip Baylee’s who still think Tom Brady is in his prime or Max Kellerman who thinks the man should be a backup. Why is it so one or the other. Hes still good he’s just not amazing top 3 anymore. (And I think his help was nonexistent this year too but this is just about TB)
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton - 8 months ago
Yeah and he's also 42 with no wideouts
bradleyhale12 Hale
bradleyhale12 Hale - 8 months ago
Max Kellman absolutely hate the fact he was born a white man.
Juno1317 - 8 months ago
SA:"ive never seen a qb throw a pass to himself."
Marcus Mariota:"am i a joke to you?"
GojiFan1999 - 8 months ago
I think Max is 100% correct
AJ Garcia
AJ Garcia - 8 months ago
Does max think Rogers should retire? Brady had more yards and a higher qbr, and their touchdowns were 24 and 26.
antawn jameson
antawn jameson - 8 months ago
Max is such a scrub!!!
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson - 8 months ago
Best comment in this whole Brady/Cliff/Retirement debate thus far. Where would this 12-4 team be without Brady?
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