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Willi Romita
Willi Romita - Month ago
Happy Birthday you makeup guru!!! You have changed my life when it comes to makeup. Hoping you have a great day! Luv and virtual hugs!!!
Lovepeacenmakeup99 - Month ago
Can we have one of these videos plzzzzzzz just film it and upload it!!!!!
Mona Aziz
Mona Aziz - 2 months ago
I love Robert Welsh!!
Da Bananananana
Da Bananananana - 3 months ago
"February is gonna be much better"
Da Bananananana
Da Bananananana - 3 months ago
Your birthday is February 14? I'm either going to wish you a happy birthday next year, or get distracted as I write it down.
ya boi
ya boi - 3 months ago
Damn this one of the longest intros I’ve watched in a hot minute
Agnieszka Obierzyńska
Agnieszka Obierzyńska - 3 months ago
Youre so sweet sweet sweet person amd beautyfull also amd youre love for make up its amazing
jenna rotella
jenna rotella - 3 months ago
Happy belated birthday day-Feb,14 to you Tati. You look beautiful at the Oscars
Mia Victoria
Mia Victoria - 4 months ago
It took you 9 minutes to get the video started....?????
Cookieswirl Z29
Cookieswirl Z29 - 4 months ago
My birthday is in February it’s the 22
Monica Dunlap
Monica Dunlap - 4 months ago
So cool! A fellow Februaryer! My b-day is the 20th. Nice! 😀
264aub - 4 months ago
Sunnie Marie
Sunnie Marie - 5 months ago
why cant she do whole dedicated videos for her products and not take up almost half her videos for just promo ?
CalmCamilleMakes - 5 months ago
When does the video start?
Shaelin Lombard
Shaelin Lombard - 5 months ago
She starts talking about product at 9:10
Lori Wald
Lori Wald - 5 months ago
I would be thrilled if you could share where you buy your jewelry that you are wearing in each video. I’m in love with all your rings!!
Sylvia W
Sylvia W - 5 months ago
Tati, you love what you do and it shows it!
You're the best!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Cindy Liang
Cindy Liang - 5 months ago
wait, tati is 38???
gabi childers
gabi childers - 6 months ago
What is the red on your lips I don't usually wear red but that is so pretty
Brooke Gilkison
Brooke Gilkison - 6 months ago
I just came from that review by Robert Welsh that she mentioned
Ariy Alvarez
Ariy Alvarez - 6 months ago
everyones complaining about how more than half of the video is her giving her own promo, but yall need to calm down and be happy for her lol she did this all from the ground up and has a right to be proud of all that shes done!!!! love u tati❤️❤️
AnnMarie - 6 months ago
Ooohhh you're an Aquarius. It all makes sense now.
Bianca Prins
Bianca Prins - 6 months ago
Tati, I love you. That’s all.
MamaBear of 3
MamaBear of 3 - 6 months ago
I love good cheap makeover for my daughter who loves makeup.
Nora Oksanen
Nora Oksanen - 6 months ago
Tati, I love you, but why did you talk about your brands for 9 minuets?
Teen Mama
Teen Mama - 6 months ago
Is Halo safe to take during pregnancy? I struggle a lot with my skin and would absolutely LOVE to try your brand but i’m currently pregnant and I know I can just wait a couple months but I’m just so excited😇
Sara Keisler
Sara Keisler - 6 months ago
That's wonderful you went to Elton John's Oscar party!
Виталия Гаврилова
It's fun how people get mean about 9 min intro. If it's not interesting for you - rewind it. The woman has her brand, it's her channel so she does what she wants. Overall she doesn't promote her products soo much like other YouTubers.
Rebecca -
Rebecca - - 6 months ago
your into it like half of the video jfc
Sharon V
Sharon V - 6 months ago
Talk about clickbait! If she's talking about drugstore makeup she should not spend the 1st 9 minutes humping her products. I'm so furious that she did that! She could of advertised her products in a different video. So much for transparency
Sarah Cannon
Sarah Cannon - 6 months ago
I love your vids, but it would be really helpful if you can list the products in the ‘about’ section by mention in your video. And, I started watching this hoping you were wearing the makeup you were talking about but there was not mention of the lipstick/lip color which is why I kept watching ...
Victoria Flora
Victoria Flora - 7 months ago
Setting spray????
haley - 7 months ago
Props for shouting out Robert Welsh! He’s amazing, I’ve learned so much from him!
FLdancer00 - 7 months ago
Do I need to get my eyes checked or does her dress look more like Memory???
jingwen185 - 7 months ago
Boosting her product more than actually trying out the product. Pls start doing reviews and actually doing the makeup along with it.
sarahwithstars - 7 months ago
Omg you finally talked about the essence brushes!! The bronzer brush for blush is increds.
You made a beautiful floating eyeshadow xxxxx
Jacqui Fricke
Jacqui Fricke - 7 months ago
Love to see such a woman of integrity in every video.
Arshaluys Amirjanyan
Arshaluys Amirjanyan - 7 months ago
Super *****
E. Lo
E. Lo - 7 months ago
Oof girl, 9 minutes in and you're still talking about your products.
Nunya Bizneski
Nunya Bizneski - 7 months ago
My makeup application is so much faster and smoother. ❤️❤️❤️LOVE my Blendiful!!!
Julia Smith
Julia Smith - 7 months ago
You’re so inspirational and the most beautiful soul omg ♥️♥️♥️
Flor - 7 months ago
Congratulations for finally saying your age! Hahaha love you tati
Maggie - 7 months ago
I would love a video where you recreate the makeup you wore for Elton Johns Oscar party!
Megan Knaus
Megan Knaus - 7 months ago
Wayne and Robert 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Monica Catt
Monica Catt - 7 months ago
“Like you have an attitude problem, but in a good way” 🤣🤣🤣☠️
Bekahh B
Bekahh B - 7 months ago
I love tati but of she's gonna take like 10 minutes to promote her products for her birthday then I kind of feel like it should be its own video.
Lindy Riedberger
Lindy Riedberger - 7 months ago
Name of lipstick your wearing in the video, please
Audrey Bee
Audrey Bee - 7 months ago
I love Robert welsh and his brothers skincare channel too. Been watching them for a while now. I love these kind of videos too. I’m Scottish I love to save money lol
Amanda Leavell
Amanda Leavell - 7 months ago
I just got my Textured Neutrals and Blendiful taking advantage of your free shipping. One question do you advise using glitter glue for your glitter shades? I watch NikkiTutorials review the palette and she just used her finger for it (which I would usually do) but I picked up some glitter glue too. What do you think is the best way to get the best effect?
tela samano
tela samano - 7 months ago
I watched Robert's review and immediately bought the pallet and blendiful after being on the fence for weeks. That beautiful man has all my trust when it comes to makeup 💜💜💜
Southern Yankee
Southern Yankee - 7 months ago
I bought both your pallet and the blendiful when they launched and I thought I lost my blendiful when I was traveling i was frantaically looking for it because it blends my foundation so nicely and I was lost without it! I found it thank goodness! Also I love Robert Welsh and his review of your pallet was so great!
Maddy H.
Maddy H. - 7 months ago
Never have I ever sat through so much self-promo and fluff in my life.
KarenQ76 - 7 months ago
Happy belated birthday!
Jennifer Gravitt
Jennifer Gravitt - 7 months ago
Karina Chan
Karina Chan - 7 months ago
I love Robert! I’m so glad that you acknowledged his talent.
Crystal Wagner
Crystal Wagner - 7 months ago
Happy Birthday, Tati.
May your beauty, class, and grace stay timeless forever!
pj322846 - 7 months ago
Could you do a lip lacquer comparison review? Nyx, milani, revlon, maybelline, covergirl, la girl, loreal, flower, extra has lip lacquer and I would love to have you test them out like a battle of the lacquers.
Kim Taeyeon is my everything
Oh my god how adorable! Your birthday is Valentine's day
TheStyleBlog - 7 months ago
Love your under $5 videos Tati! Also love those bite size palettes- I might own all of them 🤣 Awesome as always girl 💗💗💗
Miriam August
Miriam August - 7 months ago
She starts talking about the makeup at 9:05
Laura Pitcher
Laura Pitcher - 7 months ago
I feel like your makeup your wearing in this video looks better than expensive Sophora makeup
C R - 7 months ago
anybody else physically shook by the fact that Tati is 38?! Girl looks amazing
Carson Lawson
Carson Lawson - 7 months ago
I got my blendiful
Kay Hugh
Kay Hugh - 7 months ago
The Essence blush actually is very pigmented but the shade she got wasn't. In my opinion, that shade is the only one that's really soft
Kay Hugh
Kay Hugh - 7 months ago
Don't get me wrong I like your products and I do agree you should mention/advertise them in your videos, but it's frustrating when almost half the video is about it. Maybe just make a dedicated video instead?
Beardies life
Beardies life - 7 months ago
Happy birthday Tati
Passant Zeidan
Passant Zeidan - 7 months ago
Farsali liquid powder review pleeaaasseeee
Kelli Hill
Kelli Hill - 7 months ago
No one:
Tati's cheekbones: 🔪
Lynee Anna Salvatore
Lynee Anna Salvatore - 7 months ago
I hope one day I can buy your product tati 💓🙂
Lili Bee
Lili Bee - 7 months ago
So happy you mentioned Robert Welsh!
river view
river view - 7 months ago
I wish you have beautiful days in year 2020. And happy birthday.
Cooked_Makeup_ Jennifer
Cooked_Makeup_ Jennifer - 7 months ago
Dana Hoover
Dana Hoover - 7 months ago
Has anyone watched the glitzy fritzy video today about her blendiful? I was shocked. Mine tore slightly also from me hand washing mine. And im just not one of paper work and returns . But was shocked to hear how glitzy fritzy was treated. Xoxo dana
Ester Radeva
Ester Radeva - 7 months ago
You should totally check Focallure i swear by the contour and the highlighter
Veronica Fardelin
Veronica Fardelin - 7 months ago
wow... first time ever I skipped ahead in a Tati video, and I have seen them all
Veronica Fardelin
Veronica Fardelin - 7 months ago
wow... first time ever I skipped ahead in a Tati video, and I have seen them all...
Briana McCarthy
Briana McCarthy - 7 months ago
9 minutes of self promoting
Lindsey Gordon
Lindsey Gordon - 7 months ago
Hi Tati, I was wondering if Kiwi worked for men as well? My husband has psoriasis, not badly, but enough to make him feel self conscious about his skin and body. I have been considering buy the Kiwi for him, does it help with that by any chance??
Alma Lucero
Alma Lucero - 7 months ago
Valentina Vujinovic
Valentina Vujinovic - 7 months ago
I have been so busy last week and have not been following but i want to say Happy Birthday i hope you have a good one
dar guy
dar guy - 7 months ago
Happy Birthday
Diana K.
Diana K. - 7 months ago
Happy Birthday!! (Belated)
Social Media
Social Media - 7 months ago
First 9 1/2 minutes is just her room ting her brand. Which, hey, you do you, but the title is misleading
Victoria Penrose
Victoria Penrose - 7 months ago
Off to Superdrug tomorrow then...
Maddy Muche
Maddy Muche - 7 months ago
I’ve been watching Tatis video for YEARS. But something in this video is just, off? Idk. Maybe it’s the 9 minutes of promo in the beginning but idk. I love her so much but for some reason this video gives me bad vibes.
sharron gray
sharron gray - 7 months ago
Bei - 7 months ago
Even though you're super successful, thanks for still doing "best under $10" type of videos!
Alissa Self
Alissa Self - 7 months ago
Great recommendations. I’ll have to try the Joah lip liner. My favorite drugstore lip liners are from Kokie cosmetics. They took Kokie out of my local Walmart, so I have to order online, but they are amazing! I like them as much as my high end liners.
Michelle Crabtree
Michelle Crabtree - 7 months ago
Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
Onalee Medlin
Onalee Medlin - 7 months ago
SO PROUD OF YOU, with your beauty line & halo beauty!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Laine Hatherley
Laine Hatherley - 7 months ago
Annoyed that half this video was not about the drugstore products 😬
Mountainmeshe fitlife
Mountainmeshe fitlife - 7 months ago
🙏💜🙏💦YES PLEASE 🌟✨👍I DO EVERYTHING MYSELF ON,MY LG V 20 .. I'm still very YOUNG ON MY VIDEO MARKETING/ TAKING Editing ..Love Yu..and what Yu do..
Mountainmeshe fitlife
Mountainmeshe fitlife - 7 months ago
Caitlin Brewer
Caitlin Brewer - 7 months ago
Love these earrings!!
Tracy Xiong
Tracy Xiong - 7 months ago
Hi Tati!
Have always appreciated you best under $$ videos!! && Love JOAH brand! Also wanted to let you know the J in JOAH is more of a ch sound. Pronounced: Cho-ah
Lilly Bee
Lilly Bee - 7 months ago
Robert is amazing! Love love love him 😍😍 everyone should definitely check him out he’s waaaaaauyyyy underrated
Kelley Broussard
Kelley Broussard - 7 months ago
"It's like you have an atitude problem, but in a cute way." LOL That was adorbs, Tati!
Iza Bella
Iza Bella - 7 months ago
Tati! When is the release of the second volume of your palette, I am dying here from ANTICIPATION!!! Just give me the first letter of the month of the release and I will continue my existence in peace :) And is there international shipping? Because I live faaaaar away in Hungary and I want to live my life as a proud owner of a Tati palette, unfortunately I am not there yet. Keep up the good content, xoxo!
peek a boo
peek a boo - 7 months ago
I appreciate u keeping it real bc all that expensive ish is made cheaply They just smack a name on it. 😘
Andrea Yanochko
Andrea Yanochko - 7 months ago
☺ 🎂
Nelly An
Nelly An - 7 months ago
VIDEO IDEA - Can you do a video on travel essentials (what to pack, how to pack it, makeup on the go tutorial)? I will be taking the Blendiful on a weekend away since it'll reduce brush and sponge space. I thought it would be cool to know how you pack, since you travel so much.
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